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Gift of John Harrington, 2004.

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Collection Summary:

This collection of papers on the movement for divestment from apartheid South Africa focuses chiefly on California, but there also is material on Michigan (including MSU), Wisconsin, Connecticut, etc. Includes correspondence, reports, legislative bills, court records, memos, and articles and press clippings on the financial and legal aspects of investment in South Africa and divestiture from apartheid South Africa, as well as some anti-apartheid movement materials and photographs.  It is arranged into 4 series: 1) Correspondence (1972-1991) 2) News Clippings and Press Releases 3) Visual Materials and 4) Publications, Personal Statements, and Legal Documents.

The John Harrington Archives is part of the African Activist Archive at MSU Libraries and is therefore complemented by other parts of this collection.

Historical Background:

John Harrington was consultant to the Senate Select Committee on Investment Priorities and Objectives. In June 1972, John Harrington authored a legislative report for the Assembly Office of Research entitled “California’s Economic Involvement with Firms Operating in Southern Africa.” He also assisted the State Legislature’s Black Caucus draft divestment legislation. He subsequently authored additional legislative reports through the 1970s and early 1980s. He served as Chair of the Governor’s Public Investment Task Force under Governor Edmund Brown and submitted its final report in October 1981. As a publicly appointed trustee of the Sacramento City Employees, he presented documentation of U.S. corporate complicity in the deaths of hundreds of individuals in Southern Africa to the Sacramento Board of Administration, Investment and Fiscal Management. He testified before several state legislative bodies and provided expert testimony in an Oregon legal case. Authored “The Economics of Divestment” [sound recording, Pacifica Radio Archive, 1985] with Gay Seidman and Walter Turner.

Processing Note:

The donation was inventoried by Peter Limb, Africana Bibliographer, in July 2004, and arranged by Lisa Robinson in August 2004.

Inventoried: July 2004 and Arranged: August 2004.


Series 1: Correspondence, 1972-1991

Series 2: News Clippings and Press Releases

Series 3: Visual Material

Series 4: Publications, Personal Statements, and Legal Document

Series 1: Correspondence, 1972-1991

Box Folder Description
1 1 Correspondence, 1972-1982
  • Letter to John Harrington re support of resignation of Congressman Diggs. Charles C. Diggs, Jr., Congressman (Michigan), 5 January 1972
  • Memo to Assemblyman John Burton re: California’s support of racism John Harrington, 3 February 1972. 3 leaves.
  • Memo: To Jim Lane re: additional copies of report: The State of California and Southern African Racism: California’s Economic Involvement with Firms Operating in Southern Africa. John Harrington, 26 July 1972.
  • Letter: To Ronald L. Phillips re: request for copies of report: The State of California and Southern African Racism: California’s Economic Involvement with Firms Operating in Southern Africa. by John Harrington, 31 August 1972.
  • Memo to: Assemblyman John L. Burton re: Committee on California’s Investment Policy. by John Harrington, 10 August 1972
  • Letter: To James A. Lane re: Resignation of John Harrington. John Harrington, 8 August 1972.
  • Letter to James A. Lane, California Legislature from William H. Gayman, Media Director, League of Men Voters, 18 June 1973
  • Letter to Supervisor John Barbagelata from John Harrington, 12 October 1973.
  • Letter to John Harrington from Quentin L. Kopp and response from John Harrington to Quentin L. Kopp, 9 October 1973. Plus: Appendix D – Voting of Selected Investors on 1974 Shareholder Proposals. 1974
  • Letter to Roy T. Brophy, Chairman of Board of Trustees California State University & Colleges. from Carl Nöffke, Information Counsellor, Embassy of South Africa, Washington DC, 28 June 1977. 17 leaves. Original.
  • Memo to: Stop banking on apartheid activities re: California State Chartered Banks by John Harrington, Consultant, Senate Select Committee on Investment Priorities and Objectives, 16 August 1978. [12] pages.
  • Response to South African Proposal [by John Harrington] by Thomas P. Friery, Office of Treasurer, City of Sacramento, 29 August 1979. 4 leaves.
  • Program Schedule, Conference on Public Investment and South Africa, New York City. 06-1981
  • Letter to Henry E. Parker, Treasurer, State of Connecticut from Travers J. Bell, Jr., Chairman, Daniels & Bell Capital Management Co., re: Stock Reports. 17 March 1982. 6, [25] leaves.
  • Letter to Senator H.L. Richardson by Alice Lytle, Secretary, State and Consumer Services Agency, Sacramento, 29 November 1982 re: Conference on Investments and South Africa, including: copy of contract between John Harrington and State and Consumer Services Agency; list of conference receipts and expenditures; responses to questions.
  • Invitation to State of California State & Consumer Services Agency, Public Employees’ Retirement System, and State Teachers’ Retirement System Conference on Investments in South Africa. November 1982.
  • Letter to John Harrington re: remarks intended for the State of California conference on South Africa. From: Mary McCarthy, Business Environment Risk Information. 11 November 1982.
  • Advance copy of Bill Chapter 669 re: Public pension funds doing business with South Africa 1982.
  2 Correspondence, 1983-1991
  • Letter from Michael Fry, Gerald J. Bender and Witney Schneidman, UCLA, to John Harrington, 16 February 1983 on Conference on U.S. Transnationals and South Africa/Namibia, and response to Michael Fry from John Harrington, 1 March 1983
  • Letter to Roland M. Machold, New Jersey Division of Investments Allan Emkin, Wilshire Associates. 28 August 1984. Plus attached: “South African Divestiture: The Investment Issues” by Wayne H. Wagner, Allen Emkin, and Richard L. Dixon, Wilshire Associates. June 1984.
  • Letter to Rev. Christian T. Iosso by Robert B. Zevin, United States Trust Company. 10 September 1984. 16 leaves. Photocopy.
  • Letters (two) to Roland M. Machold, Dept. of the Treasury, New Jersey Re: Stocks and Michigan State University, by Stanford Calderwood, Trinity Investment Management Corporation, 4 September 1984. Plus article “South African Divestment: The Investment Issues” by Wayne H. Wagner, Allen Emkin, Richard L. Dixon, Financial Analysts Journal November 1984 (offprint)
  • Letter to Richard Knight, American Committee on Africa, from Myrna Cephas, Daniels & Bell, March 1985, Enclosing “A Study of the Effect of Sanitizing the State of Connecticut Mutual Equity Fund” by Daniels and Bell, presented to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut, April 1982
  • Letter to Suzanne Rosentswieg, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Los Angeles by Robert B. Zevin, United States Trust Company, 8 May 1985. 10, [2], leaves.
  • Letter to Lt. Gov. Leo McCarthy re replacement stocks, Robert B. Zevin, United States Trust Company, 4 June 1985. 4 leaves.
  • Letter to Members of the Board of Regents, Univ. of CA. Louis W. Moreland, Jr., Chesapeake Financial Group. Photocopy. June 1985.
  • Statement from Bank of America on their position on South Africa, 19 June 1986 by E.F. Truschke, Senior Vice President. 2 leaves.
  • Memo: Governor George Deukmejian’s letter and resolution to Univ. of California’s Board of Regents re university and state investment policies, 16 July 1986. 8 p.
  • Letter to Richard Knight from John Harrington, 15 December 1987. Re: Study on the Impact of South African Divestiture on Investment Performance by The Brian Rom Company (copy attached), 2, 3 leaves.
  • Memo with stock graph, “The South Africa Free Index” from Pensions & Investments 18 February 1991. Photocopy.

Series 2: News Clippings and Press Releases

Box Folder Description
1 3 News Clippings and Press Releases, 1972-1988
  • Press release re: California funds invested in South Africa. Assemblyman John L. Burton, (State Capitol, Sacramento) 23 July 1972. 2 leaves.
  • Burton: State Invests $1 Billion In Nations That Oppress Blacks. Sacramento Bee 22-23 July 1972, and untitled, Los Angeles Times. 23 July 1972. Photocopies.
  • State Funds Linked to Biased Nations. Bakersfield Californian 22 July 1972
  • Burton: State Invests $1 Billion In Nations That Oppress Blacks. Sacramento Bee 22 July 1972
  • State Funds Invested In S. Africa. Napa Register 22 July 1972
  • Dennis J. Opatrny, State Link To ‘Racist’ Lands Told. San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle 23 July 1972
  • $1 Billion in State Funds Invested in Racist Africa. Press Democrat (Santa Rosa) 23 July 1972
  • Solon’s Claim: UC Funds go to “Racist” South African Firms. Sacramento Bee 03-1973
  • A Criticism of UC Investments. San Francisco Chronicle 03-1973
  • Ban Urged On “Racist” Companies. San Jose Mercury News 03-1973
  • Press clippings re Bills introduced to block state investments and purchases from firms with racist of harmful policies. Sacramento Bee 03-1973
  • Dunlap’s Bill Seeks End to ‘Injurious’ University Investing. Steve Ross, The Daily California 03-1973
  • Press clipping quoting Dunlap re: University investing in South Africa. Vacaville newspaper 03-1973
  • Press clipping re: Bills introduced: investing in South Africa. Los Angeles Times 03-1973
  • Press clipping re: Burton and Dunlap’s proposed legislation about investing in South Africa. San Francisco Chronicle 03-1973
  • Dunlap Urges State Put Its Stock To Good Use. Napa County Record 04-1973
  • Press Release re: Senate Bill No. 9. From the Office of Senator John F. Dunlap, 12 August 1977
  • Dunlop Plans Investment Responsibility Bill. Rich Moreno, The California Aggie 3 August 1977
  • City Urged to Divest Funds From Firms Tied to S. Africa. Bill Lawrence, Sacramento Bee 08-1979
  • City Investment Study Set. Bill Lawrence, Sacramento Bee 08-1979
  • A Call for Local Action. The Observer Newspaper 08-1979
  • Press Release: South African Corporate Divestiture. John C. Harrington, California Alternative Investment Task Force. 14 August 1979.
  • Press clipping: City to weigh South Africa-related investments. Dave Miller, Sacramento Union 15 August 1979.
  • Pension Plan Divestment Controversy to Continue. Sacramento Bee 09-1979
  • City Pension – S. Africa Decision Put on Shelf. Sacramento Bee 09-1979
  • “Sacramento funds are told to divest So. African stock.” Maria Crawford Scott, Pensions & Investments 10 September 1979
  • Shareholders’ annual meeting re: South Africa proposal. Photocopy. 20 May 1982
  • Editorial: “Prudent advice.” Napa Register 28 February 1985; and response (02-1985) by John Harrington, “South African code a ploy.”
  • Press clipping: Firm’s Total Disengagement Is the Only Effective Way, John C. Harrington, in Los Angeles Times 6 June 1985.
  • Press clipping: Chase Stops Loans to Firms in South Africa Phillip L. Zweig, Wall Street Journal August 1985.
  • Press clipping: Fiscal experts differ on cost of divestment. C.A. Jamison, in The Capital Times 25 Sept. 1985 (Madison, WI)
  • Press clipping: “Events of Interest: Program on South Africa” featuring speaker John Harrington. The Napa Register 17 March 1986
  • Press clipping: “Return on Divestment: Study finds apartheid doesn’t pay high dividends” by Eric Jansen, in San Jose Metro 10-16 April 1986.
  • Press clipping: “An Anti-Apartheid Portfolio” by Floyd Norris in Barron’s, 28 April 1986.
  • Press clipping: “Sullivan code author calls for divestment”. Craig Hausman, Daily Trojan (University Southern California) 2 December 1987. Photocopy.
  • Press clipping: Researcher urges divestment by Kathleen Berry, Daily Trojan 3 February 1988
  • Press clipping: Making SF’s Bankroll Work for Apartheid, Reinier Lock and William Ristow, Editorial. No Date.
  • Press clipping: “Human Rights Recognition: Teachers’ Funds Will Be Used to Pressure Firms on Issues” by Lee Fremstad, Bee Capitol Bureau Chief. No Date.

Series 3: Visual Material

Box Folder Description
1 4 Photographs, c. 1985
    International Defence and Aid Fund (IDAF) photographs, c. 1985
  • Photo: Crowd at protest meeting in Cape Town. No Date
  • Photo: Banner at funeral of trade unionist killed by police in detention. No Date.
  • Photo: Trojan horse ambush truck No Date.
  • Photo: Funeral parade for Molly Blackburn. January 1985.
  • Photo: Youth at barricade in Cape Town. No Date.
  • Photo: Funeral for victims of police shootings. September 1985.
  • Photo: Child at gravesite of community leaders killed by government agents. July 1985.
  • Photo: Woman jeers troops in Dudza. No Date.
  • Photo: Groups sets car on fire and sings freedom songs. October 1985.
  • Photo: Police use quirts on crowd at protest against State of Emergency. No Date.
  • Photo: Group chants at funeral procession. No Date.
  5 Poster
    Poster: “South African Apartheid and Socially Responsible Investment Oct 30- Nov 12” Reed College. Portland. OR. Speaker: John Harrington. No Date.

Series 4: Publications, Personal Statements, and Legal Documents

Box Folder Description
1 6 Statement to Democratic National Platform Committee Regional Hearing, San Francisco, 12 June 1972 John C. Harrington. 6 [2] leaves. Includes handwritten note: ‘this is the first time a platform has ever mentioned Southern Africa or Africa”.
  7 The State of California and Southern African Racism: California’s Economic Involvement with Firms Operating in Southern Africa Prepared by Assembly Office of Research; analyst John C. Harrington. (Sacramento: Assembly Office of Research, June 1972) 53 p.
  8 Assembly Resolutions, 1972-1973
  • Assembly Joint Resolution: Relative to apartheid rule in Southern Africa. 21 August 1972
  • Assembly Concurrent Resolution: Relative to apartheid or racial discrimination in Southern Africa 21 August 1972. 3 leaves.
  • California Legislature. Assembly Bill No. 976, 28 March 1973. Photocopy.
  9 University of California Investments: Racist or Responsible? by John C. Harrington, Administrative Assistant to Assemblyman John F. Dunlap (Los Angeles: African Activist Association, African Studies Center UCLA, March 1973) 64 p.
  10 Slander and Racism as Tools of Government Researchers …by Jacques P. Lott, Light (LMV) April-May 1973, 6 p.
  11 [California] Senate Joint Resolution No. 7--Relative to apartheid in southern Africa Introduced by Senators Dunlap, Holden, Moscone, Petris, and Robbins. 21 January 1975.
  12 Background Statement: Corporate Responsibility Legislation. Senator John F. Dunlap, 25 February 1976. 3 leaves. Photocopy.
  13 The South African Connection: California Public Investments and Social Responsibility. Staff Report by John C. Harrington. August 1977. Various pagings, (ca. 200 p.)
  14 Statement of Senator John F. Dunlap, Bank of America Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, 25 April 1978.
  15 KZAP taping, 17 May 1978. 2 leaves.
  16 “Outline of Presentation, Special University of California Board of Regents Meeting on South Africa, U.S. Corporate Investments and University of California Investment Portfolio.” John Harrington. 8 June 1978. 10 leaves
  17 Del Monte, 1978
  • Del Monte Resolution and Press Release 09-1978.
  • Del Monte Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Shareholder Proposal No. 2: South Africa 26 September 1978. “Speeches.” 3 leaves.
  18 U.S. Business in South Africa: Pressures from the Home Front. David M. Liff (Washington DC: Investor Responsibility Research Center, October 1978). 74 p.
  19 The Oil Industry in South Africa.David M. Liff (Washington DC: Investor Responsibility Research Center, January 1979). 37 p.
  20 “Divestment of South African equities: How Risky?” Andrew Rudd, Journal of Portfolio Management. [Spring 1979]. Photocopy.
  21 “A Proposal: South Africa – Divesture and Reinvestment in Sacramento Housing.” John Harrington and Grantland Johnson (Sacramento: California Alternative Investment Task Force, 14 August 1979). 8 leaves. And letter re Proposal listed above by John Harrington, 27 August 1979. 2 leaves.
  22 Recent Developments in Labor Practices in South Africa (Washington DC: South Africa Review Service, Investor Responsibility Research Center, June 1982) 29 p.
  23 The Modernization of Apartheid. Meg Voorhes (Washington DC: Investor Responsibility Research Center, August 1982). 46 p.
  24 “The Role and Impact of United States Investment in South Africa.” November 1982. 62 leaves
2 1 Assembly Bill No. 808
  • Assembly Bill No. 808. Introduced by Assemblywoman Maxine Waters, 23 February 1983
  • Community Action Alert: AB 2808 (M. Waters) re: South African Divestment Legislation. No date.
  2 Prospectus: Trust for Balanced Investment. 6 May 1983. 32 p.
  3 “Financial Implications of Divestment of South African-Related Stocks by Blake R. Grossman and William F. Sharpe. 46 leaves. 12-1983?
  4 The Financial Implications of Divestment: A Review of the Evidence. Fantu Cheru (New York: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, June 1984) 59 p.
  5 Portfolio Manger’s Investment Strategies: Unrestricted Investing in South Africa. Prepared by Henry Adebonojo and J. Russell Simmons, Jr. (Atlanta: Cartwright & Daniels, Inc., Nov. 1984) 29, xxii p.
  6 Plaintiff’s Trial Memorandum for Associated Students v. Oregon Investment Council. November 1984. Circuit Court of Oregon. 146 p.
2 7 Reporter’s Transcript of Proceeding on Appeal 29-30 November 1984, 3-4 December 1985. Circuit Court of Oregon. 4 volumes. Volume 1
  8 Reporter’s Transcript of Proceeding on Appeal 29-30 November 1984, 3-4 December 1985. Circuit Court of Oregon. 4 volumes. Volume 2
  9 Reporter’s Transcript of Proceeding on Appeal 29-30 November 1984, 3-4 December 1985. Circuit Court of Oregon. 4 volumes. Volume 3
Box Folder Description
3 1 Reporter’s Transcript of Proceeding on Appeal 29-30 November 1984, 3-4 December 1985. Circuit Court of Oregon. 4 volumes. Volume 4
  2 “A Proposal to the Officers and Directors of the Napa Valley College Foundation for Full Divestment from Companies that do Business in South Africa.” by Charles Raymond for Napa Valley College Students for a Free South Africa 16 leaves.    No Date Plus article attached:  “Is Reconciliation Possible in South Africa” David A. Hoekema, The Christian Century, 23 May 1984. Photocopy.
  3 Speech of  David Eager, Meidinger Asset Planning Services, Inc. to Annual Conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council. [3] leaves 1984?
  4 The Impact of South African-Related Divestment on Equity Portfolio Performance. (Washington DC: South Africa Review Service, Investor Responsibility Research Center, January 1985). 44 p. Photocopy
  5 Divestment for South Africa: An Investment in Hope. Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) Presbyterian Church, 13 January 1985. 81 p.
  6 Memorandum re Associated Students v. Oregon Investment Council. James M. Campbell, attorney. 1 February 1985. 25 leaves.
  7 The Financial Aspects of Divestment. No Date. Claire Brown and Michael Reich, based on presentation by John Harrington, April 1985. 3 p.
  8 Divestment of South Africa Investments:  A Legal Analysis for Foundations, Other Charitable Institutions and Pension Funds: A Report to the New World Foundation.  Thomas A. Troyer, Robert A. Boisture, Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered. 15 April 1985. 53, 3 p.
  9 AB 134 and AB 1134, Assemblywoman Maxine Waters:  Assembly Committee on Public Investments, Finance, and Bonded Indebtedness, 29 April 1985 (ca. 170 leaves). Contents: What is apartheid? (pp. 3-35); Supporters of South African Divestment (pp. 36-70); And what about the Sullivan Principles? (pp. 71-84); A Question of Faith & Morality (pp. 85-131); Dollars & Sense (pp. 132ff).
  10 Perspective:  College Actions On South African Investments Elaine El-Khawas and Barbara McKenna (Washington DC: American Council on Education, May 1985) 45, [4] p. Photocopy.
  11 UC Faculty for Full Divestment:  Alternative Treasurer’s Report. Clair Brown, Michael Watts; (plus attached press article: “A deadline for South Africa”, by Leon H. Sullivan, in Oakland Tribune) June 1985.
  12 Testimony of Hilary Goldstone, Attorney at Law. Re: Phased divestment by the city’s pension funds in U.S. companies doing business in South Africa. June 1985.  13 leaves.
  13 The Regents of the University of California Treasurer’s Report on South African Investments.  Sections I and II. June 1985. Various pagings (several hundred pages). Section 1
Box Folder Description
4 1 The Regents of the University of California Treasurer’s Report on South African Investments. Section I and II. June 1985. Various pagings (several hundred pages).
    Section 2
  2 The Situation in South Africa
  • The Situation in South Africa:  A Summary.  Robert J. Vitale. 6, [3], leaves. 12 July 1985. Photocopy.
  • The Situation in South Africa:  Divestment and Investment. Robert J. Vitale. 24 leaves. 27 July 1985. Mimeo.
  3 Executive Order from Gov. George Deukmejian. September 1985.
  4 Is U.S. Interbank Lending in South Africa for U.S. – R.S.A. Trade?  With a Listing of the Overall Exposure of Individual U.S. Banks  by John E. Lind. (California/Nevada Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility, Sept. 1985) 14 p.
  5 Of Prophets and Profits vol. 8 no. 2 Sept. 1985. (California / Nevada interfaith committee on corporate responsibility)
  6 South Africa and the Portfolio Manager . . . The Impact and Implications of Divestiture (The Leuthold Group). October 1985.
  7 State of California Memorandum to Teacher’s Retirement Board Panel Members, re Schedule for Panel Discussion, by Marilyn Chapman-Woods. November 1985.
  8 Teachers’ Retirement Board Investment Committee, Agenda including panel discussion on South Africa, November 1985.
  9 Appellant’s Reply and Brief Answering on Cross-Appeal for Associated Students v. Oregon Investment Council. December 1985. 41 p.
  10 The Effects of Divestment on The Michigan Retirement System’s Stock Portfolios. “An Analysis of the effects of divestment from South Africa related equities on the Michigan Retirement Systems Stock Portfolios for Governor Blanchard’s Implementation Commission on South African Divestiture” by Dennis J. Grether and Robert B. Zevin. 80 p. Photocopy. 1985.
  11 Article: “South Africa: A Case for Total Divestment”. John Harrington, Berkeley Planning Journal Vol. 2, no. 1-2 1985. Offprint & photocopy.
  12 Economic Action against Apartheid:  An Overview of the Divestment Campaign and Financial Implications for Institutional Investors by Brooke Baldwin and Theodore Brown (New York: Africa Fund, [1985?] 42, [5] p.
  13 The Impact of Phase I Divestiture on the Nycers Portfolio. A Report by Peter L. Bernstein with Carol Zipkin, Robert Mnuchin, and Richard West, January 1986. 46 leaves, and various pagings. Photocopy.
  14 A Study of South African Divestment for the Wisconsin Action Coalition by Howard H. Pohl, Ronald J. Surz, SEI Corporation, January 1986. 66 p. Photocopy.
  15 South Africa’s Debt at the Time of Crisis by John E. Lind and Diane V. Espaldon (San Francisco: California-Nevada Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility, April 1986). 37 p.
Box Folder Description
5 1 Socially Responsible Investing: The Financial and Socio/Economic Issues by Theodore A. Brown, Thomas Van Dyck, and Dean Witter Reynolds. (Pleasanton, CA, The Authors, May 1986). 44 p.
  2 Governor George Deukmejian’s letter and resolution to Univ. of California’s Board of Regents re university and state investment policies, 16 July 1986. 8 p.
  3 Report on Socially Responsive Investment in the U.S.A. by Giles Chitty, (Salisbury, England: The Financial Initiative, 14 July 1986) 26 p.
  4 South African Investment: What Investment Managers Should Know. Financial Analysts Journal July/August 1986.
  5 Memorandum re Oaks Associates. Confidential Private Placement Memorandum. 22 December 1986. Various pagings (ca. 200 p.)
  6 Divestment: Legacy of Liberation. An annotated chronology of the San Francisco Bay Area anti-apartheid movement Prepared by Rachel Richman, Africa Resource Center 1990 [14] leaves.
  7 IRRC News for Investors November 1990, includes lead article:Portfolio Screening by Investment Professional Grows: Concern about Environment Now Surpasses South Africa”
  8 IRRC News for Investors June 1991, includes lead article: “Proxy Season Results are Tallied; South Africa Remains a Vote-Getter.
  9 Reform in South Africa: The American Triangle by Edward M. Kerschner, Paine Webber Investment Policy 4 August 1991. 4 p.
  10 Outline: “South African Investments” 21 May 1995. 3 leaves.
  11 List of: Publications relative to South Africa, South African related legislation. John Harrington, John Dunlap. No Date.

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