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MSS 261

Educational Reform Project and Free University collection, 1965-1975.Add to your cart.

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Collection Summary:

A collection of materials (e.g. correspondences, pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, catalogs, ephemera) representing educational reform and alternative education in its widest possible form. There are also materials related to progressive/radical politics, feminism, environment, co-ops/communes, and radio/television. The majority of materials are from the Lansing/East Lansing/MSU area, although some from California, Ann Arbor, and elsewhere. The time period is generally 1965-1975.

Historical Background:

The history of this collection is unclear. The materials appear to have been collected and organized as part of the Free University, an alternative educational entity based at MSU in the late 1960s. As their Fall 1971 catalog of courses states, “free [sic] university functions as an alternative to what we feel is a rotten educational system. we [sic] offer classes which cost no money, which give no grades, and which anyone who feels qualified can teach and anyone who wants to can attend.” The materials, all or some may have resided as office files located in 329 Student Services, MSU.

Additionally, some of the materials may have been gathered, organized, and used as part of a course, Interdepartmental University College 300, entitled “Educational Reform” and offered in 1970. According to a course statement written by W. Meyers and W. Martin, two Humanities professors, “Several faculty members of University College were recently approached by an ad hoc group of students who proposed what they regarded as an exciting innovation: an experimental course in which an interdisciplinary faculty would offer its resources of information and experience to a class which would study the subject of educational reform at the same time that it tried out new methods in the classroom. The focus was to be on higher education.”

“Educational Reform,” February 10, 1970. Box 2, Folder 1

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Box Folder Description
1 1 Personal, business correspondence – Free University, MSU
  2 Free University Materials – MSU
  3 Free University catalogs/courses
  4 Free U/Free School Open City materials: Wayne State U, U of Detroit
  5 Heliotropi: The Open University materials (Sand Francisco/Marion County, CA.)

  6 University for Man Materials, Manhattan, KS
  7 Center for Participant Education (CPE) materials (Berkeley, CA)
  8 Mid Peninsula Free University materials – Santa Cruz, CA
  9 Communiversity materials – Boston, MA
  10 New Schools Exchange Newsletter; New Schools Exchange materials (Santa Barbara, CA).

  11 Education Warehouse materials – Cambridge, MA
  12 Ortega Park Teacher Laboratory materials
  13 Free school brochures, p.r. material, educational, free school, free university newsletters.

  14 Various reports on and publications of experimental colleges
  15 Free schools and universities – directories
  16 M.I.T. High School Studies Program materials
Box Folder Description
2 1 Educational Reform Project/new Community Materials – MSU, East Lansing, MI

  2 Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) materials
  3 Colloquy, University of Pennsylvania
  4 Summer Training Program at University of California
  5 Radical Education Project materials – Ann Arbor, MI
  6 Educational Reform conference materials; work-ins, demonstrations.
  7 Co-operations (retail) materials
  8 Co-operative living; communal living materials; housing/tenants’ rights materials.

  9 EnAct (Environmental Action for Survival) materials – Ann Arbor
  10 Ecology/Environmental Action materials (Berkley, CA)
  11 Women’s Liberation Materials
  12 Peace Corps materials
  13 Free-Form education materials
  14 Materials on students’ academic freedom and legal rights
  15 Misc. anti-war materials; peace movement materials
  16 Misc. materials on racism
  17 Labor activism materials
  18 San Francisco State University, strike materials
  19 Arab/Israel materials
Box Folder Description
3 1 Consumer pamphlets; child rearing pamphlets, diet-health; children’s health.

  2 Vocations for social change materials
  3 The Listening Ear materials/ Crisis Center materials – East Lansing
  4 Various resource guides and bibliographies
  5 Philip Werdell materials
  6 Carl Rogers materials
  7 Thomas Keone’s class notes/anti-examination materials
  8 Robert Theobold materials
  9 Michael Rossman materials
  10 Christopher Sower materials
  11 Education/book catalogs and brochures
  12 Publications of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
  13 NSA Center for Educations Reform publications/Ed Ceatric
  14 Articles/bibliography on non-grading
  15 Learning games materials
  16 Preschool/early childhood educational materials
  17 Miscellaneous bibliographies of teaching articles/ materials reference materials.

  18 Various education reform periodicals, pamphlets
Box Folder Description
4 1 Free radio/WKAR/student broadcasting materials
  2 Materials from Justin Morrill College, James Madison College, MSU residential colleges.

  3 Residence Halls Program Office – MSU – Drugs
  4 Residence Hall Program Office reports – MSU – Student mental/emotional health

  5 Residence Hall Programs Office – MSU – Colloquy on Sexuality
  6 Residence Hall Programs Office – MSU – Misc. Files
  7 East Lansing newspapers – The Grapevine Journal, Point Issue
  8 East Lansing High School materials – East Lansing, MI
  9 Various educational reform articles
  10 Notecard from MSU student ed. Reform files
  11 Misc. Lansing area materials/Michigan materials
  12 Misc. MSU materials
Box Folder Description
5 1 Educational reform materials: communities of faith
  2 Course proposals and syllabi
  3 Carnegie corporation publications
  4 Wayne State University materials
  5 Michigan State government publications
  6 Various periodicals
  7 Various magazine and newspaper clippings/newspapers: education and labor.

  8 Various student campus organizations materials
  9 Various personal narratives, poetry
  10 Various proposals/organizations for educational reform
  11 Unidentified/unidentifiable class notes
  12 Unfilable misc. materials
  13 Educational reform project materials

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