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MSS 262

Screen Door Review collection, 1973-1980.Add to your cart.

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Collection Summary:

The collection consists primarily of correspondence to and from the editor of the Screen Door Review, Richard L. Neva, from 1973-1980. Many of the correspondents are poets featured in the Screen Door Review. There is also correspondence from scholarly institutions and other publications, as well as poetry and some photographic material. The files are arranged alphabetically by the name of the correspondent.

Historical Background:

Screen Door Review was a small poetry publication of the 1970s. The editor was Richard L. Neva of Onondaga, Michigan. The first issue of Screen Door Review describes the publication as “In search of sensual human wanderings across void surfaces”.

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Box Folder Description
1 1 Andrews, Michael
  2 Anthony, Donald B.
  3 Archibald, Jack
  4 Battle, J.S.
  5 Beining, Guy R.
  6 Bergstrom, Vera
  7 Biron, Lionel A.
  8 Blank, Harold
  9 Bruner, Mark
  10 Bursk, Christopher
  11 Calkins, Jean
  12 Campion, Daniel
  13 Cantrell, Charles
  14 Cheap Trash Productions
  15 Cope, David
  16 Correspondence, international
  17 Correspondence, miscellaneous publications
  18 Correspondence, sender unknown
  19 COSMEP (Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers)
  20 Danchik, Dawn Evalyn
  21 Daunt, J.
  22 Dec, Michael
  23 Dlugonski, Dan
  24 Dustbooks
  25 Editor’s log
  26 Ellison, Jessie T.
  27 Faucher, Real
  28 Fericano, Paul F.
  29 Financial records
  30 Fiore, Jannette
  31 Fringe Press, The
  32 Gilbert, El
  33 Glen, Emilie
  34 Gott, George
  35 Government institutions & officials
  36 Green, Galen
  37 Haas, Jan E.M.
  38 Hamilton, Fritz
  39 Hammond, Karla M.
  40 Henderson, Archibald
  41 Highway Book Shop
  42 Holland, Barbara A.
  43 House, Tom
  44 Johnson, Curtiss
  45 Kaminsky, William
  46 Kane, Mary E.
  47 Kennedy, Terry
  48 Knauth, S.C.
  49 Lang, Albert
  50 Lifshin, Lyn
  51 Lindenau, Judith Wood
  52 Locke, Duane
  53 Madam X Unlimited
  54 Magorian, James
  55 McCurry, Jim
  56 McGuire, Daniel
  57 Metz, Roberta
  58 Miller, Errol
  59 Miller, Pam
  60 Miscellaneous correspondence, A
  61 Miscellaneous correspondence, B
  62 Miscellaneous correspondence, C
  63 Miscellaneous correspondence, D
  64 Miscellaneous correspondence, F
  65 Miscellaneous correspondence, G
Box Folder Description
2 66 Miscellaneous correspondence, H
  67 Miscellaneous correspondence, I
  68 Miscellaneous correspondence, J
  69 Miscellaneous correspondence, K
  70 Miscellaneous correspondence, L
  71 Miscellaneous correspondence, M
  72 Miscellaneous correspondence, N
  73 Miscellaneous correspondence, O
  74 Miscellaneous correspondence, P
  75 Miscellaneous correspondence, R
  76 Miscellaneous correspondence, S
  77 Miscellaneous correspondence, T
  78 Miscellaneous correspondence, V
  79 Miscellaneous correspondence, W
  80 Miscellaneous correspondence, Y
  81 Miscellaneous other
  82 Moffeit, Tony
  83 Nausea One
  84 New York Public Library, The
  85 Oswald, Ernest J.
  86 Photographic materials
  87 Raphael, Dan
  88 Ristau, Harland
  89 Scherzer, Joe
  90 Schnell, David
  91 Seltzer, Joanne
  92 Shevin, Jonathan
  93 Siegel, Julie
  94 Smudge, The
  95 Speer, Laurel
  96 Spicer, David
  97 Sylvester, Valerie
  98 Taylor, Charles B.
  99 Thorburn, Russ
  100 Tremblay, Ernie
  101 Two Hands News
  102 Poetry by unknown authors
  103 Universities and colleges
  104 Unspeakable Visions of the Individual, The
  105 Wade, John Stevens
  106 Wade, Seth
  107 Wahle, F.K.
  108 Wayside Press
  109 Weigel, Tom
  110 Weinman, Paul
  111 Whisler, Robert F.
  112 Winn, O. Howard
  113 Woods, Carl
  114 Zable, Jeff

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