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MSS 265

Students For A Democratic Society collection, 1966-1974.Add to your cart.

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Collection Summary:

The collection’s materials include leaflets, newspapers clippings, pamphlets, and photographs pertaining to the politics and activities of Students for a Democratic Society from roughly 1966-1974. The collection is arranged primarily by topic, with the leaflets being arranged chronologically. Topics covered include Vietnam, racism, ecological issues and labor rights. A large proportion of the materials relate specifically to the SDS presence at Michigan State University

Historical Background:

The materials contained in this collection were created and collected by members of Students for a Democratic Society during the late 1960s and early 1970s. SDS was a leftist political organization opposed to the Vietnam War and in favor of a more participatory model of democracy. In the 1960s and early 1970s, it constituted the intelligentsia of the American left.

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Box Folder Description
1 1 Worker Student Alliance
  2 Checking account, financial records
  3 Assorted photographs
  4 Ecology materials
  5 Materials on the university system
  6 Imperialism materials
  7 Photographs of Vietnam
  8 General Electric pamphlets
  9 Split material
  10 Convention, summer 1967
  11 Set of SDS convention proposals, 1972
  12 SDS convention 1972: leaflets and position papers
  13 New Haven National Council after split
  14 Position papers before the split
  15 Position papers after the split
  16 Leaflets, fall 1970
  17 Leaflets, winter 1970-1971
  18 Leaflets, spring 1971
  19 Leaflets, summer 1971
  20 Leaflets, fall 1971
  21 Leaflets, winter 1972
Box Folder Description
2 1 Leaflets, spring 1972
  2 Leaflets, fall 1972
  3 Leaflets, winter 1973
  4 Leaflets, spring 1973
  5 Leaflets, summer 1973
  6 Leaflets, fall 1973
  7 Leaflets, spring 1974
  8 Struggle to reinstate Bert Garskof
  9 Indices to materials
  10 MSU Young Socialists
  11 MSU Student Workers Union
  12 MSU May Day 1969
  13 Sharma case (June 1969)
  14 Louis Berman materials
  15 MSU Student Liberation Alliance
  16 Organon
  17 MSU – Nancy Green vs. Mason Hall
  18 MSU New Community materials
  19 MSU Brazil Project
  20 Hannah-May scandal
  21 1967 recruiter rally
  22 MSU radical activities, miscellaneous
  23 Ann Arbor Teach-In
  24 United Students, Hubbard Hall, 1966-1967
  25 Materials on Vietnam
  26 News releases
  27 Materials on Palestine, Mid-east, Africa
  28 Materials on Thailand
  29 Materials on racism
  30 Materials on electoral politics
  31 Materials on G.I.s
  32 Leaflets, miscellaneous
  33 Columbia rebellion
  34 Handwritten chronology
  35 Military-industrial complex, research notes
  36 Miscellaneous clippings
  Mapcase 1969 Students for a Democratic Society Calendar

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