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Collection Summary:

Correspondence, notes and documents collected by David Wiley, Anne Ferguson and Bill Derman while working on the African Studies Center's Program on the Lakes of East Africa (PLEA).

Historical Background:

In 1990, the Program on the Lakes of East Africa (PLEA) began as a research and a development project under the MSU ASC. Funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the project was designed to facilitate research, training, and service collaboration with the fisheries of Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. This collaboration has used anthropological and sociological approaches to study of the lakeside peoples of the countries owning the fisheries of Lakes Victoria and Malawi. Special emphasis is given to fisheries management and development, gender issues in development, the socioeconomic impact of introducing new fish species, the relations of production tied to these lakes, and the impacts of the global fish markets on these African fisheries. PLEA has operated in collaboration with the Kenyan Marine Fisheries Research Institute (Kisumu), the Malawi Fisheries Research Institute, the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (Mwanza), and the Fisheries Research Institute of Uganda (Jinja).

Processing Note:

Processed by Joe Lauer in 2011, additional processing done by London Wilson and Leslie Behm, Summer 2012.


Box Folder Description
    PLEA (General)
1 1 PLEA Description –
    Program on the Lakes of East Africa – 1991 drafts with 6 or 7 projects; letterhead    versions with 5  or 6 projects.
    The Project on the Lakes of East Africa: Research Aims for Lake Victoria – undated drafts
1 2 1988 correspondence – including Wiley to William E. Cooper (April 14); DW to George    Axinn et al. (May 24); Some First Thoughts on a Social Science Study of “Fragile Lakes, Fragile Lands...”
1 3 Wiley Oct. 13, 1988 request for funding for proposed project: Fragile lakes, Fragile lands: Wiley Oct. 13, 1988 request for funding for proposed project: Fragile lakes, Fragile lands:  sustainable human uses and management of the Great Lakes of the East African Rift.
1 4 1989 general correspondence
1 5 Tanzania, including Marion Pratt to Ferguson (20 Dec. 1989) with proposal (Women, Tanzania, including Marion Pratt to Ferguson (20 Dec. 1989) with proposal (Women,    fish, and ecological change in the West Lake region of Tanzania) and vita.
1 6 Zimbabwe: Wiley letters; programs
1 7 1989 correspondence to/from MacArthur Foundation
1 8 MSU internal correspondence re MacArthur proposal; incl. Derman & Ferguson on Lake MSU internal correspondence re MacArthur proposal; incl. Derman & Ferguson on Lake Malawi  research; John Hinnant on Ethiopoa.
1 9 MacArthur Proposal drafts, 1989
1 10 MacArthur proposal budgeting notes, 1989
1 11 Fragile lakes, fragile lands: a collaborative research project on the transnational lakes of  East Africa and Latin America: a proposal to the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation program on collaborative research grants in peace and international cooperation. [1989]
1 12 Wiley field (trip to East Africa) notes, Nov-Dec. 1989
1 13 1989 press coverage
1 14 Lakes Meeting notes (Wiley), 1989-1991
1 15 1990 correspondence
1 16 A. W. Kudhongania to Wiley (May 3, 1990); with: Uganda Freshwater Fisheries Research Organization: Background information for rehabilitation of UFFRO; Wiley to Kudhongania (Sept., 1990)
1 17 Mkandawire correspondence, November-December 1990
1 18 MacArthur Foundation 1990 correspondence
1 19 1991 correspondence – incl. to/from Wiley, Harris, Doug Wilson, Derman & Ferguson
1 20 Getachew Teferra (Nov. 5, 1991); project proposal for Ethiopian Rift Valley lakes; Colijn vita
1 21 MacArthur Foundation 1991 correspondence
1 22 Douglas Wilson funding proposals to SSRC & MUCIA, 12/91-1/92
1 23 Planning meeting, 1991-1992
1 24 1992 correspondence – incl. Marion Pratt to Ferguson & Derman (12 Feb.)
1 25 MacArthur Foundation 1992 correspondence
1 26 PLEA 1992 memos, incl. Protocols of Cooperation
1 27 1993 correspondence
1 28 MacArthur Foundation 1993 correspondence
1 29 1993-1994 Correspondence: The Symposium and Conference on Africa’s Fragile Lakes;    includes AAAS Symposium (Feb. 23, 1994) and Working Conference at MSU (Feb. 25-27, 1994)
1 30 AAAS Travel
1 31 AAAS 1994 notes
1 32 Notes from Lakes Workshop at Michigan State University. February-March, 1994.
1 33 1994 correspondence: Wiley to Wilson
1 34 Biology Team reports and proposals from 1988 and 1989
    Proposals from Andrew Cohen and Lake Tanganyika (1984)
    J. Jean Stout and Lake Victoria (1988); includes the ICIPE report on the Rift Valley Lakes Exploration workshop, November-December 1987 and the diving schedule
1 35 Kenya – including Wiley 1988 notes, correspondence, remote sensing publications.
1 36 Polyculture and the use of indigenous fishes to control the human disease Bilharzias (Schistosomiasis). Project proposal (?1988) from University of Maryland, Appalachian Environmental Laboratory.  PIs: Kenneth R. McKaye , Joseph M. Gopo, & Cecil Machena.
1 37 Kenneth McKaye visit to MSU on May 19, 1989
1 38 African Ministers Conference on the Environment
    First draft proposed agendas for the June 1989 meeting of the Committee on lakes and rivers of the African Ministers Conference on the Environment
    Correspondence from Amy Wilson to Dave Wilson
    Correspondence from David Wiley to Victoria Chitepo
    Correspondence from David Wiley to Dr. Marshall Murphree
1 39 Derman request (Aug. 10) for additional funds for Fulbright project: Humans, Cattle and Wildlife in the Zimbabwean Portion of the Zambezi River Basin.
1 40 AAA Session (Fall 1989) on sociocultural aspects of small-scale fisheries in developing nations, organized by John Poggie Jr & Richard B. Pollnac.  Notes by Ferguson
1 41 Bujumbura conference from October1989; includes notes from David Wiley & comments of M. Brichar, aquarium fish trader in Bujumbura (Nov. 28, 1989)
1 42 USAID presentations (Nov. 1989) by William R. Furtick; notes & Patrick Fleuret 1987 article.
1 43 Fricke, Peter. Memorandum for: Members of the Fishery Social Science Network. –  notes on activities of the National Marine Fisheries Service, meetings and relevant    publications.  31p.
1 44 World Fisheries Congress, 1992; and other environmental meetings or special issues.
1 45 Derman research proposal (1993?): Water and Natural Resource Management in the Mid-Zambezi River Basin; with comments by Tim.
1 46 Couite, R. R. The distribution of artisanal fishing craft in Lakes Malawi and Malombe. Presentation at Social Aspects of Rural Development in Malawi Conference. Malawi: University of Malawi, 1978. 8p.
1 46 Demersal fishery re-assessment – Lake Malawi (Project Data Sheet)
  48 Fisheries development strategy study: final report and sectoral papers. Republic of Malawi: Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources. Hindenburgring 18, Germany: GOPA-Consultants, October 1987.
1 49 Lake Malawi lakeshore physical development plan (Kakhobwe)
    1988 – 1989
1 50 Malawi correspondence from David Wiley.
Box Folder Description
2 1 Lake Malawi Geology. Project PROBE. Duke University, Marine Lab.
2 2 Walker, J and Overseas Development Natural Resources Institute. Malawi fisheries socio-economics. 22 p. + notes of Malawi report.
2 3 Derman, Bill and Anne Ferguson. Preliminary observations on fish and fishing in Malawi. Trip report. Draft and Final. Dates of travel: March 4 – 23, 1989. May 5, 1989.  21p.
    Derman, Bill. Lake Malawi proposals.
    Lake Malawi research
    Mehretu, Assefa Fragile lakes of East Africa: distance decay patterns in the utilization of lake-based activities and amenities (May)
      Hinnant John. Lake Tana: three year projected research
2 4 Ferguson, Anne E., Ann V. Millard, and Stanley W. Khaila. Crop improvement programs Ferguson, Anne E., Ann V. Millard, and Stanley W. Khaila. Crop improvement programs and nutrition in Malawi: exploring the links. Paper presented at the session on Nutrition and agriculture: exploring the links, organized by Anne E. Ferguson, Ann V. Millard, and Margaret  Graham at the American Anthropological Association Meetings, Washington, D.C., November 15-19, 1989.
2 5 Millard, Ann, Anne Ferguson and S.W. Khaila. Agricultural development and malnutrition in  developing countries: a causal model of child mortality (draft from March 19, 1989). 21p.
2 6 Handwritten field notes on Lake Malawi 989
2 7 Mkandawire, Richard, William Derman, and Anne Ferguson. Research proposals to Rockfeller and MacArthur: A pilot survey of fishing camps and villages on Lake Malawi.
2 8 Lake Malawi clearance, Sept. 1989
2 9 National Geographic Society Proposal. Lake Malawi. November 7, 1989 (and 1990): Fishing  peoples of Lake Malawi.
2 10 Likoma-Chizumulu artisanal fisheries development project.
    Project description for Likoma-Chizumulu artisanal fisheries development project. Period of funding 1990 to 1993
    Overseas Development Administration (Government of the Republic of Malawi). Report on Likoma-Chizumulu artisanal fisheries development project. April 1991. 17p.
    Likoma-Chizumulu artisanal fisheries development project, Malawi. Final report. April 1993. 66p. M. R. Jennings, Project manager.
    Maps of Chizumulu Island, Chinyanya Beach, Yofu Beach, Mbamba Beach, and Mdyaka  and Sanga
    Notes on Likoma-Chizumulu artisanal fisheries development project.  March 1991.
    Includes notes on Chia Village, Chizumulu Island, Likoma Island, Mdyaka, and Sanga Beach/Mankhambira Village,
2 11 Budget, SADCC fisheries proposal: A pilot survey of fishing camps and villages on Lake Malawi
2 12 Chirwa, Wiseman. Notes from MSU Lecture that took place in October
2 13 Chirwa, Wiseman. Notes from October 25 and correspondence from Anne Ferguson
2 14 Codebooks (Lake Malawi). Includes: Fishing crew/worker (based on the December 1990 questionnaire); Boat/canoe owners’ codebook; List of trees used for making canoes/boats;  Women, fishing, fish processing, and trading lakes project (July- September, 1991); and Patrick Kambewa correspondence 1992.
2 15 Dobson, Tracy. Lake Malawi Research Support Application, July 1990
2 16 Dobson, Tracy. Lake Malawi trip report – August – September 1990
2 17 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. Lake Malawi trip report and field notes, Feb. – April 1990
2 18 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. Lake Malawi field notes from August 20 – 31, 1990.
2 19 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. Lake Malawi trip report from August 25 – September 15, 1990
2 20 Ferguson, Anne, Bill Derman, and Richard Mkandawire.  Whose commons? Fisherman, developmentalists, and conservationists on Lake Malawi. Paper prepared for the First    International Association for the Study of Common Property: “Designing Sustainability on the  Commons.” Report to MacArthur Foundation (January 24, 1991). Duke University. September  27-30, 1990.  Draft, walking, and first revisions.
2 21 ICLARM/GTZ, Malawi Fisheries Department and University of Malawi International Conference
2 22 Lake Malawi correspondence, 1990 – incl. memos, report on accident (5 June), proposals, etc.
2 23 Lake Malawi fish list surveys, 1990 – 1991
2 24 Lake Malawi project (includes trip reports, plans, questionnaires, and notes – Summer 1990
2 25 Lake Malawi research strategy and questionnaires – July – September 1990
2 26 Lake Malawi research methodology – December 1990
2 27 Lake Malawi vehicle 1990
2 28 Wilson, John. Fisheries as a source of income for women. Section 2.2.3 in Women and fish processing. 1990. pp. 21 – 25.
2 29 Conservation of biological diversity in Lake Malawi.  GEF (Global Environment Facility) project: initial executive project summary, 1991.
2 30 Derman & Ferguson. Lake Malawi field notes and trip report from March 1-21, 1991.
2 31 Ferguson & Derman. Mismanaging the commons: Development strategies and the future of Lake Malawi. Paper prepared for the 1991 Canadian Association for African    Studies Annual  Meeting. York University, Toronto, Canada: May 16 – 18, 1991. 16p.
2 32 Lake Malawi budget from May 21
2 33 Lake Malawi correspondence (Kadzamira, et al)
2 34 Lake Malawi progress report for National Research Council of Malawi from May 28
2 35 Lake Malawi research strategy from July – September 1991
2 36 Nyirenda, Z.B. Fish farming returns 1990. October 25, 1991. 2p.
2 37 World Bank. Memorandum and recommendation of the president of the International Development Association to the Executive Directors on a proposed credit of SDR 6.2    million to the Government of Malawi for a fisheries development project. Govt. of Malawi for a fisheries Feb. 25, 1991.  Report no. P-5409-MAI.
2 38 Derman, Bill and Anne Ferguson. Lake Malawi trip report and field notes. February 16 –  Marcy 11, 1992.
2 39 Derman, Bill and Anne Ferguson. Lake Malawi trip report and field notes. Oct. 13-30, 1992
2 40 Ferguson, Anne, Bill Derman, and Richard M. Mkandawire. The new development rhetoric and Lake Malawi: another fish story? Article accepted for publication in Africa,    August 6, 1992. 37p. With comments. Published in Africa 63 (1), 1993. 18p.
2 41 Imprest Malawi, 1992.
    Imprest fund, 1992.
    Imprest Fund for Lake Malawi research and faxes, 1991
2 42 Lake Malawi budget
2 43 Lake Malawi correspondence (Mkandawire, et al)
2 44 Lake Malawi fish lists
    LAKE MALAWI (cont.)
Box Folder Description
3 1 Alimoso, Steve B. Recent research and new management strategies for the fisheries of Lakes  Malawi and Malombe.  ca. 1993. 6p.
3 2 Coulter, G.W. Fisheries. Biology and limnology in Lake Malawi (Possible regional project/Report  to ODA from June 1993.
3 3 Derman, Bill and Anne Ferguson. Human rights, environment, and development: the  dispossession of fishing communities on Lake Malawi. Draft. Paper prepared for the    session  Human Rights and the Environment at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology.  San Antonio, Texas: March 10 – 14, 1993. 22p.
3 4 Derman, Bill and Anne Ferguson. Lake Malawi trip report from July 13-21, 1993    (Compiled on September 1, 1993).
3 5 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. The political ecology of a fisheries’ collapse: the case of Lake Malcombe, Malawi. Paper presented for the African Studies Association Annual    Meetings. Boston, Massachusetts: December 4 – 7, 1993.
3 6 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. The science and politics of crisis: a re-analysis of the collapse of a fishery in Malawi. Paper prepared for the American Fisheries' Society Annual Meeting. Portland, Oregon: August 1993. 27p.
3 7 Lake Malawi fisheries management plan (FAO) 1993
3 8 Bua Notes (Bua river project)
3 9 Munthali, Simon M. Protected areas and people: sustaining Lake Malawi’s ecology. ca. 1992 32.
3 10 Nkhotakota proposal from 1994 and letter from Bill Derman to Wiseman Chirwa.
3 11 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. Diversity, differentiation, and development of Lake Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. Diversity, differentiation, and development of Lake    Malawi. Paper presented at the session “The Cultural Contexts of Diversity: A Critical Appraisal.” 94th  Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Washington, D.C.: November 15 –19, 1995. 22p.
3 12 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. The politics of knowledge in development: interfaces among  development practitioners, scientists, fishers, and farmers in southern Africa. Draft. October 26, 1995. 59p.
3 13 Ferguson, Anne and Bill Derman. Structure and contingency: an assessment of fisheries    research and management in Malawi. Paper presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meetings from March 27-30, 1996. Draft. 12p.
3 14 Haraldsdottir, Gudrun (student papers).
    “Communities participation” in inland fisheries management in sub-Saharan Africa: lesson from Malawi. 26p.
    “She found it difficult to operate in the world of men.” Women and economics in Malawi  (Nyasaland) 1930-1950. 15p.
    Gender/development/environment (annotated bibliography).
3 15 O.D.A. Project. Social and economic studies around Lake Malombe and the Upper Shire
3 16 Derman, William and Anne Ferguson. Lake Malawi Research. 5p.
3 17 Fish Project (Malawi) summary of expenditures; reports; notes.
3 18 Lake Malawi equipment (MEAP)
3 19 Lake Malawi Livingstonia Beach Hotel (owner’s questionnaire)
3 20 Lake Malawi tourist brochures
3 21 Michigan State University Students. ASC student report notes
3 22 Taxonomy of Lake Malawi fish
3 23 Communications & instructions
3 24 Willie C. Chimombo. A supervisory report on Lake Malawi Ressearch Project. July-Sept. 1990. 7p. + annexes. Submitted to Mkandawire, Ferguson & Derman
3 25 Maps of Malawi fishing areas; including Chimphamba (Msaka); Mdyaka and Sanga; Mbamba Beach; Yofu Beach; Chinyanya Beach, Likoma Island; Chizumulu Island
    REPORTS (arranged by location; final report, followed by original reports)
    Chia Lagoon -
3 26 R.B. Chakwana & S.S.R. Namagonya. Chia Lagoon Village of Mtanga II), Central Region. 1992. 20 p.
3 27 Chia Lagoon: the beach and the village. 41p.
    Chigolo –
3 28 S.M. Nyirenda & M.T. Chigowo.  Chigolo fishing camp, Central Region. 1992. 54p.
3 29 Socio-economic characteristics of Chigolo fishing community in Salima. 104 p.; Chigolo fishing  camp: an overview. 3p; Brief profile of Mr. G. Botha. 3p.; Women involvement in fishing related occupations. 37p; Brief profile of Mr Morton Mkandawire.
3 30 Exercise books (2): Solomon Nyirenda & Chigowo, M. T. Socioeconomic study of fishing communities along Lake Malawi: Chigolo-Salima.
    Chilambula –
3 31 R.B. Chakwana & S.M.C. Chimwaza. Chilambula village, Southern Region. 1992. 42p.
3 32 Introductory summary for Chilambula fishing village (Salima, Malawi). 3p; Report on socio-economic characteristics of fishermen along the lakeshore: Case sudy of Chilambula fishing village (Salima District). 84+p; Women, fishing, fish processing and fish trading at Chilambula fishing village (Salima). 31p.
3 33 D. Nangoma & S. Nyirenda. Chilimba (Malembo) fishing village, Southern Region. 1992.  16 p.
3 34 Malembo fishing village. 38p.  Also includes: Malambo boat and canoe owner questionnaire/Malambo fishing crew questionnaire
    Boat & Canoe owner
    Fishing crew/workers questionnaire
3 35 Chimphamba (copy 1)
3 36 Chimphamba (copy  2)
3 37 S.S.R. Namagonya & N. Zamadenga. Nsaka fishimg camp, Chimphamba village (Mangochi) Southern Region. 1992. 29p.
3 38 Chimphamba (Msaka) development history of the beach. 23p.; Crew worker results. 7p; Boat/canoe owner questionnaire comments. 7p.; Fisherman profiles; maps.
    Chizumulu –
3 39 D.D. Samikwa & M.G.G. Chagunda. Chizumulu Island, Northern Region. 1991. 31p.
3 40 Chagwanda & Samikwa. Chizumulu Island, Northern Region. 1991. 42p
3 41 Likoma/Chizumulu artisanal fisheries development project: socio economic survey. 52p.
    Kadango –
3 42 Kadango: the beach and the village. 37p.
    Boat and canoe owner questionnaire: data analysis
    Crew and worker: data analysis
    Kambwe area, Karonga –
3 43 M.M.G. Chagunda & B.B. Sibale. Kambwe Area, Karonga, Northern Region. 1992. 53p.
3 44 Socio-economic activities of fishermen in Kambwe Area, Karonga. Aug. 1991. 89p; Women participation in fish-related jobs. Sept. 1991. 20p.
3 45 Mizeck Gift Chagunda. Socioeconomic survey of fishing communities along the Lake Malawi  (Karonga) exercise books.
    Kunkhongo (Kambiri) –
3 46 S.S.R. Namagonya & N. Zamadenga. Kunkhongo (Kambiri and Siwoya), Central Region. 1992 14 p.
3 47 Kachelenje (Kambiri and Siwoya) fishing site report. [Kunkhongo]
3 48 S.M.C. Chimwaza & D.D. Samikwa. Lifuwu, Central Region. 1992. 29p.
3 49 Lifuwu fishing village. 22, 3, 17, 11, 11 p
    Likoma Island –
3 50 Likoma/Chizumulu artisanal fisheries development project: socio economic survey. 110 p.
    Lughali Beach –
3 51 S.M. Chimwaza & R.B. Chakwana. Lughali Beach (Karonga), Northern Region. 1992. 32p.
3 52 Report on women, fishing, fish process and fish trading at Lughali fishing village (Karonga). 33p.
3 53 Report for Lughali Beach, Karonga. 44p.
    Malembo – see Chilimba
    Mdulamanja (Salima) -
3 56 D. Nangoma & S. Nyirenda. Mdulamanja (Salima) fishing community. 1992. 26p.
3 57 Displacement of small fishermen at Mdulamanja fishing village. 21p.
3 58 Mdulamanja (Salima) fishing community. 14p.; Information on fish processing and trading at village level. 13p/; Quantitative analysis…5p. Fisherman profile of Mr Twopen    Mapepa of Chipoka.
    LAKE MALAWI (cont.)
Box Folder Description
    Mdyaka –
4 1 D. Nangoma & S. Nyirenda. Mdyaka fishing village, Northern Region. 1991. 25p.
4 2 Mdyaka fishing villages.  45p. marked copy
    Msaka –
4 3 Namagonya Smart Synder Ryson. Socio-economic study of fishing villages along Lake Malawi: A case study of Msaka and Kambiri fishing villages. June 1991. 20p.
4 4 Z.A.K. Mwandira & D.D. Samikwa. Mvunguti fishing camp/village, Southern Region. 1992. 53 p.
4 5 Overview of Mvunguti fishing camp/village. 58p.; Socio-economic characteristics of Mvunguti  fishing village (112 p.); Women, fishing, fish processing & trading. 23p.; An overview of Mvunguti fishing camp/village. 3p.
4 6 Exercise books: Mwandira, Z.A.K. Qualitative data on Mvunguti fishing camp exercise book; Samikwa D.D. Mvunguti fishing camp.
    Namiasi area -
4 7 M.M.G. Chagunda & B.B. Sibale. Namiasi area, Southern Region (Bolera Malunga, Mauwa and Nkali villages).  1992.  43p.
4 8 Introductory summary for Namiasi area (Bolera Malunga, Mauwa and Mkali villages). 76p; Report on women, fish processing and trading in Namiasi area (Bolera Malunga, Mauwa and Nkali villages). Sept. 1991. 24p.
4 9 B.B.  Sibale. The case of Namiasi exercise book & notes
    Ngala -
4 10 D.D. Samikwa & Z.A.K. Mwandira. Ngala, Northern Region. 1992. 32p.
4 11 Women, fishing, fish processing and trading.
4 12 Ngala fishing camp. ca. 50p.;
4 13 Exercise books: Samiuwa, D. D. & Mwandira Z.A.K. Ngala fishing camp
    Sanga (Mankhambira) –
  14 N.H. Muyepa & N. Zamadenga. Sanga Beach/ Mankhambira, Northern Region. 1992. 19 p.
4 15 Mankhambira (Sanga). 43p. marked copy
    Usisya –
4 16 S. Nyirenda & M.T. Chigowo. Usisya fishing villages, Northern Region. 1992.32p.
4 17 Nyirenda/Chogowo drafts: Usisya fishing camps/villages. 48p; Preliminary report on Usisya  beaches. 41p; Women involvement in fishing related occupation in Usisya. 21p. Maps & notes.
4 18 Exercise books: Solomon Nyirenda & Chigowo MT. Socioeconomic study of the fishing village along Lake Malawi (Usisya-Nkhata Bay).
4 19 Student comments on July 1990 questionnaires
4 20 Malembo. Boat & canoe owner questionnaire
4 21 Malembo. Fishing crew questionnaire
4 22 Mpondezi questionnaires
4 23 Mdulamanja questionnaires
4 24 Makambira questionnaires
4 25 Chizumulu questionnaires
4 26 Mdyaka questionnaires
4 27 Lifuwu questionnaires
4 28 Likoma questionnaires
4 29 Chia questionnaires
4 30 Chimphamba (Msaka) questionnaire
4 31 Printouts of statistical analysis runs, 1992 & 1993
Box Folder Description
5 1 Copies of completed questionnaires, Dec. 1990 -- DISCARD if dups
5 2 Seminar series on Lake Victoria Basin development. Nos. 12, 16, 20.  1979.
    Odero, N. Fish species, distribution, and abundance in Lake Victoria. No.12. 1979. 13p.
    Ogenda, Reuben B. Resource base(s) for integrated industrialization and development in the (Kenyan) Lake Victoria Basin. No. 20. 1979. 38p.
    Okoth-Ogenda, H.W.O. Public interest and private benefit in land use policy: an enquiry into some societal and land use issues in the Lake Victoria Basin. No. 16. 1979.13p.
5 3 FAO/CIFA. Review of the status of the fisheries of Lake Victoria. Report of the second session of the CIFA sub-committee on the development and management of Lake Victoria. Rome, Italy:FAO/CIFA, October 6-7, 1983.
5 4 Lake Victoria. The Lake Basin Development Authority. Preliminary report: Winam Gulf Baseline Studies. 1984.
5 5 Reynolds, J. Eric, and D. Greboval. Preliminary Assessment: Socioeconomic effects of Nile perch in Lake Victoria. Prepared for: FAO Fishery Policy and Planning Section. 74p + appendixes. First draft, October 1987.
5 6 Rogers, J.F. Report on a visit to Tanzania to examine the utilization of Nile perch from Lake Victoria from October 13 – November 7, 1987. 15p.
5 7 Fisheries Information – Wilson data collection, 1988
5 8 Lake Victoria computer hardware invoice
5 9 Ochumba, Peter B. O. Periodic massive fish kills in the Kenyan portion of Lake Victoria.  Appendix E of the CIFA (Committee for Inland Fisheries of Africa) Report of the fourth session of the sub-committee for the development and management of the fisheries of Lake Victoria, Kisumu, Kenya. April 6-10 1987. FAO Fish Rep. no. 338. pp. 47-60.
5 10 Rogers, J.F. Report on a visit to Tanzania to examine the wet season utilization of Nile perch from Lake Victoria. May 3 – 18, 1988. 19p.
5 11 Wanink, J. H., W. Ligtvoet, A. I. Chande, P. C. Goudswaard, J. Kashindye, E. F. B. Katunzi, O. I. I.  W. Mkumbo, B. Msuku, and F. Witte. HEST/TAFIRI Research in Lake Victoria: some preliminary results and their relevance for fishery management. Reports from HEST/TAFIRI operating in Lake Victoria. No. 44. Leiden, The Netherlands: Zoologisch Labortorium.
5 12 Anderson, Dave. Africa’s troubled waters. The Independent. Monday, December 18, 1989.  Includes correspondence from David Wiley. 1p.
5 13 Cooper, William E. NSF proposal for March 1991 workshop on Lake Victoria research. Includes correspondence from Bill Cooper to the Lake Victoria Research Team and Lake Victoria limnological data.
5 14 Hinnant, John. Expenses occurring during one field season at Lake Turkana (Lake Victoria)
5 15 Lake Victoria environment (notes of November 1, 1989)
    1990 – 1991
5 26 Harris, Craig. Lake Victoria materials
5 17 Lake Victoria boat and canoe questionnaire, December
5 18 Lake Victoria fishing crew/workers interview survey/questionnaire (and 1992 drafts), December
5 19 Lake Victoria women and fishing questionnaire, December
5 20 Masuda, Kiyoshi. A case study of modernization in fisheries: Lake Victoria fisheries. 1990. 21p.
5 21 Okaronon, John Obbo and Jackson Wadanya. Fishery resource base for the Uganda sector of Lake Victoria. 1990. 19p.
5 22 Yogo, Ernest O and S. A. O. Dache. Status and prospects of fishing industry in Lake Victoria-Kenya. Kismu: Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute, 1990. 11p.
5 23 Yongo, Ernest O. Supplementary proposal: introduction of experimental outrigger canoes with liftnet. KMFRI Mimeo. 1990. 5p. 
5 24 Lake Victoria boat owner interview survey (located in back of box due to large size)
5 25 Lake Victoria Fisheries
    1992 letters to Yohana Budeba, Charles Okidi, & Thomas Maembe Lacustrine fish communities
    Craig K. Harris, Research on Uganda and Lake Victoria fisheries: Work plan, 1991.
    East African Great Lakes Research Project research outline, March 6, 1991
    Interview with Benoit Horemans, June 25, 1991
    Interview with Dominique Greboval, June 25, 1991
    Proposal for the strengthening of bibliographic facilities and capabilities for research on the fisheries of the Great Lakes of East Africa
    Proposal for strengthening the availability of research documentation, Oct. 10, 1992; with correspondence seeking support.
    List of papers, July 22, 1991
5 26 Lake Victoria fishing boat survey and boat census data, with computer disk
5 27 Lake Victoria fishing industry brief
5 28 Lake Victoria Kenya trip, includes faxes and research outlines by Craig Harris, March
5 29 Lake Victoria women, fishing, fish processing and trading interview survey, July – September
5 30 Mbuga, J. S. Harvesting: socio-economic aspects of the tilapia, Nile perch and pelagic fisheries (draft). Prepared for Proceedings of the Symposium on socio-aspects of Lake Victoria fisheries (Volume 2) by the UNDP/FAO Regional Project for Inland Fisheries Planning Development and Management in Eastern/Central/Southern Africa from July 1991. pp. 27 – 57.
5 31 Mkumbo, O. C. Developments in the artisanal fishery in Lake Victoria, Mwanza Gulf. 13p.
5 32 Orach-Meza, F. L. Existing fishery legislation and mechanisms for surveillance and control on Lake Victoria. A paper prepared at the National Seminar on the Management of the Fisheries of the Uganda Sector of Lake Victoria.  Crested Crane Hotel, Jinja, Uganda: August 6 – 8, 1991. 12p.
5 33 Planning meeting for Lake Victoria research relating to March 1991 workshop in Boston, 21 p.
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    LAKE VICTORIA (cont.)
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    A Proposal for Strengthening the Availability of Research Documentation concerning the
    Research Scientists of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania (proposal also submitted to the USAID  Environmental Protection and Training offices in 1993); and rough draft entitled
    Proposal for the Strengthening of Bibliographic Facilities and Capabilities of the Fisheries    of the Great Lakes of Africa.
  ` Socio-Economic Research Priorities for Lake Victoria
    Letters to Professors Ogari, Bugenyi, Bwathondi, Maembe, Matunzi, Loken, Flynn, Okemwa, Odongkara,
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    Other documents include:
    Land transet of village in Chinseu Area, Zomba District, Malawi. January 1990.
    Regional fisheries research project phase 1.
    Lake Victoria fisheries research project phase 2: project formulation workshop held from 12 to 15 April 1994 at Mwanza.
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