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MSS 290

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Collection Summary:

This collection contains newspaper articles about the STEP project in general and about its founding in particular, photocopies of instructional materials used in the project, memos and notices from the project, printed copies of Michigan State University web pages devoted to the history of the STEP project, and photographs.

Historical Background:

The STEP (Student Tutorial Education Project) was conducted during the summers of 1966-1968 at Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi. It was a collaborative effort between Michigan State University educators and their student volunteers and Rust College administrators and high school seniors entering as freshmen at Rush College. Each six-week summer program was intended to improve freshmen student skills in the areas of writing, communication and mathematics. The program provided opportunities for staff, volunteers and participants to gain diverse knowledge and understanding about civil rights and its effects during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement in US history.

Processing Note:

Contributors: Rev. John S. Duley, Laimdota Mazzarins, Theda Barron Skocpol, John Schuiteman, Bill Skocpol.


Box Folder Description
1 1 Laminated newspaper articles regarding the founding of the Student Tutorial Education Project I in 1965, highlighted by a speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., February 11, 1965 at Michigan State University as a fundraiser for STEP. These arrangements were facilitated by MSU Professor Robert L. Green, who had returned from a year of leave working with King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Contributed by the Rev. John S. Duley. See also two photocopies of Feb 2 State News articles, contributed by Laimdata Mazzarins, Folder 2.
  1.1 “Registrar Won’t Interpret; Charges Harassment”, State News, by Jim Sterba, attending Civil Rights Commission hearings in Jackson Mississippi, 1964-65, unknown date. Photocopied.
  1.2 “Martin Luther King Sets MSU Visit for Project,” January 28, 1965, Michigan State University State News, Vol.55, Number 247, pg. 1, top left.
  1.3 “King Tickets Go On Sale Thursday,” State News, Feb 9, 1965(?)
  1.4 “Itinerary Set For Visit of Martin Luther King,” State News, Feb. 10, 1965.
  1.5 “Overflow Crowd For King Speech,” State News, Feb. 11, 1965.
  1.6 Advertisement, State News, Feb. 11, 1965
    “All-University Student Government proudly presents Nobel Prize Winner MARTIN LUTHER KING MSU Auditorium 4:00 P.M. Today $1.00 donation Tickets on sale at the door”
  1.7 “King Fires Out Three Challenges in Speech Before 4,000 Students,” State News, Feb. 2, 1965, p.1 banner headline article, continued to page 6, by Jim Sterba.
  1.8 “Student Congress Refuses To Approve STEP Program,” State News, Feb. 12, 1965. This concerned a Feb. 10th student government meeting which approved it on second reading but refused special orders to skip third reading approval. Approval for the King fundraiser had been given the preceding week.
  1.9 “From sweat in Selma to quiet of the campus,” Towne Courier (East Lansing), Feb. 16, 1965, by Joan First.
Box Folder Description
1 2 Photocopied items sent by Laimdota Mazzarins, 1965 STEP volunteer, who taught Communications Skills and worked with community children in Holly Springs. All pages are 8.5 x 11 single sided.
  2.1 Two articles “AUSG STEPs Into Rust” and “Desire to Aid Others Sparks STEP Project” plus the lead editorial (p.2) “Big STEP Forward,” all from the Michigan State News, Feb. 2, 1965 [Note sirloin steak for 89 cents a pound.]
  2.2 Photo of Laimdota Mazzarins seated on curb with Carlton and Kenneth Oliver and Colby Cobb, young Holly Springs boys.
  2.3 Typed versions of autobiographies written at the beginning of the Institute by Laimdota’s eleven STEP students.
  2.4 Memo to Institute Students and STEP Volunteers from Project Director RE: Activities of the last three days [of the Institute]
  2.5 A Report on STEP, Laimdota Mazzarins, Education 482, Dr. Green, Aug. 31, 1965. Typed, pages 3-21. The last two pages are an appendix: “True Believer” by Hazel Jones, one of Laimdota’s students.
  2.6 Mailing envelope, 2006, in which this material was sent, and picture card with note to Bill and Theda Skocpol. Laimdota earned a Harvard Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, and is now a professional document translator based in Cologne, Germany. 2006 address: Dr. Laimdota Mazzarins, TransForm GmbH, Derener Str. 177-179, 50931 Koln, Germany.
Box Folder Description
1 3 Advance preparation for the 1966 STEP Project, with notes by Theda Barron [now Theda Skocpol], who was one of the students who were preparing to teach Communication Skills.
  3.1 1966 Flyer describing STEP – 8 ½ x 11 in., yellow page, mimeographed two sides, designed to fold into thirds lengthwise.
  3.2 Large map of Michigan State University, with points of interest and index, folded. 1963 revision.
  3.3 1965-1966 Michigan State University Book Store Calendar, 6 x 9 in., photo of “Class Time at MSU” and 12 months all visible at once. (missing)
  3.4 “1966 STEP PROJECT – Report of Individual Fund Raising Efforts”, 8 ½ x 11 in., form, ditto copied (purple spirit duplicator) one side. (missing)
  3.5 “STEP Conference Schedule, April 15-17”, 8 ½ x 11 in., pink page mimeographed one side. The conference was held at Mill Lake Outdoor Center between Jackson and Ann Arbor. (missing)
  3.6 “1966 S.T.E.P. Volunteers, TENTATIVE ASSIGNMENTS’, 8 ½ x 11 in., pink page, mimeographed tow sides. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of all staff are listed under the categories Math, Communication Skills, Recreation, Art, Student Director, Faculty Director, Educational Director, Athletic Program Director, and Testing and Counseling. (missing)
  3.7 “PROPOSED CLASS SCHEDULE”, 8 ½ x 11 in., white page mimeographed one side. A time schedule for periods, and a rotation schedule for different groups of students. (missing)
  3.8 “FILMS FOR THE 1966 STEP PROJECT”, 8 ½ x 11 in., orange page, mimeographed one side. Lists 33 films by title, source, length, and price. This copy was marked by Theda Barron, indicating interest in particular ones. A second unmarked copy is also included. (missing)
  3.9 Theda Barron’s handwritten notes taken at the mid-April STEP Conference. Five pages, 8 ½ x 11 in., lined notebook paper. (missing)
  3.10 Memo, three pages, 8 ½ x 11 dittoed, refers to decisions made at April 28 meeting.
    To: All MSU STEP Teachers and Tutors in Communication Skills From: The Reverend John Duley and Dr. Ben Hickok Subject: Theme-Grading Project and Conference with Dr. Hickok in His Office The instructions are to mark and grade the included two-page theme by a Rust College student from a previous summer course using Ben Hickok’s THEME CORRECTION SYMBOLS passed out at that meeting, and then go over the corrections with Dr. Hickok at his office. (missing)
  3.11 Another practice exercise on grading, scheduled for 7:30 P.M. at the UCCF office conference room, as described in the previous memo. The material for this meeting was the following: Mimeographed memo, six 8 ½ x 14 in. white pages.
    To: ATL (American Thought and Language) Faculty and interested readers From: Ben Strandess Subject: April 13 faculty meeting The instructions are to mark, grade, and rank five student essays on the subject of GROUNDLESS BELIEFS. The essays, and a page of THEME CORRECTION SYMBOLS by Dr. Hickok are included. The essays on this copy were marked by Theda Barron. (missing)
  3.12 Half-page mimeographed notice describing meetings to be held May 15 and 22, plus a reminder to follow through with the conference with Dr. Hickok. (missing)
  3.13 Theda Barron’s handwritten notes on Communication Skills and Steering Committee meetings, many dated during May. 15 sheets of lined notebook paper, 6 x 9 ½ in. (missing)
  3.14 Theda Barron’s handwritten notes on prospective Communication Skills lesson plans. Undated. 6 sheets of lined notebook paper, 5 ½ x 8 ½ in. (missing)
  3.15 “STEP Volunteers, 1966”, 8 ½ x 11 in., green sheet, mimeographed both sides. Some handwritten changes were subsequently made, for Communication Skills. Lists MSU local addresses. (missing)
  3.16 “STEP INFORMATION”, 19668 ½ x 11 in., 2 orange pages, mimeographed. Gives
  3.17 “Security Suggestions”, as well as “Suggestions Regarding Apparel and things to take along”. Dated June 1966. 8 ½ x 11 in., 3 green pages, mimeographed. (missing)
  3.18 STEP Volunteers”, gives summer 1966 addresses. (missing)
Box Folder Description
1 4 Mimeographed 8 ½ x 11 in. booklets on writing, teaching, and tutoring distributed to STEP Communications Skills volunteers in preparation for the 1966 Summer Study Skills Institute.
  4.1 TUTORING TIPS, Los Angeles City Schools, Office of Urban Affairs, April 1965. Blue Paper, 6 pages.
  4.2 TUTORING THE DISADVANTAGED CHILD, by Frank Riessman, yellow paper, 9 pages.
  4.3 HOW SHOULD I TEACH? Prepared from materials of: The Student Woodlawn Area Project, Chicago and Philadelphia Tutorial Projects. White paper, 6 pages.
  4.4 MANUAL FOR TUTORS. Prepared by Student Education Corps, Michigan State University. White paper, 5 pages.
  4.5 HIGH SYMMETRY. Some Conclusions and Recommendations on Government Writing in the Social Sciences….Lawrence R. Klein, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Fourth Printing, August 1965. White paper, 53 pages.
  4.6 A brief digest of Daniel Moynihan’s report The Negro Family, prepared by the Mott Institute for Community Improvement, Michigan State University for discussion purposes and possible classroom use. The Forward by R. J. Marsh is dated April 1, 1966. White paper, 6 pages.
Box Folder Description
1 5 Pamphlets considered (and perhaps some adopted) for studies of the U.S. Constitution and Government.
  5.1 “The Constitution of the United States of America”, 89th Congress, 1st Session, House Document No. 190. United States Government Printing Office, Washington: 1965, price 15 cents. Blue Cover 3 ½ x 5 in., 44 pages.
  5.2 “Food Distribution in Rural Community Action”, Community Action Program, Office of Economic Opportunity, C-31. Single-fold leaflet, 4 x 9 in., 4 sides.
  5.3 “For Civic Competence 1…How a Bill Becomes a Law”. Number one in a series published jointly by The Legislative Commission and the Citizenship Committee, The National Education Association of the United States. 17 x 11 in. folded once to form 4 pages, then twice to make it compact.
  5.4 “For Civic Competence 4…How to Write a Letter to You Congressman”. Number 4 in a series published jointly by The Legislative Commission and the Citizenship Committee, The National Education Association of the United States. 17 x 11 in. folded once to form 4 pages, then twice to make it compact.
  5.6 “What everyone should know ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION of the United States of America.” A Scriptographic Presentation, 1966 Edition, 8 ½ x 11 in. 24 pages.
  5.7 “What everyone should know ABOUT GOVERNMENT in the United States of America.” A Scriptographic Presentation, 1966 Edition, 8 ½ x 11 in. 16 pages.
Box Folder Description
1 6 Handout materials prepared for 1966 Summer Study Skills Institute, Communication Skills section.
  6.1 “Effective Study” [SQ3R method] 8 ½ x 11 in. mimeographed, 5 pages.
  6.2 Binder containing mimeographed selections for use in Communications Skills classes, many with Vocabulary words, Questions on the Form and Content, and Suggestions for Writing.
  6.2.1 Brief digest of the report, The Negro Family. (Digest by the Mott Institute for Community Improvement, MSU; U.S. Dept. of Labor report by Daniel Moynihan.) 6 pages.
  6.2.2 “The Pursuit of Status”, Vance Packard, 11 pgs.
  6.2.3 “The Natural Superiority of Women”, Ashley Montagu, 10 pgs.
  6.2.4 “You Can’t Change Human Nature” by Barrows Dunham, and “Rats and Men” by Alfred Mirsky, 6 pages.
  6.2.5 “A Primer in Problem Solving”, Sydney Harris, 2 pages
  6.2.6 “Little Rock and Johannesburg”, Anthony Sampson, 7 pages
  6.2.7 “The Economic Problem”, pp. 1-17 in The Making of Economic Society by Robert L. Heilbroner, 10 pages.
  6.2.8 “Small town Fading from Scene: Some Grow Up, Others Disappear”, no author indicated, 3 pages.
  6.2.9 Selections from Why We Can’t Wait by Martin Luther King, Jr., 11 pages.
  6.2.10 “Letter to the North”, William Faulkner, 6 pages.
  6.2.11 Selected poems: Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Ryuho, Issa, Langston Huges – 3 mimeographed sheets
  6.3 “What everyone should know ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION of the United States of America, A Scriptographic Presentation. 1966 ed., 24 pages.
  6.4 “Supreme Court Cases”. Brief descriptions of 11 cases from Marbury vs. Madison to Brown vs. Board of Education, 3 mimeographed pages.
  6.5 “What do you believe?” 1 page mimeographed questionnaire.
Box Folder Description
1 7 STEP Summer Study Skills Institute at Rust College, June 20 – July 17, 1966.
    Communication Skills work with student group “A”. Teacher’s lesson plans, some student work, student evaluations of the program, immediately and six months later.
  7.1 Summer Study Skills Institute Directory, 4 pages photocopy. Gives names and home addresses of 82 students. Asterisks mark John Schuiteman’s students.
  7.2 “Group Assignments”, 8 ½ x 14 in. mimeographed sheet. Initial assignment of Rust student to Groups A-J.
  7.3 Daily schedule for the topics, readings, and assignments for the first hours of Communication Skills – one week each on Sociology, Economics, Government, and Political Parties. 7 pages, green paper, mimeographed.
  7.4 Daily schedule for the topics, readings, and assignments for the second hours of Communication Skills – work on writing, note taking, etc. 24 pages, pink paper, mimeographed.
  7.5 Analysis of student results for initial English tests administered June 20 by Dr. Krathwohl, with commentary by Ben Hickok. 5 dittoed pages, plus Theda Barron’s list of results for Group A and comparison to national norms.
  7.6 One page of step-by-step improvements of “which I have not been these problems such, as killing, murding”.
  7.7 Short writings by four Group A members on the topic “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Labor Unions” – Cora Berkley; Verna J. Lindsey; Patricia Robinson; Marjean Taylor. Handwritten on lined notebook paper.
  7.8 Dittoed page for Class Discussion, July 5th, 1966 on the Declaration of Independence.
  7.9 “What Do You Believe?” Questionnaires with responses for seven Group A members: Cora Berkley; Lois Buchanan; Bobbie Clayton; Dennis Harrell; Paul Herron; Verna Jean Lindsey; Marjean Taylor.
  7.10 Paul Herron’s essay responding to Faulkner’s “Letter to the North”, 7-12-66. Typed up as an example for some purpose.
  7.11 Group A student evaluation of the project, July 14, 1966. Handwritten on lined notebook paper. John Bayless; Cora Berkley; Lois Buchanan; Bobbie Clayton; Paul Herron; Verna Lindsey; Patricia Robinson; anonymous; anonymous.
  7.12 Letters sent by Patricia Robinson to Theda Barron, one on August 1, 1966 and another in October 1966. [Postage: 5 cents!]
  7.13 January 1967 responses to request that 1966 Summer Study Skills Institute students comment on how the program compared to their first semester of classes at Rust – Vinnie E. Bell; Gloria Carter; Anne Edwards; Jan Evans; The Girls in Room 300 (E. Buford, H. Booker, P. Robinson, E. Fleming, R. Jones, M. Jones)
Box Folder Description
1 8 Assessments of Group A students and STEP program, 1966 by Theda Barron.
  8.1 Theda Barron’s STEP Notes”, which includes final assessments of Group A students. 5 x 7 ¾ in. 80 sheet spiral notebook, Michigan State Campus Bookstores. (missing)
  8.2 Theda Barron’s 11-page handwritten assessment of the 1966 project with suggestions for Date uncertain. (missing)
Box Folder Description
1 9 Summer Study Skills Institute, Rust College, 1966 – Math Skills Program, by Bill Skocpol.
  9.1 Math Placement Test (filled out by James B. Gordon in Group J) – Photocopy because BillSkocpol’s occasional journal was written on the back side. (missing)
  9.2 Draft of ideas about the development of number systems, first base ten, then base five, and how to convert. By Bill Skocpol, date uncertain. 8 ½ x 11 unlined paper, handwritten, 8 pgs. (missing)
  9.3 “Math Department Report” – First two pages of report written after the 1966 program. Carbon copy. (missing)
  9.4 Letter from Institute student Eula Buford to STEP math teacher Bill Skocpol. July 19, 1966. 6 x 8 in. stationery, 2 pages. (missing)
  9.5 “Report on summer experience with STEP for Honors College Bulletin by Bill Skocpol, junior [1966-67] physics major” 8 ½ x 11 in., typed, 2.1 pgs. [Did it appear??] (missing)
Box Folder Description
1 10 Summer Study Skills Institute, Rust College, 1966, contributed by John Schuiteman, Communications Skills teacher. Photocopies, all on 8 ½ x 11.
  10.1 1966 S.T.E.P. Volunteers, TENTATIVE ASSIGNMENTS. 2 pgs.
  10.2 His Daily Journal, June 17-20. Includes incident where Jerry Idzerda was called a “coon-lover” and put off the Greyhound bus between Memphis and Holly Springs, MS. 1 pg.
  10.3 “Race Issue Inflamed Again” Aftermath of a shooting,” U.S. News and World Report, June 20, 1966, pp.36-38.
  10.4 “Impressions: The Meredith March Against Fear,” June 25, 1966, by John Schuiteman, 4 typed pgs.
  10.5 “Strange March Through Mississippi,: U.S. News and World Report, July 18, 1966, pp. 31-35.
  10.6 The New Yorker, July 16, 1966, “The Talk of the Town,” pp.20-28 (even pages only)
  10.7 “Negro Leaders Dividing – The Effect,” U.S. News and World Report, July 18, 1966, pp. 31-35.
  10.8 Score Sheet for his group, Ch. 8. Gowan.
  10.9 Handwritten evaluations of Schuiteman by his student at the end of the Institute. 8 pgs.
  10.10 Dec. 1966 letter to Schuiteman from his student, Emma Faulkner. 1 pg.
  10.11 Aug. 23, 1966 letter to Schuiteman from Fannie Mae Winston, mother of his student, Charlie Winston.
  10.12 Picture Descriptions. One page of descriptions of 12 pictures that he sent in.
  10.13 Button: James Meredith March through Mississippi 1966 “March Against Fear”
  10.14 Black Panther bumper sticker - “WE’RE THE GREATEST”
  10.15 Letter & Business card, (dated 7/14/06) to Bill – gives opinions regarding the glowing reports from STEP students.
Box Folder Description
1 11 Summer Study Skills Institute, Rust College, 1966 – Miscellany
  11.1 Texaco highway map of the state of Mississippi, with some student hometowns marked.
  11.2 “There are Opportunities for YOU at Rust College.” Fold up flyer, 4 x 9 ¼ in. Salmon color printed on stiff paper.
  11.3 Rust College General Catalogue, 1965-1967. 6 x 9 in., 98 pgs.
  11.4 “Proposed Rust College Summer Study Skills Program Schedule”, daily time slots, and list of MSU participants. 1 pg., mimeographed.
  11.5 Schedule table for students and teachers to fill in their classes. 1 pg., mimeographed.
  11.6 “Proposed Physical Education Schedule”, 1 pg., mimeographed. Gives rotation of Groups
    A-J through swimming 1-2 p.m. and badminton, tennis, volleyball, or softball, 3-3:40 p.m.
  11.7 “Summer Regulations”, 4 mimeographed pages.
  11.8 Photocopy of homemade map of Rust College Campus, has John Schuiteman’s name. (missing)
  11.9 Newsweek magazine, June 20, 1966, with cover story on the Meredith March.
  11.10 Occasional journal notes June 20-30, 1966, by Bill Skocpol, STEP math instructor. 2 pages of excerpts transcribed/rewritten in 2006, expanding the original abbreviated style, and omitting personal sections. Describes deliberations on participation in the Meridith March, among other topics.
  11.11 “Memo” All STEP Volunteers” [June 24, 1966] includes checklist for those participating in the march. Dittoed, 2 pages.
  11.12 “Memo: To ALL Summer Skills Institute Student STEP Volunteers
  11.13 “Harris Sorelle” June 5-26, Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee, Institute Field Trip, Saturday June 25.
  11.14 Summer Study Skills Film Series” 3 mimeographed pages giving title, date, and paragraph of description:
  • June 27 – Sit In
  • June 28 – Say what You Mean, and Profiles in Courage – Thomas Hart Benton
  • June 29 – To Kill a Mockingbird
  • June 30 – Who am I?
  • July 5 – Gandhi, and The True Story of the Civil War
  • July 6 – The Red Balloon
  • July 7 – 1964
  • July 8 – Superfluous People
  • July 9 – Lord of the Flies
  • July 10 – Red China
  • July 13 – Tour of the White House with Mrs. J.F.K.
  11.15 “General Information Bulletin 1965, The University of Mississippi” from 1966 Field trip.
    The math notes on the back are by Bill Skocpol, talking on bus with some person (not remembered who).
  11.16 “Evaluation Schedule and Some Questions for Discussion” 9a.m.-9p.m., mid-2way into institute, date?
  11.17 “STEP Volunteers Return,” State News, July 19, 1966 by Jim Spaniolo. (photocopy)
  11.18 “STEP: A Contribution To Civil Rights,” Editorial, State News, July 21, 1966 p.2. (photocopy)
  11.19 “Green To Teach, Consult This Fall,” State News, summer 1966 (photocopy)
  11.20 “New entrance criteria may hurt Negro schools – Green,” State News, date? (laminated)
Box Folder Description
1 12 Dr. Ben Hickok’s NDEA proposal (funded) for an institute for area English teachers to be held at Rust College for six weeks beginning July 10, 1967. Also small laminated article about it.
Box Folder Description
1 13 1966-67 planning for 1967 project and general memos during it (entire folder missing)
  13.1 Memo: To all STEP Personnel, Resume of General Meeting, November 6; etc. [STEP-3, 11-10-66] Yellow paper, 2 pages mimeographed.
  13.2 To: All STEP Personnel, “Now that exams are over” [STEP 5 – 12-20-66]
  13.3 Responses to Educational Planning Committee questionnaire, from Theda Barron; Bod Kaminski; Jim Krathwohl; Andrea Moore; Bill Skocpol; Harold Shelton; Linda Shelton; summary tables by Theda Barron; summary memo by Larry Klein (11-29066); late response from Joan Janiten, Pam Syfert.
  13.4 Memo to all STEP Volunteers, March 14, 1967. Includes list of newly selected volunteer Instructors. 3 pages, mimeographed.
  13.5 Carbon copies of letters from Bill Skocpol to Rust College officials regarding arrangements for 1967 program.
    Dr. John Eubanks, Dean – Feb. 14, Mar. 13, Mar. 17, & Mar. 20
    Dr. McMillan, President – Mar. 21
  13.6 Rust College letter to incoming students regarding the Summer Study Skills Program, March, 1967.
  13.7 “Summer Study Skills Institute Tentative Schedule for Movies and Field Trips”, 1 page mimeographed [dates correspond to 1967]
  13.8 “Summer Study Skills Institute Section Assignments”, Sections I-V, with Communication Skills teachers listed. Also “Summer Study Skills Institute Directory” listing the names and addresses of the Institute students. 2 pages, mimeographed.
  13.9 Program for “Assembly, Tuesday, June 20, 1967”.
  13.10 “Memo” To all Study Skills Institute Students”, sometime during the first week. General information about activities.
  13.11 Memo: To all STEP volunteers, same time as previous memo. Various reminders.
Box Folder Description
1 14 Mimeographed Communication Skills materials from which the assignments were made for 1967 classes. Ends with a roster of 1967 staff. Fills two binders. Different color paper for each item.
Box Folder Description
1 15 Laminated articles from Rev. Duley, regarding 1967.
  15.1 “Civil rights movement: Is it dead?,” Towne Courier (East Lansing), February 14, 1967
    3 pages, by Barbara Kincaid. Interview with Dr. Robert L. Green.
  15.2 “To contribute to STEP,” Letter to editor, State News, May 9, 1967 (photocopy)
  15.3 “STEP enrollment down,” State News, June 23, 1967 (photocopy)
  15.4 “STEP in right direction for equality,” Point of View, State News?, by Larry Klein.
  15.5 “Rust College: A tiny but prideful school,” State News, July 5, 1967, by Leo Zainea.
  15.6 “Spartan STEP workers endure isolation at Rust,” State News, July 6 by Leo Zainea.
  15.7 “STEP RESEARCH Prof’s aim is better English,” State News, July 7? by Leo Zainea.
  15.8 “Holly Springs: lesson for nation?” State News, July 8? by Leo Zainea
  15.9 “South’s Negroes still lack rights,” State News, before Aug. 8, 1967 by Leo Zainea
  15.10 “RUST COLLEGE SHARES Negro schools get aid,” State News, July 12, 1967
Box Folder Description
1 16 Death of Jim Krathwohl
  16.1 Description of STEP by Jim Krathwohl
  16.2 “Services held for student tonight in E.L., “State News, Nov. 13, 1967
  16.3 “Order for the Public Worship of God
    WITNESS TO THE RESURRECTION In Memoriam James D. Krathwohl Eastminister Presbyterian Church November 13, 1967” program for memorial service
  16.4 Krathwohl Eulogy by John S. Duley, November 13, 1967
  16.5 “Autopsy reveals student was undiscovered diabetic,” State News, Nov. 15, 1967.
  16.6 Centennial Commemorative Exhibit, Kathe Kollwitz, July 8, 1867 – April 22, 1945, artist, brought to Michigan State as a memorial tribute to the life of Jim Krathwohl. Exhibition catalog.
  16.7 Jim Krathwohl’s copy of a response letter to the State News, July, 1967
  16.8 Photographs of Jim Krathwohl donate by Kathe Kollwitz:
  16.8.1 Single photograph reprint of Jim Krathwohl, reproduced 1/9/2007
  16.8.2 Photocopy of Rust College Billboard – no date
  16.8.3 Group STEP black & white photograph, including Jim Krathwohl, reproduced 1/9/2007
  16.8.4 Colored STEP photograph, including Jim Krathwohl, reproduced 1/9/2007
  16.8.5 Group STEP black & white photograph, including Jim Krathwohl, reproduced 1/9/2007
  16.8.6 Envelope housing photographs: “Memorial for Jimmy Krathwohl – Kathe Kollwitz
Box Folder Description
1 17 Information regarding 1968 project
  17.1 Letter from Christine Lundberg to Rev. Duley, April 22, 1968. Chris was a 1966 volunteer who became a faculty member at Rust, and was reporting on developments at Rust.
Box Folder Description
1 18 Curriculum vitae of volunteers after participation in STEP. (entire folder missing)
  18.1 “Background information: Theda Skocpol” prepared Fall Term 1967. 8 ½ x 11 in. 3 pgs.
  18.2 “Background on William John Skocpol” prepared Fall Term 1967. 8 ½ x 11 in. 2 dittoed pgs.
Box Folder Description
1 19 STEP Reunion Materials (2006/2007)
  19.1 STEP REUNION – Saturday, January 13, 2007 – Agenda
  19.2 STEP REUNION – Brief Chronicles – Compilation of all the information that was gathered from participants during the registration process.
  19.3 Laminated bookmark: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
  19.4 INTERVIEW WITH MARY ANN SCUPENDO EHINGER: June2, 2006 and October 23, 2006 – Ingham Regional Hospital. 3 goldenrod typed pages
  19.5 Copy of letter from Rust College 7/16/67 to Leo Zainea, Michigan State News staff writer 2-sided blue sheet
  19.6 Student Tutorial Education Project: explanation by former STEP student, Jim Krathwohl 2 sided copy – lilac sheet
  19.7 MSU Museum Touring Exihibition – “Lest We Forget: the triumph over slavery” 2 sided photocopy.
  19.8 2007 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration: description of Gregory Reed’s, MSU alumnus, “The Journey: The Mother, The Movement, The King and Now” exhibit. 1 goldenrod sheet 2 sided.
  19.9 STEP Reunion – TALKING POINTS 2 pgs.
  19.10 STEP REUNION – Participant name tags for non-attendees
  19.11 Four emails to John Duley from STEP reunion participants thanking him for his efforts.
  19.12 STEP REUNION – “Our collection is incomplete!” Printed/handwritten lists of events/dates during STEP programs where pictures need identification – 10 pgs.
  19.13 Chris’ reflections on the 40th reunion of the STEP – Jan. 13-15, 2007 – 5 photocopied pages
  19.14 Model Release Forms – Photo Images and Video Recordings: 60 signed release forms
  19.15 Copies of Michigan State University web pages devoted to the history of STEP
  19.15.1 MSU Today – “Celebrations reflect King’s philosophy of service to others”, Kristin K. Anderson – 1 pg.
  19.15.2 MSU News Bulletin - “Celebrations to reflect King’s philosophy of service to others”, Kristin K. Anderson – 1 pg.
  19.15.3http://www.diversity.msu.edu/mlk/step.html : “MSU Celebrates the 40th Reunion of the Student Tutorial Education Project (STEP)
  19.15.4 http://www.msu.edu/~msuarchc/mlking.htm : “Martin Luther King Visits MSU February 11, 1965”
  19.15.5 http://newsroom.msu.edu/site/indexer/658/content.htm : “KING HELPED TO SPUR MSU’S STEP PROGRAM EFFORTS IN 1966”
  19.15.6 http://www.diversity.msu.edu/mlk : Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration 2007 January 13th, 14th, 15th
  19.15.7 http://www.msucolloquy.net/Leadership%20Bios.html : Leadership Bios : Dr. Paul Herron, pg. 1 of 2
  19.16 City Pulse – January 10, 2007: “Student activists: ‘60s civil rights fight gave us perspective” – photocopy
  19.17 MSU New Bulletin, v.38, no.9 January 11, 2007 : “STEP celebration recall ’65 King visit – Photocopy
Box Folder Description
1 20 Groupings of photocopied and original photographs A-K
  20.1 A 1-4 - STEP students on a field trip, July 4, 1968
  20.2 B 1-3– Integration of the city pool, 1966
  20.3 C 1-6 – Mystic Lake YMCA Camp: 1968 Preparation Retreat
  20.4 D 1-7 – The Rust College Campus
  20.5 E 1-5 – Recreation
  20.6 F 1-15 – “March Against Fear”
    Originals of F-4, 7, 8, & 14
  20.6G1-25 – Miscellaneous collection of Rust College & MSU Students, 1968
  20.7 H 1-5 – STEP classes in session, 1968
  20.8 I 1-7 – Campus barbeque, 1968
  20.9 J 1-27 – Miscellaneous photos by Judy Hollister Wolpe, 1966
    Originals of J2, 7,11 19, & 28
  20.10 K 1-29 Miscellaneous collection of Rust College & MSU Students, 1967
    Originals of K4, 9-1, 9-2, 15, 16, 17, & 18
Box Folder Description
1 21 CD ROM Photos & Reprinted photos (on 1/9/07)
  21.1 Sherwood Photos for John Duley – CD ROM
  21.2 Jim Krathwohl 5x7” photo – CD ROM
  21.3 Schiuteman’s Photos, 1966 – CD ROM
  21.4 STEP Photos, 1967 – CD ROM
  21.5 CD ROMs
  21.5.1 Photos from Poctus & Wong, 1968
  21.5.2 Wong Photos for Tina Houghton
  21.5.3 Powerpoint of MLK speech
  21.6 Group of miscellaneous color reprints of 4 x 4 ¾ & 4 x 6 original photographs
    Eight 4 x 4 ¾ photographs
    Five 4 x 6 photographs
Box Folder Description
1 22 Original STEP Photographs (3 ring binder)
  22.1 Rust College Campus 1-14
  22.1.1 McCoy Hall
  22.1.2 Witt Hall, the new girls dorm (unfinished in 1966)
  22.1.3 Rust College
  22.1.4 McCoy Hall from the rear
  22.1.5 Boys dorm in 1968
  22.1.6 Boys dorm, individual room
  22.1.7 Refectory
  22.1.8 Miss Doxy, Choir Director with Rust student
  22.1.9 A VW car from Jerry Wash and a new Oldsmobile station wagon
  22.1.10 Lunch time
  22.1.11 Rear of the girl’s dorm, 1968
  22.1.12 Campus gazebo
  22.1.13 Girl’s dorm
  22.1.14 John Duley/Leo Poctus & the car
  22.2 Participants & Volunteers – Micellaneous 1-14
  22.2.1 Field trip, 1966
  22.2.2 Integrating the Holly Springs city swimming pool
  22.2.3 Integrating the Holly Springs city swimming pool
  22.2.4 Integrating the pool – Izerda on the diving board
  22.2.5 July 4, 1966 excursion, Memphis
  22.2.6 Integrating the pool
  22.2.7 Badminton anyone?
  22.2.8 Recreation
  22.2.9 Neila Johnson, Steve Balance, Joan Janitan, Dr. Hickock, Bill Skoepol, Jim Krathwohl
  22.2.10 Judy & Phil swimming
  22.2.11 Community recreation – the tennis courts
  22.2.12 Anybody for Scrabble with Frank Beeman
  22.2.13 Recreation
  22.2.14 Margaret Williams and Vinnie Bell, Rust students
  22.3 Photographs of the “March Against Fear” 1-13
  22.3.1 Bob Green recruiting students for the “March Against Fear”
  22.3.2 Campus at Tougaloo College
  22.3.3 Protestors against the march along the way
  22.3.4 The last day of the March from Tougaloo College to the State Capitol in Jackson, MS
  22.3.5 Bob Green, SCLC’s leadership for the “James Meredith March Against Fear”
  22.3.6 Marchers along the way
  22.3.7 Black Panther
  22.3.8 Marchers near the capitol
  22.3.9 Bob Green recruits STEP volunteers for the march
  22.3.10 Marchers near the capitol
  22.3.11 Marchers near the capitol
  22.3.12 Guard surrounding the capitol
  22.3.13 Near the capitol
  22.4 STEP Staff and Volunteers, 1966 1-15
  22.4.1 Working session at the preparation retreat
  22.4.2 President McMillan, Laura Leichtiter, and Dr. Frank Beaman – graduation ceremony, 1966
  22.4.3 Student receiving certificate of achievement
  22.4.4 Gathering for the final STEP staff group picture
  22.4.5 Assembled STEP staff
  22.4.6 Sign at the state line
  22.4.7 Rust student, Jim Diamond, John Duley & Pat Beeman
  22.4.8 Rust College president, McMillan’s – Commencement address for STEP program, 1966
  22.4.9 STEP Team, 1966
  22.4.10 Larry Klein and two STEP volunteers
  22.4.11 Rust students and STEP staff gather
  22.4.12 Rust students on campus
  22.4.13 Steve Balance and Dr. Ben Hickock
  22.4.14 STEP class session
  22.4.15 Dave Hollister’s class
  22.5 Rust Students and MSU Volunteers, 1967 1-17
  22.5.1 Rust students
  22.5.2 Girls in dorm
  22.5.3 Girls in dorm
  22.5.4 Not so serious work
  22.5.5 Jimmy Krathwohl and friends
  22.5.6 Serious work
  22.5.7 Volunteers
  22.5.8 Playing cards
  22.5.9 Volunteers
  22.5.10 STEP participants
  22.5.11 STEP volunteers and Rust College Freshmen
  22.5.12 STEP participants
  22.5.13 Hanging out
  22.5.14 Girls having fun
  22.5.15 Student on campus
  22.5.16 Working hard
  22.5.17 Rust College Freshman
  22.6 Photos at Mystic Lake, 1968 1-5
  22.6.1 Mystic Lake
  22.6.2 1968 preparation retreat at Mystic Lake YMCA camp
  22.6.3 Common skills work group at preparation retreat
  22.6.4 Participants – preparation retreat
  22.6.5 Preparation camp with Duley, Smith
  22.7 Photos of STEP Volunteers and Participants, 1968
  22.7.1 Percy, Jeanette, and others
  22.7.2 Studying on the steps
  22.7.3 Jim, Phil, and Lemarn
  22.7.4 Caroline Wong and Paul Herron
  22.7.5 July 4th, 1968
  22.7.6 Caroline Wong and friend
  22.7.7 Diane and students
  22.7.8 Caroline Wong
  22.7.9 Pick Wick Lake, July 4th, 1968
  22.7.10 Rust students
  22.7.11 Francis, Red, & Dwight
  22.7.12 Francis
  22.7.13 Caroline Wong and students at Pick Wick Lake, July 4th, 1968
  22.7.14 Caroline Wong and singing group
  22.7.15 STEP classes in session
  22.7.16 Phil Stafford, Reyelyn, Paul Herron, and Caroline Wong
  22.7.17 Learning
  22.7.18 After church
  22.7.19 STEP classes in session
  22.7.20 STEP classes in session
  22.7.21 Eddie Coleman and Caroline Wong
  22.7.22 STEP classes in session
  22.7.23 Caroline Wong and students
  22.7.24 Leo’s T.P. job the morning after
  22.7.25 Barbeque on campus
  22.7.26 Leo Pocius and P. Thompson
  22.7.27 Fourth of July picnic
  22.8 Miscellaneous color photos, 1968 (some missing)
  22.8.5 Rust student, Francis
  22.8.6 Game: Pass the orange – no hands!
  22.8.7 Danette, Annette, and Diane
  22.8.9 Leo Luderick and students
  22.8.10 Lawrence and friends
  22.8.12 Pass the orange – no hands!
  22.8.13 Caroline Wong
  22.8.14 uly 4th, 1968
  22.8.15 Leo Pocius and Phyllis
  22.8.16 Diane, Steve Youngs, Jerri Volzerda, and Paul Herron
  22.8.17 Jessie Mae and Grover
Box Folder Description
2   Poster boards - 15 ¼” x 14 ¾” – Signed Composite Photos of MSU STEP Participants
  2.1 Composite Photos of MSU STEP participants 1966
  2.2 Composite Photos of MSU STEP participants 1967
  2.3 Composite Photos of MSU STEP participants 1968
  2.4 In Memoriam: Jim Krathwohl

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