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Date Processed:

November 2007

Acquisitions Information:

Donated by Dr. Robert Coles, founder and editor of DoubleTake Magazine.

Preferred Citation:

Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Box number, Folder number and/or title, DoubleTake Archive, MSS 305, Special Collections, MSU Libraries, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

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Copyright is retained by the author of the items in this archive, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

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There are no restrictions on the access of this collection.

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Collection Summary:

78 boxes, 1995-2003. The compilation of the DoubleTake Magazine papers include, copies of the published DoubleTake issues, original submitted typescripts of stories, poems, essays, and original and copies of photographs by artists from issues 15-31, disk archives, edited versions of works, galley proofs, letters and email correspondence, awards, educational accomplishments, publicity, marketing, fundraising and advertising efforts, and finally, legal, financial and business records pertaining to the magazine.

Historical Background:

Dr. Robert Coles, Harvard University professor and Pulitzer Prize winner, was the founding editor of DoubleTake Magazine. The publication was born out of Coles' long history of teaching and commentary around social ethics. A ten million dollar grant from the Lyndhurst Foundation gave DoubleTake its auspicious start. It was considered a general interest literary quarterly that served to highlight and give voice to the lives of ordinary folks through photography, story, essays, and poetry. Uniquely, the magazine gave equal weight to word and image from both unknown and famous artisans. DoubleTake was anything but ordinary and won the prestigious National Magazine Award for general excellence. From 1995-1999 DoubleTake was published from Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies. In 1999 DoubleTake relocated to Sommerville, Massachusetts where it continued to publish until its end in 2003.

Processing Note:

The collection was processed by Molly Dean, Stephanie Stolsky, & Rebecca Frysinger from May-December, 2007.


The DoubleTake collection is arranged into three series:

  • Series 1: DoubleTake Issues 15-31 & Special Issue for 9/11/01
  • Series 2: DoubleTake Education, Marketing & Publicity
  • Series 3: DoubleTake Business & Financial Operations

Series 1:

Includes print files for DoubleTake Issues 15-31 & Special Issue (50) dedicated to 9/11/2001, Software programs, Back-up files, CD's/DVDs & Zip disks for issues 15-31, Slides, Photographs, Film transparencies, Poster board and framed DoubleTake magazine covers: - Series folders for each magazine issue are arranged in alphabetical order by the sub-heading category listed in each issue's Table of Contents. Micellaneous files pertaining to a particular issue would be alpha-interfiled with each issue's files. Box 1-29
Box/File Folder/Description
1/15 American Gazetteer: A. Wilkinson "The Big Time" Captions Cartoon: R. Chast "Aliens, Ahoy!" Contents & Masthead Contributors Credits/Permissions Editor Story Feature: N. Dawidoff "Ray Radigan's Restaurant" Feature: W. Ewald "The Best Part of Me" Feature: R. Gurwitt " Tupelo Money" Feature: A. Hood "In Search of Miracles" Feature: D. Wolff "There Always was Pride" Fiction: T. Bailey "Snow Dreams" Fiction: S. Dybek "Orchids" Fiction: K. Walbert "Gardens of Kyoto" Gazatteer Map General Information Here: D. Cooper "Along the Point" Poetry: E. Hirsch "Brightness Undimmed" Lookmark Memoirs: V. Holman " Homesickness" Moment in History: M. Lesy "War Story" Photo Essay: A. Kratochvil "Broken Dream" New Views: R. Pinsky "Maps of the Ordinary" New Views: William Carlos Williams "The White Butterfly" Poetry: E. Hirsch "Brightness Undimmed" Reviews: P. Hendrickson on "Bernice Abbot" by B. Yochelson Reviews: B. McKibben on "Humanature" by P. Goin Reviews: R. Prine on "The Illustrated Jesus through the Centuries" "One Jesus, Many Christs" by G.J. Riley Reviews: N. Tully on " Broken Dream" by Antonin Kratochvil Statement of Ownership There - Text only (Photograph by John Brooks) Viewfinder: W. Maxwell "Recognition"
2/16 American Gazetteer: A. Wilkinson "The Bottom of the Ocean" Author Bios Captions Contents/Frontispeice Contributors Credits/Permissions Editor's Story Explorations: M. Silverstein "An Accidental Tourist" Feature: "Through a Glass, Darkly: The photographs of George Birman, 1935-1946 Feature: N. Dawidoff "The Invisible Harpist" Feature: P. Goin "Radon Health Mines" Feature: N. Nixon "Family Pictures" Feature: H. Sides "This is Not the Place" Feature: C. Strayed "Heroin/e" Fiction: M. Byers "Roll On, Columbia" Fiction: M. Summer "A Good-Hearted Woman" Here: B Donahue "Boomtown" Lookmard: P. Picasso "Guernica" Memoir: A. Accawi "The Radio" Moment in History: M. Lesy "Evening Snapshot, 1945" New Views: J. Berger "The Fayum Riddle" New Views: K. Rich "Books for Sale!" New Views: L. Siegel "The Comprehending Heart: Bernard Malamud Revisited" Photography: D. Bremner - Photo for "This is Not the Place" Photography: General Slide Listings Photography: S.H. Linden - Photo of Bernard Malamud "The Comprehending Heart" Poetry: B. Adcock "Intervale" Poetry: M. Blumenthal "Angels" and "Again" Poetry: P. Levine "Salt and Oil" Poetry: M. Oliver "From the Book of Time" Poetry: M. Ondaatje "Last Ink" and "The Story" Poetry: S. Rich "Spring Break" Viewfinder: A. Thomas "But It Got Better
3/17 Art Author Bios. Bookmark: from Rebecca Harding Davis' "Life in the Iron Mills" Captions Contract Revisions Contents Contributors Credits/Permissions Design Editor's Story Essay: J. Taylor "Church Work" Feature: M. Ackerman "Smoke" Feature: B. Ekberzade "Kosovo's Children" Feature: J. Hughes "My Father's Game" Feature: D. Payne "The Odds of Redemption in Asbury Park" Feature: T. Rosengarten "South-by-Northeast: the Journey of C. Vann Woodward" Feature Photography: T. Adesko "Come to Win: Street Racing in NY City" Feature Photography: M. Haven "The Commute" Fiction: N. Montemarano "The Other Man" Fiction: D. Stolar "Second Son" Fiction: M. Wingardner "Thirty-Year Old Women Do Not Always Come Home" Frontispiece In Progress: M. McKinney "Wetlands" In Progress: S. Worrell "Radioland Preachers" Invoices Lineup Lookmark: A. Gorson "J & L Mills Along the Monogahela" Memoir: E. Baron "The Furlough" Moment in History: M. Lesy "American Beauty" New Views: A. Beam "Anne Sexton's Awful Wish" New Views: J. Berger "A Form of Waiting" New Views: E. Phillips "Seeing Woody Guthrie" Photography: Brownrigg Photography: R. Bucher Photography: Photos for "South by Northeast: The Journal of C. Vann Woodward" Photography: S. Thomas for "The Odds of Redemption in Asbury Park Poetry: R. Bly "Starting a Poem" and "Remembering Work Horses" Poetry: A. Dryansky "Creative" Poetry: J. Harrison "My Grandfather's Necktie" and "Salt" Poetry: R. Kolarik "Missed" Poetry: P. Mariani "Work" and "Fear" Poetry: E. B. Voight "Plaza del Sol" Production There: Photograph A. Morell Viewfinder: M. Steele "The Unfound Pig"
4/18 Bookmark: from Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man" Captions Contents Contributors Editor's Story Essay: C. Rotella "Hurt" Feature: S. Stephenson "Nights of Incandescence" Copy & Correspondence E.W. Smith: Photographs Feature: S. Stephenson "Nights of Incandescence" Galleys Feature: R. Testa "The Lady Who Does Stories" Feature: F.Weymouth "They're Gonna Make Me Draw Themselves" Feature - Fiction: W. Maxwell "The Education of Her Majesty the Queen" and "Newton's Law" Fiction: K. Hill "The Annointed" Copies and Correspondence Fiction: K. Hill "The Annointed" Galleys In Progress: A. Mitchell "35 (degrees) North, 90 (degrees) West" V. Cianni "The Southside" Interview: A. Krivak "Poet's Lives" Layout Schedule Legal Review Lookmark: "An Easy Mobility" The painting and photography of Charles Sheeler Moment in History: M. Lesy "Frozen North" New Views: A. Morell photographs (unpublished) Permissions Poetry: A. Budy "The Hunters" Poetry: L. Doyle "Emergency Room" Poetry: G. Fincke "The Holy Numbers" Poetry: A. Jones "Young and Married and Making It" Poetry: S. Langan "Oceanic" Poetry: L. Murray "Rodd Island Wedding", "The Instrument" & "To Me You'll Always be Spat" Poetry: A. Thomas "Ephemera" Poetry: Whole File Production
5A/19 Author Bios. Back of the Book - Backpage: M. Kocol "Home for the Holidays" Back of the Book -Documentary Notes Back of the Book - In Progress 1: M.A. Pinney "Emma" (photographs) Back of the Book - In Progress 2: D. Brennan "Vanishing Ballymun" (photographs) Back of the Book - Interview: J. Biguenet "The Story Comes First" Captions: J. Syme ("Brothers") Contents Contributors Editor's Story Essay: S.M. Novick "Temptation of the Sublime" Feature: S. Hendricks "The Singer" (folder 1) Feature: S. Hendricks "The Singer" (folder 2) Feature: R. Leary "Surviving His Own Bad Habits - A previously unpublished interview with Walker Percy Feature: R. Leventhal "Lost in the Shuffle" (folder 1) Feature: R. Leventhal "Lost in the Shuffle" (folder 2)
5B/19 Feature: R. Leventhal "Lost in the Shuffle" (folder 3) Feature: M.B. Meehan " "Paesani" Feature Photography: H. Hankin "Dance the Night Away" General Fiction: J. Henkin "Turbulence" Fiction: S. Dobyns "Part of the Story" Frontispiece/Masthead Legal Lookmark/Bookmark Moment in History: M. Lesy "Bleriot's Little Machine" Outreach: P. von Ziegesar "Brothers" Permissions Photography: M. Bicknell (unpublished) Poetry Service: E. Messinger "A Full-Service Shop"
6/20 Back of the Book - Backpage R. Vizzini "Goodnight" (photograph) Back of the Book - Documentary Notes Back of the Book - In Progress: J. Divola "Outside" Back of the Book - Review: R. Woodward "Revising a Classic" (Walker Evans) Contents Contributors Editor's Story Essay: D. Updike "A Word with the Boy" Feature: D. Deal "Minor League Baseball" Feature: B. Donahue "Pilgrim at Johnson Creek"- Copy & Galleys Feature: B. Donahue "Pilgrim at Johnson Creek"- Facts & Correspondence Feature: D. Fellman "Peking to Paris" Feature: P. Reid "Utterances on the Side of Life" - Copy & Galleys Feature: P. Reid "Utterances on the Side of Life" - Facts & Correspondence Feature: D. Wolff "Directions to the Promised Land" - Galleys & Correspondence Feature Photography: A. Bartos & J. Ross "Ex Libris" Feature Photography: D. Deal "Minor League Baseball" Fiction: C. Cunha "Consequence" Fiction: S. Dobyns "Devil's Island" Fiction - Viewfinder: J. Alvarez "Neighbors" and photograph by P. Diaz Frontispiece Legal Review Lookmark/Bookmark: "Everyday Gestures" Reflections on Degas, Picasso, and Tillie Olsen From Tillie Olsen's "I Stand Here Ironing" Moment in History: M. Lesy "American Refugees" Permissions/Contracts Photo Essay: An-My-Le "Vietnam" Photo Essay: M.E. Mark "Urban Portraits" Poetry: Baker, Davis, Davison, Pape & Svoboda (individual poems) Poetry: Whole File Galleys Service: L. Harris "Soul Sisters" Sport: M. Yeomans "Chasing the Dragon"
7A/21 At Work: M. Kennedy "Happiness" Back of the Book - Back Page: C. Pozzi "Canoe" Back of the Book - Documentary Notes Back of the Book - In Progress: E. Kahn " Stories Rendered" Back of the Book - In Progress: M. Smith "Eastern Tennessee" Back of the Book - Overdue: A. Wilkinson "Candy Jernigan" Bookmark: from Thomas Hardy's "Jude the Obscure" Contents Contributors Editor's Story Essay: R. Cohen "A Private History" - Fact Checking & Correspondence Essay: R. Cohen "A Private History" - Copy & Galleys Feature: J. Kimball "Surroundings" Feature: P. Lopate "The Countess's Tutor" - Correspondence Feature: P. Lopate "The Countess's Tutor" - Galleys Feature: S. Scheer "Terminal City" Feature: L. Weschler "Discriminations" Galleys & Correspondence Fiction: E. Graver "Surtsey" - Galleys& Correspondence Fiction F.G. Leebron "Jefferson in Central Pennsylvania" Copy & Correspondence Frontispiece & Masthead
7B/21 Legal Review Lookmark: M. Dixon & D. Lange "Glimpsing the Forgotten" Memoir: M.J. Fisher "Bodysurfing: My Father's Board" Moment in History: M. Lesy "Night Messengers" Photo Essay: E. Cole "Surf Maine" Photo Essay: P. Ickovic "Between Men & Women" Poetry: B. Collins "The Country" Poetry: S. Fairchok "Three Towns" Poetry: Galleys Poetry: M. Kearney "What It's Like" Poetry: Y. Komunyakan "Umbra" Poetry: M McGuckian "The Gregory Quarter-Acre Clause" Poetry: E. Pavlic "Masqualero" Potery: C. Rafferty "Generosity" Poetry: G. Schulman "Henry James Revisiting, 1904" Profile: M. Coles "Living It Up with Da Bull" Service: C. Vigeland "Mission Improbable" Galleys, Copy & Correspondence Service: C. Vigeland "Mission Improbable" Fact Checking
8A/22 Archive: A. Krivak "A Vision of the Facts" Articles to be Edited At Work: "B. Donahue "An Idea Whose Time Has Come" At Work: "B. Donahue "An Idea Whose Time Has Come" - Correspondence Author Questionnaires Back of the Book: Bridges: N. Montemarano "Truth in Fiction" Back of the Book: Documentary Notes Back of the Book: In Progress 1: E. Feuer "Gardens of Reclamation" Back of the Book In Progress 2: H. Bratman "The Farm" Back of the Book: In Progress 3: P. D'Amato "In the Company of Men" Back of the Book: Overdue: "Knave of Hearts" by Danny Lyon - reviewed by S. Longmire Back of the Book: Overdue: "Mathew Brady and the Image of History" by Mary Panzer - reviewed by P. Wood Back of the Book: There: L. Conner - Photograph Bookmark: from Erik Erikson's "Childhood and Society" Contents Contributors Credits and Permissions Editor's Story A. R. Dean "Eyewitness" ( not published in issue 22) Feature: J. Berry "The Riffs and Days of Danny Barker" Feature: J. Berry "The Riffs and Days of Danny Barker" - Fact Checks & Correspondence Feature: R. Gurwitt "Circus Smirkus" Feature: R. Gurwitt "Circus Smirkus" - Fact Checks, Correspondence, & Photograph
8B/22 Feature: P. Kayafas "O Public Road" Feature: L. Levathes "Jacob Lawrence: American Master Painter and Storyteller" Feature: L. Levathes "Jacob Lawrence: American Master Painter and Storyteller" - Fact Checks, Corresp. & Photos Fiction: M. Cohen "Shadow Boxing" Fiction: J. Saramago "All the Names" Fiction: J. Saramago "All the Names" - Correspondence Letter: Erik H. Erikson "Erickson on His Own Identity" Lookmark: "A Frontier Made Manifest" Masthead Memoir: S. Winchester "A True Daltonic Dandy" Moment in History: M. Lesy "The Goddess of Electricity" Moment in History: M. Lesy "The Goddess of Electricity" - Fact Check & Correspondence Ode: I. Frazier "Tomorrow's Bird" Photo Essay: C. Chao "Bordering Burma" - Article & Fact Checks Photo Essay: C. Chao "Bordering Burma" - Photographs and Correspondence Photo Essay: B. Richman "Hoops" Photographer Information Poetry: Galleys Poetry: S. Fellner "Desperate Calls" Poetry: H.X. Huong (translated by J. Balaban) "Viewing Cac-Co Cavern" & "Swinging" Poetry: L-Y Lee "Little Round" and "Black Petal" Poetry: A. Ostriker "An Album of Chinese Fan Paintings" Poetry: M. Peters "The Expediter" Poetry: K. Young "For the Confederate Dead" Production Service: P. McCarthy "Narrowing the Divide"
9A/23 At Work: B. Reiss "The Last Family Tugs" At Work: B. Reiss "The Last Family Tugs" - Correspondence At Work: B. Reiss "The Last Family Tugs" - Fact Checking Back of the Book: Back Page: Bob Kerrey "Greetings" Back of the Book: Documentary Notes Back of the Book: Interview: Kate Bolick "What Work Does" Back of the Book: Interview: Kate Bolick - Correspondence Back of the Book: New Views: C. Slack "The Road to Gibbsville" Back of the Book: New Views: C. Slack - Fact Checking Contents Contributors Cover/Frontispiece/Masthead Credits/Permissions Editor's Story Essay: J. Callan "The Inventive Turns Life Takes" Essay: V. Klinkengorg "How Gardens End" Essay: V. Klinkengorg - Correspondence & Fact Checking Essay: H. Mitgang "Diplomats in Olive Drab" (folder 1) Copy Essay: H. Mitgang "Diplomats in Olive Drab" (folder 2) Copy Essay: H. Mitgang "Diplomats in Olive Drab" - Galleys Feature: M. Coles "Catching up with Jimmy Roselli" Feature: M. Coles "Catching up with Jimmy Roselli" - Correspondence
9B/23 Feature: S. O'Connor - Correspondence Feature: J. Schinto "The Bedridden Artist" Feature: J. Schinto - Correspondence Feature Photography: M. Ackerman "Fiction" Feature Photography: A. Attie "Harlem in Transition" Fiction: P. O'Keefe "Looby's Hill" In Progress: A. Rogers "The Car Project" In Progress: J. Stone "Stranger than Fiction" In Progress: G. Webber "Blood Indian Reservation" In Progress: T. Kuwayama "Ghosts in the Machine" (Cover) Photos: T. Stockenstrom "The Castenada Family" Photos: J. Blankenship "Canari" Lookmark/Bookmark: "Light Falls upon the Land" & From George Eliot's "Daniel Deronda" Moment in History: M. Lesy "Free to Love" Moment in History: M. Lesy : Background Research Poetry: Hathaway, Wright, Monahan, Orr, Ackerman, Bass, & Krauss Prints/Invoices Production Service: B.G. Chevigny "Patrick Nolan's Journey Inside" Service: B.G. Chevigny - Correspondence
10A/24 Author Questionnaires & Contributors Back of the Book: Back Page: E. Kahn "Splash!" Back of the Book: Documentary Notes Back of the Book: New Views: L. Rhu "An American Philosopher at the Movies" Back of the Book: New Views: L. Rhu - Correspondence Material on Stanley Cavell Contents Correspondence Credits/Permissions/Corrections Editor's Story Essay: R. D. Gamble "On the Beach" & Correspondence Feature: N. Adams "Far Appalachia" & Correspondence Feature: K. Cook "Horses in Our Blood" Feature: K. Cook - Fact Checking & Correspondence Feature: C. Griffin "Western Carolina" Feature: D. Grobman II "Acting and Teaching: An Interview with Meryl Streep" Feature: S. Stephenson "This Familiar" Feature: D.A. Taylor "Only the Mountains are Forever" Feature: D.A. Taylor "Only the Mountains are Forever" - Fact Checks & Correspondence
10B/24 Fiction: R. Bausch "My Mistress's Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun" Fiction: D. Leavit "Speonk" Fiction: Viewfinder: C. Baxter "Music for Airports" (photograph by A. Shemper) FOB Galley Grace Notes: Carly Simon "How Lyrics Work" & Correspondence In Progress (1): A. Johannes "Armenia" In Progress (2): S. Sohier "Peaceable Kingdom" In Progress (3): C. Vergara "Latinos in L.A." Interview Judge's Stories: D. Meagher "The Blue Jay Feather" Judge's Stories: D. Meagher "Justice Will Prevail" Lookmark/Bookmark: With poems by D. Joseph & A. Krivak "Finding Hopper" Edward Hopper in his own words Moment in History: M. Lesy "Federal Agents" - Civil War Information Photo Essay: S. Fernandez "Interior Spaces" Photo Essay: T. Roma "Enduring Justice" Photo Essay: K. Turczan "Ukrainian Nuns" Photography Invoice Poetry: A. Rich "Terza Rima", "Twilight", "Regardless", and "1999" Production Schedule
11A/25 At Work: T. Hall "A Documentary Classroom" - and Correspondence At Work: H. Subik "The Elevator Man" - and Correspondence Back of the Book: Archive: J. Flanagan "An American in Tehran" Back of the Book: Back Page: J. Menashe & D. Gahr "The Good Doctor" Back of the Book: Documentary Notes - Galleys and Correspondence Back of the Book: New Views: A. LaFarge "Staring at the Sun" Back of the Book: New Views: A. LaFarge "Staring at the Sun" - Correspondence and Information Back of the Book: New Views: B. Unruh "The Doctor Stories of Chekhov and Williams" Back of the Book: New Views: B. Unruh - Correspondence and Background Information Contents Contracts Cover/Frontispiece/Masthead Contributors/Author Questionnaires Credits/Permissions/Corrections Documentary Art: B. Subik "Notes on Fieldwork" and Correspondence Editor's Story Essay: D. Herwaldt "Spanish Pilgrimage" and Correspondence Feature: M. Coles "A Conversation with Wim Wenders" Feature: S. Greenberg "New York City's Water System" and Correspondence Feature: A. Wilkinson "Going Downstairs" and Correspondence Feature: D. Woolf "In Search of Jean Dominique" - Correspondence and Fact Checking Feature: D. Woolf "In Search of Jean Dominique" - Galley Proofs Feature: D. Woolf "In Search of Jean Dominique" - Original Copies
11B/25 Fiction: T.M. McNally "Bastogne" Fiction: T.M. McNally "Bastogne" - Fact Check and Correspondence Fiction: J. Shepard "Glut Your Soul on My Accursed Ugliness" In Progress: G. Powell "Lunch Pictures" In Progress: S. Wides "Mobile Views, Fresh Kills Landfill" Lookmark/Bookmark: Vincent van Gogh "Miners" and George Orwell "From the Road to Wigan Pier" Miner's Story: H. Hickman "Big Jeb" and Correspondence Photo Essay: M. Klett "Rephotographing the West" Photo Essay: J. Moller "Faces of a Scarred Land" Photo Essay: N. Osakada & D. Dubois "Transit" Poetry: D. Blakely, T.R. Hummer, V. Letteri, M. Lohre, P. Mariani, J. O'Connor, M. Oliver, A. Rabinowitz Production Editorial Service: T. Shapera "First, Do No Harm" and Correspondence There: H. Mansfield "Desert Walk" There: H. Mansfield "Desert Walk" - Correspondence and Fact Checking Unpublished: D. Herwaldt (photo) Unpublished: W. Winders (photos)
12A/26 Author Questionnaires Back of the Book: Archive: A. Odermatt "My World" Back of the Book: Back Page: D. Graham "The Shoe House of Hallam" Back of the Book: Documentary Notes Back of the Book: New Views: G. Webber "Robert Frank's Window" Back of the Book: Review: A. Fairclough "The Color Line" Back of the Book: Review: A. Fairclough "The Color Line" - Facts & Correspondence Contents Contributors Cover/Frontispiece/Masthead Editor's Story Essay: E. Shappard "What Was Mine" Essay: G.T. Roma & T. Roma "Show and Tell" Feature: B. Bradway "Munitions on the Prairie" - Copies Feature: B. Bradway "Munitions on the Prairie" - Facts & Correspondence Feature: B. Bradway "Munitions on the Prairie" - Galley Proofs Feature: K. Hennessy "Slow Flying Stones" - Galley Proofs
12B/26 Feature: P. Linde "He Brought the Virus Home" - Copies & Galley Proofs Feature: P. Linde "He Brought the Virus Home" - Facts & Correspondence Feature Photography: B. Bamberger "Boys Will Be Men" Feature Photography: R.A. Goldman "The Missing Generation" Feature Photography: M. Pinney "Women in Place" Feature Photography: C.H. Ulashkaevich "Cuba" Fiction: S. Kohler "The Adulterous Woman" Fiction: A. Beattie "Mostre" Fiction: J. Weisberg "10th Grade" Grace Notes: C. Chew "The Mayor of Twenty-Third Street" In Progress: T. Hall "The Edison Café" In Progress: M. Sushman "Bedouin Women" In Progress: J. Vezzuso "Looking Forward" Lookmark/Bookmark: T.H. Benton "West Texas" and "From an essay by James Agee with a photo by W. Evans" Miscellaneous Photo Correspondence Moment in History: P. Fusco "Robert Kennedy's Funeral Train" Moment in History: Robert F. Kennedy "A Ripple of Hope" Photo Essay: H. Levitt "New York City" Photo Essay: K. Freedberg "Tourists in Italy" Photography Invoice Poetry: Galley Proofs Poetry: Fairchild, Hall, Hutton, Levine, Pfeil, Wormser Poetry: J.B. Thomas "The Tug of Havana" Production Schedule Service: B. Shore "A Hero's Journey" There: T. Hall "The Edison Café"
13A/27 Advertising Back of the Book: Archive - Linda Moats - "Children's House" Back of the Book: Backpage - Adam Davies - "Summerville Massachuettes" Back of the Book: Documentary Notes Back of the Book: New Views: J. Berger & K.B. Andreadakis "Do Not Let Us Exaggerate" Back of the Book: Reviews: P. Lopate "Downtown: Its Rise and Fall, 1880-1950 & Correspondence Back of the Book: Reviews: J.A. Watts & C. Bohn-Spector "The Great Wide Open" reviewed by B. LaDow Bookmark: J. Flood "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: A Response" Contents Contributors Correspondence: Wolf, Loyer, Gerber, & Davies Cover/Frontispiece/Masthead Credits/Permissions/Corrections Editor's Story Essay: Jeanne Schinto - "Hussey's Pond" Essay: Jeanne Schinto - "Hussey's Pond" & Correspondence Feature: Wayne Arnold "Young Indonesia" Feature: Wayne Arnold "Young Indonesia" - Correspondence Feature: Michael Flaherty "Little League" Feature: Michael Flaherty "Little League" & Correspondence Feature: Virginia Holman "The First Patient" Feature: Virginia Holman "The First Patient" & Correspondence Feature: Walker Percy "Peirce and Modern Semiotic" Feature: Introduction (to "Peirce and Modern Semiotic") Percy & Ketner Feature: Introduction (to "Peirce and Modern Semiotic") Percy & Ketner Feature Photos: Andrew Borowiec "The Landscape of Industry" Feature Photos: Michelle Eabry "Summer Camp" Feature Photos: Andrea Hoyer "Russia Dreams"
13B/27 Fiction: Tim Johnson "Irish Girl" Fiction: Tim Johnson "Irish Girl" & Correspondence Fiction: Nicholas Montemarano "Story" Fiction: Nicholas Montemarano "Story" & Correspondence In Progress: Max Gerber "Broken Hearts" In Progress: Peter Kayafas "An American in Cuba" Judges Stories: Dermot Meagher "Restraint" and "Attorney O'Leary" Lookmark: "The Work of Irwin Hoffman" Lookmark: Grant Wood "The Harvest" & George Catlin "The Work of Irwin Hoffman" Photo Essay: Danny Lyon "Indian Nations" - Galley Proofs & Text Photo Essay: Kate Salisbury "Snow" Photo Essay: Jamie Wolff "Hidden L.A." Poetry: Galvin, Gorham, Pelegrin, Breytenbach, Logan, Schultz, & Robertson - Galley Proofs & Correspondence Production Editorial Service: Andrew Potak "Internal Music" Service: Andrew Potak "Internal Music" - Correspondence There: Brian Volck "In the Details" There: Brian Volck "In the Details" - Correspondence Tip On
14/28 Author Communications Deedee Agee - "Father Divine", "Momentur", & Correspondence Back of the Book: Archive: Robert Lerner "Postwar Paris" Back of the Book: Documentary Notes Back of the Book: Reviews: Peter Brown "Afterimage" Back of the Book: Reviews: Caleb Crain "The Age of Homespun" Contents Contributors Cover/Frontispiece/Masthead Editor's Story Essay: R. Klitzman "Missing.." Essay: R. Klitzman "Missing.." - Correspondence Essay: S. Rinella "Into the Smelt Night" Essay: S. Rinella "Into the Smelt Night" - Correspondence Excerpt: J. Agee "Enter the Ford" Feature: B. Attie & M. Lubell "Daring to Resist" Feature: S. Bloom "Home Sweet Home" Feature: S. Bloom - "Home Sweet Home" - Correspondence Feature: M. Coles "A Conversation with Helen Levitt" Feature: R. Kelts "Family Fued (folder 1) - Unpublished Feature: R. Kelts "Family Fued (folder 2) - Unpublished Feature: R. Kelts - Correspondence Feature: R. Kelts "Witch Women and Father Hunters" Feature: Lisa Kessler "Shades of Grace" Feature: A. Robbins & M. Becher "Americans in Samana" Feature: J. Sternfeld "Beautiful Dreamers" Fiction: .D. Agee "Father Divine" & "Momentum" and Correspondence Fiction: N. Grinmett "Drowning trhe Charge" and Correspondence Fiction: J. Henkin "Habeas Corpus" Copy & Galley Proofs Fiction: J. Henkin "Habeas Corpus" Correspondence Fiction: Viewfinder" D. Means "Divine Thanks for Packaged Light" In Progress 1: R. Jacobs "Isolated Row Houses" In Progress 2: M. Keasler " Silent Ghetto" Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin "The Laundress" Photo Essay: R. Cox "School Bus" Photo Essay: R. Monfort "Beyond Grand Street" Poetry: Bernard, Harvey, Lehman, Plumly, & Davis Poetry Correspondence
15/29 Back of the Book: Documentary Notes Back of the Book: Interview: M. Silverstein "A Small Place to Stand" Back of the Book: New Views: D. Lyon "On a Visit to Ancient Corinth" Back of the Book: New Views: C. Slack "Breakthrough" Contributors Cover/Frontispiece/Masthead Credits/Permissions/Corrections/Contracts/Photo Files Editor's Story Essay: M.J. Fisher "Memoria ex Machina" and Correspondence Exploration: D. Wolff " Mapping the Hudson" Exploration: D. Wolff " Mapping the Hudson" - Correspondence Feature: K. Freedberg "Firenze, Turismo" Feature: C. Gilligan "A Radical Map of Love" Feature: M. Harnett "Khmeng Anathar" and Correspondence Feature: R. Higgins "Neou's Tale" and Correspondence Feature: K. Kicklighter "Paris Island Redux" Feature: F. Salmoirashi "Tortured Metal Broken Stone" and Correspondence Feature: M. Wood "To Picture a World" drawings by Cambodia children Fiction: T. Gallagher - Correspondence and other stories Fiction: J. Gray & T. Gallagher "A Lake in the Boat" Fiction: J. Luther "Inner Chesapeake" General Editorial In Progress 1: B. Grignet "Wonderland" In Progress 2: S. Leith-Tanous "What Persists" Lookmark/Bookmark: T. H. Benton "Electric Power, Motor-Cars, Steel" J. Cheever , from "The Enormous Radio" Photo Essay: C. Badal "Finley's Gym" Photo Essay: I. Orozco-Long "Glimpses of La Yaguita" and Correspondence Poetry: Ungaretti, Anderson, Tate, Rooney-Cespedes, & Hirsch Report: D.A. Taylor "The Duke in DC" and Source List Report: D.A. Taylor "U Street History" - Correspondence Report: D.A. Taylor "U Street History" - Notes
16/30 Back of the Book: Back Page: There: D. Graham "Football" Back of the Book: Reportage: T. Maday & P. McCarthy "On Solid Ground" - Galley Proofs Back of the Book: Reportage: T. Maday & P. McCarthy "On Solid Ground" - Original Essays & Correspondence Contents Contracts/Permissions Contributors Cover/Frontispiece/Masthead Credits/Permissions/Corrections Editor's Story Essay: D. Harper "Goodbye, Willie" and Correspondence Feature: R. Bass "A Texas Childhood" (folder 1) Feature: R. Bass "A Texas Childhood" (folder 2) Feature: R. Bass "A Texas Childhood" - Correspondence Feature: T. Fricke "Next Year Country" and Correspondence Feature: K. Kicklighter "Georgia's Rockin' Fab Faux" Feature: K. Kicklighter "In God They Trust" Feature: D. Sheffield "Far West Texas" Essay, Photographs & Correspondence Feature Photography: T. Evans "Prairie" Feature Photography: R. Lee "Texas Pictures From Farm Security Administration" Feature Photography: L. Schwarm "Prairie Feature Photography: P. Schambroom "Meetings" Feature Photography: J.A. Walters "Along the Mississippi" Fiction: T. Jones "Night Train" In Progress: D. Mickey "Kansas Pictures" Letters: A. Krivak "Local America" Lookmark: W. Matthews "The American West" Bookmark: W. Cather "Prairie Spring" Photo Essay: A. Birnbach "The Cogan Ranch" Photo Essay: G. Tice "Patterson II" Poetry: Barnstone, Hart, Hudgins, Rafferty, Upton, & Van Winckel Single Image: M. Coles "Eastern Montana"
17/31 (Proposed) Author Agreements Back Page Bookmark Business/Editorial Plans - Re-Launch Covers Editor's Story Essay: S. Longmire "Wright Morris's First and Last Story" - Correspondence Essay: S. Longmire "Wright Morris's First and Last Story" - Galley Proofs Essay: S. Longmire "Wright Morris's First and Last Story" - Original Copies Essay: B. Manza "Medicine Wheel: a South Dakota Lesson" Essay: K. Weeks "Mountains" Feature: D. Dickman "Relative Moments" Feature: D. Graham "People, Places and Things" Feature: J. Kennard "Good Harbor Beach" Feature: M. Moore "State and County Fairs" Feature: W. Morris "The Photographs of Wright Morris" Feature: D. Stolar "Jack Landers is My Friend" Feature: K. A. Weeks "Mountains" Feature: J. Young "Tractor Culture" Feature: P. Wettach "Iowa Farm" Fiction: L. Vickers "Blue Amber" Interview: P. Brown "Finding the Shape in the Wood" - Galleys Interview: P. Brown "Finding the Shape in the Wood" - Correspondence Issue Business Lookmark Memoir: J. Perry "Brought Home" Poetry - Heaney, Seamus Poetry: Baker, Chang, Gould, Lippman, Oliver, Partridge & Singer Prospects - September Issue, 2003 "Seeing and Seen" Noland, William Style Guide, Production Process, Dictionary, Fee Scheules, Rubrics & Awards Info
18/50 Sp. ed. 9/11 Archive: "The Words of William Carlos Williams" Bain Statement Children's Drawings Contents Contributors Contributors (financial) Correspondence - Miscellaneous Credits/Permissions Editor's Story Feature: T. Alford "A Report from Ground Zero" Feature: K. Bubriski "Pilgrimage" Feature: Children's Expressions Feature: E. Grazda "The Mosques of New York" Feature: M. Gross "World Views" Feature: M. Kennedy " New York Story" Feature: M. Mark "Stars and Stripes" Feature: L. Martin "Missing Persons" Feature: A. Mayblum "The Price We Pay" Feature: B. McKibben "The Muslim Gandhi" Feature: F. Prose "Staring Back" Feature: R. Sanchez "Northern Afghanistan" Feature: A. Shemper "Airport People" Feature: T. Simon "At the Armory" Feature: J. Spagnoli "Two Daguerreotypes" Feature: D. & M. Stern "Ashes to Ashes" Feature: J. Sternfeld "Life Under the Taliban" Feature: P. Turnley "An American Moment" Feature: P. Witty "New York City, September 2001" Fiction: R. Cantor "White Sky" Fiction: L. Jakiela "Carry-On" Front Matter: Masthead Lookmark & Bookmark: C. Hassam "Manhattan Sunset (1911) & F. O'Connor From "The Violent Bear It Away" Poetry: Collins, Crowell, Dybek, Hart, Pavlic, Schulman, & Zagajewski Poetry: B. Collins "Obituaries" Poetry: S. Dybek "The Volcano" Poetry: J. Hart "WTC" Poetry: E. Pavlic "Faith in a Curved Line" Poetry: G. Schulman " In the Foreground" Poetry: A. Zagajewski "Separation" and "The World's Prose" & Correspondence
19 43 Oversized Poster boards/One box of Miscellaneous Photos related to DoubleTake, One envelope of Hoffman Transparencies
20 1-Folder of Poster board drafts, 2 Books: DT Community Service Organization & 38 DT Poster boards
21A DT - Ancient Archive Disks - 39 Optical disks (19 650 MB, 19 1.3 GB, & 1 590 MB) Disk 1 - DT Issue 1, labeled "Keaton" Disk 2 - DT Issue 3 & 4 archived, also labeled with "Melies" Disk 3 - DT Issue 4, side B is labeled "bad" and is probably corrupt Disk 4 - DT Issue 4 & 5, also labeled "Chaplin" Disk 5 - Scattered information from DT Issues 2,4,6-7.maybe more Disk 6 - DT Issue 7 cover photo Disk 7 - DT Issues 7 high resolution scans (1of 2) Disk 8 - DT Issue 7 high resolution scans (2of 2) Disk 9 - DT Issues 8 and 9, possibly low resolution scans from Issue 10 Disk 10 - DT Issue 8 high resolution scans, side A labeled as having a disk error and "Kentucky" Disk 11 - DT Issue ? high resolution scans, side A labeled Alaska - Disk 10 & 11 attached Disk 12 - DT Issue 9 Disk 13 - DT Issue 9, also labeled "Connecticut" Disk 14 - DT Issue not specified - it may be 9 - it's attached to disk 13, also labeled "Pickford" Disk 15 - Dt Issue 9 high resolution scans, also labeled "Virginia" Disk 16 - DT Issue 9 high resolution scans, also labeled "Ohio" Disk 17 - DT Issue 10 high resolution scans, also labeled "Georgia" Disk 18 - DT Issue 10 high resolution scans, also labeled "Delaware" - Disks 17 & 18 are attached Disk 19 - DT Issue 11 high resolution scans Disk 20 - Possibly DT Issue 1 labeled "DblTk 1", it is also reads that the disk may be erased and transferred to another Disk 21 -Possibly DT Issue 2 labeled "DBlTk 2" Disk 22 - labeled as "Monroe" Books" Disk 23 - labeled as "Hennings", also marked "Issue 11 cover irises" Disk 24 - labeled "Zeppo" Disk 25 - labeled "Zeppo" Disk 26 - labeled as "Hugo Ball" Disk 27 - high resolution scans for first direct mailer, marked bland and PH Archive Disk 28 - labeled "Garbo" Disk 29 - labeled "Chicco" and blank Disk 30 - labeled "Groucho", also labeled empty - erased? Disk 31 - Computer hard drive backups Disk 32 - labeled as "Mag. Archive" Disk 33 - labeled "Norton" Six remaining disks - unlabeled or labeled empty, five unopened
21B DT - Ancient Archive Disks - Eight 1 GB and 1 2GB jaz disks, 2 Syquest 88 MB and 1 200 MD disks, 3-3M rewritable Optical Disks, 5-3M rewritable optical disks (un-labeled) Eight 1 GB and 1 2GB jaz disks:
  • Disk 3 - DT Issue 13 high resolution scans and in house ad scans
  • Disk 4 - DT Issue 13 high resolution scans
  • Disk 5 - DT Issue 13 and 14 back up quark files, unused covers and high resolutions scans
  • Disk 6 - DT Issue 10 high resolution scans, over of DT Issue 12
  • Disk 7 - DT Issue 14 high resolution scans
  • Disk 8 - DT Issue 15 backup final files, no high resolution
  • Disk 9 - blank
  • Disk 10 - Peter Brown text 11/25/98
  • Disk 11 - blank
Two 88MB Syquest A & B disks:
  • Adobe Photoshop - October 1997
One 200 MB Syquest 200 disk # 30212 Three 88 MB Syquest disks: DT brochures, 1988-1997 Five 3M rewritable optical disks (un-labeled)
22 DoubleTake Issues 15-22 - CD's/DVDs//Zip Disks Issue 15: Closing Letter 11/19/1999 or 2000? 1 Zip Disk Issue 16: Spring 1999 - 2 Kodak Digital Science CD-R & 5 Zip disks Issues 16-19: Contracts & Logistics - 1 Zip disk Issue 17: Summer 1999 - 2 Kodak Digital Science CD-R & 1 Zip disk Issue 18: Fall 1999 - 2 Kodak Digital Science CD-R Issue 19: Winter 2000 - 3 Kodak Digital Science CD-R Issue 20: Spring 2000 - 4 Sony CD-R Issues 20-23: Design, Correspondence & Invoices - 1 Zip disk Issue 21: Summer 2000 - 4 Sony CD-R and 1 Memorex CD-R (656) Issue 22: Fall 2000 - 4 Sony CD-R and 5 Memorex CD-R (656)
23 DoubleTake Issues 23-27 - CD's/DVDs//Zip Disks Issue 23: Winter 2001 - 9 Maxell CD-R Issue 23: Layout and Quark Files - 1 Zip Disk Issue 24: Spring 2001 - 8 Maxell CD-R (74), 1 Sony CD-Rom & 5 Maxell CD-R (650) Issue 25: Summer 2001 - 4 Maxell CD-R (650) Issue 26: Fall 2001 - 8 Maxell CD-R (650) Issue 27: Winter 2002 - 3 Maxell CD-R (650)
24 DoubleTake Issues 28-30 & Heartland Images - CD's/Zip Disks Issue 28: 1 Zip disk Issue 29: Summer 2002 - 6 Maxell CD-R (650) & 1 Apple DVD-R & 1 Zip disk Issue 30: Spring 2003 - 2 Apple DVD-R Issue 30: Miscellaneous, Heartland, & Photos - 1 Zip Disk Heartland Images - 3 Zip disks
25 DoubleTake Special Issue and Miscellaneous CD's Special Issue: 9/11/01 - 5 Maxell CD-R Unknown Photo Disk: 3/18/02 - 1 Apple DVD-R DT Back-Up: 10/15/01-1/8/02 - 1 Imation CD-R & 2 TDK CD-R DT PS Files 8/29/00-9/1/00 - 4 Sony CD-R Site Back-Up 7/13/01 - 1 Hypermedia CD-R Pub Edits/Park Life - 1 Fuji Film CD-R Levitt Scans - 1 Maxell CD-R - Music 80 #9364 DT 11/1/01-11/7/01 - 7 Maxell CD-R (650) DT: PC 1-PS - 1 Sony CD-R Unknown - 2 Sony CD-R
26 Miscellaneous Zip Disks/& 3.5" Floppy Disks: Akzidenz fonts/Grotesque Fonts - DT Issue 26 Tip-Ons Back Issues: Ads - 1 Zip disk D'Amato: Barrio - 1 photo: Woman with Roses - 1 Zip disk David Rowell's Hard Drive (Very Important) DT Spring Issue 2003 Fonts (2) Installer Software to run zip drive Miscellaneous from BU & CJ (Sundance, templates, resumes) Mostly Blank Photo Inventory Russell Lee: Images and Miscellaneous - 1 Zip disk
26 DT Direct Mail Files from CSI - 36- 3½" Floppy Disks (A drive)
26 Miscellaneous Computer Programs - 3.5" Floppy Disks: FAS Network Installer Software Microsoft Word - Macintosh Series (6) Apple Style Writer/Style Writer II (1-4) DiskTools System 7 - Tidbits Image System 7 - Install 1 Image System 7 - Install 2 Image System 7 - Install 2 System 7 - Fonts Image System 7 - Disk Tools Image System 7 - Install 3 Fonts, Software License Text Printing Harvard Arts & Science - Installation Disk for Student Network - MacIntosh 1/21/94 Mac Internet tour guide Unidentified disks - 3 1 - Box 3M Hard Disk Back Ups 1 - Box Maxell 3.5" Floppies
27 DoubleTake Framed Magazine Covers: v.1, no.2: Fall 1995 v.2, no.1: Winder 1996 v.3, no.4: Fall 1997 v.4, no.2: Spring 1998 v.5, no.2: Spring 1999 v.5, no.3: Summer 1999 v.5, no.4: Fall 1999 v.6, no.1: Winter 2000 v.6, no.3: Summer 2000
28A DT Slide Book #1: Apikos, Stacy (2 pgs.) Maxwell, William's daughter, Brooke (2 pgs.) Salloum, Joyce (3 pgs.) Sohier, Sage (3 pgs.) Webber, George (1 pg.) Staniski, S.J (7 pgs.) Schwartz, Joe (3 pgs.) Rose, Brian (5 pgs.) Whetstone, Jeff (3 pgs.) Pozzi, Craig (1 pg.) Hagen, Charles (2 pgs.) Griffin, Cathryn (4 pgs.) Longmire, Stephen (2 pgs.) D'Amato, Paul (12 pgs.)
28A DT Slide Book #2: Miscellaneous ( 6 pgs.) Handler, Lowell (3 pgs.) Promotion ( 1 pg.) Cruz, Valdir (1.5 pgs.) Ross, Judith J. (issue 20 - 4 pgs.) Issue 17 (1 pg.) Issue 18 (1 pg.) Miscellaneous (4 pgs.) Upcoming ( 1 pg.) Steinmetz, Mark ( 3 pgs.) Lovett, O. Rufes Haven; Ackerman, M; Worrell (1 pg.) Djeuejian, Madeline ( 1 pg.) Hander, Lowell ( 2 pgs.) Clay, Maude ( 2 pgs.) D'Amato, Paul (1 pg.) Ross, J. Joy & Roma, T. (1 pg.) Handler, Lowell (1 pg.) Kimball, Justin (3 pg.s) Clay, Maude ( 1 pg.) Issue 17 (1 pg.) Ross, Judith J. (1 pg.) Issue 21 (1 pg.) Issue 19 (4 pgs.) Nixon, N. (9 pgs.) Folder - Film Transparencies & Postcards Folder - Sundance Transparencies
28B Folder - Danny Lyon's Cuba Story and Photographs (1-CD-R)
  Slides - 2000 - 8 boxes with yellow dots: 10/13/00 - people, buildings, landscapes
  Slides - 2001
  • 1 box: 6/21/01 - old photographs, art prints, city people, DT covers
  • 1 box: 7/26/01 - "Website Store Slides" - books, photos, DT merchandise
  • 4 boxes: 12/11/01 - relating to 9/11/2001?
  Slides - 2002
  • 2 boxes: 2/12/02 - landscapes, buildings, black/white of children
  • 1 box: 4/12/02 - landscapes, buildings, black/white of people
  • 1 box: 4/19/02 - school bus, church, landscapes, Paris
  Slides - 2003
  • 3 boxes with red dots: 2/18/03 - DT events, non-events & Bruce Springsteen
  • 5 boxes: 6/16/03 - buildings, landscapes, people, ranches, photos
  Slides - Undated
  • 11 boxes with green dots
29 DT Orphan Files: B. Manza "Corporation of Autumn White Eyes" , "To Earn a Feather", and "Medicine" T. Nguyen "Camping Memories" K.R. Rich "Profile of an Italian Publisher M. Silverstein "In Search of a Villain" L. Taylor "Tunnel Kids" L. Taylor "Tunnel Kids" - Correspondence G. Webber "Robert Frank's Widow" DoubleTake: Points of Entry: v.2, No. 2 - Fall/Winter 2007 Photocopied Issue

Series 2:

Education, Marketing & Publicity: This series includes materials devoted to DoubleTake promotion: magazine awards, conferences, fundraising efforts, historical files, marketing, publicity and DT's Summer Documentary Institute. Box 30-38B
Box Folder/Description
30 DoubleTake Awards: Folio: Magazine's 1998 Editorial Excellence Award Lane Press - DT Plaque - 5th anniversary edition National Magazine Award Plaques:
  • Fiction 4-29-98
  • General Interest 4-30-97
  • General Interest 4-29-98
  • Photography 4-30-97
  • General Excellence 4-29-98
Notebook - DoubleTake Ozzie Award Plaques: 1995 and 1998 Slides - S. Boge "Children in Cuba"
31 Exhibition and Fundraising Materials: Book - DoubleTake Academy Books - DoubleTake Community Service Corporation ( 1 original) Books - DoubleTake Community Service Corporation (16 copies) Folder - Basement/Subject Heading Templates Folder - Brookie Maxwell Exhibit Folder - Sommerville Theaters Folder - Bruce Springsteen Fundraiser - Checks Folder - Bruce Springsteen Fundraiser - General Information Folder - Bruce Springsteen Fundraiser - Ticket Sales 1 Folder - Bruce Springsteen Fundraiser - Ticket Sales 2 Books - DoubleTake Academy Books - DoubleTake Community Service Corporation
32 Files - Coles' DT Cubicle Jane Buchbinder Paul Cabana Computer disk - 1-3 ½" floppy, labeled Direct 6 W.R. Eubanks "Patapsco" W. Ewald "An Interview with Wendy Ewald" "Fasanella" Joe Flood R.D. Gamble "On Directing Sermons" Duane Grobman B. Hamburger "For Us the Living" C. Harper "Learning Gyili" John Hirsch I.M. James "Revolution and Exile" E.K. Kennedy - 3 Short Stories: "Scales of the Sea", "Tímeless Moment", and "Waiting" L. Mason "A Community of Caring" Dermot Meagher "Judges Stories" - Folder 1 Dermot Meagher "Judges Stories" - Folder 2 NEH Grant Applications B. W. O'Connor "Seamos Heaney in Lawrence" G. Orr "Demonstrations" L.F. Rhu "Ross McElwee's Home Movies" Jennifer Rogen E. Rusch "Generation Fix" - Folder 1 E. Rusch "Generation Fix" - Folder 2 Rwanda Project J. R. Sheffield (Dick) "A Cat's Tale" Teacher's Guide Randy Testa Katie Towler
33A DT Exhibiting Conferences - Collected Materials American Anthropological Association - Washington, D.C. 11/20-11/22, 1997 American Anthropological Association - Philadelphia, PA 12/2-12/6, 1998 American Libraries Association - San Francisco, CA 6/28-7/1, 1997 American Libraries Association - Washington, D.C. 6/27-6/30, 1998 American Montesori Society - Boston, MA 3/27/1998 American Libraries Society of North America - Philadelphia, PA 3/5-3/11, 1998 Associated Writers Programs - Washington, D.C. 4/2-4/5, 1997 Associated Writers Programs - Pórtland, OR 3/26-3/28, 1998 Atlanta History Center - Newletter v.28, no.1, Winter, 1997 Book Price Guide Book Price Guide - Canadian Books C. J. Laughlin Friends of Photography - New Orleáns, LA 5/13/1997 Charleston Conference - Charleston, SC 11/5-11/8, 1997 Classroom Companion Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art - Cleveland, OH 11/20/1996 College Art Association - Toronto, ON 2/26-2/28, 1998 Educatorial Institute Exhibit Sales Records - Blank Exhibit Sales Records - Past Exhibition Checklist Expense Records - Forms Materials Lists Miscellaneous Modern Language Association - Toronto, ON 12/27-12/30, 1997 Modern Language Association - San Francisco, CA 12/27-12/30, 1998 National Association of Independents Schools - New Cork, NY 2/25-2/28, 1998 National Council of Social Studies Teachers - Cincinnati, OH 1997 National Council of Social Studies Teachers - Anaheim, CA 11/20-11/22, 1998 National Council of Teachers of English - Charlotte, NC 4/10-4/12, 1997 National Council of Teachers of English - Detroit, MI 11/21-11/23, 1997
34A Fundraising: Ads Ads - Ads we've run Ads - Developed Ads - DT in other publications Ads - Library Journal Ads - Photo Trade Advertising Campaign Ideas Advertising - Franklin Spier Advertising - Just Partners Advertising - Miscellaneous Advisory Board Allen, Paul G. Family Foundation Annenberg Foundation AOL:Time Warner Foundation/Powers, K. AT&T Foundation Banking Barr Foundation Benton Foundation Bernard, Viola Foundation Bind-Ins, 1995-1998 Boston Foundation Buffet, Howard Foundation Carnegie Foundation Centrobe Subscription Services Citizens Energy Corporation Civil Society Corbin/Turnley, David Community Foundation of Western MA Coolidge Fund Competitor Distribution CSI Services Davis Family Foundation De Menil Charitable Fund Design Direct Mail Campaign Direct Mail - Duke Alumni Direct Mail - September, 1998 Donor Lists - Miscellaneous Dubin, Robin Duke University: Carey, Brian Duke University: Letters - Keohane, Nannerl Duke University: Letters - Rankin, Tom Eastern News Distributors - Sales History & Account Listings Efforts Envelope Renewals Episcopal Church Foundation
34B Fundraising: Ford Foundation Foundation Directory Foundations Friends of DT - "5 Ways to Support…" Friends of DT - Join Form Friends of DT - Holiday Donor Letter Friends of DT - Letter, 1999 Friends of DT - Letter, 2000 Friends of DT - Letter/Envelopes - "No Longer in Jeo pardy" Friends of DT - List of Donations (February, 2000) Friends of DT - Returned Forms Ford Foundation Forms - Holiday Gift Renewals Fred Harris Daniels Foundation Fundraiser - June, 2001 Fundraiser - June, 2001 Guest List Fundraising Book - Final Set Fundraising Book - Straight Copy Originals Fundraising Book - Talking Point Fundraising Campaign Responses Fundraising Efforts 2003-04 Fundraising Potential Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation George Gund Foundation Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Geralyn Getty Trust Global Citizens Circle Global Vision/ O'Conner, R. Grant, William T. Foundation Grant Possibilities Heartland America Heinz Family Foundation Hunt Alternatives Hunt Family Foundation Insert - Bonus Issue Insert - Last Issue Insert - "One More Issue" Inserts - Blow-ins: 1995-1998 J.M. Kaplan Fund Judelson, Robert & Joan Knight Foundation LA Release Party - November, 2001 Label Carrier - 1995-1999 LEF Foundation Letters - Carlson, Don Letters - Clinton, Hillary Letters - Downes, Doris Letters - Drexler, Peggy Fischman Letters - Form (to DT Friends Readers) Letters - Foundation Donors Letters - Goodwin, Koris Kearns Letters - Heaney, Seamus Letters - Legendre, Bobo Letters - Library of Congress Letters - MacArthur Foundation Letters - Miscellaneous Letters - 9/11 Issue Responses Letters - Symphony Space Letters/Envelopes - Holiday Season Letters/Envelopes - "Last Chance" Letters/Envelopes - Reduced Price Letters/Envelopes - "Save up to $22.00" Letters/Envelopes - Welcome Lynch Foundation Mailing Lists Mailing Lists - 1996 Nathan Cummings Foundation McCartin, Sally Ann & Assoc. NE Foundation for the Arts
34C Fundraising: NEH Grant - February, 2001 NEH Grant - May, 2001 NEH Grant - October, 2001 NEH Letters Neo Data New York Community Trust Noel-Levitz Norcliffe Foundation Open Society Institute Park Foundation Perlis, Paula Pew Charitable Trusts Possible Sponsors Press-Kit - Color Originals Press-Kit - Extra Originals Press-Kit - Left-sided Originals Public Media Center - Ad Changes Public Media Center - Ad Proposal Public Media Center - Contract Public Media Center - Correspondence Public Media Center - Research Survey Public Media Center - Summer 1997 Ad Ratshesky Foundation Resumes Richard & Hilda Rosenthal Foundation Rockefeller Foundation Rubin Foundation Schumann Center Signs Springsteen Invoices Starbucks Foundation Subscription Surveys Tip-ons Surdna Foundation Umbrage United Way - New York Wainwright Bank & Trust Warhol Foundation The White House William T. Grant Foundation Wyper, Bonnie Ziff, Dirk
35A Marketing: Conferences - 1998 Conferences - BEA Registration List - 1998 Conferences - National Paideia Conference - 1998 Contracts - Bookstores Contracts - Center Media List Contracts - Gallery Mailing (includes 2 floppy disks) Contracts - Sundance Film Festival - 2000 - Credentialed Media Contributions DoubleTake Books DoubleTake Books - Book Ads - Spierny DoubleTake Books - Books Brochure DoubleTake Books - Insert Brochure (includes 1 floppy disk) Dr. Coles Pieces - Polaroids - PEP DT Background Bios Eastern News Promos - Eastern Newsletter Information Eastern News Promos - Editorial Store Eastern News Promos - Letters Eastern Sent Feedback/Ideas/Resources Feedback/Ideas/Resources - Marketing ideas Feedback/Ideas/Resources - NEBSA Meeting Inventory of Materials Kodak Partnership Kodak Partnership - DT Proposal Luce Press Clippings - Information Miscellaneous Initiatives - Association of Youth Museums Miscellaneous Initiatives - Barefoot Press/Press Kit (includes 1 floppy disk) Miscellaneous Initiatives - Photo Surveys - Local Bookstores Miscellaneous Initiatives - Radio and Subscription Gifts
35B Marketing: National Public Radio (NPR) - Communication National Public Radio (NPR) - Contracts National Public Radio (NPR) - Ira Glass Premium Promo National Public Radio (NPR) - Morning Edition 11/2/99 (Cassette Tape) National Public Radio (NPR) - Partnership National Public Radio (NPR) - Premium Project, 1999 National Public Radio (NPR) - Pricing National Public Radio (NPR) - This American Life Promo & Subscription Drive National Public Radio (NPR) - Transcripts - 4/29/98 & 5/4/98 National Public Radio (NPR) - WBUR National Public Radio (NPR) - WUNC North Carolina Media and Events North Carolina Media and Events -NC Literary Festival - April 3-5, 1998 North Carolina Media and Events - North Carolina Writer's Network Postcard Rates - Postcard Portfolio Premium Postcard Rates - Postcard Premium Press Clips - DoubleTake Awards & Critical Response Press Clips - 1995 Press Clips - 1997 - Alpha by Publication Press Clips - 1998 - Alpha by Publication Press Clips - 1999 - Alpha by Publication Press Clips - Random Originals - Alpha by Publication Press Clips - Right-sided Originals - Alpha by Publication Press Release - DT Issue 19 Sally Anne McCartin & Associates - 1998 Sally Anne McCartin & Associates - 2000 Staff Headshots and Bios - About Alex Harris Staff Headshots and Bios - Bob, Alex, & Staff Staff Headshots and Bios - Bob, Alex, & Staff (duplicates) Tote Bags Website - Web Developer's Guide to Getting Started Website - website changes Website - web comments Website - web developers Website - website re-design proposal
36A Publicity: American Libraries Art News Articles - Alex Harris Audubon Bookstore List Boston Call Sheets The Boston Event, 1995 Chronicle of Higher Education Classroom Companion Duke Magazine Duke Medical Perspectives Folio Friends of DoubleTake Film Festival Granta DoubleTake Issues:
  • Issue 1 - Summer, 1995 - Launch
  • Issue 2 - Fall, 1995
  • Issue 3 - Winter, 1996
  • Issue 4 - Spring, 1996
  • Issue 5 - Summer, 1996
  • Issue 6 - Fall, 1996
  • Issue 7 - Winter, 1997
  • Issue 8 - Spring, 1997
  • Issue 9 - Summer, 1997
  • Issue 10 - Fall, 1997
  • Issue 11 - Winter, 1998
  • Issue 12 - Spring, 1998
  • Issue 13 - Summer, 1998
  • Issue 14 - Fall, 1998
  • Issue 15 - Winter, 1999
  • Issue 19 - Winter, 2000
  • Issue 20 - Spring, 2000
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Series 3:

DoubleTake Business & Financial Operations: This series holds anthology files containing copies of author's agreements/contracts and or works, editor files, general business files, DT office stationary, and writer/poet contracts.
Box Folder/Description
39A Anthology of Writer's Works Anthology - Administration Anthology - Fiction - Agee, Deedee Anthology - Fiction - Baxter, Charles Anthology - Fiction - Beattie, Ann Anthology - Fiction - Cohen, Mitch Anthology - Fiction - Caughlin, T. Glenn Anthology - Fiction - Dobyns, Stephen Anthology - Fiction - Dybek, Stuart Anthology - Fiction - Gallagher, Tess and Gray, Josie Anthology - Fiction - Gordimer, Nadine Anthology - Fiction - Graver, Elizabeth Anthology - Fiction - Henkin, Joshua Anthology - Fiction - Hill, Kathleen Anthology - Fiction - Honig, Lucy Anthology - Fiction - Jakiela, Lori Anthology - Fiction - Jones, Thom Anthology - Fiction - Kinkaid, Nanci Anthology - Fiction - Leebron, Fred Anthology - Fiction - Mason, Bobbie Ann Anthology - Fiction - McNally, T. M. Anthology - Fiction - O'Connor, Flannery Anthology - Fiction - Offutt, Chris Anthology - Fiction - Shepard, Jim Anthology - Fiction - Stolar, Dan Anthology - Fiction - Walbert, Kate Anthology - Fiction - Weisberg, Joseph Anthology - Fiction - Wolff, Tobias Anthology - Lists - The Best of. Anthology - Lists - Fiction Anthology - Lists - Non-Fiction Anthology - Lists - Photography Anthology - Lists - Poetry Anthology - Non-Fiction - Bass, Rick Anthology - Non-Fiction - Billups, Percy Anthology - Non-Fiction - Bloom, Stephen Anthology - Non-Fiction - Brooks, Geraldine Anthology - Non-Fiction - Canin, Ethan Anthology - Non-Fiction - Cohen, Rachel Anthology - Non-Fiction - Davidson, Cathy Anthology - Non-Fiction - Dawidoff, Nicholas Anthology - Non-Fiction - deBuys, Bill Anthology - Non-Fiction - Dillard, Annie Anthology - Non-Fiction - Diller, Lawrence Anthology - Non-Fiction -Donahue, Bill Anthology - Non-Fiction - Dubus, Andre Anthology - Non-Fiction - Faludi, Susan Anthology - Non-Fiction - Faulkner, Steve Anthology - Non-Fiction - Fisher, Marshall Jon Anthology - Non-Fiction - Forche, Carolyn Anthology - Non-Fiction - Frazier, Ian Anthology - Non-Fiction - Gamble, Robert Anthology - Non-Fiction - Gourevitch, Philip Anthology - Non-Fiction - Harris, Liz Anthology - Non-Fiction -Heaney, Seamus Anthology - Non-Fiction - Holman, Virginia Anthology - Non-Fiction - Hood, Ann Anthology - Non-Fiction - Kazin, Alfred Anthology - Non-Fiction - Kelts, Roland Anthology - Non-Fiction -Klinkenborg, Verlyn Anthology - Non-Fiction - Lardner, James Anthology - Non-Fiction - Lesy, Michael Anthology - Non-Fiction - McKibben, Bill Anthology - Non-Fiction - McPherson, James Anthology - Non-Fiction - Novick, Sheldon Anthology - Non-Fiction - Packer, George Anthology - Non-Fiction - Pinsky, Robert Anthology - Non-Fiction - Rinella Steven Anthology - Non-Fiction - Rotella, Carlo Anthology - Non-Fiction - Sides, Hampton Anthology - Non-Fiction - Slack, Charles Anthology - Non-Fiction - Sprecher, Paul (James Agee Trust) Anthology - Non-Fiction - Strayed, Cheryl Anthology - Non-Fiction - Surface, David Anthology - Non-Fiction - Updike, David Anthology - Non-Fiction - Wexler, Laura Anthology - Non-Fiction - Winchester, Simon
39B Anthology of Writer's Works Anthology - Photography - Adesko, Thomas Anthology - Photography - Andrews, Jesse Anthology - Photography - Attie, Alice Anthology - Photography - Ball, Gordon Anthology - Photography - Bambetger, Bill Anthology - Photography - Bartos, Adam Anthology - Photography - Bazan, Ernesto Anthology - Photography - Berndt, Jerry Anthology - Photography - Berridge, Mary Anthology - Photography - Birman, George Anthology - Photography - Borowiec, Andrew Anthology - Photography -Bubriski, Kevin Anthology - Photography - Chast, Roz Anthology - Photography - Cianni, Vincent Anthology - Photography - Cox, Reuben Anthology - Photography - D'Amato, Paul Anthology - Photography - Dawoud, Bey Anthology - Photography - Deal, David Anthology - Photography - Dubois, Doug Anthology - Photography - Duffy, Pamela Anthology - Photography - Eabry, Michelle Anthology - Photography - Ewald, Wendy Anthology - Photography - Fink, Larry Anthology - Photography - Freedberg, Kate Anthology - Photography - Fernandez, Sergio Anthology - Photography - Gilden, Bruce Anthology - Photography - Goin, Peter Anthology - Photography - Gottfried, Arlene Anthology - Photography - Grazda, Edward Anthology - Photography - Hido, Todd Anthology - Photography - Hoyer, Andrea Anthology - Photography - Huddleston, John Anthology - Photography - Gavin, Emmet Anthology - Photography - Jacobs, Roel Anthology - Photography - Kahn, Emily Anthology - Photography - Kayafas, Peter Anthology - Photography - Kennard, John Anthology - Photography - Klett, Mark Anthology - Photography - Le, An-My Anthology - Photography - Lee, Jocelyn Anthology - Photography - Levitt, Helen Anthology - Photography - Lyon, Danny Anthology - Photography - Mermelstein, Jeff Anthology - Photography - Meyerowitz, Joel Anthology - Photography - Morell, Abelardo Anthology - Photography - Noland, Willaim (Bill) Anthology - Photography - Peress, Gilles Anthology - Photography - Robinson-Chavez, Michael Anthology - Photography - Shambroom, Paul Anthology - Photography - Shemper, Adam Anthology - Photography - Simon, Taryn Anthology - Photography - Smith, Stephen Anthology - Photography - Steinmetz, Mark Anthology - Photography - Stephenson, Sam Anthology - Photography - Sternfeld, Joel Anthology - Photography - Stockenstrom, Tone Anthology - Photography - Towell, Larry Anthology - Photography - Turnley, David Anthology - Photography - Turnley, Peter Anthology - Photography - Turczan, Katherine Anthology - Photography - Vergara, Camilo Jose Anthology - Photography - Vitali, Massimo Anthology - Photography - Vizzini, Robert Anthology - Photography - Walters, Jo Ann Anthology - Photography - Winogrand, Garry Anthology - Poetry - Ackerman, Diane Anthology - Poetry - Anderson, Nathalie Anthology - Poetry - Bass, Ellen Anthology - Poetry - Beaumont,

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