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MSS 347

Gumecindo Salas Papers, circa 1971-1992.Add to your cart.

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The materials were donated by Gumecindo Salas to Michigan State University.

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Collection Summary:

The collection consists of three boxes of reports, unpublished papers and news clippings related to Latinos in education including bilingual education and higher education; copies of Senate Resolutions proclaiming Chicano History Week (1981) and a gubernatorial declaration of Hispanic Heritage Week (1985) and a “Sister City Agreement between the Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico and Lansing, Michigan, 1990.”

This collection is part of the José Treviño Chicano/Latino Activism Collections at MSU.

Historical Background:

Gumecindo Salas was born, raised and educated in the Detroit, Michigan area. After earning a Bachelors and Masters degree from Wayne State University in Detroit he earned a PhD from the University of Michigan in Continuing and Higher Education. Following graduation, he worked one year in Cartagena, Colombia for the United States Information Agency. He taught for the Detroit Public Schools and later for Wayne State University, where he helped establish a Chicano Boricua Studies program and served as its director for three years prior to joining Michigan State University (MSU) as director of Minority Programs. At MSU, Dr. Salas was also a professor of Urban Studies and Integrative Studies in the College of Social Science. Upon retirement (2000) from MSU he became the Vice President of Governmental Relations for the Hispanic Association for College and Universities (HACU) as well as an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Northern Virginia Community College.

Dr. Salas served as an elected member of the Michigan State Board of Education for two terms and served on the Saginaw Valley State University Board of Trustees and on the Governor's Commission for the Improvement of Higher Education in Michigan. His publications include themes on Latino political behavior, race and diversity, charter schools and minority populations nationally and the Latino community in Michigan and Detroit. Dr. Salas has served as a consultant on multicultural education, migrant education, and parental involvement in education for the state departments of Colorado, Texas, Montana, Wisconsin and Michigan. His research expertise is in the areas of multiculturalism and diversity in education and the workplace.

Processing Note:

Completed April 1, 2009 by Diana Rivera


Index Terms:

The Gumecindo Salas Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the Michigan State University Libraries catalog:

  • Education - - Michigan
  • Education, Bilingual - - Michigan
  • Education, Higher - - Michigan
  • Lansing, Mich.- - Politics and government
  • Salas, Gumecindo

Box Folder Description
1 1 Bilingual Education: “Bilingual Education and the Hispanic Challenge,” Report of the President, Carnegie Corp. (1979); "Black English in School Classrooms ?” Detroit Free Press (2/8/78); Congressional Record – Senate (9/29/80), House (9/16/80) re. Bilingual education rules proposed by U.S. Dept of Education
    "Applewhite , Steven Lozano …. Prospectus on Bilingual ."
    "Brooks , Nelson …. The Meaning of Bilingual Today ."
    "Catto Jr. , Henry E …. Our Language Barriers."
    "Earle , Jane … Breaking the Barrier."
    "Grubb , Mary Ellen … Breaking the Language ."
    "Leary , Mary Ellen …. Mentally Retarded ?"
    "Heachinger , Fred M . … Combating Lingui Chauvenism."
    "Iiams , Thomas M. … The Gathering Storm Over."
    "Kloss , Heinz …. Bilingualism and Nationalism ."
    "Lau , Tom … What is the Future of Federally."
    "Levin , Herbert M . … Bilingualism Benefits ."
    "Litchenstein , Grace… Bilingual - Bicultural Education ."
    "Strozier , Geraldine … Dilemma of Dialect."
    "Woodcock , Lynda … Canada's Universities Under …"
  2 Bilingual Education Materials. Bibliographies and research guides.
  3 Bilingual Education – Michigan. State reports, state laws, state policy, “The Bilingual Bulletin,” newsletters, “Administrator’s Manual for Bilingual Education in Michigan” (1979), etc.
  4 Bilingual Education – Michigan. Correspondence.
  5 Bilingual Education - Michigan School Districts.
  6 Bilingual Education - Misc. Publications.
  7 Bilingual Education - Reports and Reprints.
  8 Biographies - Hernandez, Jose - United Farm Workers - Breckenridge, MI.
  9 Cabinet Committee on Opportunity For the Spanish Speaking
  10 CCSA (Committee of Concerned Spanish Americans) ( Michigan ).
  11 Chicano Latino Faculty at MSU- J. Spielberg, Justo Hernandez, Rene Hinojosa
  12 Conferences: Bilingual Education and Public Policy in the U.S. ( Ethnoperspectives Forum),1979.
  13 Conferences : Breaking the Barriers Issues in Higher Education (Nov.1995).
  14 Conferences : Creating New Linkages: The Hispanic Community and Wayne State University
  15 Conferences : Federacion de Sindicatos de Trabajadores. Newsclips, B&W photos.
  16 Conferences : Hispanic Leadership Conference.(See also : Michigan Coalition of Concerned Hispanics).
  17 Conferences : Michigan Education and the Latino Conference/Latino Education Feria , Latino Convocation (1977). Flyer.
  18 Conferences : Michigan Hispanic Education--Forums on Current Issues (1989).
  19 Conferences : Michigan Hispanic Education and Awards Banquet Programs: 1987-1990; 1992, 1994-1995.
  20 Conferences : Michigan Hispanic Education and Awards Banquet- Correspondence.
  21 Conferences : National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies ( NACCS)(1998).
  22 Conferences : O.A.M.B.E. First Statewide Conference.
  23 Conferences : Second Annual Inter-Agency Hispanic Conference "Voz de Michigan"(1980).
  24 Conferences : Sixth Annual International Bilingual/Bicultural Education Conference (1997).
  25 Conferences : Statewide Latino Conference on Revenue Sharing (1973).
  26 COSSA
  27.0 COSSMHO. The Roadrunner Newsletter
  27.1 COSSMHO - By Laws.
  27.2 COSSMHO Correspondence.
  28 Drop-out Concerns:
  • Hispanic Policy Development Project, “A Competition to Reduce Dropout Rates and Raise Achievement Levels of At-Risk Hispanic Students.” (flyer).
  • Michigan State Board of Education, “Hispanic School Dropouts and Hispanic Student Performance on the MEAP Tests.” (1/86) and earlier proposals dated 2/15/83.
  • National Education Association, “Hispanic Concerns Study Committee Report.” (June, 1987).
  • Office of Hispanic Education, MI Dept of Education, “Michigan Hispanic Dropout Prevention Project: A pilot study of four selected models.” (1985).
  • Torres, Maria E. and Eliot A. Singer, "School Related Interaction in Hispanic Households: A proposal for an ethnography of communication.” (1985).
  29 Employment and Training Needs of Hispanics in Michigan. Information prepared by MI Office of Management Practices. 1) Agency Services (9/84); 2) Program Design (10/83); 3) Socioeconomic Status (10/83); 4) Statistical Handbook (10/83).
  30 Ethnicity Studies Bill ( Michigan HB 4117 ).
Box Folder Description
2 1.0 Indiana Farm Workers Legislative Coalition Fights H.B. 1306
  1.1 La Raza Advisory Committee
  2 La Raza Citizens Advisory Committee Reports:
  • 1974 report to the State Board of Education re. Quality of Educational Services to Michigan’s Spanish-Speaking Community.
  • 1975-1976 Annual report: Focus on Bilingual Education.
  • 1976-1977 Annual report: Focus on Parent & Community Participation in Education.
  • 1977-1978 Annual report: Citizen Review and Recognition in Education.
  3 La Raza Citizens Advisory Committee Correspondence with Michigan Dept. of Education (1974-75, 1979).
  4 La Raza Citizens Advisory Committee Correspondence, Complaint re. MI Dept. of Civil Service (1975-75); “Report on Civil Service and the Spanish American,” by Linda Williams (1977).
  5 La Raza Unida of Michigan (Membership forms; meeting notices)
  6.0 LA SED. La Voz Latina Newsletter; Open Letter: Hortensia B. de Allende (Chile).
  6.1 LA SED Detroit: Latino En Marcha (flyer)
  7 Latino Population (Newsclippings.)
  7.1 Martinez, Juan Jose (Candidate Detroit School Board)(flyer)
  8 Metro Detroit Latin - American Political Ad Hoc Committee (letterhead)
  9 Michigan Association for Political Action ( MAPA) (letterhead)
  10 Michigan Coalition of Concerned Hispanics (Program agendas).
  11.0 Michigan Education: "School directory. Ingham County Board of Education, 1960-1961"; School Racial Ethnic Census 1969-1970 by MI Dept. of Education.
  11.1 Michigan Education: “The Year of the Hispanic Child” (Proposal Submitted to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the Hispanic Community of Michigan) (March 1990).
  12.0 Michigan Educational Opportunity Fund (MEOP) - Equity for Michigan Hispanics Now and in the Twenty-First Century: An Action Agenda (1990).
  12.1 Michigan Educational Opportunity Fund. Correspondence; Status Reports; Brochures; Proposals; Bylaws; flyers.
  13 Michigan Hispanics: Reports (including one from G. Salas on affirmative action and Hispanics at MSU), news articles, newsletter, bibliography (circa 1974 – 1985).
  14 Michigan Migrants:
  • Final Report: “[Michigan]Governor's Task force on Migrant Labor,” October 9, 1969.
  • “Research Programs for Communities and People,” Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, 1971.
  • Speech by James Bradley [MI House of Representatives] on the "quiet crisis" of migrants in Michigan. March 7, 1969.
  • “Publications available from the MSU Rural Manpower Center,” May 1971.
  • “A Better Day for Michigan Migrants,” Michigan Dept. of Education Bureau of Library Services (Summer 1969).
  • Job announcement for Migrant Education Research Assistant at MSU (no date).
  15 Michigan Migrants: “Report & Recommendations on the Status of Migratory Farm Labor in Michigan” (1968) and “Report & Recommendations A Field Study of Migrant Workers in Michigan” (1969) by Michigan Civil Rights Commission .
  16 Michigan Migrants: “Social and Economic Characteristics of Spanish Origin Hired Farmworkers in 1973,” by Leslie Whitener Smith. USDA.
  17 Michigan Observance of Villa Alegre Week 1977.
  18 Michigan Spanish Speaking Democrats
  19 MSU Adhoc Committee on Chicanos and Migrant Workers 1976. (1 of 3)
  20 MSU Adhoc Committee on Chicanos and Migrant Workers 1976. (2 of 3)
  21 MSU Adhoc Committee on Chicanos and Migrant Workers 1976. (3 of 3)
  22 "Final Report on the Role of MSU in Research, Service and Education for Chicanos."
  23 MSU Adhoc Committee on Chicanos and Migrant Workers (Final Report)(1977).
  24 MSU Adhoc Committee on Chicanos and Migrant Workers
  25 MSU – CASA (Communication and Spanish-Speaking Americans)
  26 MSU - CASA Reports 1-4 :
  • No. 1 Mass Communication and Hispanic Americans: A literature review
  • No. 2 Mass Communication and Hispanic Americans: A bibliography
  • No. 3 Hispanic American Communication Environments: Accounts of Hispanic Leaders in Six Western U.S. Communities
  • No. 4 Newspaper Perceptions of Hispanic American Issues in Six Western U.S. Communities
  27 MSU - CASA Reports 5-8:
  • No. 5 Mass Communication Behaviors and Attitudes Among Hispanic and Anglo Youth
  • No. 6 Interpersonal Communication and Hispanic Americans
  • No. 7 Mass Communication and Hispanic Americans: An annotated bibliography
  • No. 8 Interpersonal communications and Hispanic Americans: An annotated bibliography
  28 MSU - CASA Reports 9-11:
  • No. 9 Stylistic analysis of Newspaper Portrayals of Hispanic Americans in Six Western U.S. Communities
  • No. 10 Mass Communication Behaviors and Attitudes of Hispanic and Anglo Adults
  • No. 11 Content analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Hispanic Americans in Six Western U.S. Communities
  29 MSU CHISPA (Coalition of Hispanic Students for Progressive Action). Flyers (circa 1979, 80’s)
Box Folder Description
3 1 MSU CUA (Center for Urban Affairs) Reports (1970 – 1971):
  • Research Report No. 1 Survey of Minority Group Participation in the Graduate Programs at MSU.
  • Research Report No. 2 Computer programs for maximum likelihood factor analysis…CDC 6500 computer.
  • Research Report No. 3 A Reanalysis of the post secondary educational plans of Michigan high school graduates (1970).
  • Research Report No. 4 Analysis of the 1969-1970 Academic tutorial program at MSU
  • Research Report No. 5 Malnutrition and learning
  2 MSU CUA reports # 6, 8-12 (1971):
  • Research Report No. 6, Survey of Academic (Tutorial) support at MSU
  • Research Report No. 8, Survey of Minority participation on Michigan Newspapers in Michigan Schools of Journalism.
  • Research Report No. 9, Survey of Minority participation in the Graduate Programs at MSU - - 1960-1971.
  • Research Report No. 10, The economics of the decision to go on welfare.
  • Research Report No. 11, Use of space in the classroom toward a study for the methodology of small group interaction (locomotive behavior).
  • Research Report No. 12, The Labor supply of AFDC recipients in New York City, 1967.
  3 MSU CUA reports #14-19 (1972 – 1973):
  • Research Report No. 14, The Preschooler Socioeconomic Status by Lawrence w. Lezotte, John H. Scweitzer, Donald Biskin.
  • Research Report No. 15, An Assessment of Education 450, Section 405 integration : an educational innovation by Lawrence W. Lezotte, John H. Schweitzer, Donald Biskin.
  • Research Report No. 16, An Evaluation of Operation Refuel by Sonia Ruiz and Lawrence W. Lezotte
  • Research Report No. 17, Some Notes on Modernization Models by Krishna Kumar.
  • Research Report No. 18, The Decision to Leave the Welfare System by Daniel Saks.
  • An Observation technique for new infants appropriate for use in the natural setting by Patricia W. Barnes-McConnell.
  4 MSU Minority Advisory Council (Summer Term 1979) (Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence)
  5 MSU Minority Advisory Council (Fall Term 1979) (Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence)
  6 MSU Minority Advisory Council (Winter Term 1980) (Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence)
  7.0 MSU Minority Advisory Council (Spring Term 1980)(Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence)
  7.1 MSU Minority Advisory Council Response to the Report, "Status of Hispanics at Michigan’s Land Grant Institution” (Appendices) (1987).
  8.0 MSU Report on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action at MSU, 1970-71.
  8.1 MSU Upward Bound Program, “Freedom’ 76.” Collection of “poetry, problems, protest.”
  9 Migrants: 3 Reports – 1) “Orientation to Multicultural Health Care in Migrant Programs” and 2) “Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Health Objectives for the Year 2000,” both by National Migrant Resource Program, Inc. Austin, TX. 3) “Recommendations to the Surgeon General to Improve Hispanic/Latino Health (June 1993),” US Dept of Health and Human Services.
  10 National Council of La Raza. Miscellaneous including NCLR's call for the Resignation of Clare Luce Booth; Transcript of Interview of Hispanics in Journalism with Rosa Morales, Felix Gutierrez, and others.
  11 Newspaper clippings on Latinos in Michigan 1975-1980.
  12 Resolutions [State of MI Chicano History Week 1981 and Hispanic Heritage Week 1985]
  13 Salas,Gumecindo. News articles, campaign literature, correspondence.
  14-28 Serials/Periodicals as follows:
  14 ArcoIris- Christmas
  15 Avance ( Washington, D.C.)
  16 Vida Nueva Bilingual Magazine (Las Vegas, NV) (April 1980-1981 inc)./ Q-VO
  17 Central Michigan University. Migrant Education News
  18 Christian Science Monitor ( Hispanic Population 5 part + series ).
  19 Dateline Puerto Rico (Sept-Oct. 1980; Summer 1982)
  20 El Vocero Mercantil ( New York).
  21 HOY ( Washington , D.C) (VOL. 2-3, INC.) Includes press release announcing end of committee (see also E 184 .M5 H6)
  22 La Red/The Net (61, 63-64, 66)
  23 Latino La Revista Para la Comunidad Hispana [LULAC] ( Denver ,CO)
  24 LULAC The Magazine for Today’s Latino
  25 Cutting Edge : Hispanic Educational Research Today. ASPIRA Center for Educational Equity
  26 MECCA Notes (Multi-Ethnic Counseling Center Alliance at MSU) (Fall Term, 1989)
  27 Migrant Health Newsline
  28 Revista de Derecho Puertorriqueno (1970, No. 38)
  29 Tropos (East Lansing , MI )
  30 Shaffer-Corona, Frank. Article: “Numbers Work Both Ways.”
  31 U.S Civil Service Commission 16 point program for employment of the spanish.1979.
  32 UCLA- Chicano Studies Research Center/ Annual Reports
  33-42 npublished Papers as follows:
  33 Barrera , Roy R . "The Social Psychology of the Mexican-American and the work situation.”
  34 Gonzales , Josue M. "Coming of Age in the Bilingual . . . ,” 1994.
  35 Falcon,Carlos. “Report on Bilingual Education,” 1975.
  36 Gomez, Fernando. “Writing Investigative Papers."
  37 Gonzales, Luis and Louis C.Murillo . "A Report on Bilingual . . . “ 1974.
  38 Halcon , John. "The Political Economy of Bilingual . . . , 1979.
  39 Mazon , M.Reyes. "Community, Home, Culture Awareness and Language Training (CHCALT),” 1974.
  40 Rio, Dr.Raul A. "Hispanic Awareness Program. A Progress Report,” (Saginaw,MI)(1994).
  41 Rio, Dr.Raul A and Bobby Deleon. "Violence and Education.”
  42 Rodriguez Raky , Santiago. “Affirmative Action and the Hispanic Community,” 1978.
  43 Wayne State University: Chicano Boricua Studies.
  44 Wayne State University: 1) Recognition and Awards Dinner for the Bilingual Endorsement Program 1990; 2) Conference on Strategies for Responding to the Multi-Cultural Challenge. 9/28/89 (program).
  45 Sister City Agreement Lansing, MI - Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico

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