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MSS 362

Peter Levine working papers, 1860-2000, bulk 1970-2000.Add to your cart.

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September 2010

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Donated by Dr. Peter Levine to MSU Libraries, 2000.

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Collection Summary:

24 boxes, arranged in series by books Peter Levine published or published in. The archive is arranged in 10 series, each series being a book Peter Levine wrote or co-authored, chapter Peter Levine wrote, history class material, and miscellaneous papers.

Series I: The behavior of state legislative parties in the Jacksonian Era

Series II: Draft evasion in the North during the Civil War, 1863- 1865

Series III: A.G. Spalding and the rise of baseball: The promise of American sport

Series IV: American sport: A documentary history

Series V: Sports and the American Jew edited by Steven A. Riess

Series VI: Ellis Island to Ebbets Field: Sport and the American Jewish experience

Series VII: Idols of the game: A sporting history of the American century

Series VIII: The Rabbi of Swat

Series IX: History Classes

Series X: Miscellaneous

Historical Background:

Born and raised in Brooklyn, a graduate of Columbia and Rutgers, Levine taught in the History department at Michigan State University since 1969, the year he left graduate school. Trained originally as a Jacksonian historian, Levine's scholarly and writing interests expanded to encompass the entire 19th century and beyond. His works engaged in a wide range of interrelated themes and topics, including the immigrant experience and assimilation. Peter Levine retired from MSU in 2000 and now lives in Brooklyn where he continues to write. He is also an actor, appearing in numerous productions in New York and throughout the Northeast. Dr. Levine is currently a faculty member at Columbia University in the Sports Management Program. He teaches Socio-Historical Foundations of American Sport. His writings include A.G. Spalding and the Rise of Baseball (1985), American Sport: A Documentary History (1989), Ellis Island to Ebbets Field: Sport and the American Jewish Experience (1992), Idols of the Game (1995 with Robert Lipsyte), Sports and the American Jew (1997), a novel: The Rabbi of Swat (1999). He served as the editor of the journal Baseball History for five years and was a consultant on Ken Burns' PBS documentary Baseball.

Processing Note:

Processed by Leslie M. Behm, July 2009 - October 2010.


Boxes 1-24

Box 1

Series I: The behavior of state legislative parties in the Jacksonian Era

  • Philadelphia Social History Project (Progress Report)
  • Proposal for book; press release from Fairleigh University Press

Series II: Draft evasion in the North during the Civil War, 1863-1865

Research and office papers

  • A quantitative study of Civil War desertion: North Carolina as a test case [source unknown]
  • Abzug, Robert H. The Copperheads: Historical approaches to Civil War dissent in the Midwest. Indiana Magazine of History. 1970. (pp. 40-55)
  • American Philosophical Society grant application
  • Articles, notes, letters related to draft resistance in Pennsylvania
  • Barbara H.
  • Bibliography
  • Book & Grant Proposals; used revision of old essay (several pgs. only 0 7/7/1978)
  • Box of seven rolls of microfilm from the National Archives of the United States related to the Civil War enrollment registers
  • Chapter 10 from the Armies of the Streets; Army and Navy. XII offices by persons not in military or naval service; Blue print for modern America: Nonmilitary legislation of the Frist Civil War Congress; Raising armies before the Civil War [source unknown]; Statistics (Vote for president 1860) [source unknown]; Commutation: Democratic or undemocratic? by Hugh G. Earnhart. CWIT v XII(2):132-143), June 1966.; Middle Coast [source unknown]; Report of the Secretary of War [n.d.]; Thirty-seventh Congress, Sess III; Handwritten pages -illegible.
  • Chapter II: Labor shortage and the federal government in the war [source unknown]
  • Chapter V: National conscription comes to the North [ source unknown]
  • Chapter X: Draft dodges, deserters, and resisters; Chapter XI: Aliens, Indians, and Blacks [source unknown]
  • Civil War draft resistance in Illinois by Robert E. Sterling {source unknown]
  • Code Book Draft Data
  • Coding forms
  • Computer File Printouts
  • Computer ideas; All-University Research Initiation (AURI) grant application
  • Computer notes, computer to do Summer '78
  • Computer Notes on Examined files, File 2 FTR Inde. Variable
  • Computer output
  • Conflict in the Old Keystone: Anti-war sentiment in Pennsylvania, 1860-65. PhD dissertation by Arnold Shankman, Emory University, 1972
  • Maps-research [Legal draft evasion in the Civil War]
  • Materials related to computer analysis and tables for paper [folder #2]

Box 2

  • Congressional directories losses at battles list.
  • Congressional directory for the Second Session of the Thirty-seven Congress of the United States of America. First edition. Washington, 1861.
  • Congressional Districts by counties, 38th Congress, 1864
  • Congressional District Maps [n.d.]
  • Congressional RC votes
  • Copies of letters from Provost Marshal's office -Maryland
  • Copies of letters from Provost Marshal's office -New York
  • Copies of letters from Provost Marshal's office -Wisconsin plus Peter Levine's notes
  • Copies of pages from Shankman, Arnold. Conflict in the old Keystone: antiwar sentiment in Pennsylvania, 1960-1865, (PhD, 1972, Emory, Ill.)
  • Copy of pages from "Desertion during the Civil War" ?? section on sanctuaries of Union deserters [source unknown]
  • Correspondence from various Provost Marshal Generals' office including Levine's notes.
  • Correspondence to James Fry from various individuals
  • Count breakdown of 27 most evasive draft districts based on congressional directory for 38th (Congress) 864
  • Data entry sheets- various states
  • Detroit Tribune. January 14, 1865. Front page. Vol. XXIX -number 156.
  • Draft evasion in the American Civil War: Quantitative considerations by Floyd Kemske
  • Draft evasion in the South during the first World War. Thesis by Judith Anne Sealander. University of Arkansas. 1971
  • Draft evasion in the United States during the Civil War: A quantitative assessment of a widespread behavior pattern by Floyd Kemske. The flight from organization: Northern draft evasion in the American Civil War, 1863-1865 by Floyd Kemske
  • Draft proposal for funding from the American Philosophical Society
  • Earnhart, Hugh G. The administrative organization of the Provost Marshal General's Bureau in Ohio, 1863-1865. Northwest Ohio Quarterly. 1965. (pp 87-99)
  • Evasion statistics
  • Floyd Kremske's proposal. Paper by Floyd Kemke " The enrollment act of 1863: The North accepts conscription"
  • Geary, James W. A lesson in trial and error: The United States Congress and the Civil War draft, 1962-1865. 1976 PhD dissertation. Kent State University, Ohio.
  • General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, The National Archives. Preliminary Inventory of Records of the Provost Marshal General's Bureau (Civil War) (Record Group 110) New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • File I CD Ranking %FTR ALL
  • Grant application to the National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellowship for College Teachers
  • Grant information; summary of the research project
  • Grant proposal application Jan 1979 – American Council of Learned Societies
  • Henry Wilson: Practical Radical. A portrait of a politician by Ernest McKay. National University Publications. Kennikat Press: Port Washington, NY.
  • Illinois population data by county. % foreign born
  • Informal grant request to the Center for Advanced Research. Naval War College. September 28, 1977
  • Kemske drafts
  • List of boxes in the record group: Department of Defense: Military Records: Civil War [National Archives]
  • Maps -research [Illegal draft evasion in the Civil War]
  • Massachusetts and the recruitment of southern Negroes, 1863-1865. Richard H. Abbott. From Civil War History, p. 197-210; Notes on Abbott, Richard H. Massachusetts and the recruitment of Southern Negroes, 1863-1865. CWH (XIV, (1968), 197-210 and Notes on Abbott, Richard H. Massachusetts and the recruitment of Southern Negroes, 1863-1865. CWH (XIV, (1968), 197-210
  • Materials related to computer analysis and tables for paper [folder #1]
  • Material related to Michigan and the Civil War, 1863-1865.
  • Levine's comments on statistical analysis
  • Letters to Theodor Hershberg, Mr. Paul Stellhorn, notes on outline of book and various conversations with people (Eric Austin, various computer & research development people)

Box 3

  • Military operations of the Civil War. A guide-index to the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865. Volume II: Main Eastern Theater of Operations. 5th fascicle, containing section N: "Checklist of recognized military operations by state and date" and Section O: "Checklist of recognized military operations by state, county, and date". The National Archives. National Archives and Records Service. General Services Administration. Washington. 1972
  • Military psychiatry: The Civil War, 1861-1865 by Albert Deutsch from One hundred years of American psychiatry. American Psychiatric Association, published by Columbia Press. 1944
  • Misc. Reprints of statutes
  • Mortality rates/draft districts.; Places of origin of US regiments,; Region/draft district [copes??]
  • Multiple regression analysis
  • Nasby divers views, opinions, and prophecies of yours truly Petroleum V. Nabsy. 6th ed. Cincinnati: R. W. Carroll & Co. 1866
  • (NM-65) Preliminary inventory of the records fo the Provost Marshal General's Bureau (Civil War) (Record Group 110). Part 1. The Provost Marshal General's office and its successor, The Enrollment Division of the Adjutant General's Office. Compiled by Patricia Andrews. The National Archives. National Archives and Records Service. General Services Administration. 1966
  • (NM-71) Preliminary inventory of the records of the Provost Marshal General's Bureau (Civil War) Part III. New York. Compiled by Patricia Andrews. The National Archives. National Archives and Records Service. General Services Administration. 1966
  • (NM76) Preliminary inventory of the records of the Provost Marshal General's Bureau (Civil War) (Record Group 110) Part V Delaware and Maryland District of Columbia, Wast Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri. Compiled by Patricia Andrews, Ellen Garrison and Mark German. The National Archives. National Archives and Records Service. General Services Administration. March 1967
  • (NM-82) Preliminary inventory of the records of the Provost Marshal General's Bureau (Civil War) Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Compiled by Patricia Andrews, Ellen Garrison and Mark German. The National Archives. National Archives and Records Service. General Services Administration. May 1967
  • New Jersey #5 3rd draft -individuals
  • New Jersey related articles: The political front in Civil War New Jersey by Maurice Tandler; Charles Sumner and the New Jersey railroad monopoly during the Civil War by David Trask; copies of handwritten letters
  • Notes for D.C. trip 2/11/1978
  • Notes, ideas on/from various sources
  • Notes on coding errors and other coding comments
  • Notes on Foner, Eric. The causes of the Civil War: Recent interpretations and new directions. Civil War History. P. 197-214
  • Notes on G.W. Tredway. Democratic opposition to the Lincoln Administration in Indiana. Indiana Historical Collections, vol. XLVIII. Indiana Historical Bureau. 1973 xv, 433.
  • Notes on James Geary's analysis of congressional response to conscription
  • Notes on paper(s) by Murdoch; pages from an unidentified source.
  • Notes on Pye, Lucian W. Armies in the process of political modernization. in J.J. Johnson, (ed). The Role of the military in underdeveloped countries. Princeton. 1962 pp.69-89
  • Notes on references and computer output pages (Box #1)
  • Notes on references and computer output pages (Box #2)

Box 4

  • Notes on Wm Itter, 1941 PhD U.S.C. Conscription in Pennsylvania during the Civil War
  • Notes related to computer analysis
  • Pages from Jack Leach. Conscription in the United States. Rutland, VT: C.E. Tuttle Pub Co. 1952. notes on it included
  • Part I Policy making file notes used
  • Proposal for paper
  • Religion [Statistics of the churches]
  • Research notes (N.A.) PMG office
  • Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. Volume VIII -1861-1865. (c) 1868. [ list of FTR's -name, residence, district, remarks]
  • Report of the Executive Committee of the New England Loyal Publications Society. May 1, 1865. Boston: No. 8 Studio Building. 1865 including some handwritten notes by Levine
  • Report of the Provost Marshal General [Geo. E. Scott]. date unknown
  • Richard O. Curry. The Union as it was: A critique of recent interpretations of the "Copperheads" from Civil War History. P. 25-29
  • Robert L. Peterson and John A. Hudson. Foreign recruitment for Union forces.
  • [Serial 12J2 39th cy Hexel.doc 1st (note by author?)]; Register of officers detailed as acting assistant provost marshals general, under the act approved March 3, 1863. Report of the Provost Marshal General. Document 33
  • Session papers (No. 32) A.1864
  • Some opinions on exemption from military service in nineteenth-century Europe by Nuria Sales de Bohigas [source unknown]
  • Southern Sympathizers in Iowa during the Civil War period by Frank C. Arena. from Civil War Copperheads
  • STATE DRAFT STATISTICS (4 drafts) by Cong district includes failed to report, etc.; *use for coding
  • Statistics [no interpretation]; data entry sheets
  • "The Civil War draft as a stimulus for recruitment in the middle West: A case of success?" [source unknown]
  • The flight from organization: Northern draft evasion in the American Civil War, 1863-1865. Floyd Kemske
  • The Life of Henry Wilson, 1812-1875 by Richard H. Abbott. University of Kentucky Press.
  • The nature and extent of draft evasion in the North during the American Civil War by Floyd Kemske.; Notes on Moore, Albert B. Conscription and conflict in the Confederacy. NY: MacMillan Co. 1925
  • The opposition to Selective Service, 1916-1918 by Robert W. Dubay. Southern Quarterly v.7 (April 1969): 301-322
  • Urbanization statistics
  • Variables and codes (extra copy)
  • Various articles on the Copperhead Movement
  • Various notes and reference service slips (GPO)
  • Wealth [Real and personal real estate]
  • William G. Shade. "Revolutions may go backwards": The American Civil War and the problem of political development. Social Science Quarterly. Dec 1974


  • (9/28/99) Key Ideas and Revisions to consider
  • 12/20/1977 -suggestions after being away from the material for 2 months
  • Appendix I [draft]. Correspondence from Floyd Kemske
  • Comments from Richard Brown with revisions
  • Conclusions
  • Copy with maps, no particular order to the pages even with numbers
  • Draft (193-194 note... but no effort to analyze partps) [ many notes on paper]
  • Draft -all done except for table I; 27 counties
  • Draft evasion in the North during the American Civil War, 1863-1865 [clean copy, draft or final -unknown]
  • Draft of part of essay and grant proposal draft
  • Drafts of the tables for essay
  • Draft with comments from Richard Brown, U of CT
  • Footnotes used
  • Ideas and criticisms
  • Idea File. (July 1978) -includes comments on previous revisions, outlines, FONER'S LETTER, etc.; to be looked at fully in revising essay
  • Kansas talk on the Draft
  • Manuscript of paper -no date, revision listed. No editorial changes appear.
  • Manuscript-revision date unknown
  • Notes and drafts
  • Notes and revisions on some of the pages; table 4: Correlations for the July 1863 draft
  • Notes for p. 36-38 about physical disabilities
  • Outline for computer and study

Box 5

  • Peter Levine's notes to self on various parts of the paper [date unknown]
  • Recommendations of the second reader
  • Reprints (3 copies)
  • Reprints from the Journal of American History (Volume LXVII, No. 4, March 1981)
  • Review Essay (new and old)
  • Revision notes based on comments from reviewers and editors
  • Table 2, 4, 6; miscellaneous statistical sheets
  • Tables 4, 5, 6
  • Tables 4, 5, 6 [no date given]
  • Undated copy of manuscript
  • Undated draft with significant revisions
  • Undated draft with significant revisions
  • Various groups of pages from manuscript
  • Version of parts of essay (7/7//78) To be looked at and used rewriting -Includes what does FTR mean? draft evasion hypothesis; moderning & draft. Conscp. policymaking. Draft talk outline (2/27/78)


  • Correspondence [Mrozek, Earnhart, Floyd, Kemske, letter to Shankman]
  • Letter from Grace Palladino Menzel with copy of her dissertation overview
  • Queries from Lewis Perry, editor of the Journal of American History

Series III: A.G. Spalding and the rise of baseball: the promise of an American sport

Research and office files

  • 1912, 1914-1916 copies of pages from Spalding's official baseball guide; History of the world's tour Chicago White Sox and New York Giants by Ted Sullivan
  • [1916?] Spalding's official baseball guide
  • A better team than money could buy" from Today (Philadelphia Inquirer) April 17, 1977
  • Additional material for last chapter – newspaper clippings mainly
  • AGS on baseball (1890) Cosmopolitan Magazine 1890. Material used for 1870-1890 lectures.
  • Anson: ball player's career
  • Around the world with American baseball: Albert G. Spalding and his worl[d] tour by Peter Levine; miscellaneous documents on baseball
  • Articles and notes relating to social import
  • Articles of the beginnings of baseball some from Spalding's official base ball guide
  • Articles related to various businesses of Spalding
  • Bartlett -BB & MR Spalding
  • Baseball in Old Chicago, FWP, 1938 & AGS on BB in Army & Navy
  • Business chpt. misc. incld 1881 Mich. Gazette. Notes from BB...& Xeroxes on AG Spalding Baseball policy, etc.
  • Calif. Law PC [various letters [Point Loma Publications, Wrigley Jr. Co., etc. requesting information on AGS with some answers]
  • California miscellaneous: Fletcher, Ed. Memoirs of Ed Fletcher. San Diego:n.p. 1952); Heroic figure passes from the stage. World of Base Ball, Sept 18, 1915 (tribute to Spalding); A. G. Spalding for Senator.; Last tribute to A.G. Spalding paid by reverent throng gathered near blossom-decked casket at Pt. Loma. San Diego Union. September 12, 1915
  • Chapter V. The American invasion of 1874 from Cricketer's Annuals (1875 edition)
  • Chicago Historical Society, Chicago BB Club -notes taken
  • Chicago BB club, Chicago Historical Society Chicago trip: miscellaneous
  • Chicago trip: miscellaneous
  • Community centers – research articles, notes
  • "Commy": the life story of Charles A. Comisky. (Xerox of pages related to the world tour); Xerox of David Voight. American through baseball related to the world tour; Levine's notes related to the world tour; letter to Mr. Creamer suggesting a story on the world tour
  • Cooperstown: Mills/Spalding papers
  • Getting on in the world or Hints on success in life by William Matthews. (Chicago, S.C.Griggs & Co. 1874)
  • Greenwalt on Point Loma
  • Harriet Spalding’s memoirs [AGS 1st wife]
  • History of the World's Tour Chicago White Sox and New York Giants by Ted Sullivan 1912, 1914-1916 World Tour (Copies of Spalding's official guide to baseball (not 1913))

Box 6

  • Information on Spalding’s death including write-up in the Spalding News
  • Last Will and Testament, filed June 28. 1917
  • Levine's notes on various sources related to early baseball
  • List of testimonial letters in response to American Sports Publishing; references to be looked at (NYP); Eleutherian Mills letters
  • Lowenfish -Imperfect Diamond [chapters from]
  • Main themes, possibilities, concl.
  • Material for possible inclusion
  • Material used for chapter one -mainly Levine's notes on William Mathew's Getting on in the world
  • Materials relating to San Diego where AGS moved after marrying his second wife
  • Miscellaneous chapters, notes, etc. (several articles on Spalding's death and one article on Mrs. Elizabeth Churchill Spalding's death)
  • Mills -Cooperstown (Mills' correspondence)
  • Newberry Library grant application
  • Notes for Chapter II, circa 7/28/75
  • Notes on Spalding genealogy
  • Notes on various references
  • NYPL (AGS Collection)
  • NY Times – reference articles
  • Palmer, et. al -world tour
  • Personal life [Chicago] notes to show how not as involved to degree as others in Chicago civic affairs
  • Peter Levine's notes to self ~July 1985
  • Spalding -MSU/Ann Arbor [references, some with call numbers]
  • Spalding chronology
  • Spalding genealogy
  • Summary of expenses of a grant. Outline of chapters of the book
  • Summary of Peter Levine's research; undated very rough draft of manuscript
  • Touching bases around the world; Warren Jay Goldsteins' doctoral proposal "Playing for keeps : A social and cultural history of professional baseball." Yale University.; Levine, Peter. The promise of sport in antebellum America. Journal of American Culture. [n.d.]: pp. 623-633 (2 copies)
  • Various articles on baseball from Spalding’s official base ball guide by AGS, and about AGS
  • Various photocopies related to the trip around the world
  • Voight. American Baseball. miscellaneous pages from chapter 11, 14, 21, 22
  • Voigt: American BB [Amateur Era, Age of "Pop" Anson, and other various chapters]
  • Xerox of Guide to baseball literature edited by Anton Grobani

Box 7


  • Bibliography and parts of manuscript
  • Chapter I handwritten draft mainly
  • Chapter III handwritten draft
  • Chapter IV handwritten draft
  • Chapter V handwritten draft
  • Chapter VI handwritten draft
  • Chapter VII handwritten draft
  • Detailed outline of chapters. Excerpts from chapters. Touching bases around the world: Albert G. Spalding and the business of baseball [Smithsonian Magazine]
  • Draft (galley?) 10/11/84
  • Drafts for publisher of some chapters
  • Drafts of Around the world with American baseball: Albert G. Spalding and his world tour of 1888-1889
  • Duplicates of some of the photos, some negatives.
  • Excerpts from a presentation given to PSAL, Oct 7, 1908
  • Final revised draft (to be retyped in part for Oxford)
  • Final version rough draft [no date]
  • Galley proof with line numbers, note to "keep this set" no corrections noticed

Box 8

  • Handwritten and typed drafts of pages from the book and from the article “Around the World”
  • Manuscript -copy to be kept
  • Manuscript draft (undated) appears to be mainly work on placement of footnotes
  • Manuscript typed with footnotes (minor revisions)
  • Manuscript undated under earlier title "America's sportsman" Albert Spalding and the promise of sport [some corrections]

Box 9

  • Major edits
  • Master with some editorial corrections
  • Oxford revisions chapter 2 and miscellaneous.
  • Oxford revisions. Chapter 3, etc. Materials used and drafts of new sections.
  • Paper for OAH (Organization of American Historians) Touching bases around the world
  • Photocopy of "final copy"?
  • Photos not used: Spalding in front of residence at Point Loma; Rockford's First Major Leaguers: The Forest Citys; Mrs. Wm. Thayer Brown nee Mary Lorette Spalding, sister of A.G. $ Walter. National Archery Champion [n.d.]
  • Photos used minus the typical advertisements for Spalding products appearing in their publications
  • Preface and introduction handwritten draft
  • Preliminary top choices [photos for book] sent to Oxford
  • Preliminary other possibilities for photos for book
  • Revised Oxford Chapter 3
  • Revisions. This is my Who's Who references fix -chapter 6. Various other articles relating to San Diego.
  • Revisions to section on World Tour
  • Second copy. Manuscript under title: America's Sportsman: Albert Spalding and the promise of sport. [n.d.]

Box 10

  • Summary of Levine's research: Undated very rough draft of manuscript
  • Touching base around the world: Albert G. Spalding and the business of baseball by Peter Levine
  • Undated manuscript
  • Xerox of Reproduction


  • Book author at Flint Public Libraries 10/2/1985
  • Book reviews and letters
  • Book Reviews
  • Correspondence, 1983-1984
  • Correspondence -letters of inquiry to people
  • Correspondence -mainly from Oxford Press
  • Correspondence, photo, promo, etc. from 1984-[actually requests for photos, copy editing]
  • Correspondence -regarding completed book
  • Letters to historical societies, libraries, and individuals regarding AGS [A.G. Spalding]
  • Miscellaneous correspondence
  • Partial undated manuscript
  • Publicity photo – Lansing State Journal [Levine with book]
  • Touching bases around the world -rejection letter from Sports Illustrated with copy. Letter with copy to Smithsonian about possible publication in Smithsonian Magazine

Series IV: American sport: A documentary history

Research and office notes

  • 1929 Carnegie bibliography on sport in America
  • Adelman, Melvin L. The city and the rise of modern sport, 1820-1870: The New Your experience [n.d., unknown source]
  • Articles written by Red Grange or about him; articles on Babe Didrikson Zaharias; Barton, Bruce. The book nobody knows. Collier's The National Weekly for January 2, 1926
  • Baseball and the American Dream. George Grella. Massachusetts Review 1975
  • Betts, John R. American medical thought on exercise as the road to health, 1820-1860. [source unknown, no date]
  • Betts, John R. Sporting journalism in nineteenth century America. American Quarterly [no date, no volume]
  • Bloch, Raymond, translated by Allen Grieco. Sports in the Ancient World. Diogenes #4 (summer 1976) p. 53-77
  • Business of sports -college. Intercollegiate athletics
  • Carson, Jean. Colonial Virginians at play. 1965. [source unknown]
  • Chapter 9: The Olympics preserved from Madell, Richard. The Nazi Olympics. NY: Macmillan Co. [no date]
  • Cole, Arthur C. Our sporting grandfathers: The cult of athletics at its source. The Atlantic Monthly. 1932
  • College Athletics [no source, no date]
  • Crosset, Todd. Masculinity, sexuality, and the development of early modern sport. (chapter 3). Kimmel, Michael S. Baseball and the reconstitution of American masculininty, 1880-1920 (chapter 4). [unknown source, no date]
  • Danforth, Brian J. Hoboken and the affluent New Yorker's search for recreation, 1820-1860. New Jersey History. 1977 pp. 133-144
  • Dulles, Foster Rhea. A history of recreation, America learns to play (2nd edition). NY: Appletion-Century-Crofts. 1965 (1st edition) 1940
  • Edwards, Richard Henry. Popular amusements. Studies in Americn Social Conditions-8. NY: Association Press. 1915
  • Emily Greenspan. Little Winners. NY Times. Mar 1981 [magazine]; Student Athletes by John Underwood. Sports Illustrated May 19, 1980
  • Fielding, Lawrence W. War and trifles: Sport in the shadows of Civial War Army life. Journal of Sports History. vol. 4 Summer 1977. pp 151-168.; Fielding, Lawrence W. The terrrible swift sword and the baseball bat: Exploring some functions of sport along the road to Appomattox. [manuscript -n.d.]
  • Fink, Ruth White, Recreational pursuits in the old South. The Research Quarterly [n.d] pp.28-37.
  • Guttman, Allen. From ritual to record: The nature of modern sports. NY:Columbia Press, 1976. and Peter Levine's notes
  • Halberstam, David. Ordeal of an oarsman: A world-clas rower's struggle to make the U.S. Olympic Team. Harvard Magazine, May-June 1985. pp 44-56.
  • Harrison, Brian. Religion and recreation in nineteenth-center England {unknown source, no date]
  • Henderson, Robert W. Ball, Bat, and Bishop. NY: Rockport Press 1947.
  • Higgins, TW. Saints and their bodies. [source unknown, no date]
  • Hobbs, Joseph P. Beezly, William H. American sports: History and socializing (an earlier version of the essay was published in Choice. 13(2) , February 1977)

Box 11

  • Hogan, Lawrence D. (New Jersey Historical Society). NEH Grant proposal for conference. Before you can say Jackie Robinson --The History of Black Baseball in America in the Era of the Color Line, 1885-1950. 7/19/1988
  • Holliman, Jennie. American sports. [source unknown, no date] and Peter Levine's notes
  • Interview with Harry Edwards. "Garages are full of tennis balls and rackets where people have given up......Nobody wants to be a nobody in sports." Seven Days, March 14, 1977. p35–
  • Jebsen, Harry Jr. Sports: A microcosm of Twentieth-century America. The Forum Series FA 153. pp 1-13 [n.d.]
  • Jesse Owens and the triumph of Black Olympians [manuscript -no author, no date]
  • Kirsch, George B. The rise of modern sports: New Jersey cricketers, baseball players, and clubs, 1845-60. NJH, 101 (Sp/Sum, 1983): 53-84
  • Law and contemporary problems. Vol. 38(1) Winter-Spring 1973
  • Lewis, Guy M. America's first intercollegiate sport: The regattas rom 1852-1875. Research Quarterly. 33(4) 637-648. approx.1966
  • MAGIC [Earvin Johnson} Sports Illustrated. Vol. 75(22). Nov. 18, 1991. Pp. 16-46
  • Materials from Mark Naison : Sports for the people, articles on scholarships
  • Materials from Sport for the People
  • Miscellaneous sports: racing, physical education, health and happiness, physical development and its relationship to mental and spiritual development, Embodied selves--Physical education, 1776-`865. College sports, Sports with the veil-triumphs, tragedies, challenges of Afro-American involvement.
  • Modern sports: In search of interpretations [Book Reviews} Journal of Social History. Vol 13. Winter 1979
  • Mrozek, Donald J. Fitting sport into the study of history: Test-cases for the application of recent methodologies. [presented at the conference of the North American Society for Sport History; University of Maryland; May 24-27, 1978]. Commentary by Lee Elihu Lowenfish as well as his commentary on Levine's The promise of sport in Ante Bellum America
  • Mrozek, Donald J. Social and performance elites in North American skiing 1935 vs 1975. [for presentation at the North American Society for Sport History, 3rd Annual Convention, Boston, MA, 1975]
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  • A documentary history of sport in America -draft with reference materials
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  • Correspondence with Don, Department of History, Kansas State University

Series V: Sports and the American Jew edited by Steven A. Riess

  • "Our Crowd" at play: The elite Jewish Country Club in the 1920s -chapter in Sports and the American Jew 2000

Box 12

Series VI: Ellis Island to Ebbets Field: sports and the American Jewish experience

Research and office notes

  • 1936-1942 Baseball players by name and team
  • 1988 Directory of Jewish Historical Societies and related agencies of North America.; Letter from largest & oldest Jewish Sport Organization in the U.S. --The Jewish Basketball League
  • 36th Annual B'nai B'rith sports award dinner. Sunday June 28, 1987. NY. NY.
  • "A better team than money could buy" from Today (Philadelphia Inquirer) April 17, 1977 Abel Kiviat Interview; Abel Kiviat introduction by Bill Simons, Adolph Schayes introduction by Bill Simons; Doug Shaprio introduction by Bill Simons; letter from Bill Simons to Peter Levine
  • Active research: Baseball
  • Active research: Basketball
  • Active research: Boxing
  • Active research: Labor, immigrant culture, CCNY etc.
  • Activity evidence chapter revision notes
  • America Athletes in ... (5.29.84)
  • American Basketball League financials [1948-1951]; statistics [1935/36, 1940/41, 1950]; press releases [Hank Rosenstein, Scranton (Saracheck's team)];Brief history of the American Basketball League
  • "An introduction to the Jew in American Sport" by Bill Simons
  • Application for All-University Research Support [MSU] June, 1986
  • Application for Lennie Sachs’ induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • Article clippings from Minn. newspapers
  • Article on Dux; Partial interviews -Gotthoffer, Zaslofsky, Kaplan; Auerbach, Schayesl, Danny Schayes; Hertzberg, Krinsky, Cohen, Haskell, Goldman, Judenfried
  • Articles and preliminary data of the Irene Kaufman Settlement House -1935 from the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
  • Articles by Haskell Cohen; article on synogague in Cairo mentioned in Cohen's article
  • Articles from the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
  • Articles from the Jewish Digest
  • Articles from the YMHA Bulletin, News Releases, Constitution, Notes of the Athletic Council
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  • Articles on Adolph Schayes
  • Articles on Barney Sedran
  • Articles on collegiate sports
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  • Articles on Jay Dakelman from the Jewish Historical Society of Central Jersey
  • Articles on Lennie Rosenbluth
  • Articles on or by Nat Holman including bio for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Articles on revision (3/90) 9 from Interlibrary Loan
  • Articles on various players -Balter, Al Schacht, Al Rosen, Goody Rosen, Sam Nahem, college sports, JTA columns by Haskell Cohen, The JWB Circle Vol. XXXVII, no. 4, July 1980
  • Background material for American Jewish History article and Chapter 11 (Marty Glickman and Olympics)
  • Baseball, 1955-, notes on
  • BB Players -questions and list of players
  • Basketball chapter 3: Atlas Club articles, filled out questionnaires
  • Basketball (various years of the Reach Official Basket Ball Guide and of the Converse Basketball Yearbook)
  • Benny Friedman Interview Sept 5, 1980
  • Biederman, Les. Clown Prince Schacht. . . King in Retirement. The Sporting News, March 13, 1941
  • Biographies of Inductees into the Leo Yassenoff Jewish Center Sports Hall of Fame 1979
  • Biographies of Moe Berg, Harry Feldman, Al Rosen. J. Erskine Mayer, Steven Greenberg, Sidney Gordon, Steve Stone, Sam Bohne, Arthur Shamsky, Sandy Koufax, Ken Holtzman

Box 13

  • Boxing: Barney Ross, Benny Leonard
  • Boxing: Joseph Coffee, Davey Day, Morris Billingkoff, Jewish athletes from Rhode Island, Charlie Rosenberg, Morrrie Bloom scrapbook
  • Boxing -List of champions
  • Boxing (Minn. Historical Society Oral History interview – Ernie Fliegel)
  • Boxing (to do) various articles
  • Cahan, Abraham. Yekl, A tale of the New York Ghetto (N.Y., D. Appleton and Co., 1896) and Peter Levine's note on it
  • Certificate of Incorporation -Atlas Athletic Club of NY (org. 1898, inc.1907)
  • Chapter 6: Cohen at bat; Newspaper clippings; Peter Levine's notes on possible revisions
  • Chapter 9: “Fighting for all my people”: Jewish champions and American heroes [revision date unknown]
  • Chapters from "Jews and Judaism in a Midwestern Community: Columbus , OH 1840-1975 by Max Lee Raphael. 1979 Ohio HIstorical Society, Columbus, OH.
  • Chapter 10 F revisions. articles from the American Hebrew and various newspaper clippings
  • Chicago, 1988 trip. Chicago Historical Society, Jewish People's Institute, and Chicago Sports Lodge B'nai Brith
  • Chicago Tribune article on Max Baer June 23. 1934; an article in Hebrew
  • Clippings from Nebraska newspapers (mainly boxing)
  • Clippings on Cy Block
  • Clippings on Max Zaslofsky including nomination form for induction to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Clippings on Nat Holman
  • Cohen, Haskell. Basketball resume
  • Columns for the JTA by Haskell Cohen
  • Country club/college chapter draft -Articles from the American Hebrew
  • Country club -July 7, 1918 YMHA picnic Fortuna Park; YHMA -Shemanski, Staadecker, Robert Block, Herbert Lipman
  • Current to do file F/92
  • Dallas, TX Young Hebrew Men's Association material
  • Dominick Cavallo. Muscels & morals: organized playgrounds & urban reform, 1880 - 1920
  • Eisen, George. The Maccabiah games: A history of Jewish Olympics. Doctoral dissertation. 1979
  • Egypt 1980 [Israel and Egypt meeting in the Catskills to talk sports]
  • Entreprenuers, Kaplan,Oscar Feldman
  • Entreprenurial material
  • Excerpts from Survey of Detroit Jewish Community, 1923 Part X
  • Frank Basloe (basketball). Chapter 4: ...Into high-toned Americans, Chapter 5: "I became the first "Globetrotter" at sixteen. Chapter 7: We became "world champions"
  • Frank Ribalow notes
  • General material
  • Glickman essay
  • Glickman, Marty: The voice of NY
  • HC [Haskell Cohen] – Israel/Maccabiah [not relevant on folder front]
  • Hall of Fame Baseball biographies
  • Hall of Fame -miscellaneous
  • Handwritten interview -author unknown
  • Hank Greenberg Memorial Invitational
  • Hank Greenberg -tribute in Congressional Record --Senate, September 17, 1986.; letter to Carl Levin from Ed Gramlich asserting that Greenberg was not the first "big time" Jewish player in the majors; that Morris Berg was
  • Hapgood. The spirit of the ghetto, Studies of the Jewish quarter of New York (1902) [excerpts]
  • Harvard articles [Ed Krinsky]
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  • ILGWU (ILGWA) various articles
  • Immigrant contribution to American popular music by Edward Pesson, May 16-17, 1986 (New York Historical Society's Conference on New York City Immigrants.; Ceremonies of "Civil Judaism" among Sephardic Jews of Los Angeles by Stephen Stern (Western Folklore 47 (April, 1988): 103-128.; Competitive Sports in Jewish Community Centers -Problems and possible solutions by Hillel Ruskin (Journal of Communal Service vol. LIII (3) (Mar 1977):268-277
  • Information from the NY Public Library [front of folder said #5 Maccabiah]
  • Information on various Dux Clubs. Materials related to interviews.
  • Information on Edward Itzzy Feinberg

Box 14

  • Interview with Aldoph Schayes [transcription?] 2 copies. One clearly from American Jewish History
  • Interviews with Art Shamsky, William "Red" Holzman, Saul Robovin, Anddy Cotten, Howard Cosell, Max Zaslofsky, Ray (Ramil) Arcel
  • Interview with Carl R. Abrams and May Abrams, interviewed by Elli Wohlgelernter, Nov 20, 1980
  • Interview with Doug Shapiro -September 22, 1985 by William Simons
  • Interview with Harry Danning August 7, 1985 -#1
  • Interview with Irwin Shaw August 28, 1985
  • Interview with Irwin Shaw August 28, 1985 (2 copies)
  • Interview with Marshall Goldberg [transcription]
  • Interview with Marty Glickman, Sept 10, 1985
  • Interview with Richard Savitt done by Elli Wohlgelernter
  • Irving Bernstein/Harold Judenfriend
  • Jewish All-American Gridders, Elise Burgin declind comment on replacemnt by Chris Evert, Lansing State Journal (7/31/1988); Wjem Sod was Caesar, Sports Illustrated (2/1/1988); Jews in sports by Paul Gould, The American Hebrew v.157(52): 4/23/1948; Champions All -Americans All. The American Hebrew. v 158(43) 2/18/1948; No bones about it by Jill Lieber. Sports Illustrated (8/28/1989); Book review of The Jew in American Sports by Harold U.
  • Ribalow. The American Hebrew v. 158(1) 4/30/1948; 2nd copy edits 6/95; Reader's Guide pages on Billie Jean King
  • Jews in the Olympics by the Southern California Jewish Historical Society. 1984
  • Jewish Sports Hall of Fame 1982-1983, 1985-1986
  • JWB -Sorkin
  • Levine's notes on various references. Box # 1
  • Levine's notes on various references. Box # 2
  • Louis Schonfeld. Bibliography of Jews in sports.

Box 15

  • Maccabi games
  • Maccabi Union USA 1975 Yearbook
  • Making of Howard Cosell by Professor Joseph Dorinson
  • Mark Spitz
  • Masada News. Dec 15, 1939; Mar 15, 1940
  • Material for Chapter II. Community
  • Material from Alumni Athletic Club, Minneapolis, MN -primarily in Hebrew
  • Material from the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center on the Peerless Boys Club Material on and interview transcription of Marty Glickman
  • Material on Ed Krinsky including bio for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Material on Nat Holman including bio for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Material used in 2nd baseball chapter draft
  • Materials on the 1936 Olympics
  • Max Friedman articles including nomination form to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Max Zaslofsky articles
  • Micheh (?), Allie Sherman -questions no answers
  • Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
  • Miscellaneous research articles -Basketball
  • Miscellaneous research publications
  • Muncipal Archives -WPA [New York,NY] Folder One
  • Muncipal Archives -WPA [New York,NY] Folder Two
  • Nancy Lieberman – articles, one photograph
  • Nat Holman book of honor. New York Hilton. New York City, December 11. 1976
  • Nat Holman, CCNY [City College -NY] [source unknown]. ; Coulton, Thomas Evans. A city college in action: Struggle and achievement at Brooklyn College 1930 -1955
  • Nat Holman -Testimonial dinner program on retirement from City College of NY; Program from 25th annual Bill Corum awards dinner -honored as man of the year; excerpts from his nomination as a pro player 1964
  • NEH grant application June 30, 1987 -June 30, 1988
  • Newspaper clippings mainly on the Dux
  • Newspaper clippings on baseball (Weintraub, Rosen, Danning, Myer) from Cooperstown
  • Newspaper clippings -Sandy Koufax, Jake Atz, Ron Blomberg, Cal Abrams, James J. Levey, Harry Feldman, Mike Epstein, Steve Stone, Andy Cohen, Harry Eisenstat, John Kling, Ed Levy, Barney Pelty, Marvin Rotblatt, Henry Scheer, Ben Steiner, Larry Sherry, Saul Rogovin, Al Rosen, Harry Rosenberg, Moe Berg, Sid Gordon, Hank Greenberg
  • Notes of basketball fraternity dinner ["Lovey" Brown], FLA interviews [Litack] 12/87; "The Ernie Kovacs Exhibit Enter: Edie Adams" fromThe Temple Review Winter 1987-1988; Sports Illustrated (4/11/1988) on Danny Manning and Larry B
  • Olympics: Gottlieb, Moshe. The American controversy over the Olympic games. American Jewish Historical Socitey [n.d.]; Marty Glickman. An Olympic Story: 1936 ; Guttmann, Allen. The games must go on. Columbia Press, 1984 Chapter Vi; Committee on Fair Play in Sports. Preserve the Olympic Ideal: A statement against American participation in the Olympic games at Berlin. [n.d., or source]; Kruger,and "Fair play for American athletics: A study in Anti-Semitism. Canadian Journal of History of Sport and Physical Education 9 May 1978; Kidd, Bruce. The popular front and the 1936 Olympics. Canadian Journal of History of Sport and Physical Education 11 May 1978 pp 1-18
  • Olympics, Nazi material

Box 16

  • Pages copied from unknown source on Moe Berg
  • Pages from a book discussing the Jewish Question? [source unknown]
  • Pages from Encyclopedia of Jews in Sport
  • Pages from Leible Hershfield “The Jewish Athlete: a nostalgic view 1982
  • Pages from the Jewish Directory and Almanac -Yellow Pages [n.d.]
  • Pages on Morris Raphael Cohen, 2nd copy of "If only Don Drysdale had been Jewish: Professional baseball and the American Jewish Experience: A paper presented at OAH, NY, NY, April 11, 1986 --used for baseball chapter and 1950s
  • Phil Weintraub
  • Pitman Moore Company, 1971-1973
  • Proposal for book: Assimilation in America: The Jewish experience in American sport, 1881 -1950
  • Proposal to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (Sep 89 – Aug 90)
  • Questionnaire - Michal Switch
  • Questionnaires filled out
  • Questionnaires to baseball players
  • Research articles on baseball
  • Research articles on football and tennis
  • Research articles on track
  • Research articles -post 1950's baseball
  • Research articles on the Olympics {1939, 1972]
  • Research ideas 6/15/86, handwritten. Typed notes about references
  • Research Notebook
  • Responded questionnaires
  • "San Francisco's Fighting Jew" from California Historical Quarterly. [Joe Choynski]
  • Seattle, WA. Jewish country club, A-5 research material
  • Short bios on athletes, letters to and from the William E. Wiener Oral History Library, The American Jewish Committee
  • Sidney "Sonny" Hertzberg (interview transcription)
  • Six transcribed columns by Haskell Cohen. (71 or 72); 3/30/76; 5/24/76; 8/29/77; 9/9/77; 1980
  • So you want to be a Major Leaguer by Cy Block (2 copies each with baseball card of Cy Block)
  • Sports and leisure in the American Jewish community, 1848-1976. Ph.D. dissertation by Michele Helane Pavin. The Ohio State University. 1981
  • Stan Fischler/Irving Rudd [Bummy Davis] unidentified manuscript

Tapes of interviews (Box #1)

  • AJC: Zaslofsky, Cosell, ARCEL, Shrosky, Danning. Side B: Holzman, Greenberg, Schacht, copy
  • Allie Sherman 6/29/87 original (A & B)
  • Allie Sherman (A & B) Stereo Shoppe orig. 6/29/87 Done on Jewish BB tops 8/8
  • Benjamin/Sarachek #1 (Stereo Shoppe) transcribed 8/11/88
  • BS and A & B
  • Danning 8/7/1985
  • Dolph Schayes 1/3/1988; transcribed 12/19/1990
  • Haskell Cohen (recorded over side A) original
  • Harold Judenfriend #1
  • Harold Judenfriend #2 & #3
  • Harold Judenfriend #1 side B original; A=AJC-AC + Goody Rosen
  • Harold Judenfriend #2 & #3 original
  • Harry Glickman #1
  • Harry Glickman #2
  • Irving Bernstein #1 (half side A and side B) 2000
  • Irving Rudd 7/5/1988; transcribed 2/21/90
  • Jamie Moskowitz (side A & B) 12/26/1987; transcribed 9/88
  • Jamie Moskowitz (side A), Harry Litwack (side A & B) 12/26/1987; transcribed 9/29/88
  • Lovey Brown Dinner 12/29/87; transcribed 8/24/88
  • Marty Glickman #1 09/01/1985
  • Marty Glickman (AJC) 9/1985 #2 (half side A) 09/01/1985
  • Pavey Day 5/13/88 A & B
  • Red Sarachek(?) 8/5/1987 copy
  • Red Sarachek 8/5/87; transcribed 8/17/88
  • Reggae/McCartney Tug of War A-Mike Epstein 8/30/87 (AII)
  • Sonny Hertzberg #1 Stereo S[hoppe]
  • Mel Allen AJC 8/7/87
  • Ruby Benjamin & Red Sarachek pt II 7/2/87
  • Ruby Benjamin & Red Sarachek pt II: Side B first. Stereo Shoppe copy; transcribed 8/16/88
  • Sorkin – AJC: Auerbach, Rogovin, Cohen, Shannsky, original 6/19/87; transcribed 2/88
  • Sorkin – AJC: Auerbach, Rogovin, Cohen, Shansky (Stereo Shoppe copy) 6/18/87
  • Stereo Shoppe copy: SIDE A-AJC A1 + Goody Rosen. Side B=Harold Judenfriend #1 And Al Schacht

Tapes of Interviews (Box #2)

  • Allie Sherman (A & B) Stereo Shoppe copy. Done on Jewish BB tops 8/8
  • Back up disks of Jewish Sports (in an envelope)
  • Bobby Sand (?) (tape II)?
  • Box of 3.5 disks of chapters and versions of Ellis Island to Ebbets Field
  • Computer Disks (primarily backups) 2 disks -boxing; 3 disks -baseball; 1 disk -country club; 2 disks -draft; 1 disk -education; 4 disks -Jewish Research; 1 disk -"Swat"; 2 disks - basketball; 1 disk -community chp; 1 disk -College chp; 1 disk -Office BU baseb 1930-1980; 1 disk -Boxing notes 3/89; 2 disk -community center notes; 1 disk -post 1950s; 1 disk -country club
  • Haskell Cohen (B then A) # 3 & 4
  • Irving Bernstein #2 2000
  • Mike Epstein – Omni Hotel, DTW Aug 30, 1987
  • Mort Plotnick – JCC 12/29/89; transcribed 2/27/90

Box 17

  • Transportation Workers Union [letter to members]
  • The 12th Maccabiah Games, July 15 -25, 1985. Tammz 5745. [USA Commemorative Journal]
  • The Howard Cosell Center for Physical Education. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • The Jew in American sports. Proposed project for the William E. Wiener Oral History Library of the American Jewish Committee. Gerald Eskenzai (76-849-9)
  • Transcript of interview with Abel Kiviat done by Bill [William] Simons
  • Transcription of interview with Bernard "Red" Sarachek
  • Transcription of interview with Irving Shaw, August 28, 1985
  • Transcription of interview with Marty Glickman
  • Two newspaper articles by Robert Lipsyste. All coaches who can just do it & Spring minus bats and mitts
  • Two transcriptions of interview with Adolph Schayes done by William Simons
  • U.S. Committee Sports for Israel. Newsletter v. 3 (2-3) 1985; v. 4 (1-3) 1986
  • USA Victory in 1977 Maccabiah Games
  • Various articles from the American Hebrew, Worker's Circle Call XI (Jan, 1943, p. 18); note from someone (Dave S?) who research the Sentinel (Chicago) 1920-1922
  • Various articles on Maurice Podoloff
  • Various news clippings on athletes
  • Various newspaper clippings from 1933 -NYCLA basketball team
  • Various newspaper clippings from 1933 -NYCLA basketball team
  • Vic Hershkowitz, handball champion
  • Westbury articles [Ed Krinsky]
  • YMHA -National Alliance material; Outline for model English page for the East Side; Job analysis of Sol Perlman


  • 1990 preface 4/6/90
  • 1990 Preface, final version, April 6, 1990
  • Acknowledgement #3; Bibliographic note
  • BB chapter rough draft 6/20/1988
  • Baseball chapter. complete 1st draft. 5/1/88
  • Baseball chapter (First draft)
  • Baseball chapter 2 1930 -1955 [on folder --6/20/88 completed 1st draft of baseball chapter, this folder also contains revision notes and material]
  • Baseball Chapter 2 revision notes
  • Baseball chapter 3 – Atlas Club articles, filled out questionnaires
  • Baseball [rough draft April 1988]
  • Baseball revision material, notes for Hillel talk, [F.V. 1991 revision]
  • Basketball Chapter 2
  • Basketball chapter, read by R. White, 1/89
  • Boxing chapter rough draft #3
  • Boxing draft

Box 18

  • Boxing -revisions, newspaper clippings
  • Chapter 1: The promise of sport. Final version May 23, 1990
  • Chapter 2: BB and community possible revision notes to final version 8/2/90
  • Chapter 2: Basketball and community Final revision July 10, 1990
  • Chapter 2 Basketball. Revisions. 2/27/89
  • Chapter 2: revised Basketball and community 8/3/90
  • Chapter 4: " Allagaroo, Garoo, Gara:" The college game and CCNY.
  • Chapter 4: " Allagaroo, Garoo, Gara:" The college game and CCNY. Final version, Feb 1991
  • Chapter 4: Postscript to an era: CCNY and the basketball scandal of 1951 [possible revision notes 8/8/90 + Feb 1991]
  • Chapter 5: America's national game revised version 10/15/90
  • Chapter 5: America’s national game [possible revisions]
  • Chapter 6, #1 revisions 9/11-9/27
  • Chapter 6: Cohen at the bat [revision date unknown]
  • Chapter 7, #7 [revisions 10/2 -10/20]
  • Chapter 7: "Mantle Schmantle, We got Abie:" Jews and major league baseball between the wars [revision date unknown]
  • Chapter 7: "Mantle, Smantle, We got Abie:" Jews and major league baseball between the wars. Revised 1/89
  • Chapter 7: Mantle Schmantle: Jews and BB Between Wars
  • Chapter 8, Boxing, #2 12/4 done
  • Chapter 8: "Oy! Such a Fighter:" Boxing and the American Jewish experience [revision date unknown]
  • Chapter 8: Oy such a fighter: ideas and revision notes
  • Chapter 10:"Der Yiddisher Vikdkat" and the "Hebrew Hillbilly": College life and college sport between the wars. [revision date unknown]
  • Chapter 10:"Der Yiddisher Vikdkat" and the "Hebrew Hillbilly": College life and college sport between the wars. [revision date unknown]
  • Chapter 10: Der Yiddersher Vildcat and the Hebrew Hillbilly [possible revisions]
  • Chapter 11: Marty Glickman [possible revisions]
  • Chapter 11: "My father and I, We didn't get out medals:" Marty Glickman's American Jewish Odyssey [revision date unknown]
  • Chapter 12: post 1950s - [possible revisions]
  • Chapter 12: "Where have you gone Hank Greenberg?" Sport and the Jewish experience since World War II [multiple revisions, some dated, some not]
  • Community Chapter #1, Draft #2
  • College Chapter (Aug 31-Oct 5)
  • Conclusions draft #3
  • Conclusion notes
  • Conclusions/revisions
  • Country Club Chapter Revisions 8/21/1989
  • Country Club #2
  • Draft 1 (1/87) Glickman and the '36 games
  • Draft pages-Jewish community centers (research articles)

Box 19

  • Ellis Island to Ebbets Field manuscript with title: Jewish muscle and American sport: Assimilation, identity, and the American Jewish experience. -final markup by Peter Levine (Box #1)
  • Ellis Island to Ebbets Field manuscript with title: Jewish muscle and American sport: Assimilation, identity, and the American Jewish experience. Letter back to Stephanie Sakson-Ford on changes from Peter Levine (Box #2)
  • Final Revision Notes 5/11/91 Richard/VJ read
  • Final version -acknowledgements, preface, chapter One, 1991 final version Galley sheets of Ellis Island to Ebbets Field: Sport and the American Jewish experience.
  • Glickman Chapter not full AJH version
  • Handwritten draft of some pages related to baseball
  • Introduction, Part 3, Revised 2/25/91
  • July 1991 Acknowledgement

Box 20

  • "My father and I, We didn't get our medals: Marty Glickman's American Jewish Odyssey" --subpiece submitted to NYT Sunday Magazine for possible inclusion
  • "My Father and I, we didn't get our medals "Marty Glickman's American Jewish odyssey. American Jewish History. (not final version)
  • Negatives [some used, some not]
  • Notes for final versions of various chapters
  • OAH completed. If only Don Drysdale had been Jewish: exploratory comments on the Jewish experience in American sport. Peter Levine.
  • OAH working drafts. Drysdale
  • Part III Introduction; basketball ideas 5/90; article: An Artist in the Bull-Ring. American Hebrew 4/5/1929
  • Photos
  • Photos [some used, some not]
  • Post 1950's revision notes 12/15/1989
  • Postscript #3
  • Postscript # 3
  • Postscript revisions
  • Preface drafts, book notes, letter from Bernard Reisman, Brandeis College
  • Preface, Draft #2 8/26 – 3/30; Preface #3, April 1990; Promise #6 [chapter 1] – final version May 23, 1990
  • Revision ideas from Oxford University Press
  • Revision notes 5/5/91
  • Revisions for country club chapter 8/21/89
  • Richard White, comments on OAH, comments on "Baseball between and beyond the lines"
  • Solomon, Eric. Draft of paper for presentation at Stanford on Jews and baseball.
  • Summary of secondary reading notes – full notes in office files.
  • Where have you gone Hank Greenberg? [draft]


  • 1989 -1990 correspondence -closed
  • 1990 -1991 correspondence -closed
  • Book Reviews (Folder #1)
  • Book Reviews (Folder #2)
  • Correspondence regarding the American Baseball League
  • Correspondence to Alan Kochl; From Cal Abrams, Harry Chozen
  • Correspondence to various people and places for information
  • Correspondence with Harry Danning. Questionnaire filled out
  • Correspondence with Mike Epstein and his filled out questionnaire
  • Correspondence with Victor Hershkowitz, Richard Aronson, Hal Lebovitz, Jerry Gems
  • Form letter for questionnaires to Jewish baseball players
  • Jewish Historical Societies correspondence
  • Letter of critique from Richard [White]
  • Letters and information from and to Oxford University Press
  • Letters from Oxford University Press with editorial suggestions; Peter Levine's ideas
  • Letters from various Jewish associations and societies, clippings
  • Letters requesting photos or answers to letters
  • Letters to and from Peter Levine primarily dealing with baseball
  • Letters to Levine on draft of book, revision ideas
  • Letters with information/ideas. No need to reply
  • Letters from various Jewish associations and societies and clippings
  • Letters answering questions from Peter Levine
  • Miscellaneous letters
  • New York/Philadelphia trip 9/93 (book signing trip)
  • Oxford #1 Book promotion material 3/1992

Box 21

  • Part of unknown letter of support for grant from MSU to research book
  • Pending possibilities 4/93 [many letters regarding speaking engagement i.e. Ellis Island to Ebbets Field]
  • Publicity letters; final cover material; 1991-1992 Catalog of a Jewish lifestyle, brochures for 38th and 40th Annual Jewish Book Fair
  • Receipts for photos
  • Reviews, letter of comment on the book
  • Various lecture presentations -mainly Jewish book fairs.
  • Various letters to and from Peter Levine regarding book

Series VII: Idols of the game: A sporting history of the American century 2000

Research and office papers

  • Baseball, basketball, college football clippings
  • Clippings, Reviews, Notices regarding the book.
  • Clippings from the New Yorker and various newspaper clippings
  • Columns by Robert Lipsyte (women athletes: Bonnie Frankel, Willye B. White) Lisa Olson -sports reporter; Susan Cahn: Coming on strong
  • Duplicates/discards
  • Five ways to reform the Olympics, NYT 7/21/76; Gross, Jane, An Olympic rower wants her chance to be No. 1, NYT, 1/27/1980 ; What colleges must do to avoid bias in sports by Cheryl Fields, Chronicle of Higher Education 12/10/1979; Leftfield v1(8) June 1978 ; Entertainers and athletes join to end apartheid, LA Times, 9/15/1983
  • Holt, Frank L. An Olympic-size delusion, Newsweek 7/16/84; newspaper clippings on the Olympics; Kirshenbaum, Jerry, The golden moment, Sports Illustrated, 3/3/80; Kirschenbaum, Jerry, Scorecard, Sports Illustrated, 3/3/80 ; Fimrite, Ron. Facing bear facts, Sports Illustrated, 2/4/1980; Moore, Kenny, Stating 'iron realities', Sports Illustrated, 3/31/1980
  • Jake Johnson (5.14.20) [chapter 2]
  • Moore, John H. Football's ugly decades, 1893-1913 [source unknown]; Does the law stop at the ticket gate? Chicago Tribune, 7/20/1980; Sports, courts, and violence: What's legal, what's criminal? by John Meyer, Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel, 7/201980 ; Notes from Witterson; Ziegler, Jr., John A. Hockey 1980-1981; Scorecard edited by Jerry Kershenbaum
  • Reader's Guide pages on Mickey Mantle; clippings on "Red" Grange
  • Research lists: Mickey Mantle, Jim Thorpe, Muhammad Ali
  • Soccer strike over, NYT 4/28/??; Curt Flood Case [soruce unknown]; Sports owners by Jane Gross, NYT 1/4/82; Berkow, Ira. And now in Michigan, NYT 1/25/82; Basketball Italian style. Sports Illustrated, 1/28/1980; No man was his keeper by Robert H. Boyle, Sports Illustrated, 3/24/1980, Leftfield V.1(7,8,90 5/78,6/78778; McDermoot, Barry. Sort of court of last resort, Sports Illustrated, 5/21/79; Nack, William. Playing hurt -the doctor's dilemma, Sports Illustrated, 6/11/79; Dronne, Roger. He's just a workin' stiff, Sports Illustrated, 2/25/80; Chinaglia, Sports Illustrated, 5/21/79; various newpaper clippings
  • Stuff for House All-American Committee: Fairways to the Future
  • Tape 546 Bobkat Productions. Idols of the Arena. Roone Arledge Interview
  • Tape #581 Bobkat Productions. Idols of the Arena. Bob Costas Part 1
  • TV deals: NFL, NCAA clippings


  • bob lipsyte's draft for screenplay "Idols of the Arena"
  • Chapter 1: John Sullivan
  • Chapter 2: Jack Johnson
  • Chapter 2: Jack Johnson -edited
  • Chapter 4: Babe Ruth [Chapter 5]
  • Chapter 5: Knute Rockne
  • Chapter 6: Babe Dididrikson
  • Chapter 7: Joe Louis
  • Chapter 10: Tennis; and other odds and ends
  • Chapter 11: Vince Lombardi Chapter 11: Vince Lombardi
  • Cutting Room (Notes for interviews Series VIII)
  • Draft #2 ??

Box 22

  • Idols #2 (Treatment inserts)
  • "Idols of the Arena" by robert lipsyte -a 6 hour ride through the American century of sport by Bobkat Productions for Turner Broadcasting Systems
  • Idols of the Arena by robert lipsyte. Exec producer: Steven Weinstock, Series Producer: Kathy Sulkes. July, 1994-Final pre-production script
  • Idols of the game: A sporting history of an American century (final edited manuscript) 7/20/1995
  • June 6, 1995 2nd copyedited manuscript
  • Manuscript proof

Box 23

  • Peter Levine's draft chapter 1 -11
  • Photos -Mike Jacobs, Joe Louis


  • Book reviews

Series VIII: The Rabbi of Swat 2000

Research and office papers

  • Background material mainly from Murder Row by G.H. Fleming


  • Draft #2 6/12/1993
  • Draft copyright 1993
  • Draft copyright 1995 [Received by VP for Academic Affairs Feb 4, 1998]
  • Manuscript; unknown date, no markings
  • Notes, Oct 1991–
  • Revisions from 1993, 1994, feedback from various people

Box 24

Series IX: History Classes

  • History 121: Study Guides, Exams, Syllabus
  • History 121. Study guide for the midterm. Mr. Levine. Fall 1980
  • History 333: Exam for Unit II: Politics of Modernization; Chapter 1: United States History [source unknown]
  • History 333 Fall 1979 In-class final exam
  • HST403 course packet
  • History 403. Winter 1986, 1990, 1991.
  • Revised syllabus for History 450
  • History 499
  • History of Sports class
    • Campbell, Walter. Book of College sports & notes
    • Chronicles of Higher Education 6//8/83 article by Paul Desruisseaux; Michigan State News 5/19/78 article on History 403: History of Sport in America class
    • College sport lecture 1980, materials for
    • College sport history -Prof. Harry Edward's visit to MSU, May 1980
    • Mrozek, Donald J. The teaching objectives oof a sport historian: personal observations. [Prepared for the tenth annual conference on Social-Political History, State University College at Brockport, Brockport, NY, October 6-7, 1978.; Mrozek, Donald J. "Notes on sport history [class notes]
    • Politics and sport. Kiehne, Frank, How sports world can become part of rebuilding the Cambodian spirit {n.d., no source].; Letter with articles from ACCESS: The American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society
    • Prof. Ebner's History 258 syllabus
  • Wheeler, Robert F. Teaching sport as history, history through sport. The History Teacher [n.d., no vol.]

Series X: Miscellaneous

Research and office papers

  • All-University Research grant application: Mobility, culture, and socialism: A comparative analysis of the impact of economic change on 19th century American and European working people. Preproposal: July 1, 1977. Major proposal: Fall 1980
  • American Jewish History -Glickman revisions
  • Articles on women in sports
  • Baseball History [journal] reviews of
  • Black sport lecture -newspaper article: Black pride popped loose on the day Joe Louis won [source unknown]
  • Clippings on Prop 42 -State Journal [Lansing, MI] essay 1/89
  • Experience of Women -19th Century
  • Jews in American sports. Proposed project for the Williams E. Wiener Oral History Library of the American Jewish Committee by Gerald Eskenazi
  • MSU Library catalog searches for books on topics for various of Peter Levine's books
  • NEH grant proposal on racial integration in professional baseball; various related clippings
  • Oral history questionnaires
  • Proposal to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
  • Publications from Columbia: Columbia Forum XI93) Fall 1968, Columbia College Today Spring 1968, Summer 1970
  • Sport history -Lapchick, Richard. Every year, millions of America's kids play their hearts out, dreaming of a shot at big-time sports. Center for the Study of Sport in society, Northeastern University: Boston, MA; Media coverage of the Northeastern University Center for the study of sport in society.
  • Sport in the Ethnic Community (Riess MS?)
  • Tunis, J.R. American way in sports and notes
  • Unknown author [graduate student maybe]
  • Youth sports
  • Xerox or primary material for sport paper to do (1750-1860)
  • Zeigler, Earle F., Maxwell L. Howell, Marianna Trekell. Research in the history ,philosophy, and international aspects of physical education and sport: Bibliographies and techniques. 1971


  • A.G. Spalding a flamboyant entrepreneur, empire builder: Business, missionary motives behind 1888-89 world tour. Peter Levine. Baseball Research Journal 1984
  • Critique of Floyd Kemske's article
  • If only Don Drysdale had been Jewish: Exploratory comments on the American Jewish experience in sport. OAH article
  • Levine, Peter. Greenberg: A symbol of possibility and pride. New York Times 27 Sept 1992
  • Peter Levine's critique on Ken Burn's Baseball on PBS


  • Correspondence
  • Letter from Michael Richman
  • Letter to editor -State News 10/21/93 Right to free speech is not an obligation to print. Peter Levine
  • Oral history: book proposal and Simon's correspondence


  • Letters regarding Peter Levine's acting
  • Newspaper article on theater production "Death and the Maiden" Levine was in production

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