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MSS 364

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MSU Libraries received this collection through a donation from the Center for Research Libraries and individual donors 1980 (ca).

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Box number, Folder number and/or title, Detective Magazine Collection, MSS 364, Special Collections, MSU Libraries, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

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Copyright is retained by the author of the items in this archive, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

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Collection Summary:

This is a collection of 100 historical detective magazines representing 22 titles from 1954 at the earliest to the latest at 1991.

Historical Background:


Processing Note:

Materials were processed by Susan Bogner, Special Collections Intern: Summer 2010.


Arranged in alphabetical order by title/date of magazine.

Box Title Month Year
1 Amazing Detective Cases December 1957
  Amazing Detective Cases October 1958
  Amazing Detective Cases April 1961
  Best Detective Cases Vol. 1, No. 27 ca. 1976
  Best Detective Cases Vol. 1, No. 31 1981
  Best Detective Cases Vol. 1, No. 32 1982
  Best True Fact Detective August 1971
  Best True Fact Detective January 1978
  Best True Fact Detective November 1979
Box Title Month Year
2 Chief of Detectives Spring 1980
  Chief of Detectives Summer 1980
  Chief of Detectives Fall 1981
  Complete Detective Cases June 1942
  Confidential Detective Cases July 1948
  Confidential Detective Cases September 1954
  Confidential Detective Cases March 1961
  Confidential Detective Cases January 1963
  Confidential Detective Cases January 1967
  Confidential Detective Cases July 1967
  Confidential Detective Cases March 1968
  Confidential Detective Cases June 1973
  Confidential Detective Cases February 1974
  Crime Files January 1971
Box Title Month Year
Separate Daring Detective Stories   1968
Box Title Month Year
3 Detective World September 1972
  Detective World December 1976
  Detective World February 1977
  Detective World August 1981
  Detective Yearbook May 1972
  Detective Yearbook August 1973
  Exposé Detective December 1959
Box Title Month Year
4 Headquarters Detective March 1951
  Headquarters Detective August 1952
  Headquarters Detective November 1956
  Headquarters Detective May 1957
  Headquarters Detective November 1957
  Headquarters Detective June 1965
  Headquarters Detective October 1966
  Headquarters Detective June 1967
  Headquarters Detective March 1968
  Headquarters Detective December 1968
  Headquarters Detective December 1970
  Headquarters Detective December 1974
  Headquarters Detective March 1975
  Headquarters Detective November 1976
  Headquarters Detective July 1977
  Headquarters Detective September 1977
  Headquarters Detective July 1978
  Headquarters Detective November 1980
  Headquarters Detective May 1981
  Headquarters Detective November 1981
  Headquarters Detective May 1982
Box Title Month Year
5 National Detective Cases January 1942
  Official Detective June 1990
  Official Police Cases October 1964
  Official Police Detective January 1972
  Official Police Detective September 1975
  Official Police Detective January 1977
  Official Police Detective May 1977
  Official Police Detective January 1978
Box Title Month Year
6 Police Dragnet Cases June 1957
  Police Dragnet Cases October 1957
  Police Dragnet Cases November 1958
  Police Dragnet Cases May 1959
  Police Dragnet Cases November 1961
  Police Dragnet Cases September 1966
  Police Files June 1957
  Police Files April 1961
  Police Files December 1963
  Police Files August 1966
Box Title Month Year
Seperate Police Record Detective March-April 1953
Box Title Month Year
7 Real Detective October 1948
  Real Detective November 1948
  Real Detective February 1954
  Real Detective June 1957
  Real Detective October 1957
  Real Detective October 1958
  Real Detective April 1963
  Real Detective January 1965
  Real Detective June 1965
  Real Detective September 1966
  Real Detective November 1971
  Real Detective January 1972
  Real Detective November 1976
  Real Detective December 1977
  Real Detective Spring 1980
  Real Detective Spring 1981
Box Title Month Year
8 True Crime May 1953
  True Crime November 1958
  True Crime November 1959
  True Crime January 1965
  True Crime June 1965
  True Crime May 1959
  True Crime Detective October 1966
  True Crime Detective April 1968
  True Crime Detective January 1972
  True Crime Detective April 1972
  True Crime Detective November 1973
  True Crime Detective July 1974
  True Crime Detective May 1991

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