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MSS 394

Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. papers, 1950-2010.Add to your cart.

Table of Contents

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Special Collections

Michigan State University Libraries

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East Lansing, MI 48824



URL: http://specialcollections.lib.msu.edu

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Acquisitions Information:

Acquired from the Estate of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr., 2007.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information:  Box number, Series Name and Number,  Folder Name and/or number, The José F. Treviño Chicano/Latino Activism Collections: Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Papers, MSS 375, Special Collections, MSU Libraries, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

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Copyright is retained by the author of the items in this archive, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

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Collection Summary:

The collection numbers 16 boxes and spans the time period from ca. 1950 to 2010. The collection consists of printed materials; video and audiotapes; computer discs; photographs; awards; and realia.  The written materials include correspondence (personal, reader response and business,) published and unpublished poetry and short story drafts and manuscripts written by Sanchez and other authors and poets; articles and essays; course materials; and business records. Among the unpublished manuscripts is a 2002 work titled “¡La Pinche Muerte! Death is Not Easy.” Some correspondence, poetry and short story drafts are holographic and typescripts, but most are computer generated documents. Much of the collection consists of his published articles and essays, with original and draft copies.  His celebrated poem “Why Am I So Brown?” figures prominently in correspondence.  He corresponded with other notable poets such as raulrsalinas (Raul Salinas), Rene Saldaña, Jr., Lalo (Abelardo) Delgado and children’s book author/illustrator Xavier Garza.  Notable author files/names include Gloria Anzaldua, Diane Gonzales Bertrand. Most of these letters, emails, cards, etc. can be found in boxes 1 and 2.

This collection is part of the José Treviño Chicano/Latino Activism Collections at MSU.

Historical Background:

Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. was an award winning poet and author of five books, a lecturer and community activist.  He mentored poets of all ages from elementary school students to adults throughout the country in particular the states of Michigan, Texas and Colorado.  He belonged to a broad and diverse poet community. Sanchez was born in Pontiac Michigan, attended Catholic schools and the seminary and was a Jesuit brother for over 25 years. After leaving the seminary, Sanchez continued his work in prison ministry. His close relationship to his father was an essential reason for his advocacy work with fatherhood projects.  The topics of his poetry included fatherhood, youth, food, culture and the erotic.  His acclaimed style and poetry within the poetry community, garnered artist-in-residence projects in school districts across the country in particular the states of Michigan, Texas and Colorado.  He was highly respected in the arts and with the Mexican American community and has two poetry festivals named in his honor (Detroit, Michigan and San Antonio Texas.) Sanchez received the President’s Peace Commission Award from Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas posthumously in 2007.

The collection reflects these aspects of Sanchez’s life. Also included in the collection are draft manuscripts of unpublished work by Sanchez and poets who sent him work for review and comment.  Among the manuscripts are poems written by his uncle and his father who co-authored a book of poems early in Sanchez’s career.

A number of book and serial titles were removed from the papers, catalogued and added to the collection. A partial list is included in box 2.

Processing Note:

The collection was processed by Diana Rivera, 2011-2012.


Series I. Correspondence from poets
Box Folder Description
1 1 Correspondence-Society of Jesus 1961-1990
  2 Correspondence 1989-1992
  3 Correspondence 1991 (Includes Manuscripts of Poetry; Flint International Institute Presentation)
  4 Correspondence 1992
  5 Correspondence 1992-1993
  6 Correspondence 1993 (1 of 2)
  7 Correspondence 1993 (2 of 2)
  8 Correspondence for Speaking Engagements and Artist in Residence Appearances/ Performances: Battle Creek, MI; East Chicago, IL; Oakland (Univ.) Rochester, MI; Houston, TX; U of TX; San Antonio; Camden, NJ;1993
  9 Correspondence 1994 (1 of 4)
  10 Correspondence 1994 (2 of 4)
  11 Correspondence 1994 (3 of 4)
  12 Correspondence 1994 (4 of 4)
  13 Correspondence 1995 (1 of 3)
  14 Correspondence 1995 (2 of 3)
  15 Correspondence 1995 (3 of 3)
  16 Correspondence- Nimitz Middle School Creative Writing Club (1996), Original Poems; Tom Rein
  17 Correspondence, miscellaneous 1987-2005
  18 Correspondence 1996 (1 of 2)
Box Folder Description
2 1 Correspondence 1996 (2 of 2)
  2 Correspondence 1997
  3 Correspondence 1998 - 1999
  4 Correspondence 1997 – 1998 Includes student poems
  5 Correspondence & News clips 2000 - 2001
  6 Correspondence 2002-2003
  7 Correspondence 2004
  8 Correspondence 2005
  9 Correspondence 2006
  10 Correspondence & News clips on self publishing, etc.
  12 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr.  -  Biographical Information
  13 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr.  - “Autobiography of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. – Unfinished notes – a work in progress, 1999 [manuscript]
  14 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr.- Resumé (1 of 3)
  15 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr.- Resumé (2 of 3)
  16 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr.- Resumé (3 of 3)  including certificates and awards
  17 St. Frederick High School – including high school diploma
  18 List of book and serial titles removed from the Papers of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.
Series II: Correspondence and draft manuscripts
Box Folder Description
3 1 Allen, Ron
  2 Beltrάn-Vocal, Maria
  3 Bundy, Gary
  4 Bustos, Jose
  5 Cappas, Albert O.
  8 Caraballo, Jose - “Depression and Anxiety ‘A Personal War’” edited/unedited manuscript copies, correspondence
  7 Carlson, Lori
  8 Centeno, Mateo
  9 Cumpian, Carlos
  10 Cumpian, Camilo
  11 Delgado, Guillermo
  12 Delgado, Lalo - includes personal mementos
  13 Elturk, Ghada
  14 Floreck, Tom
  15 Garcia, Rudy -  Poems
  16 Garza, Jose - Aztlatl
  17 Garza, Xavier  - “La Muerte en Nuestras…” children’s author, illustrator
  18 Garza, Xavier  -  Solo Exhibits, author, illustrator
  19 Guerrero, Andres Sr. [ Dr.] – Correspondence from Trinidad
  20 Hernandez, Tim
  21 Herrera, Jesse
  22 Iñiguez, Samuel A. – “Sandia” manuscript
  23 Kearns, Richard – Correspondence, bio
  24 Leon Edgar- “Latin Love, Latin Blood”, manuscript
  25 Lopez, Kim – “Beautiful Brown Women”, poem, manuscript
  26 McKinnon, Peter – “Dance of the Phantom Spirit” review manuscript
  27 McQuillen, Hugh - Poetry
  28 Martinez, Sergio – Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Conference
  29 Morelas, Manuel - Correspondence
  30 Moreno, Jose M.  -  Poetry and Correspondence
  31 O’Campo, Angel  -  Poetry “Lone Wolf” manuscript
  32 Ortiz, Benjamin  - Correspondence, Chicago Illinois
  33 Owsley, Charlie  -  Poetry and Correspondence
  34 Padilla, Marcus -  Poetry and Correspondence
  35 Puente, Albert -  Poetry and Correspondence
  36 Rein, Tom  - Somali Bantu Refugee Students Information
  37 Romero, Danny -  Poetry and Correspondence
  38 Saldaña Jr., Rene -  Poetry and Correspondence
  39 Sanchez, Mario -  Correspondence, brother
  40 Sanchez, Raul – Correspondence
  41 Sanchez, Ricardo – Correspondence and news clippings
  42 Sanchez, Robert L.
  43 Sedillo, Sylvia -  Mexican American Cultural Center, et al
  44 Simmons, Rick
  45 Steptoe, Lamont 1994 – Correspondence, Author
  46 Sullivan, Mark -  Michigan State University correspondence and visits (1 of 2)
  47 Sullivan, Mark (2 of 2)
  48 Trevino-Ramirez, Pedro -  Poetry and Correspondence
  49 Vasquez [Runyun], Irene “Ike” Theater
  50 Williams, Willie – Correspondence
Box Folder Description
4 1 Albuquerque Poetry Scene
  2 El Alma de la Raza Project, Denver Colorado
  3 Ancient World Roots - Article
  4 Artist in Residence, Student Evaluations/Student Poems for San Antonio Schools Mark Twain Middle School, Thomas Jefferson High School, Fox Tech High School, Rhoades Middle School, Cooper Middle School
  5 Arts Teach, San Antonio TX, program booklet
  6 Azteca Youth Enrichment, 2005-2006 Yearbook
  7 Aztlán Associates, Education Consultants, San Antonio TX
  8 Book Purchase Requests, Readings and Related Correspondence and Flyers, Announcements (MARCH Abrazo Press, etc.)
  9 Book Reviews by Trinidad Sanchez Jr.
  10 Border Literacy Conference, 2006 includes poems read at event
  11 Bread Loaf Writers Conference ,1987 program brochure and list of attendees
  12 Cahnmann, Melisa “Reading, Living, and Writing Bilingual Poetry as ScholARTistry 2006
  13 Cano, Gynlym – “Water” manuscript
  14 El Centro de la Raza, Denver CO 1999, Poetry Workshop Correspondence
  15 CARA: Chicano Art Resistance and Affirmation Exhibit, San Antonio TX, 1993
  16 Chicano Music, Articles and Lyrics for Fiesta de Nuestra Sra. de Guadalupe
  17 Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP)
  18 Death Penalty, Texas Students against, Survey Instrument
  19 Dĺa de los Muertos, Articles
  20 DoneII Hill Art Exhibit Controversy “Donell-Spiritual, Sensual, Sexual” San Antonio, TX 1994 News clippings and Correspondence
  21 Dream Workshop Material, 1993
  22 EDUCARTE, Boulder CO Poetry Festival in Honor of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr., 2003 Notes
  23 Erotic Poetry Reading San Antonio, TX 1993-1998 News clippings and Correspondence
  24 Featured Poetry Series and News clips and Announcements for Various Themed Poetry Readings (Women, Men) 1992-1998; Articles for Incorporation for Flaming Tongues Organization Albuquerque, NM
  25 Floricanto Press- Publishing Agreement Sample
  26 Gangs, Guns and Youth Homicides in Detroit, MI and San Antonio, TX – News clippings, Correspondence, 1991-1993
  27 Kellogg Foundation Expert in Residence Program, Battle Creek, MI 1992 – News clippings, Event Flyers, Poetry, Correspondence from Marisela E. Martinez
  28 Kern, Clement H. (Father), 1907-1983 – Obituary Funeral Program
  29 Magaña, Elizabeth. “Virgin/ Maternal Representations of Mexican Culture” (Class Assignment, 1990)
  30 Newspaper Articles 1989 - 2004
  31 Newspaper Articles – Miscellaneous San Antonio, TX 2005 [?]
  32 Newspaper Articles – 1992- 1997
  33 “Plays [Stories] Without Endings” Manuscript and Correspondence (1993-1994) with Globe Fearon
  34 Pre-TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) Writing Workshop, 2006
  35 Publishers Catalogs, Various Chicano focused small presses/distributors
  36 The Red Palm
  37 SAAABE Bilingual Teachers Conference, San Antonio a, Workshop Notes, Poetry and Correspondence
  38 San Antonio Poetry Festival 1997 – Correspondence, event calendar
  39 Speeches for Invited Presentations, Events and Conferences 1990-1994
  40 Why Am I So BrownPrinting Contracts, Invoices
  41 Wisconsin Conference on the Hispanic Family 1989; Milwaukee Events 1991
Box Folder Description
5 1 Authentic Chicano Food Is Hot!(Manuscripts)
  2 Authentic Chicano Food is Hot! Mock ups and working copies (1990; 1994; 1997; 1999)
  3 Do Not Bleach(Jalapeño Blues) Unpublished manuscripts
  4 Jalapeño BluesGalley Proofs
  5 Jalapeño Blues- The Play
  6 Jalapeño Blues Working Copy/Gallery and Miscellaneous Correspondence 2005-2006
  7 Frank, Gabriela Lena.  Sheet Music- Hombre Errante; Why Am I So Brown?; Cuatro Canciones Andinas,  for San Antonio Texas Youth Choir, 2002 and  play and Chanticleer performance
  8 Jalapeño Blues Corner San Antonio, TX – Correspondence, principals biographies
  9 Letters Reacting to Why Am I So Brown?
  10 Burleson School Visit Student Correspondence (1994)
  11 Kepner Middle School. “Our Poets Speak to Us”
  12 Latino Book and Family Festival, Houston TX, 2006 – Event Flyers
  13 Laurel Crown Foundation Poetry Contest Correspondence 2005
  14 Poems- Accepted, Correspondence including funeral booklet for Della Cecelia Mestas
  15 Poems – Autographed, Correspondence
  16 Poems - Other poets, including inscribed poem About Invasion and Conquest by Raulrsalinas ; articles, correspondence, poems
  17 Poems – Received, Unidentified Authors
  18 Poems  - Rejected 1985-1996
  19 Poems- Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. reading Desnudo and other poems, collection of poems for Cesar Chaves Anthology (1993)
  20 Poems for Workshops – Poems, Correspondence (1 of 2)
  21 Poems for Workshops 1998 (2 of 2)
  22 Poems from A Pound of Flesh
  23 Poem - We are What We Eat: Latino Poets ThriveTrinidad Sanchez, Jr.
  24 Putting the Arts in the Picture, Chapter 5
  25 My Mom Is A White Race Traitor [chapbook]
  26 Sax Press Poetry
  27 Work Evaluations, Mexican American Cultural Center
  28 San Antonio Independent School District Artist- in- Education, 1997-1998
  29 San Antonio Independent School District Poet-in Residence, 1998
  30 San Antonio Poets Association 2004-2006 Correspondence
  31 San Antonio TX Gemini School Program – Correspondence and Miscellaneous 2005
  32 San Antonio Public Radio This I believe, This I Create Manual 2008
  33 Young Pegasus Poetry Contest Winners 2006- S.A.C.P.L
  34 Young Pegasus Poetry Contest 2006 Preliminary Poem Selections
Box Folder Description
6 1 Poetry Readings Notices, Correspondence, etc. 1983-1988
  2 Poetry Readings Notices, Correspondence, Programs, etc. 1990
  3 Poetry Readings Notices, Correspondence, Programs, Poems, etc. 1992
  4 Poetry Readings Notices, Correspondence, Programs, Poems, etc. 1983-1990
  5 Poetry Readings Notices, Correspondence, Programs, Poems, etc. 1991
  6 Correspondence 49thBirthday, 1992 cards, poems from well wishers
  7 Photo Album 1  -  Family photos including Sanchez as a toddler -  high school
  8 Photo Album 2  -  Family and friends
Box Folder Description
7 1 Photographs -  Correspondence, thank you notes/letters
  2 Photographs -  Family; Trips
  3 La Sociedad Catolica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Pontiac, MI. reproductions of parish event announcements [ca. 1961-1964?] (See folder front for additional information)
  4 Photographs, New clips, and  Memorial book of years at Saint Frederick’s ca. 1961
  5 Photographs [September] 1974
  6 Poems – Solicited for Poetry readings/slams and unsolicited with Correspondence, ca. 1978 – 2001
  7 Montalvo, Jose Luis.  Correspondence, Celebratory poetry, news clips What I know about Jose Luis Montalvo I could write a book; Montalvo Memorial
  8 Engaging Men’s Hearts. Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. ed.
  9 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr. Book proposal, correspondence and contents for planned MSS on identity using poetry “Cultural…
  10 Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Funeral Condolences Book August 2006
  11 Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Hospital Internment calls, visits and emails expressing concern; Poems after his death
  12 Sanchez, Trinidad, Jr. ¡La Pinche Muerta! Death is Not Easy2002
  13 Fatherhood and Fatherhood Project
  14 Sanchez, Trinidad Sr. Materials (Poems, Funeral Service Guest Book)
  15 Telephone and Address “Book” of Poet, et al contacts
  16 Poetry manuscripts and presentations: Mas Brown (1998); Chicano/ó Literature: Old Perspectives, New Spaces(1999); Sophia Poems and biography; Love Poem
  17 Manuscripts: The ABC’s of Poetry by T. Sanchez Jr.;“Seeing Things” by Robert Froman and Ray Barber
  18 News Clippings, E-mail Correspondence, Poetry 1996-2005
Box Folder Description
8 1 Mailing Lists : Conferences, Book Parties, etc.
  2 National Association of Latino and Culture  (NALAC)- Correspondence  1995 - 2005
  3 National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)
  4 Sanchez, Fermin (1907-?) autobiography; illustrations, poetry, humor
  5 Sanchez, Sofia Huerta (1907-1996) correspondence and poetry to; biography including parish booklets St Vincent de Paul, [Pontiac 1985]; Sacred Heart Seminary 1989
  6 Sanchez, Trinidad Sr. -  Red Book of Poetry and poems by
  7 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr. -  Poetry in Periodicals (1 of 2)
  8 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr. -  Poetry in Periodicals (2 of 2)
  9 Witness for Peace and Justice
  10 Annual Calendars  -  1992-1995; miscellaneous notes on poem construction; appointments, conferences, meetings [Realia]
  11 Annual Calendars  -  1996 -  1999  appointments, conferences, meetings [Realia]
  12 Annual Calendars  -  2000  - 2003  appointments, conferences, meetings [Realia]
  13 Annual Calendars -  2004 -  2005
  14 Miscellaneous audio recordings
    African American Poetry [Lansing]: Creole Gallery, 2005 [2 compact disks]
    Central Shakrah Project. A Spoken Word Cura
    La Chispa del Beisbol. Chispa Productions, LLC 2005.
    December 2005.  Expressions.[Austin : Thom the Poet, 2005. Includes  Coyote & Thom; Commie Williams; Herman Nelson; John Berry; Michele Darien; Pj the Poet; Chris The future; Mundi [1cd]
    Ego Trippin! Part I.  Spoken Word live from Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center and Café. With Quianna Ray, Jessica Cara Moore, Dominique, Brother Jeff, Lady, Amiri Baraka, T Hughes, Bandelie Ashwani, Sonja Sanchez, Lamont Steptoe, TaShia Asante, Opalonga Pugh [1 cd]
    Mackechinie, Bill.  Famous.  Songs from the words of Naomi Shihab Nye. [1 cd]
    Pain B4 Pleasure KgB. Metaphysical Gumbo of Sound.  Lansing MI : Me2Uproductions, n.d. [1 cd] 26 tracks;
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik audiocassette
    Repaso.  College Edition [3 audiocassette]
    Raza Spoken Here 2.  Calaca Press [cd]
    Raenaldo Torres Presents Priceless Poetry.  sl: sn, nd.  [1 cd]
    Trino Sanchez at Bowen Branch Library Detroit Michigan , Thursday June 3,1999. Filmed by Jose Cuello  [1 DVD]
    A Wild Republican Party. Royal Oak, MI: Rick Mackenzie, 1995. [1 audiocassette]
    Rolodex address file with addresses
Box Folder Description
9 1 Correspondence – Mario Sanchez
  2 Correspondence - Robert L. Sanchez  (1996-2000)
  3 Correspondence – news clips, photography, performance announcements, 1993
  4 Correspondence – news clips, photography, performance announcements, 1994
  5 Correspondence – news clips, photography, performance announcements, 1996
  6 Correspondence – news clips, photography, performance announcements, children’s poetry, photography , 1997-1999
  7 Correspondence – news clips, performance announcements, 2000
  8 Correspondence – news clips, performance announcements, 2000-2002
  9 Correspondence – news clips, photography, poetry about Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. , 2001-2004
  10 Correspondence – Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Death, 2006 , Folder 1
  11 Correspondence – Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Death, 2006 , Folder 2
  12 Correspondence – Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Death, 2006 , Folder 3
  13 Correspondence – Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Death, 2006 , Folder 4
  14 Correspondence – Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Death, 2006 , Folder 5
  15 News articles about Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. , 1993-2005
  16 News clips and articles on Latino immigration and demographics
  17 News clips and articles on religion, and Hispanic Topics
  18 Poems – Tribute to Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.
  19 Poems – Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. and Others (working copies, drafts)
  20 Poetry Reading event announcements, flyers, news clips, 1995-1998
  21 Poetry Reading event announcements, flyers, news clips (other poets)
  22 Poetry Workbook, children’s poetry, news clips 1995-1996
Box Folder Description
10 1 Addresses and Business Cards
  2 Beginner’s Guide to Media Reform. Colorado media Reform
  3 Bihl Haus Arts – Featured Poetry Series 2005
  4 Book Reviews [1996-1998 by Sanchez]; Study Guide for “Why Am I So Brown; Chronological Index of Poems by Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.; Student reviews/comments
  5 Books Donated by Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. to Dolores Huerta High School and Escuela Tlatelolco
  6 Cartoons, Illustrations for/in Sanchez publications, and Jokes. Levi Scoggins Zines and Correspondence
  7 Casa de Unidad, Detroit Michigan
  8 “El Illegible: ‘Las Nubes y Los Años’”. Unknown author. San Luis Obispo. February 22, 1987
  9 La Taza de Café + Market [Denver, CO] Present “Poetry of Poets featured in ‘Portraits and Poetry’ featured Artist Joan Burbank,” [2002]
  10 “New Manuscript” Collection of Poems by T. Sanchez, Jr. and other poets [1999-2004?]
  11 Photos and Art – Father/Son Books; Nora Chapa. Artwork for Why Am I So Brown;Bill Day, Detroit Free Press on Gun Violence; Carlos Cortez illustration on mylar [copy] dedicated to  Sanchez by illustrator on the 4thAnniversary of the Assassination of Monsignor Oscar Romero
  12 Poetry Readings 1995-2005
  13 Poets Directory and Information
  14 Sanchez, Trinidad, Jr.  editor. “Chicano: Towards a Definition of Being a Human “
  15 Sanchez, Trinidad, Jr. “Seven” [poems]
  16 Sanchez, Trinidad, Jr.  Poems for manuscript for reprint edition of Father/Son  poems (corrected version)
  17 Poems Submitted and related correspondence 1985-1998
  18 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr. [English 150] Coursework and writings
  19 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr. Compositions in Spanish (2-4,6)
  20 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr. Personal Journal and Correspondence
  21 Sanchez, Trinidad Jr. (Poems About and To)
  22 Sanchez, Trinidad, Jr.  (Brother S.J.) – newsclips
  23 Sanchez, Trinidad  Jr. and Regina Chavez y Sanchez – marriage ceremony; miscellaneous photos
  24 Sanchez, Trinidad  Jr. Birthday Memorial Bash, 2007
  25 Sanchez, Trinidad  Jr., First Annual [Memorial] Poetry Festival, 2007
  26 Sanchez, Trinidad  Jr., The Fourth Annual Memorial Poetry Festival, 2010
  27 Sanchez, Trinidad  Jr. Award Recipients, 2001
  28 Sanchez, Trinidad  [Jr.]  Northwest Vista College, San Antonio, TX. Correspondence 2005; Border Lines Award, 2008
  29 Sanchez, Trinidad  Jr. Memorial Foundation
  30 Bernal, Esmeralda [“La Chuca y La Shadow”]; El Corto, and other poems and correspondence, 2000
  31 Cosme, Jose [artist] San Antonio, TX 2005
  32 Nava, Delia and Arturo Almeida, 2005
  33 Perez, Juan Manuel. “WUI: Written Under the Influence of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.”
  34 Trevino, Kenneth Dwayne.  Stage reading of “Jalapeño Blues,: Matrix Theatre, Detroit, MI. May 14, 2009; “Jalapeño Blues - Alas de Trino”
  35 “Who Am I/ Quien Soy Yo”Poem [as part of exhibit “Chicano Now: American Expression, Smithsonian Institute, 2002?]
Box Folder Description
11 1 Books Sold Receipts/ Books Ordered/ Unpaid Orders
  2 Fatherhood
  3 Fatherhood Book Proposal – [A Humorous Collection of Stories]
  4 Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio TX – Miscellaneous items
  5 Jumpstart Performance Company, San Antonio TX – miscellaneous items
  6 Laredo Lecture and Poetry Reading 2006
  7 Laredo Visit and Poetry Reading 2005, 2006
  8 Menus- Book Research
  9 Michigan State University, Artist-in-Residence, 2004.  Includes Red Cedar Fourth Grad project “Bam Magical City of Our Past”
  10 Michigan State University/ Lansing Phone Numbers/ Contacts (2005)
  11 National Organization for Men Against Sexism (N.O.M.A.S)
  12 New Words Poetry, Inc. San Antonio, TX.  Articles of Incorporation and other legal related documents; chapbook “Second Stories” by John Eubanks
  13 Repatriados project, Detroit -  news clips
  14 Representation of Food and Literature in the Arts, 4thConference UT-San Antonio, 2006
  15 “Retratos” Art Exhibit, San Antonio, TX, 2006
  16 San Benito [TX] Literary Conference 2000. Correspondence, flyers, miscellanea
  17 Scribez Magazine Interview, 2005 Correspondence
  18 Seguin, TX.  Annual Theology/Philosophy Symposium, 2006 Lecture.  Correspondence, miscellanea
  19 South Texas Writing Project.  Chicano/Chicana Movement Symposium, April 2006
  20 Soy Unica!poster
  21 Submissions  to journals, etc. 2006
  22 University of Colorado at Boulder- “C U in the Hour Mentoring Program”
  23 Working copies of Poems by Father and Son vols. 1-2; Poems by Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. S.J.
  24 Zepeda, Edward.  Unpublished manuscript of  Two Our Fathers, Three Hail Marys and An Act of Contrition[?],  1999.  In three parts {?}  We the People Factory Made American; Mixed Media portraits and landscapes; Section 3 Shadow of Light;  Poetry : what we are given what we take
  25 Political Pins and Buttons
Box Folder Description
12 1 San Antonio Cultural Arts Mural Key Picture albums of Sanchez, family and friends
    Various envelopes and albums of photographs of the poet with family and friends and miscellaneous realia
    Regina Chavez y Sanchez, (spouse)
Box Folder Description
13 1 Chicano Political Network, 1993
  2 De Hoyos, Angela
  3 Gonzalez Bertrand, Diana
  4 Gamboa, Erasmo
  5 Hernandez, Lolita
        Includes donated materials by this author pertaining to her association with Sanchez. Included are a rare 7” x 8” b&w photograph of Sanchez and José “Atlatl” Garza, a Detroit poet ; a copy of Sanchez’s performance resume with events at which Hernandez co-performed
  6 Hern ándes Cruz, Victor
  7 Herrera, Mario. “The Poetry of Trinidad Sanchez Jr.”Presented at the Popular Culture Association Conference February 4, 1994
  8 Latino in the Arts
  9 Matrix Theatre Company, Detroit MI
  10 Paz, Suni
  11 Poetry Societies Texas: Austin Writer, Austin Poetry Festival; Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio
  12 Rodriguez, Luis J.
  13 Salinas, Raul R.
  14 Sounds of Poetry Detroit MI – Correspondence, news clips
  15 Miscellaneous serial titles in which the author’s work/interviews appeared or included articles on Chicano and Chicana literature. (1 of 4)
        Included are:
        Colorado Arts
        El Placazo, San Antonio TX
        Houston Catholic Worker
        Latino Voice : Reaching Out to Hispanic America, Glendale CA
        Lip, Chicago
        Mi Gente Magazine, Saginaw MI
        Mobius, Lake Orion MI
        New Citizen, Lansing MI
        Onda Latina, Wayne State University, Detroit
        Poetry Flash : A Poetry Review & Literary Calendar for the West, Berkeley CA
  16 Miscellaneous serial titles (2 of 4) included are
          Palo Alto Review, San Antonio TX
          Third Force(later issues of Third Forceare found online through the MSU Libraries electronic resources links)
          Texas Observer (also available online as an electronic resource
  17 Miscellaneous serial titles (3 of 4) included are
              The Dream Catcher 2007: Awaken the Sleeping Poet Festival Anthology
    Telling it Real : The Best of Pilgrimage Magazine 2003-200
  18 Miscellaneous serial titles (4 of 4) included are multiple issues of oversized titles
          The : Santa Fe’s Monthly Magazine, Santa Fe NM
          Third Force, Denville NJ (recent issues online; check MSU catalog)
          Brujula/Compass : A Publication of the Latin American Writers Institute
          Mesquite Review
  19 Williams, Willie
        Materials donated by this poet include poetry performance schedules where Sanchez & other poets read and a 3” x 5” b&w photograph of Sanchez as a speaker at the Michigan Ethnic Heritage Studies Center event [n.d.]
Series III. Realia
Box Folder Description
14   St. Anthony Church, Detroit Michigan Keep The Dream Alive Award in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. conferred upon Bro. Trino Sanchez, S.J., 1986
    San Antonio Independent School District. Champion of Education award May 19, 1994 “For serving as an inspiration to the students and for supporting and promoting the mission of the public school system.”
    Colorado Foundation for Families and Children (CFFC). Colorado Family Resource Network (CFRN) Award, 2003.  “For Your Dedication to the Well-Being  Of Children And Their Families And  For Your Commitment and Passion for The Celebration of Culture, Poetry, The Arts, Social Justice, Father Involvement, Great Coffee y Pan Dulce!”
Box Folder Description
15   The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum [Chicago] presents The Netzahualcoyotl Poetry Festival, 1991. [signed poster to Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.  by 6 poets including Raul Niño, Raul R. Salinas, Evangelina Vigil-Piñon, Carlos Cumpian, Sandra Cisneros]
    The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum [Chicago] presents The Netzahualcoyotl Poetry Festival, 1991. [signed poster to Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.  by 7 poets including Rosa Maria Arenas, Jose Montalvo, Demetria Martinez, Juan Felipe Herrera, Luis Rodriguez, Ray Gonzalez, Carlos Cortez]
    Framed photo of Trinidad Sanchez and [brother sitting on a stoop reading his book.
    Chicano Poetry.  Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Stephen Solis.
Box Folder Description
16   Spirit of Detroit Award, 2007…The First annual Trinidad Sanchez Jr. Poetry Festival.  Bring on the Poets : In recognition of exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership, and dedication to improving the quality of life.
    [Award] Nimitz Middle School, [1996]. “In recognition of your hard work and dedication.”  4” x 1” x 2.5” granite block signed by students : Matthew Tellez, Chelsea Martinez, Lynda Will[imas?], Lauren Gutierrez, Leslie Rosales, Billy Rubio, Chris Stair, Monica Pescina, Hanna Dotterman, Edward R. [illegible], Daniel Esquine, Diana Zapata, Evelyn Lopez, Ashley Cruz, Alexi Garcia, Cassandra Gallardo[?], Whitney Sanchez
    [Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.]  Color Sketch 4” x  7” possibly by a RCAF [Royal Chicano Air Force] member initials V.Q[?] and dated Y2K3

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