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MSS 391

Ben Hamper archive, 1972-2005, bulk 1983-1998.Add to your cart.

Table of Contents

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Date Received:

April 2012

Date Processed:

April 2012

Acquisitions Information:

These materials were acquired from Mr. Ben Hamper.

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Collection Summary:

This collection is comprised of 3 boxes of materials. There are newspaper clippings in two photo albums, manuscripts, and columns by Ben Hamper, reviews of his book, Rivethead, and realia.

Historical Background:

Ben Hamper (Ben Eagan Hamper III) is a Michigan author, born in Flint, MI to a Catholic family with many ties to the General Motors assembly line. He worked the assembly line in Flint from 1977-1988.For many years Ben Hamper wrote for Michael Moore’s Flint Voices. In addition he was a correspondent on several of Moore’s TV projects. Ben also hosted and wrote comedy for Take No Prisoners (1989-1998), a Flint local TV show..When Michael Moore went to California to be editor of Mother Jones, he asked Ben Hamper to write a column for the magazine. After the first two issues were produced and the third was being readied for the press; the owner asked if Moore was going to published Hamper’s column. Upon answering yes, Moore was fired on the spot. Hamper appeared in many of Michael Moore’s TV productions and films. He had a cameo role in Canadian Bacon, written, directed, and produced by Michael Moore.He wrote Rivethead: Tales From the Assembly Line, published in 1991, which is an autobiographical account of his time on the GM assembly line. It became a bestseller about the time that Michael Moore’s Roger & Me was released. Matt Dillon was tapped for the screenplay for the movie based on Rivethead but it never went past the conceptual phase.

Processing Note:

This collection was processed by Leslie M. Behm


There are nine series:
I. Correspondence
II. Manuscripts
III. Publications
IV. Book Publicity/Tours
V. Book Reviews
VI. Screenplay Adaptations
VII. Miscellaneous
VIII. Videocassetes/Audiocassetes/CDs
IX. Realia
Box Folder   Description
      Series I.  Correspondence
1 1   Barringer, Steve
1 2   Bodett, Tom
1 3   Castle Rock Pictures
1 4   Dombrowski, Judy
1 5   Hamper, Ben – to Daniel, Jim (not the MI actor)
1 6   Hamper, Ben to Dave, 6.19.91 (handwritten note on post-it: “shop opera”)
      Lyrics, etc.
1 7   Hamper, Ben – to Flint Journal
1 8   Hamper, Ben – to his father
1 9   Hamper, Ben – to Moore, Michael
1 10   Issay, David
1 11   Kearns, Josie-O
1 11a   Lopuszynski, Alan
1 12   McSharry, Patra
1 13   Moore, Michael. “State of the Union” MSS (handwritten note on post-it: “State of the Union”, “Dude where’s my car)
1 14   MSU Sociology Class [Hype-A-Lot]
1 15   Ron [Memphis, TN]
1 16   Skladany, Mike & Sociology 100 (MSU)
1 17   Sweeney, Julia R.
1 18   Warner Books: Correspondence, Contracts Publicity Folder
1 19   Young, George P.
      Series II.  Manuscripts
1 20   Four Spiral Ringed Notebooks (handwritten manuscripts)
1 21   [Fox & Anchor Pub] [n.d.]
1 22   Guilty Pleasures Article. Blue Cheer (handwritten note on post-it: published in mag?}
1 23   Manuscripts : 1999 Columns (emailed to K. Glynn)
1 24   Rivethead (handwritten note on post-it: M. Moore edited forward)
1 25   Rivethead (handwritten note on post-it: Original, unedited prologue)
1 26   Rivethead (handwritten note on post-it: Edited prologue, first pages, etc.)
1 27   Rivethead  (handwritten note on post-it: First 3 chapters unedited)
1 28   Rivethead (handwritten note on post-it: Chapters 4-8 (unedited))
1 29   Rivethead (handwritten note on post-it: Chapter 3-10 (unedited))
1 30   Rivethead. Revised and slimmed Chapter 4, Chapters 1-3 (9/4/90)
1 31   Rivethead. Final proof (handwritten notes on post-its: *Final proof with edits from Conrad; Last page of Forward)
1 31a   Photocopy of Rivethead typed script with notes from publisher
1 31b   Original of Rivetheadtyped script with notes from publisher
1 32   Rivethead.  (final draft 12/10/90) 2 copies
1 33   Rivetline Goes to School
1 34   Ramones Record Review for Flint Voice
      Series III.  Publications
1 35   Hamper, Ben.”Beansprouts From The Bay: 20 Momentous Musings from
      The Rugby Mothers!!!.”.- Buttwad, Issue #1, Spring 1991.
1 36   Hamper, Ben. Columns from the Detroit Free Press
1 37   Hamper, Ben.  “Factory Piece” in Phoebe Washburn: Regulated Fool’s Milk Meadow. New York, NY: Solomon R. Guggeheim Foundation. 2007.
Letter from Joan Young, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art and Manager of Curatorial Affairs.
1 38   Hamper, Ben. “Fat cats, Shoprats, and a Cool Kitty.In these Times, Apr 27-May 3, 1983
1 39   Hamper, Ben. “Shoprat’s Revenge” in Icarus 5: Livelong Day: Working in the World. Winter, 1992.
1 40   Mother Jones, issues September 1986 & October 1986
      Series IV. Book Publicity/Tours
Box Folder   Description
2 1   Newspaper Interviews
2 2   “Rivethead on Tour” Free Press
2 3   Seventeen pamphlets: Excerpts from Rivethead,  An August Hardcover
      from Warner Books
2 4   To Mother Jones re: Ben Hamper’s columns
2 5   Warner Books – Royalties
      Series V. Book Reviews
2 6   Various Magazines
2 7   Bodett, Tom. “Genuine GM Parts.” Los Angeles Times Book Review, 10/6/1991
2 8   Various Newspapers
      Series VI. Screenplay Adaptations
2 9   Hancock, John Lee. Rivethead: adapted by John Lee Hancock. WGAW: 3/1/1994
2 10   Heller, Andrew. Rivethead (the book) is about to go to Hollywood. Flint
      Journal. March 28, 1991)
2 11   Linklater, Richard. Rivethead, screenplay by Richard Linklater based on novel by Ben Hamper. Texas, Austin: Detour Filmproduction. Fourth Draft, May 28, 1998
2 12   Possible Movie – Newspaper Articles
      Series VII. Miscellaneous
2 13   Crossword Puzzle with clue using Rivethead
2 14   Dr. Schwartz Kult Band. Miscellaneous Publications
2 15   Factories Contend with a New Industrial Revolution; Photographs by Michael Mauney. Life, Sept 1, 1972.
2 16   Flint Assembly Plant Brochure
2 17   Identification Cards: 2 Flint Assembly Plant; Michigan Unemployement card (photocopies with Social Security Number redacted)
2 18   ING second issue (Special ‘Take No Prisoners’ Edition)
2 19   Labor Pains: Poetry from Michigan Workers. Collected by Leon
      Chamberlain. Type by Susan Howerth. May 25, 1991
2 20   Moore, Michael. “The Ben Hamper Story.” MaximumRockNRoll, No. 136, Sep 1994
2 21   Mott Community College Winter Writers’ Workshop for Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grade Students in Genesee County, (2/110/1992)
2 22   Newspaper Articles – about Ben Hamper
2 23   Newspaper Articles – about Michael Moore
2 24   One Fifty Special Sesquicentennial Section: 150 People, Places, and Things you Ought to Know about Flint. The Flint Journal, Sept 18, 2005
2 25   O’Reilly, James. Work: A Performance in 3 Monologues. Theatrum.
      Winter 1991/92. [found in : Labor Pains]
2 26   Paycheck: Polygram Films Entertainment – [Canadian Bacon]
2 27   Paycheck: August 27, 1987 – GM Flint Assembly Plant
2 28   Photographs
2 29   Recent Retirees (Ben Hamper (4-1-90) 11.5 years
2 30   Rendleman, Danny.  Inadequate Praise. MSS. (handwritten note on front page: for Ben – with admiration & thanks. Danny.)
2 31   Rendleman, Danny. Skilled Trades. 1989. Inscribed to Ben Hamper
2 32   Writers Day at the Michigan Festival, 1997
2 33   Smith, R.J. Ben Hamper: An Autobiography. Writing on the line.  Village Voice, Feb 1988
      Manuscript box inside BOX 2 contains Series VIII, IX.
      Series VIII. Videocassettes/Audiocassettes/CDs
      Audiobook:  Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line. Read by Joe Don Baker. Dove Audio. 1991
      McGinty – HRZ – 8/13/91 – Orig.
      Ben Hamper/Author/Rivethead
      Band: Rats of Unusual Size-
      DVD: Wayne County Ramblin’. Little pictures a film by Dan Rose. 2005
      Five Videocassettes
      1.“Headliners” in Flint Show
      2.Various ???
      (Howard Stern Show (7/118/92) – “Name that Tune”, “Gag-Again’s  Island”
      Rivethead on Letterman (Rerun) – 8/25/1992
      Simpsons Go to Shrink (1990)
      Simpsons – Marge’s Bowling Instructions
      3. “Small Condoms” TV Nation Original –Non- Broadcast Version
      4.  Collection of Hamper TV Appearances
      a.      Smith vs. Perrot
      b.      Hamper on TV 2 at noon
      c.      Hamper on CBS This Morning
      d.      Hamper B Roll
      e.      Hamper Interview w/ Gallagher
      Today Showfrom 1986
      Series IX.  Realia
      Five small round black buttons with white lettering: PETS OR MEAT
      One Autoworld porcelain bell
      One large round white pin with green lettering: let’s get together and then in green outlined lettering: in flint
      Six square black buttons with blue lettering: Roger & Me
      Sticker: Line drawing of Ben Hamper with Rivethead below it
      Two Albums of Newspaper Clippings
      Two Autoworld magnets

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