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MSS 310

Delaval Papers, 1755-1873.Add to your cart.

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July 2011

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This collection of Delaval Papers was acquired from Ms. Julia Greenwood, London, England.

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Collection Summary:

The contents of this collection include 72 items collected by Dr. William Hardcastle. The first 51 items are mounted on handmade paper with window cutouts to view the back of the item. They were then roughly bound in a wrapper of white vellum. The binding itself is in poor condition but the items have not been affected. It was acquired from Julia Greenwood, London, England.

Historical Background:

[Text taken from Julia Greenwood’s Inventory list. ca 1969]

This small collection of Delaval family papers was exhibited by Dr William Hardcastle at a meeting of Newcastle upon Tyne Society of Antiquaries in 1914.Dr. Hardcastle wrote about the life of the Delaval family in the 18th century in my book "The Gay Delavals”, published by Jonathan Cape, 1955 using-the pseudonym Francis Askham. It was whilst I was writing that I bought this collection. The papers are mainly old bills with very charming bill heads - apart from a very scandalous and amusing pamphlet concerning Sir Francis Blake Delaval’s attempt to get rid of his wife, Lady Isabella, by proving that she was in bed with a gentleman at Haddock's bagnio. The Delavals were of Norman descent and had lived in Northumbria from the Norman Conquest onwards.  At the commencement of the 18th century there was only one male Delaval left, a sea Captain who inherited from his uncle, an Admiral, a great unfinished house to the design of Sir John Vanbrugh. The fate of this sea Captain's large family bore out the Delaval reputation for wildness and dying violent deaths.

These papers illustrate another side of the family. Sir Francis Blake Delaval, the sea Captain's eldest son was known as the greatest libertine of his age, Sir John Delaval, his brother (later Johm, Lord Delaval), was one of its most able business men.  These papers are mostly his.

At Seaton Delaval in Northumberland was situated not only Sir John Vanbrugh's new house (which has been described as the most romantic house in England) but also a considerable industrial empire. There was Seaton Sluice (the busiest small port in England), the Hartley Collieries, the Hartley Bottle Works, the Salt Pans and the Quarry.

Lord Delaval was ruined by the Napoleonic Wars. He died a comparatively poor man. His brother Edward inherited Seaton Delaval but left it empty. In 1822 it caught fire and became a shell. There were no male Delavals left and the house passed to the Astley family (through Rhoda Delaval's marriage to Sir Jacob Astley).  It remains in the possession of the Astleys and they have much restored it.

Processing Note:

Processed by Leslie M. Behm, August 2011.


This is a small collection with one volume of items mounted on paper and the remainder is loose. They are housed in folders in one box.
The book with the mounted papers consists of:
  Pamphlet "The Trial of Sir Francis Blake Delaval Knight of the Bath at the Consistory Court of Doctors
  Commons for committing adultery with Miss Roach, alias Miss La Roche, Alias Miss Le Roche" published 1755 29 pp.
  A receipt for 15 Gns for 15 male servants employed by Sir John Hussey Delaval 1782
  Two certificates for hair powder for 2 servants employed by Lord Delaval 1800
  A receipt for £13.19.9 for window tax for Sir John Delaval Bart l78l
  Four salt permits from Sir Matthew W« Ridley Bart of Blyth to Thomas Beeby of Seaton Northumberland 1799
  A Receipt for 8s for two suckling pigs from John Grey to Lord Delaval 1799
  A receipt for £4.12.6 for jewellery from John Robertson Newcastle to the Rt Hon Lord Delaval 1800
  A receipt for £10 l6.0 for gloves from William Bilton, Newcastle to Mrs. Knight 1799 [Lord Devalal’s mistress]
  A bill for 3s.9d for hairpins etc. from Dent, oil man and perfumer to Mr Delaval. [Undated but before 1779]
  A receipt for £1 from Van Sommer & Paul silk mercers London to Lady Delaville 1780
  A receipt for 6s for Rochelle salt & Hixham tincture bark from the Apothecaries Hall London 1799
  A bill head from Louis Dupuis waxhandler London to Sir John Hussey Delaval 1773
  A receipt for £3.lO for essence of rose and jessamine from Smyth & Nephew, perfumers, 'London, 1807
  A receipt for £2 for 2 silk umbrellas from Trelegon & Turner, London to Lord Delaval 1790
  Two receipts for £3.12.0 and £15.14.0 for jewellery from John Deards, goldsmiths/ London to Sir John Delaval Bart 1778
  A receipt for £l8.13.3½ from Nath Jeffreys goldsmith to Sir John Delaval Bart 1765
  Two receipts for £51.1.0 & £9.4.0 for gowns from F. Albright mantua maker/London to Miss K. Hicks 1794 [Lord Deleval’s mistress]
  A bill for £2000 from Lord Audley to S. Huthwaite. 1786 signed by Lord Audley and Lord Tyrconnel
  A bill for £3.1.0 for tea & coffee from Joseph Browne at the Coffee Mill, St James’s St, London to Lord Delaval 1802
  A bill from Edward Charlton for hoop iron & nails for £9.3.10 to Lord Delaval, 1796
  A bill from Sadler & Dobson North Shields for roofing tiles and pipes addressed to owners of Seaton Sluice Bottle works, 1855
  Ships dues & fees the ship "Good Intent" dated Oct 17th 1774 (owned by Lord Delaval), £208.10
  Ships dues & fees the ship "Good Intent" dated Dec 30th, 1774, £23.18
  Ships dues & fees the ship "Good Intent" dated August 1st, 1776
  Ships dues & fees the ship "Good Intent" dated Nov. 1774 , £233.15.0
  Ships dues & fees the ship "Union" dated Feb 1825, £140.9
  Letter and advice of delivery of bottles to Sir John Hussey Delaval from his steward John Brotherick, March 1788
  Letter to Sir John Hussey Delaval from his steward John Brotherick regarding a cargo of boltheads, March 1788
  A bill from Todd & Co of Newcastle upon Tyne to the Hartley Bottle Works for bottles dated, 1853
  A bill from Ogilvie & Son wholesale druggists for arsenic, lead, spirits of wine and bees wax addressed to the Hartley Bottle Works dated May 1845 together with front of envelope (or wrapper) bearing one penny brown Queen Victoria stamp
  Acknowledgment of order for ladle plates from M. Wheatley & Co Iron Merchants Newcastle upon, Tyne addressed to the owners of Hartley Bottle Works
  A bill from Thomas Mather Grocer & Tea dealer, Newcastle upon Tyne for 3 bottles Syrop de Orgeat and 3 of Syrop Capillaires supplied to Lord Delaval 13s. 6d. dated Aug 22 1803
  Letter to the Hartley Bottle Co from James Gilpin ordering 100 doz. of soda water bottles narrow in the neck and strong in the shoulder dated Newcastle upon Tyne, 1833
  A statement from Thos Mather Grocer & Tea dealer, Newcastle upon Tyne to Lord Delaval for a large amount of groceries cheeses, dried fruits, pickles etc., £11.1.0 dated 1803
  Letter from Thos. Mather dated 1803 stating that Accompts for the Midsummer half year is enclosed and I hope will be found right
  A bill from M. Wheatley & Co Iron Merchants Newcastle upon Tyne to the Hartley Bottle Works for Iron and Plates £8.17.2, Oct 31st, 1846
  A bill from George Boyd wholesale leather merchant to the owners of Hartley Bottle Works for hide £122.8 dated July 1845
  A bill from M. Wheatley & Co Iron Merchants Newcastle upon Tyne for Strokles  and Rake Heads  4.7.6 addressed to The Hartley Bottle Co.
  A bill from Perrens & Harrison Stourbridge proprietors of Stourbridge Fire Clay addressed to the Hartley Bottle Co for clay carriage by rail to Percy Main £105.15.9
  Five 18th century engravings of Seaton Delaval
  An engraving dated 1873 of Seaton Delaval showing the damage done by the disastrous fire of 1822
  An 18th century engraving of Seaton Lodge.  After the death of John, Lord Delaval Mr Samuel Huthwaite who had married the natural daughter of Sir Francis Blake Delaval lived here with her.
  Family tree of 18th century Delavals. Family trees of Adamson, Thirkeld and Huthwaite families which were probably of interest to Dr. Hardcastle (who made this collection of papers) but which have little bearing on the Delavals.
  Lineson the Death of Lord Delaval read at the Atholl Lodge No. 131, Newcastle upon Tyne, 14th June, 1808 printed M. Angus & Son, Newcastle upon Tyne. Undated but probably contemporary
  Pamphlet: The Shadowless Man. Legend of the Delaval Family by John A. Kemp.  Printed W.R. Walker, Royal Arcade, Newcastle upon Tyne, price one penny undated but probably early Victorian.
  A bill from M. Wheatley & Co. Iron Merchants Newcastle upon Tyne to the Hartley Bottle Co. dated April 1845 for Strokles, Hoops, Shovels etc.  £18.11.2
  Ditto  for 4 Bars of Forged Slabs, £1.12.0, Dec. 1846
  Ditto for Rakeheads, Best English Iron 5 bars, Boiler Plates, Fire Shovels etc.  £30. 0.0  August 1828
  Letter dated 1763 from Sir Francis Blake Delaval to Sir John Hussey Delaval reading "I sent yr letter to Amsir when I read it long ago and he was at home.  I sent you by Long Jack some papers from the East Indies" (Long Jack was in the Delavalfs employ and was mentioned as long back as 1745, the year of the Rising, as being the carrier of letters etc. for the Delaval family)
  Sir John Hussey Delaval's book plate
  Frontispiece of Mr. Abraham Cowley presumably removed from a book by Abraham Cowley and bearing on the other side the words "Libris Johannes DeLavall Barrt" and underneath "Robart DeLavall Esqre"
Folder with small collection of Delaval Papers which are loose
Includes a listing of all of the items created by Julia Greenwood
  Account of extra gates at waggons for the use of the Rt. Hon. Lady Delaval, August 1808
  Account of Waggons & Ways at Hartley Colliery, 17th August 1808
  Account of Ballast Casing at Port of Beaten Sluice, August 1808
  Postage of Letters paid on account of the trade at Seaton Sluice from 3rd to 17th day of August 1808
  Account of wages paid for South Farm, Seaton Delaval Turnip Hoeing, August 13-26 1778
  Ditto Turnips & Corn Harvest
  Ditto Corn Harvest
  Ditto Turnips & Corn Harvest
  Ditto Turnips & Corn Harvest
  4 slips of paper all requesting Gun powder for the use of Hartley Colliery and the Quarry, dated August 1778
  A bill addressed to Sir John H. Delaval Bart dated August 18th, 1773  "To bridge, vagrant, 8c Militia men's Wives Cess for Hartley South Farm"
  A bill addressed to Sir John Hussey Delaval June 23rd 1778 for Cart wheel spokes
  A bill addressed to Sir John Hussey Delaval Bart dated 17th July to 22nd August 1778 for the supply of ale and halfpenny loaves to the mowers at South Farm Seaton Delaval
  Account of day’s workes wrought at Seaton Delaval for the use of Sir John Hussey Delaval Bart from Aug 12 to 26th, 1778
  Bill from blacksmith Matthew Robson for work done for the farm on Sir John Hussey Delaval(s behalf from Aug 12th to 26th, 1778
  Bill dated August 14th 1778 "To Expence when sent to look out for, & engage masons for the use of Seaton Delaval works"
  Bill for 2 Ibs. of candles 1s 1d South Farm, Aug 27, 1778
  Bill dated August 26th 1778 To Cess, for conveying Vagrants, building public bridge & for the maintenance of Militia men's wives 12s. 7d.
  A menu written in English commencing with hare and ending with breast of mutton (undated)
  Two menus written in French for a Service de 7 and Service de 9  (undated but probably of period around 1770 when Sir John Delaval (later to become Lord Delaval) had a French chef.  As soon as the Revolution in France began the rich in England modified to some extent their manner of living
  An inn bill for "Eating, Coffee & Tea, Brandy, Rum, & porter 4s. 8d from the Old Queens Head Morpeth.
  Two other inn bills with bill head one at Glanton, one at Hedgley  (all undated but probably around the 1770's)
Items in folder but not included on Julia Greenwood’s inventory
  Black and white photograph of the Marble Hall, Seaton Delaval
  Black and white photograph of Sir Francis Blake Delaval “the greatest libertine in England”
  A pamphlet: Seaton Delaval Hall – Northumberland. Open to the public Whitsun to September 30th. Entrance 2/- (Children 6d.): Guide of the rooms and a black and white photograph of the stables in the East Wing.Book 1/6. Has an single sheet insert with map of hall and descriptions

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