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MSS 221

Between the Lines, circa 1987-1997Add to your cart.

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Collection Summary:

This is a collection of VHS, Betamax, and several professional video format tapes of the program "Between the Lines." It is not a comprehensive collection of all of the programs aired.

Historical Background:

Between the Lines was an East Lansing Peace Education Center video project that lasted approximately a decade. Shows were recorded at alocal cable station and broadcast on cable television. MSU professors David Dwyer (anthropology) and John Masterson (mathematics) were generally the producers/directors with a small core behind the cameras or actually one of the talking heads. Janette Fiore, Head of Special Collections, MSU Libraries, was also involved. The shows centered on important issues of the day such as apartheid, farm worker safety, and interviews with key individuals of the time such as Cesar Chavez and Nelson Mandela.

Processing Note:

Processed by Leslie M. Behm, November 2012.


The arrangement is first by format then alphabetic within the format.

Box Description Host/Guests
1 3/4 inch tape  
  Urban Options Worktape #1  
  Ahmed Abdur-Rahman.  Political Prisoner 1/12/1993 H. Reid, Host
  Health Care #2 10/14/1997
  South Africa & SALC, 2/4/1997 David Dwyer, Host; Frank Beeman, Guest
  Video Court Project. Dialog Circle 10/22/1996
  School of Assasins Christine Doby, Guest
  Nuclear Disarmament. Interview with Dave with Anabel 1/21/1997
  Two tapes no labels  
  3M P6-120HXP Videocassette Tapes  
  Joan Nelson. 3/10/1994  
  Restoring a Nuclear Free GLB. Axelrod Keagan. 11/8/1987  
  Land Mines. 4/1/1997  
  Tax Day. 4/15/1997  
  Ann Remembers Her East Lansing Days. 4/13/1996 Ginger, Ann Fagan
  Peter Dougherty. 12/12/1996  
  Joan Welkamigad 5/12/1994  
  Restoring a Nuclear Free GLB. Bryon, Jacko, Alcaloy. 11/8/1997  
  Video8 Format  
  Tim Bernath-Plaisted. 4/14/1994  
  Politcal Prisoners Tape #2  
  32M AVX90  
  PE I 2-3/ I 4-5  
  L-250 Tape  
  Nuclear War 3/8/1988 Caldiccott
  Interview with Abdeen Jabama 4/15/1988 Masterson, John
  Ashraf El-Bayoumi. Middle East John Masterson
  L-500 Tape  
  An Interview with Cesar Chavez Spielberg, Joseph; Hernandexx, Juso
  Wordsmith AFB. 3/4/1990 Dougherty, Dwyer, Ferency
  Betamax Video Tape  
  Tape #0. 12/15/1976. Recorded on Beta-I  
  Rentschler, Fiore, Alexander, Goduka, Durman 2/4/1987  
  Cesar Chavez 11/9/1987  
  Ashraf El-Bayoumi. Middle East. Copy 2. 11/13/1987 John Masterson
Box Description Host/Guests
2 VHS Tapes  
  Reel to Reel. 5/8/1988 Jim Knightwright
  Land Mines. 4/1/1997  
  Up & Out of Poverty  
  African Impressions of USA 6/1/1987 Post, Lori, Host; D. Dwyer, Producer and Director
  Program #7, Professor Reed, Axler. 6/8/1987  
  Ensuring Medical Decision 9/2/1992 Dwyer, Hollister
  Street Children of Brazil  
  Show #5. 4/22/1987  
  Nuclear Fallout and the Marshall Islands 11/8/1997 Alcalaz, Glen
  Patricia L. Beeman South African Liberation Committee Collection Dedication Ceremony 3/19/1998  
  South Africa & SALC, 2/4/1997 David Dwyer, Host; Frank Beeman, Guest
  MECHA and Grapes  
  Tax Day. 4/15/1997  
  Coverup Part I. 4/28/1982  
  Protest at Wurtsmith 6/6/1992 Masterson, John
  SAC Exchange Copy  
  Stars Wars. 4/28/1984 Axler, Ferency, Schroeder
  Shanty - Transfer of SALC Records to Archives  
  Perspectives on Cuba 1/8/1992 Rentschler, Host; Katz, Guest
  Coverup Part III 6/13/1992  
  Interview with Ernest Goodman. Choly, Deborah, Host; Dwyer, David, Producer
  "Why were we not able?" 8/5/1989 Chad Myers
  Barb Barton's Music. 7/23  
  Interview with Helen Caldicott #101 Whiteley, John
  Nelson Mandela - Detroit Tiger Stadium III 6/29/1990  
  Low Level Nuclear Waste Link, Beal, Dwyer, Liserowitz
  Expose #3  
  STL Crisis 9/25/1992  
  Nelson Mandela - Detroit Tiger Stadium II  
  The Arms Race 4/1989 (2 min.)  
  Cry Freedom. Steve Biko Aw Beeman
  Coulld you be a Conscientous Objector?  
  Nelson Mandela - Detroit Tiger Stadium I  
  "Justice" PSA  
  Shows 1-4  
  Reflections as a CO (Conscientous Objector  
  El Salvador: Another Vietnam?  
  Iran-Iraq War 11/23/1987  
  War Toys  
  The Lansing Left in the 30s & 40S Ginger, Ann Fagan
  Gender & the University Curriculum 8/14/1991  
  Ellis Petry 3/5/1992  
  Thatcher goes alone against ECC to lift sanctions 2/20 Mandela on Natal 2/25 Mandela in Natal 3/1 Mandela on Donahue Show 3/2  
  Engler Boycott 7/4/1992  
  8th Congressional District. McAlpine. No Party. 10/28/1992  
  Conscious Objectors & the Draft Erich Williams & Chris _____  
Box Description Host/Guest
3 VHS Tapes  
  The Arab Peoples of the Middle East 10/16/1991  
  Ahmed Abdur-Rahman.  Political Prisoner 1/12/1993 H. Reid, Host
  Coverup Part II. 5/6/1982  
  Politics as Usual 3/4/1992 Link, Ferency
  Transitional Housing  
  Political Prisoners. Tape #1 Walters, Ellison, Ferency, Harrow, Williams, Chuley
  Dialog Circle  
  Crisis in the Gulf  
  Shanty Coalition. Shanty Construction. 11/20/1986  
  The General Election Boycott 9/18/1991  
  Nelson Mandela Arriving in NY 6/20/1991 Harlem-Washington, D.C. 6/24/1991 Miami 6/24/1991  
  One unlabeled VHS tape  
  Not Between the Lines Shows? (VHS Tape)  
  Detroit News Agency Strike. July 13th -- Oct 1st, 1995 An Interim Report 59:30 in length  
  Consequences. 54 mins. DSR (distributor)  
  Office Copy. Running Time: 22 min. Return to Sputher Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL.  

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