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MSS 381

South African Political ephemera, 1961-1999Add to your cart.

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Date Received:

August 2001

Acquisitions Information:

Acquired in Cape Town in August 2001 by Peter Limb, Africana Bibliographer.

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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Box number, Folder number and/or title, South African Political Ephemera, 1961-1999, MSS 381, Special Collections, MSU Libraries, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

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Collection Summary:

South African anti-apartheid political ephemera, 1961-1999, chiefly of the 1980s and early 1990s, from the African National Congress (ANC) Cape Town Branch, ANC Youth League, United Democratic Front (UDF), End Conscription Campaign, New Unity Movement, South African Communist Party, labor unions (Fosatu, NUM, Cosatu, Domestic Workers' Association, South African Allied Workers' Union, General Workers Union, Electrical and Allied Trades Union of South Africa), and student/youth and civic groups, Swapo, Masithethe Ngengxaki Zethu, Detention Action Committee, Detainees' Parents Support Committee, Black Sash, Catholic Justice and Peace Commission, South African Council of Churches, Repression Monitoring Group, Rural Action, Treatment Action Campaign, Civil Rights League, Unemployed Workers Movement, Cape Action League. The collection includes original and copied correspondence, organizational publications such as newsletters, advertisements, election ballots and flyers, posters, newspapers, membership cards, commemorative postcards and stickers. It was acquired in Cape Town in 2001.

Historical Background:


Processing Note:

Processed by Peter Limb


i) ANC Cape Town Central Branch Members letter, newsletters and "members letter" 1990-93; Forward, vo. 1 no. 1 June 1990-Sept. 1991
ii) ANC Western Cape Dept. of Communications publication (Platteland baat by ANC beleid)
iii) ANC Constitution (n. d. ), photocopy.
iv) Letter from Gertrude Shope (ANC national leadership) to Di Paice, 23 Oct. 1989 re citizenship tights (photocopy of fax), 5 pp.
v) Branch questionnaire.
vi) Flyers for pickets and rallies, 1992.
vii) "Women marching towards the African century" (199? ), color flyer.
viii) "Now is the time … Come to the Mandela Festival", color flyer.
ix) "Women and Language in the ANC constitutional guidelines for SA" by Dorothy Driver, from Die Suid-Afrikaan 23 Oct. 1989.
x) "Peace, freedom and a better life for all" (Johannesburg: ANC Dept of Information and Publicity, [1994]) 6 page color fold out election flyer for April 1994 election.
xi) ANC (UK and Lusaka): Arusha Declaration, 1987 (Lusaka, ANC, [1987], flyer; "Heroes Day Rally," flyer 16 Dec. 1987, London; Building People's Power, 1976-1986 (London: ANC, [1986]) 6 p.; Oliver Tambo, Support the Sacrifices We Are Making (London: ANC, [1986]) 10 p.; Women on the March for Freedom, 1956-86 (ANC Women's Section, (London: ANC, 1986?), 6 p.; postcard "Leaders meet in Stockholm" [Mandela and Tambo] ([Harare: Jongwe Press, 1990]; South Africa, Struggling against Apartheid (London: ANC, n. d] brochure, 1 p. folded; correspondence Zola Skweyiya to Walter Sisulu 21 March 1990 on ANC interim constitution (14 pp.); The struggle for freedom in South Africa needs your active support [kit] (London: ANC, 1987?); The Freedom Charter.
xii) Posters, Stickers: "May 31st Anti-republic day"; The Freedom Charter (color poster); "Freedom Day 98" (Thoyoyandou Stadium Thabo Mbeki), b&w ANC poster; "Deepen Democracy and Transformation" (ANC Youth League and Sasco), color poster; Nelson Mandela on release from prison, fold-out color poster from South 15-21 Feb. 1900.
xiii) Albie Sachs, "Preparing Ourselves for Freedom," ANC in-house Seminar on Culture paper, First Draft (10 leaves); Albie Sachs, "Judges and Gender: The Constitutional Rights of Women in a Post-Apartheid South Africa" (13 leaves): photocopies.
Folder 2 ELECTIONS 1994-9 and REFERENDUM
i) Election handbills, posters and manifestos (ANC, PFP, Inkatha Freedom Party, PAC, Democratic Party); voter information brochures; ANC newspaper advertisements; ANC Elections News April 1994; ballot papers (1. Sample, without IFP; 2. Actual, with IFP posted in); constitutional referendum leaflet (1993?).
i) Flyers/leaflets, circulars, ECC Peace Festival program, membership application, SADF Survival Kit; ECC Calendar (Aug., Sept., Nov. 1985-), Objector (Western Cape Conscientious Objector Support Group), [vol. 1] no. 2 Sept. 1983-v. 3 no. 1 March –Apr. 1985?; Frontline Angola 7 Oct. 1987; Out of Step, v. 1. No. 3 Aug. 1987; The Conscript, v. 2. no. 2.
i) Publications: The Worker Tenant no. 1 Nov. 1983; Sparky: The Mighty Lighty (Electrical and Allied Trades Union of South Africa), v. 1. No. 5 [1985] Fosatu Worker News Feb, Apr., Aug., Sept., Oct.; Forward Worker (Domestic Workers' Association) no. 3 June, no. 4 Nov/Dec 1983; The Worker (South African Allied Workers' Union), no. 1 Oct. 1984; Campaign Bulletin (Cosatu), no. 8 Mar. 1992 and Veldtog Bulletin (Cosatu), no. 3 1990; Potwa Newsletter Jan. 1990; Phambili Basebenzi: Newspaper of the General Workers Union Dec. 1982.
ii) Stickers: "Unemployed Workers Movement"
iii) Flyers/leaflets: Workers Rally (Unity Unions/Fosatu), Cultural Day (U/.W.O.); Unemployed Bread March (Unemployed Ad-hoc Committee); Unemployed Workers Movement; UWA Speaks; Support OK Workers (CCAWUSA/Cosatu); Mineworkers Strike Briefing (National Union of Mineworkers); May Day rally (UDF); May Day (New Unity Movement); Mineworkers/Cape Town Trade Union Library; Right to Work and Jobs for All (Workers List Party).
i) A declaration to the People of South Africa, Apr. 1985; The Ten-Point Programme of the New Unity Movement (1987); May Day leaflet.
ii) Bulletin (New Unity Movement) : May, Aug-Sep, Nov–Dec 1987, Mar-May, June-July, Oct., Dec. 1988.
Folder 6 SACP
i) The African Communist no. 5 May 1961 (with blank cover); no. 64 1976 pocket-sized, with blank cover).
ii) Inkululeko Oct. 1975 (Central Committee), 4 pp. mimeo.
iii) Communiqué: Freedom, 8th Party Congress News no. 2 18 Nov. 1991; The Sunday Umsebenzi, special Congress edition, 8 Dec. 1991.
iv) Flyers: The Internationale/The National Anthem; 65th anniversary of SACP, Conway Hall [London], 30 July 1986, programme; Forward to Socialism [1986].
v) Sticker: "The Future is Socialism."
i) NUSAS '83; NUSAS Class Rep Guide (8 pp.); "Peacing it all Together: a NUSAS Information Sheet" [1984]; Varsity (UCT student newspaper), v. 44 no. 4, 1 May 1985.
ii) Flyers; Students of Young Azania; "Resist Homelands Terror" (Student-Youth Interim Committee); Student Revolutionary Front (n.d.)
iii) Posters. Youth Mass Meeting (S.Y.I.C.); "Deepen Democracy and Transformation" (ANC Youth League and Sasco); "Let us Speak: Masithethe" (U.W.O.).
Folder 8 SWAPO
i) SWAPO Postcard.
Folder 9 UDF (United Democratic Front)
i) Publications: UDF News (Western Cape) Mar. 1990; UDF News: national newsletter of UDF vol. 1 no. 3 Oct. 1983; United Democratic Front, Gardens Newsletter no.1 Oct. 1983; Upfront: Journal of the Observatory & Claremont UDF Area Committees no. 4 June 1986, no. 7 August 1987.
ii) Flyers (chiefly of the UDF Garden Areas Committee): academic boycott, the White Election (2 February 1987); United Women’s Congress; Mass Stay Away, 10 Sept.; UDF Call to Whites; UDF membership card.
iii) Poster: "Free All Political Prisoners" (UDF Cape Town), Mar. 1990.
i) Newsletters and bulletins: Rural Action Nov. 1983; ADAC News (Detention Action Committee), no. 6 Aug. 1983, no. 7 Oct. 1983, Aug. 1985; Repression Bulletin (ADAC and SERG), Oct. 1985; TAC News (Treatment Action Campaign), March 1999; Upbeat=Molo songololo; Civil Rights League v. 32 no. 5 Dec. 1985; Masifundisane: Learning Together (ABE Workers) July 1993; The Week that Was no. 1, 8 Feb. 1987, no. 11, 13-19 Apr. 1987, no. 14, 4-10 May 1987 (Repression Monitoring Group, Cape Town); Bandwagon 4 Oct. 1976; Repression News June 1987; Noma siyaboshwa: official bulletin of the Detainees' Parents Support Committee (DPSC), vol. 1 no. 1 Apr. 1987; Cape Action League, Bulletin, 2 Oct. 1983; The Call of Islam vol. 2 no. 7 Aug. 1985.
ii) Flyers: "Masithethe Ngengxaki Zethu"; "June 16 Day of Unity" (One People’s Liberation Movement); "Unite against Terror and Crime"; "Children at Risk"; "New Constitution" (South African Council of Churches); Cape Action League, "Mass Rally to Boycott their New Deal, 5 Dec. 1983"; Civil Rights League flyers; Cape Democrats public launch, program; "A Step in the Right Direction" (NRP); Workers List Party Manifesto, and Campaign for the Right to Work; "Retrenchment and Dismissal" (Black Sash); "A Catholic Ought to Know … The New Constitution and Koornhof Bills" (Catholic Justice & Peace Commission); New Constitution; Koornhof Bills (SACC); The Freedom Charter; Hands Off Our Teachers! (Concerned Parents Teachers and Students); Human Rights Day Celebration, 21 March 1999; W.P.S.S.S.U. Late Sport News;
iii) Publications: The Struggle for Better Sewage, Technical Assistance Project, Apr. 1983 (22 pp.); War in the Townships: Why? (Projects Comm., 1985?, 11 pp.); Southern Africa Perspectives 2/86; A. H. Jeffree James, That Kairos Document (Cape Town, 1987?], 7 pp.); "Sue Lund Prisoner of Conscience" (Sue Lund Support Group, August 1987); Tyranny 90 [Cape Town: 90-day Protest Committee, 1964], 12 p. ; Izwe Lolutsha: Youth Express 1985 (Cape Town: Grassroots), in English and Xhosa; Day by Day: Events in the Gauteng Area, Jan. 1998; Equality for All (1999); Roll Back Xenophobia (1999); Land Update Feb. 1991 (National Land Committee); "Cape Town Olympic Bid Explained" (1996?); "Stop Violence against Women" (FEDSAW, 1990).
iv) Poster: Free the Children.
v) Newspapers: Grassroots, vol. 4 no. 9-10, Nov.-Dec 1983; The Organiser no. 1 June 1983.

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