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April 2013

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September 2013

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Acquired from Andrea Tomberg at Tomberg Rare Books.

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Collection Summary:

The collection contains roughly 265 pieces of ephemera and books representing intersections of LGBTQ organizing with the labor movement and radical activism.

Historical Background:

The Queer Politics collection consists mostly of ephemera from the 1970s-early 2000s, and as such represents the grassroots movement against lesbian and gay oppression, specifically in the job and political realms. The AIDS epidemic, Stonewall Rebellion, and the feminist movement within the larger movements were other important issues of the day, along with the Coors Beer Boycott and the Briggs Initiative.

Processing Note:

Processed by Jillian C. Coy


Box Folder Description
1 1 The Bay Area Gay Alliance; what is BayGay?San Francisco: the Alliance, [197-?].
1 2 Bay Area Gay Liberation; Bill of Rights.San Francisco: n. pub.
1 3 Becoming Visible: The Legacy of Stonewall: an exhibition on the history of New York's lesbian and gay communities. June 18-September 24, 1994.New York: The New York Public Library, 1994.
1 4 Black Stonewall: '94 One day conference. New York: National Academic Congress, 1994.
1 5 Boycott Colorado; Freedom For All.N. pl.: n. pub., 1992.
1 6 Dan White to be released from Soledad Prison January, 1984. Will he be free…before we are? May 21st City Hall rally.San Francisco: Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Committee et. al., [1983].
1 7 Defend lesbian and gay rights: Stop the Briggs Initiative[pinback button]. San Jose, CA: Button King, [1978].
1 8 Demonstrate with lesbians and gays opposed to U.S. intervention in El Salvador [handbill]. [San Francsico]: n. pub., 1981.
1 9 End immigration abuse of lesbians and gays [pinback button]. N.p., [198-?]
1 10 Fight back against the ultra-right: boycott Coors Beer!  San Francisco: Solidarity Gay/Lesbian Liberation, [1980?].
1 11 Fight lesbian and gay oppression. Lesbian and Gay Focus / All People's Congress / People's Anti-War Mobilization [pinback button]. [New York]: All People's Congress, [197-?].
1 12 Going down at Coming Up! An open letter to the gay & lesbian community from former Coming Up! staff members.San Francisco: GDACU!, [1988?].
1 13 [Group of three different pinback buttons from the campaign against the Briggs Initiative]. San Fransciscans Against Proposition 6 / Bay Area Committee Against the Briggs Initiative, [1978].
1 14 The Harvey Milk Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club invites you to attend Harvey's 62nd birthday party: "A celebration of Community Activism," Barbara Boxer, guest speaker, Friday May 29.San Francisco: the Club, 1992.
1 15 I was there: May 21 White Night 1979 / Be there! Friday, May 21, 1982, City Hall - 5:30 to 8:00 pm. San Francisco: n. pub., 1982.
1 16 International march on the United Nations to affirm the human rights of lesbian and gay people; June 26, 1994, New York City. New York: Stonewall 25 Conference Committee, 1993.
1 17 Join the Fight Against the Right / Stonewall Means Fight Back; March with the Stonewall Contingent; Sunday, June 28th, 1981 10 a.m.. N.pl.: Stonewall Contingent, [1981].
1 18 Labor United. No /64. Stop La Rouche [pinback button]. [San Francisco]: Labor Task Force, [1986].
1 19 Lesbian and Gay Network. New York: Mobilization for Survival, 1984.
1 20 Lesbian Gay Labor Alliance [pinback button]. Magenta with white print. [San Francisco]: the Alliance, 1980s.
1 21 Lesbian Gay Labor Alliance [pinback button]. White with magenta print. [San Francisco]: the Alliance, 1980s.
1 22 Lesbians and gays for … Jesse Jackson! Washington: Jackson '88 / Lavender Stripe, 1988.
1 23 Let's roast Briggs / Dec. 11, '77 [pinback button]. San Francisco: n. pub, 1977.
1 24 Mattachine Society Today. San Francisco: Mattachine Society, [196-?].
1 25 National March for lesbian and gay rights, Oct. 14, 1979 [pinback button]. New York: N.C. Slater, [1979].
1 26 National March on Washington for lesbian and gay rights, Oct. 14, 1979 [pinback button]. [Washington, D.C.], 1979.
1 27 New York Deli victory party. San Francisco: Local 2 and Lesbian Gay Labor Alliance, [1980?].
1 28 The night of Oct. 6th / Fight back / SFPD runs amok [pinback button]. San Francisco, n.d..
1 29 The People's Food System supports Gay Freedom Day today and everyday… [San Francisco]: People's Food System, n.d.
1 30 Rich gays plus "HUD" equals racism [handbill]. [San Francisco?]: n. pub., [1979?].
1 31 The rise and fall of gay Mecca. San Francisco: Caveat Emptor, 1984.
1 32 S and M and the revolution. New York: The Eulenspiegel Society, [197-?].
1 33 Socialism and gay liberation. Oakland: New American Movement, 1979.
1 34 Sodomy repeal / Civil Rights / NYSCGO Demonstration July 11, 1976 [pinback button]. N.p.: New York State Coalition of Gay Organizations (NYSCGO), 1976.
1 35 Stonewall means fight back / smash lesbian and gay oppression [pinback button]. [New York]: All People's Congress, [197-?].
1 36 Stop La Rouche's Internment Initiative! [pinback button]. San Francisco: Delancy Street Marketing, [1986].
1 37 TASBA PRI: habla de la Revolución. N.pl.: INNICA, [1984?].
1 38 Towards a charter of homosexual rights; the first 174 sponsors. London: Campaign for Reason, 1978.
1 39 Using the Gay Activists Alliance list of gay organizations #3. New York: the Alliance, 1979.
1 40 We can beat Briggs; despite the voices of gloom and doom, here's why we must and how we can.Santa Rosa, CA: SCRAP 6.
1 41 We the people… knowledge for freedom.San Francisco: n. pub., 1994.
1 42 West Coast Lesbian Conference: Lesbian oppression - what are our solutions? Haines Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, California.Los Angeles: Conference Planning Committee of the Southwestern Regional Lesbian Working Committee, [197-?].
1 43 What do you know? Questions and answers about the sexual orientation ordinances.San Jose, CA: Susan B. Anthony Democratic Club, [1979].
1 44 ACT UP San Francisco. [Four handbills opposing the SF Aids Foundation and claiming that AIDS is a hoax]. San Francisco: ACT UP, 2003.
1 45 ACT UP San Francisco. [Three different AIDS-denial stickers]. San Francisco: ACT UP, [circa 2000].
1 46 [ACT UP San Francisco]. Fire the liars! Open the baths! HIV is a lie[leaflet]. San Francisco: ACT UP, [199-?].
1 47 [ACT UP San Francisco]. SFAF's agenda is dictated by drug company greed. Don't donate money! Don't volunteer time! Give elsewhere. [leaflet]. San Francisco: ACT UP, [2003].
1 48 [ACT UP San Francisco]. [Three 8x10 color photos of ACT UP - SF demonstrators at a PETA rally in Washington, D.C.]. N.p.: Robert Visser Photography, 1997.
1 49 All-Beings Party (A-C). Beyond feminist socialism: Androgynous communism. A classless society in an androgynous culture. [Washington, D.C.]: Thundergoat Press, [1975].
1 50 Boston Gay Speakers' Bureau. Gay Groups in New England. Boston: the Bureau, 1974.
1 51 Broshears, Ray, editor. Gay Democrat. 1776-1976….200 years of gay oppression. "We shall not be denied equal rights any longer!" California Gays '76.[Los Angeles]: California Gays, 1976.
1 52 [Broshears, Ray]. Elect Ray Broshears / Community College Board [pinback button]. [San Francisco]: Dave Valentine, [197-?].
1 53 [Broshears, Ray]. Elect Rev. Ray Broshears for Congress. 5th District [pinback button]. Green letters on white background. [San Francisco]: Dave Valentine, [1974].
1 54 [Broshears, Ray]. Elect Rev. Ray Broshears for Congress. 5th District [pinback button]. White letters on lime green background. [San Francisco]: Dave Valentine, [1974].
1 55 [Bumper sticker]. Boycott Coors. N. pl.: n. pub., [197-?].
1 56 [Bumper sticker]. No on 64; stop LaRouche. Los Angeles: No on 64 - Stop LaRouche, [1986].
1 57 [Bumper sticker]. Vote No on 6. [San Francisco]: n. pub., 1978.
1 58 Burk, Ronnie. Grey Gardens: a Marxist analysis [handbill]. San Francisco: the author, 1998.
1 59 Butterfly Brigade. Symbols we have worn … this one we use [handbill]. San Francisco: the Brigade, [198-?].
1 60 California Citizens for Justice. Warning; vote no on prop. 37, say no to anti gay bigots.[San Francisco]: the CCJ, [198-?].
1 61 Calvert, Gregory. In White America: Radical Consciousness and Social Change. [Reprint] San Francisco: The Resistance / Radical Education Project.
1 62 [Chicago Gay Alliance]. Statement of resignation of the chairman [Edward A. Hunt, Jr.] (effective immediately).Chicago: n. pub., 1971.
1 63 Committee to Fight Exclusion of Homosexuals from the Armed Forces. Excerpts from letter of Februrary 14, 1966 from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense written by Col. M. P. DiFusco, USA, assistant direcotr, personnel management. Hollywood: the Committee, [1966].
1 64 [Day, Greg]. Greg Day for supervisor. San Francisco: Greg Day for Supervisor Committee, [198-?].
1 65 Gay Atheist League of America, San Jose Chapter. Gay history is a history of religious persecution [handbill]. San Jose: Gay Atheist League of America, [1980?].
1 66 Gay Brotherhood Liaison. Stonewall '80. New York: the Liaison, 1980.
1 67 Gay Nurses' Alliance. G N A. Philadelphia: the Alliance, [1973?].
1 68 Gays Against the Draft. Memo: "gay option"; gay men and the draft.San Francisco: American Friends Service Committee, 1980.
1 69 Gays for No on Bigotry in California (NOBIC). [Press release on execution of gay men by revolutionary government in Iran]. Los Angeles: NOBIC, 1979.
1 70 International Socialists. Tasks & Perspectives, adopted by the International Socialists convention. Highland Park, MI: International Socialists, 1970.
1 71 [LaRouche, Lyndon]. It's an old scam … … and it's on the ballot in California.San Francisco: Labor Task Force / No on 64, [1986].
1 72 Lehman, Godfrey. Don't be humiliated in court. San Francisco: Godfrey Lehman, [1979].
1 73 Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention (LAGAI). We like our queers out of uniform; a counter-recruitment and anti-draft outreach packet for lesbians and gay men.San Francisco: LAGAI, [1992].
1 74 Mackay Society. Individualist Anarchism. New York: Mackay Society, 1985.
1 75 March on Washington. Our Time Has Come Federal civil rights now! March on Washington April 25, 1993! Washington: March on Washington, 1993.
1 76 Mattachine Society. Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council; meeting of Februrary 22, 1954 AD.Los Angeles: Mattachine Society, 1954. (Two copies)
1 77 Mattachine Society. Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council;meeting of March 8, 1954.Los Angeles: Mattachine Society, 1954. (Two copies)
1 78 May 21st Defense Fund. [Press release]. San Francisco: the Fund, 1979.
1 79 Movement for a New Society. Statement of intent on gay liberation. Philadelphia: Movement for a New Society, 1975.
1 80 National Organization of Lesbians and Gays. Coordinating Committee. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 6 and 7, 1981 [packet of materials]. Pittsburgh: NOLAG, 1981.
1 81 National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays. NCBLG; black pride and solidarity: the new movement of black lesbians and gays. Washington: NCBLG, [198-?].
1 82 National Organization for Women. Lesbian Rights: A Woman's Issue, A Feminist Issue, a NOW Issue. Washington, D.C.: NOW, 1992.
1 83 New Alliance for Gay Equality. RE: Coors boycott. Los Angeles: New AGE, 1977.
1 84 New York Citizens Party. The Citizens Party salutes Gay Pride Week; vote for Barry Commoner for President and LaDonna Harris for Vice-President in 1980. New York: the Party, 1980.
1 85 Nichols, Rosalie. The Lesbian as "Other". [San Jose]: the author, [1977?].
1 86 Nichols, Rosalie. Stop violence, not 'vice'! [San Jose]: the author, [1979].
1 87 People's Anti-War Mobilization. End lesbian & gay oppression; overturn the Reagan program of cutbacks racism and war[handbill]. San Francisco: the Mobilization, [1981].
1 88 Peron, Jim. AIDS and liberty; a libertarian position paper. San Dimas, CA: Libertarian Party of California, [199-?].
1 89 Prairie Fire Organizing Committee. Gay liberation - 1981, what are we fighting for? [San Francisco]: PFOC, 1981.
1 90 Pride at work, AFL-CIO. Pride at work, AFL-CIO Out and organizing. Washington, D.C.: Pride at Work, [199-?].
1 91 Queer Nation. [Five different stickers]. [San Francisco]: Queer Nation, [1990s-2000].
1 92 [Revolutionary Communist Party, USA]. On November 4th, voters in California passed Proposition 8, a vicious change in the California state constitution that takes away the right of gay couples to marry … [poster]. Berkeley, CA: Revolution Books, [2008].
1 93 Rutgers University Homophile League. Fourth annual conference on gay unity, April 19-21, 1974. New Brunswick: the League, 1974.
1 94 Sage, Zona; Michael P. Miller; Margo Shulter. Prop. 6: the omnibus repression act of 1978. Or, how to write a law attacking homosexuals, teachers, free speech, free association, privacy, and ACLU membership all in one. San Francisco: ACLU of Northern California, 1978.
1 95 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Papal Bond: Official 1987 San Francisco Papal Welcoming Committee. San Francisco: the Sisters, 1987.
1 96 Social Action Training Group. [Packet of materials]. Madison: the Group, 1982.
1 97 [Socialist Action]. Money to fight AIDS, not wars [pinback button]. [San Francisco]: Socialist Action, [198-?].
1 98 Socialist Workers' Party (Great Britain). Whatever happened to gay liberation? [handbill]. London: Socialist Workers' Party, 1983.
1 99 Society for Individual Rights. Bulletin; 3/10/66. San Francisco: the Society, 1966.
1 100 Stonewall Coalition. Stonewall Coalition 1977. San Francisco: the Coalition, 1977.
1 101 Stop AIDS Project. Intensive AZT. 9 out of 10 hospitals said that their homosexuals preferred it. Want to be a PEPer too? [handbill]. San Francisco: Stop AIDS Project, [200-?].
1 102 [Storm, Bob.] Bob 'Flash' Storm; gay anarchist publisher & broadcaster, interviewed by Ian Young.N. pl.: Ian Young, 1998.
1 103 Tenney, Peter and Tom Plagemann. Two separate open letters regarding  the upcoming May elections for Local 2. Endorsement of Linda Bazan, Rafael Espinoza, and Michael Koblentz. San Francisco: n.pub, [1980?].
1 104 Thistlethwaite, Polly. An activist's guide to lesbian history; a companion to the video Not Just Passing Through.New York: Women Make Movies, 1998.
1 105 [Wallace, Howard]. Howard Wallace; Supervisor / 5 [pinback button]. San Francisco, [1980].
1 106 Washington Gay Liberation Front [introductory leaflet]. Washington, D.C.: the Front, [1972?].
1 107 Washington State Rainbow Coalition. The Jackson candidacy and the gay/lesbian community. Seattle: the Coalition, 1988.
1 108 Wispy Cockles. Taking the first step: suggestions to people called out for abusive behavior. Richmond, VA: the author, [2010].
1 109 Wood, Ken. Front line of freedom, San Francisco: queer as a three dollar bill [parody currency]. San Francisco: Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Committee, 1981.
1 110 Youth Against War and Fascism. Fight lesbian and gay oppression [pinback button]. [New York]: YAWF, Lesbian and Gay Caucus, [197-?].
1 111 [Youth Against War and Fascism]. Stonewall means fight back / smash lesbian and gay oppression [pinback button]. [New York]: YAWF, [197-?]

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