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MSS 372

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Donated by Aracelly Santana

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Collection Summary:

Ms. Aracelly Santana was senior political advisor at the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid from 1981 to 1992. This is her personal collection of T-shirts, produced mostly by South African organizations such as the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and its affiliated unions, and by the United Democratic Front (UDF) and its affiliates.

Historical Background:

The second half of the 20th century was a tumultous time for the Southern African region. The instability was mostly due to racial segregation and the marginalization of ethnic groups. It was a time of military coups and political assassinations. Many outsiders were outraged over the injustices being committed and groups were formed in the United States. This personal collection of Ms. Santana's T-shirts represents one way that people voiced their opinions about the current events.

Processing Note:

Processed by Jillian C. Coy, January 2014


Box Item Description
1 Yellow t-shirt FRONT: Picture of a flag containing "RMC Mandela," held by crowd; broken chains; "Release Mandela".
BACK: "The People Shall Govern"
White t-shirt FRONT: "Keep the Pressure On".
BACK: "New York Welcomes Nelson Mandela" written in ANC colors; "Marshal" beneath Manufactured by International Ladies' Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) in the U.S.
Grey sweater FRONT: "NUSAS: National Union of South African Students"
Off-white t-shirt FRONT: "NUM Education Conference"; "7-8 November 1986"; beneath, marching crowd with a clenched fist rising up.
BACK: "NUM Supports People's Education"
White t-shirt FRONT: "We're on the Streets" and "The Weekly Mail" logo; dancing individuals in red, blue, yellow surrounded by various small punctuation marks and stars
Olive green t-shirt FRONT: Crowd holding banner that says, "An Injury to One is an Injury to All"; beneath says, "S.A. Congress of Trade Unions" (COSATU).
BACK: "Organize…or Starve!"
Multi-colored tank top FRONT AND BACK: Features soccer players with "Castle" on jersey, soccer balls, and vibrant red, green, blue, and yellow colors.
Off-white t-shirt FRONT: "One Country" above a crowd and a larger, emphasized man; beneath, "One Federation".
BACK: "Workers Unite: Inaugural Congress November 29 - December 2 1985"
White t-shirt FRONT: "VIVA ANC" in ANC colors; "VIVA SACP" in SACP colors; ANC and SACP flags; beneath, "Long Live The People's Alliance"
White t-shirt FRONT: "Amandla"; beneath, "Cultural Ensemble of the African National Congress" with organization emblem (hand holding spear)
Yellow t-shirt FRONT: "UDF: One Million Signature Campaign!" being written with a pencil (United Democratic Front); small picture of a marching crowd waving a banner that says "UDF" in front of an outline of South Africa.
BACK: Same picture of marching crowd; "Make Your Mark Against Apartheid!"
Yellow t-shirt FRONT: "UDF Unites! Apartheid divides!" along with UDF logo of a crowd marching holding a flag that says "UDF" over an outline of South Africa
Yellow t-shirt FRONT: "Disinvest on Our Terms"; seal of the Chemical Workers Industrial Union; cartoon of man with the names of corporations on his jacket (i.e., Colgate, Palmolive, Unilever) sneaking away from protesters holding signs such as "Down with Corporate Camouflage".
BACK: "expose corporate camouflage" in a red circle
Blue t-shirt FRONT: "Disarm: Freeze & Reverse The Arms Race; Fund Human Needs"; picture of a yellow person tearing a warhead in two; beneath, "Rally -- June 12, 1982; Central Park, NYC"; "Staff" written at bottom
Black t-shirt FRONT: A man and woman stand alongside each other holding a large flag; says "Solidarity" beneath the two individuals; at bottom, says "100 Years of the American Unions: The Food and Beverage Trades Department, AFL-CIO"
White t-shirt FRONT: "National Union of Seamen"; NUS emblem (lighthouse on the edge of a body of water)
(made in Britain)
White t-shirt  FRONT: "Cuba"; dancer in African dress (bright orange and teal colors)
(made in Cuba)
Black track pants

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