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MSS 154

Draft resistance movement, 1967-early 1970s.Add to your cart.

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Material collected by Barrie Thorne.

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Collection Summary:

The collection contains materials collected by Barrie Thorne from the draft resistance (anti-Vietnam War) movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It includes newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, position papers, clippings, and other miscellanea from the Boston Draft Resistance Group, the New England Resistance, Support, and Resist. The materials are arranged alphabetically by topic.

Historical Background:

The draft resistance or anti-Vietnam War movement in the Untied States was made up of a number of independent groups and interests, sometime allied with one another, other times contesting one another on particular issues. What united the movement was an opposition to the Vietnam War.  The movement gained national prominence in 1965 and peaked in 1968, and it remained powerful throughout the duration of the Vietnam War.

Processing Note:

These materials were collected by Barrie Thorne who participated in the Boston Draft Resistance Group and the New England Resistance, and wrote about them as a sociologist, including her dissertation, Resisting the Draft: An Ethnography of the Draft Resistance Movement (1971). She is currently a faculty member at UC Berkeley where she is a Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology. She was previously on the faculty of Michigan State University, where she helped to create the Women’s Studies Program in the early 1970s, and the University of Southern California.


Box Folder Description
1 1 Analyses of resistance groups (various articles)
  2 Army base leaflets
  3 Boston Draft Resistance Group (BDRG) history
  4 BDRG newsletters
  5 BDRG position papers and internal papers
  6 The Bowditch Review (Summer 1967)
  7 BDRG interaction with Selective Service (clippings)
  8 New England Committee for Non-violent Action(papers, newsletters)
  9 New England Committee for Non-violent Action
  10 Correspondence (letters to Barrie Thorne)
  11 Counterdraft CCCO (CCCO publication aimed at draft counselors)
  12 Doctor Spock trial (clippings)
  13 Draft card turn in debates
  14 Draft cases
  15 Draft counseling as a profession
  16 Draft counseling materials
  17 Draft counseling materials
  18 Draft cultures (clippings)
  19 Draft outcome (amnesty related issues)
  20 East coast resistance from Maine, Rhode Island, New York, Philadelphia
  21 Early resistance/Vietnam Summer (various newspapers)
  22 Draft articles
  23 Government response (clippings on Hershey, draft boards)
  24 Hemispheric conference to end the Vietnam War (Canada)
  25 History of the draft resistance movement (clippings)
  26 I.F. Stone (letter regarding amnesty)
  27 Imperialism folder 1
  28 Imperialism folder 2
  29 Imperialism folder 3
  30 Events in Boston (leaflets, demonstrations, sanctuaries)
Box Folder Description
2 1 Index of draft resistance articles
  2 Individual cases
  3 Induction refusals (NER memos, CLRD newsletter)
  4 Legal system
  5 Liberation (Dec. 1965; May 1969 issues)
  6 Martyrs (Catholic resistance)
  7 Midwest resistance (Michigan, Minnesota, Chicago)
  8 Military
  9 Miscellaneous
  10 Miscellaneous
  11 Miscellaneous
  12 Miscellaneous
  13 Miscellaneous
  14 New England Resistance (NER)
  15 New England Resistance (newsletters, position papers)
  16 New England Resistance (leaflets, Concord Area Resistance Summer)
  17 New Left
  18 Newspaper clippings, Oct. 1967-January 1968
  19 Newspaper clippings, March-April 1968
  20 Newspaper clippings, May 1968
  21 Newspaper clippings, June 1968
  22 Newspaper clippings, July-August 1968
  23 Newspaper clippings, August 1968 (Democratic Convention)
  24 Newspaper clippings, Sept.-October 1968
  25 Newspaper clippings, November-December 1968
  26 Newspaper clippings, January-March 1969
  27 Newspaper clippings, April 1969
  28 Newspaper clippings, May-October 1969
Box Folder Description
3 1 Newspaper clippings, November 1969-February 1970
  2 Non-violence
  3 Outside contingencies
  4 Pardon me, but…. (May 1969 leaflet)
  5 The Peacemaker (July 1967-December 1970 issues)
  6 Polls on draft protests
  7 Position of various groups
  8 P.I.S.S. News Notes (Prisoners Information and Support Services)
  9 Research on draft resistance (B. Houghton, H. Gross, B. Rutledge)
  10 Resist folder 1 (newsletters January 1968-April 1969)
  11 Resist folder 2 (newsletters May 1969-December 1970, May 1974)
  12 The Resistance (early flyers)
  13 Respond (winter 1968 issue with Ferber’s sermon)
  14 Safe Return
Box Folder Description
4 1 Sanctuary (clippings, memos debating value of sanctuary)
  2 SDS New Left Notes (various issues)
  3 Shifts in draft resistance
  4 Support (newsletters, November 1968-January 1970; clippings)
  5 Twin Cities Draft Info Center
  6 U.S.A. (anti-New Left publication)
  7 Loose notes
  8 Miscellaneous (issues of AMEX, The American Exile in Canada)

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