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MSS 202

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Collection Summary:

The UKA Collection features letters, flyers, posters, and several internal documents. Also included is realia and two robes.

Historical Background:

The United Klans of American was the largest Ku Klux Klan organization in the United States. Led by Robert Shelton, the UKA peaked in popularity and membership in the 1960s and 1970s. Its national headquarters was outside Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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Box 1

Folders numbered:

  1. Holdings list prepared by previous owner
  2. Christmas cards and order form
  3. Various membership application forms
  4. Minutes of Klan Unit #10 (2 pgs.)
  5. Unit monthly financial account, Dec. 1976-Jan. 1977
  6. Financial papers and forms - miscellaneous
  7. Newspapers with Klan coverage ca. 1970
  8. American Independent Party - Wallace for President, 1968, 1972
  9. United Klan of America realia including calling cards, humorous cards, stickers and decals, official cards, men's and women's patches, robe protocol, passport (1977), certificate of award and appreciation, identification of symbols, robe etiquette
  10. Tuscola County Klavern invitation to burning of cross
  11. "What a Klansman must do when the FBI calls on you" - 3 cards
  12. Newsletter from William Chaney, Grand Dragon, United Klans of America, Inc., April 11, 13. Newsletter from William Chaney, National Coordinator, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Invisible Empire - Northern and Southern 1976-1979
  13. Newsletter from William Chaney, Imperial Wizard, Confederation Independent Orders Invisible Empire... 1977-1978
  14. "Grand Klorero," February 1, 1975. Montrose, Michigan. Announcement and agenda
  15. "Grand Klorero," February 18, 1973, Lake Odesa [sic], Vassar, Michigan. Announcement and agenda. 2 copies
  16. "Kumbined Konservative Kamporee, Vassar, Michigan, " July 4, 1971. Schedule of events
  17. "Free Association Forum, 1972, Michigan." February 19, 1972. Program
  18. "National Klonvocation, " Lakeland, Florida, Sept. 4-5, 1975. Announcement, arrangements, newsletters
  19. "Dinner Program," October 17, 1970. Flint, Michigan. Includes "Song Sheet"
  20. The Southern and Scottish Family Association Dinner Program, April 12, 1975
  21. "Annual Camparee," UKA, July 1-4, 197-.
  22. Newsletters, 1970-1975. United Klans of America, Inc. Michigan State Office, Dearborn, Michigan
  23. "The True Story of the Ku Klux Klan," 1 pg.
  24. "Anti Klan Activities..." Memo from Office of Grand Klaliff [no date]
  25. Junior Order of the UKA. Assorted youth recruitment materials
  26. James E. Wells for Governor pamphlet 1974.
  27. "Church of the White Christ" - flyer, February 18, 1973.
  28. John Birch Society - flyer.
  29. National States Rights Party - invitation to meeting.
  30. National Klan Rally, August 31, t974 - invitation and flyer
  31. Aryan Nations - flyer.
  32. National Socialist White People's Party - 2 flyers.
  33. American White Nationalist Party - "Applications for Membership"
  34. "Oath of Allegiance, " United Klan Knight of the KKK of America, Inc.
  35. Imperial Office Newsletters, U.K.A., and "Introducing Your National Office..."
  36. Patriots Inter organization Communication Center - 3 letters.
  37. U.K.A. Unit Monthly Financial Report - Blank pad.
  38. U.K.A. Minutes - Blank pad.
  39. William M. Chaney - Assorted materials.
  40. Banishment of Roy Frankhouser, May 1977 - 2 items.
  41. Pontiac, Michigan bus incident, ca. 1970, various items.
  42. Letter from Robert Shelton, Imperial Wizard - inter office memo.
  43. "Who is Sandra DuPree?"
  44. "What Feathers Do You Deserve?" article by Robert Miles accompanied with letter from Miles to Robert Shelton, Oct. 12, 1971.
  45. Card of thanks from "Woody" Fruit for financial support while in Federal Prison for Pontiac bus bombing.
  46. Various certificates of merit to Jack D. Scott.
  47. Material dealing specifically with African Americans.
  48. Responsibilities of officers, mimeographed 3 pgs.
  49. "Legal Defense Fund Summary.
  50. Fiery Cross Magazine - Solicitation letter.
  51. Western Front - letter from editor, Walter White, Jr., explaining the threat of the "Genocide Treaty."
  52. Jewish Threat - 2 items.
  53. "Save Our Land" Poster - seven total.
  54. Miscellaneous Klan notes.
  55. Imperial Office Newsletter, 1970-
  56. U.K.A. Pamphlets - 12 total.
  57. Fiery Cross Newsletter - 5 total, ca.1970. 59. "This is the internal capture of the U.S., the proposed Potomac River Rasin Compact, " ca. 1973.
  58. Miscellaneous U.K.A. flyers.

Box 2

  • United Klans of America Realia and Ephemera.
  • U.K.A. Medal with porcelin blood drop dated 1961
  • Plaque awarded Bobby Shelton, 1971-1972.
  • U.K.A. (?) Plaque dated 1961
  • Various stamps (4)
  • Calling cards
  • Stamp for Lakeland Konvocation, 1975.
  • 2 KKK Pennants
  • Various cloth badges from 1975 Klonvocation.
  • 1 placemat from 1975 Klonvocation.

Box 3

  • U.K.A. Men's White Satin Robe with blood drop patch, insignia or Imperial Klarogo and Exalted Cyclops, red, blue, and green sleeve stripes, purple sash, and hat with silk mask.

Box 4

  • Ku Klux Klan Men's Robe with blood drop insignia patch One "Wallace for President" Poster

Box 5

  • Miscellaneous newspaper articles on Ku Klux Klan, ca. 1970.
  • Ku Klux Klan photograph.

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