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Collection Summary:

Correspondence, notes, documents, publications, publication drafts, galleys, and other material related to the publication of: Factory Poems (1979), On the Line (1981), Places/Everyone (1985), The Long Ball (1988), Digger’s Territory (1989), Punching Out (1990), Hacking It (1992), M-80 (1993), Niagara Falls (1994), No Pets (1994), (Editor) Letters to America: Contemporary Poetry on Race (1995), and Blessing the House (1997), Blue Jesus (2000), and Digger’s Blues (2002). Also contains drafts of stories and essays.

Historical Background:

Writer, poet. Born June 6, 1956, in Detroit, Michigan. After growing up in Detroit,  Daniels attended Alma College and then Bowling Green State University, where he earned his M.F.A in 1980. He won the Signpost Press chapbook contest in 1980 and lectured in English at Bowling Green for a short time after earning his degree. In 1981 Daniels took a visiting writer in residence position at Carnegie-Mellon and, after winning the Passages North poetry contest in 1983, in 1985 published his first full-length volume of poetry, Places/Everyone, winner of the Wisconsin/Brittingham Prize for Poetry. That same year he married Kristin Kovacic (child, Ramsey) and became an associate professor of English at Carnegie Mellon in 1986, where he continues to teach. His fellowships include those from the National Endowment of the Arts and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Processing Note:



Box Folder Description
1 1 - 3 Various newspaper/journals devoted to poetry (including Pine River, J. Daniels, ed.)
  4 NEA Fellowship materials
  5 Draft of poems in chapbook, Hacking It
Box Folder Description
2   Various anthologies with published poems
Box Folder Description
3 1 “Digger” poem (drafts)
  2 Draft of Long Ball (chapbook)
  3 Long Ball correspondence and p.r.
  4 “Liberating Memory”; fiction, “Polka Time”
  5 Correspondence: Thank yous/congratulations; writer’s conferences; reading flyers; permission to reprint requests; drafts of various essays; galley proofs
  6 Acceptance and rejection notices
  7 Title/contents page drafts for published, unpublished material
Box Folder Description
4 1 Various draft versions of “Niagara Falls,” reader comments
  2 Draft of Places/Everyone, C.K. Williams comments
  3 Places/Everyone: Bellingham Prize material; promotion materials; reading/publicity flyers; publication correspondence
  4 Four chapbook manuscripts
  5 Draft of short story, “No Pets”
  6 Film, “No Pets,” promo materials
  7 Drafts of screenplay, “No Pets”
Box Folder Description
5 1 Cripple poems (chapbook)
  2 Digger’s Territory, (chapbook)
  3 Miscellaneous poems with reader’s comments
  4 Manuscript of work poems (1981)
  5 Poems from Trouble at the Drive In with reader’s comments (early version of M-80)
  6 Poems from Trouble at the Drive In
  7 Miscellaneous poems from M-80, Trouble at the Drive In
  8 Poems from M- 80, Trouble at the Drive In
  9 Rough draft of poems of M-80; notes on organization of poems in manuscript
Box Folder Description
6 1 Drafts of Detroit/ work poems
  2 Draft of poem collection, Sacrament
  3 Acceptance/rejection notices (1975- 198?)
Box Folder Description
7 1 Miscellaneous factory poems (Punching Out)
  2 Notes on Punching Out; reader responses; factory artifacts
  3 Page proofs of Punching Out (signed)
  4 “Still Lives in Detroit, #6: Benitan St.” broadside
  5 Version of Punching Out (close to final)
  6 Early drafts of factory poems
  7 Versions of Steel on Steel (early Punching Out), with reader comments
  8 Newspaper reviews and feature stories
  9 Punching Out publishing correspondence, text set-up
Box Folder Description
8 - 9   Various anthologies/ literary magazines with published poems
Box Folder Description
10 1 Versions of Blessing the House (versions named Traction and Faith)
  2 Notes on organization of poems in Blessing the House
  3 Original copies of poems in Blessing the House
  4 Blessing the House, author’s proofs
Box Folder Description
11 1 Proofs of Letter to America
  2 Miscellaneous materials for Letter to America
  3 Reader’s response to Letter to America, Daniels’ letter to editor
  4 Drafts of introductory essay in Letter to America
  5 Wayne State University Press correspondence concerning Letter to America
  6 Letters from contributors to Letter to America
  7 Contributors biographies for Letter to America
  8 Drafts of published short stories
  9 Correspondence concerning poem submissions (1994- 1996)
  10 Flyers/ promotion of poetry readings
  11 Original copies of poems from Letters to America
  12 Early poem drafts
  13 Poem drafts (80s-90s)
  14 Poem drafts (80s-90s)
  15 Poem drafts (80s-90s)
  16 Poem drafts (80s-90s)
  17 Mss proofs—No Pets. Drafts Karaoke Moon
  18 Mss, drafts of Blue Jesus. Drafts of essays, plays. Correspondence about readings, with publishers
  19 Correspondence (including high school teachers, Antler, Philip Levine, Sharon Olds)
  20 Correspondence from former writing students, faculty of Carnegie Mellon
  21 Correspondence (including “Friends from Warren,” Rick Wyrwa, Darrly P. Strawinski, Harry Grzetewski)
  22 Correspondence (including “Friends from Alma,” “People from Alma,” James Tipton)
  23 Correspondence, other materials relating to American Poetry: Next Generation; early materials (high school, college); Breaktime (Daniels ed.); clippings from 70s and 80s
  24 Correspondence, including; Bowling Green MFA materials; publishers late 80s, early 90s; “Uncle Rex”; “The Beautiful Miss Wendy”; “Big Steve”; “Paul ‘Dil’ Dilsaver”; “other BG folks”; Bruce Severy; Mysterious Mike Barson; “ Notorious Dr. Zero”; “Bowling Green Friends”
  25 Miscellaneous correspondence; early awards/ acceptances; correspondence with David James, Lee Upton
  26 Grad school rejections; correspondences with Tim Russell, Donna Trussell, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Marcus Cafagna, Leon Chamberlain; clippings from newspapers worked on as student; materials relating to readings/ workshops given in 80s; correspondence with Roberta (?), Daniel Dever, Keith Taylor, C. Cykowfa (?), Tom Wayman (“Big influence and inspiration”), Rosa Rama; poems sent in response to reading Daniels’ work; “Red Vinyl, Black Vinyl” chapbook proofs
  27 Materials relating to The Algomanian
  28 Copies of journals in which Daniels published
  29 Copies of journals in which Daniels published. One folder early poem drafts
Box Folder Description
12 1 Drafts (Poetry)
  2 Drafts (Poetry)
  3 Drafts (Poetry)
  4 Drafts (Poetry)
Box Folder Description
13 1 Drafts (Poetry)
  2 Drafts (Poetry)
  3 Drafts (Poetry)
  4 Drafts (Poetry)
  5 Drafts (Poetry)
  6 Drafts (Poetry)
Box Folder Description
14 1 Drafts (Prose)
  2 Drafts (Prose)
  3 Drafts (Prose)
  4 Drafts (Prose)
  5 Drafts (Prose)
Box Folder Description
15 1 Drafts (Prose)
  2 Drafts (Prose)
  3 Drafts (Prose)
  4 Drafts (Prose)
Box Folder Description
16 1 Drafts (Poetry)
  2 Drafts (Poetry)
  3 Drafts – Heart of Hearts
  4 Correspondence – Heart to Heart
  5 Drafts – Dumpster
  6 PR documents
Box Folder Description
17 1 "No Pets" manuscripts
  2 "No Pets" manuscripts
  3 "No Pets" manuscripts
  4 "No Pets" manuscripts
  5 "No Pets" manuscripts
  6 "Karaoke Moon Songs" manuscript
Box Folder Description
18 1 "Karaoke Moon Songs" manuscript
  2 "Karaoke Moon Songs" manuscript
  3 Rejection letters
  4 Acceptance letters
  5 Correspondence – Readings and appearances
  6 Correspondence – "Coming to Class"
  7 "Letters to America"
Box Folder Description
19 1 "Break Time" Correspondence
  2 "American Poetry: The Next Generation" Correspondence, 1998-2000
  3 "American Poetry: The Next Generation" Permissions and correspondence
  4 "American Poetry: The Next Generation" Paperwork and correspondence for contributor bios
  5 "American Poetry: The Next Generation" PR and readings
Box Folder Description
20 1 Miscellaneous papers
  2 Miscellaneous papers – High school and early college years
  3 Miscellaneous papers – "Patchwork"
  4 Cranbrook Writers’ Conference, 1975
  5 Masters degree papers – Bowling Green University
  6 PR and Clippings collected by Daniels; includes: Fitzgerald HS's "Fitzgerald"
  7 PR and clippings collected by Daniels; includes: Carnegie Mellon's "The Focus" and "The Tartan"
  8 Miscellaneous PR and clippings from Alma College and Bowling Green University
  9 PR and miscellaneous clippings collected by Daniels – Pittsburgh area publications, including: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Press
  10 PR and clippings collected by Daniels; miscellaneous publications
  11 Grad school rejections and acceptances
  12 Miscellaneous chapbook proofs
Box Folder Description
21 1 General correspondence
  2 General correspondence
  3 General correspondence
  4 General correspondence
  5 Poems written by readers of Daniels
  6 General correspondence, unknown sender
Box Folder Description
22 1 General correspondence, unknown sender
  2 Correspondence with Alex Arnot-Principal
  3 Correspondence with Lynne Barrett
  4 Correspondence with Mike Barson
  5 Correspondence with Michael Basinski
  6 Correspondence with John P. Beck
  7 Correspondence with Marcus Cafagna
  8 Correspondence with Harry Calhoun
  9 Correspondence with Stephen Catanzarite
  10 Correspondence with Leon Chamberlain
  11 Correspondence with Hayan Charara (Graffiti Rag Magazine)
  12 Correspondence with Jerry Costanzo
  13 Correspondence with C. Cykowski
  14 Correspondence with Mike Delp
  15 Correspondence with Dan Dever
  16 Correspondence with Paul Dilsaver (Blue Light Review)
  17 Correspondence with Sean Thomas Dougherty
  18 Correspondence with Stu Dybek
  19 Correspondence with Rex Easley
  20 Correspondence with Julie Fink
  21 Correspondence with Emanuel "Manny" Fried
Box Folder Description
23 1 Correspondence with Nancy Gallagher
  2 Correspondence with Robert Gregory
  3 Correspondence with Harry Grzelewski, 1974-1985
  4 Correspondence with Harry Grzelewski, 1986-
  5 Correspondence with Bob Hadan
  6 Correspondence with Amy Hempel
  7 Correspondence with Steve Hesske
  8 Correspondence with Edward Hirsch
  9 Correspondence with Dave James
  10 Correspondence with Hester K.
  11 Correspondence with Steve Kormas
  12 Correspondence with Phillip Levine
  13 Correspondence with Michael L. Lieber (Wayne State University)
  14 Correspondence with Chris Lopez
  15 Correspondence with Deborah Luke (see also: "Russell Rock")
  16 Correspondence with Elke Martin
Box Folder Description
24 1 Correspondence with Hilary Masters
  2 Correspondence with Dennis "Mac" McCarthy (Daniels' mentor, Fitzgerald High School teacher)
  3 Correspondence with Lynette McLeod (see also: Lynette and Mark Wangberg, Lynette Wangberg, Lynette Sheldon)
  4 Correspondence with Melissa McLeod
  5 Correspondence with Sally Naylor
  6 Correspondence with Gary Ostanski ("Doctor Zero/0")
  7 Correspondence with Ross Rama
  8 Correspondence with John Repp
  9 Correspondence with Len Roberts
  10 Correspondence with Russell Rock
  11 Correspondence with Michael Rose
  12 Correspondence with Tim Russell
Box Folder Description
25 1 Correspondence with Laurie Schorr
  2 Correspondence with Bruce Severy
  3 Correspondence with Wendy Schaffer
  4 Correspondence with Marc Sheehan
  5 Correspondence with Lynette Sheldon (see also: Lynette McLeod, Lynette Wangberg, Lynette and Mark Wangberg
  6 Correspondence with Knute Skinner (Signpost Press, Inc.)
  7 Correspondence with Janet and Darryl Stawinski
  8 Correspondence with Jane Sugauo
  9 Correspondence with Joe Sutfin
  10 Correspondence with Vicki Taddeucci
  11 Correspondence with Keith Taylor
  12 Correspondence with James Tipton
  13 Correspondence with Carolyn Toth
  14 Correspondence with Steve Tudor
Box Folder Description
26 1 Correspondence with Lee Upton
  2 Correspondence with Cheri and Glen V.
  3 Correspondence with Rita Walker
  4 Correspondence with Ren Wallace
  5 Correspondence with Lynette Wangberg (see also: Lynette McLeod, Lynette Sheldon, Mark Wangberg, Lynette and Mark Wangberg)
  6 Correspondence with Lynette and Mark Wangberg (see also: Lynette McLeod, Mark Wangberg, Lynette Sheldon)
  7 Correspondence with Mark Wangberg (see also: Lynette Wangberg, Lynette and Mark Wangberg)
  8 Correspondence with Tom Wayman
  9 Correspondence with Margaret Willey
  10 Correspondence with Rick Wyrwa
Box Folder Description
27 1 Mixed correspondence
  2 Mixed correspondence
  3 Mixed correspondence
Box Folder Description
28-33   Various anthologies/ literary magazines with published poems; posters
Box Folder Description
34   Newspapers
Box Folder Description
35   Various anthologies/ literary magazines with published poems

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