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Collection Summary:

The Peace Education Center Collection dates from the late 1960's through the 1990's, with the bulk of the materials generated from the Center's work during the 1980's. These materials – reflecting the typical, late-twentieth century means by which advocacy groups and private individuals informed themselves of the most contentious, serious and far-reaching issues of their day, and how they sought to influence others – include newspapers and newspaper clippings, magazines and magazine articles, newsletters, essays, reports from a wide variety of government and non-government organizations, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, conference hand-outs, briefing packets, reading programs, press releases, drafts of legislative bills, books, photographs, slides, film strips, audio tapes, posters, poetry, holiday cards and personal letters. Copies of e-mail correspondence concerning the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 complete the scope of the collection, and are a timely indicator of how computer communication has rapidly transformed the way advocacy groups such as the PEC accomplish their goals of educating and motivating the public. Besides information on issues of the day, the collection also contains PEC's internal files, i.e., financial records, minutes of board meetings, policy records, director's records, and correspondence, all dating from the founding of the Center through the 1990's. There is also a large collection of PEC publicity files, consisting of local newspaper clippings and event flyers documenting the many activities the Center initiated over the years.

Historical Background:

The East Lansing Peace Education Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace and human rights, began under the auspices of the United Ministries in Higher Education (UMHE) at Michigan State University in the early 1970's. At the time, the UMHE, a ministry supported by several Christian churches, was interested in establishing a peace center to maintain and strengthen local peace efforts in the post-Vietnam War/ post-military draft era. The Center first opened in October, 1973, under the direction of Warren Day of the UMHE. Its official name was "The Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution." By 1975, its name had changed to "The East Lansing Peace Education Center," and it soon became independent of the UMHE.  Through the years, the Center has supported a variety of task forces, including the Southern Africa Liberation Committee (SALC), Committee for Education on Latin America (CELA), Ingham County Coalition Against Registration and the Draft (I-Card), Middle East Awareness Committee (MEAC) and Mobilization for Survival (MOBE), an anti-nuclear weapons task force. Its members have participated in many local and national demonstrations for peace, and have sponsored numerous public speakers and fundraisers for charity.  Its annual activities have included observances for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a Peace and Justice Alternative Holiday Gift Sale, and Commemoration of Tax Day on April 15, to call attention to the diversion of tax dollars to military purposes. Still active today, the Center continues to offer educational events for schools and the general public, draft counseling, curriculum and research consultation, and access to their collection of materials on war and peace, food and hunger, human rights, etc. Its component community groups and task forces continue to address human rights issues of all kinds. The PEC is currently located in East Lansing, Michigan at the Unitarian Universalist Church (www.peaceedcenter.org).

Processing Note:

The collection is organized into 6 parts: 1) U.S. Military and Nuclear Issues; 2) Peace and Justice: International Scope; 3) Peace and Justice within Regions and Countries; 4) PEC records, including Administrative Records, Publicity, Educational Outreach, Resource Materials, and PEC newsletters; 5) Local and National Peace/Advocacy Groups' materials and newsletters; 6) Other peace education materials, including A/V, reading programs, and misc. books. The processing of the Peace Education Center collection was made possible, in part, through the Beth Shapiro Endowment Fund. This inventory was completed on June 1, 2006 by Anne-Marie Rachman, MSU Library, Special Collections Division.


Box Folder Description
1 1 A, B U.S. Military – Volunteer Force. Counter-recruitment and military counseling (1970's – 1990's).
  • Pamphlets, flyers and guides on draft registration, school recruitment, counter-recruitment and military counseling from the Peace Education Center, War Resisters League, Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO), Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Fellowship of Reconciliation, Committee against Registration and the Draft (CARD) et al.
  2 A, B, C, D U.S. Military – Volunteer Force. Countering Militarism (circa 1978).
A) Essays on militarism in education. B) Poster from War Resister's League (undated). C) Michigan: Protest of Lansing Marine Day. D) Military recruitment ads and brochures.
  3 U.S. Military – Volunteer Force — Michigan. Special Defense Force Bill (1988).
  • Copy of bill; Legal analysis by the MI Senate Analysis Section (SAS); PEC's position; legislators' opinions; article on state defense forces; earlier versions from 1986; misc.
  4 U.S. Military – Volunteer Force – Opposition to Selective Service Registration and a new draft (1980's).
  • Materials from Ingham County Committee against Registration and the Draft (I-CARD), M-CARD, CARD, Madison Draft Resistance Coalition, MN Coalition Against Conscription and the CCCO. News articles. Military counseling materials.
  5 U.S. Military – Volunteer Force – Opposition to Selective Service Registration and a new draft (1973 – 1981).
  • Newsletters, memoranda, legislative bills, newspaper clippings, action alerts. The Herald (East Lasing, MI) (May 1980).
  6 U.S. Military – Draft – American Exiles (1970's).
  • Periodicals: Zero: Paris American Exile Rock Bottom Newsletter (June, 1973); Amex Canada: Published by Americans in Canada (Vol. 4, Nos. 1 and 7, 1973).
  • Pamphlet: Toronto American Exile's Association.
  • Essay: Gardner, Robert, "A Canadian Perspective, AMNESTY WHEN?"(no date)
  • Instructional Leaflet: Toronto Anti-Draft Programme, "Escape from Freedom: Immigration to Canada as an Alternative to the Draft." (no date)
  • Misc. news articles and a 1975 PEC announcement of guest speaker on American exiles.
  7 A, B U.S. Military – Draft – Amnesty for Resisters and Deserters (1970's).
A) Background history of amnesty (1 sheet). Brochures, newsletters and position papers. Amnesty petition. Handwritten notes. News articles. CCCO brochure explaining 1974 clemency program. B) Newspaper clippings re. amnesty debate; articles on plight of deserters.
  8 U.S. Military – Draft -- Amnesty for Resisters and Deserters (1973).
  • Periodicals: Event Amnesty (American Lutheran Church, May 1973); Liberty, A Magazine of Religious Freedom (Religious Liberty Association of America and the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nov/Dec 1973); Ramparts (November 1971); Amnesty, A Special Report of American Report (May 7, 1973).
  9 U.S. Military – Draft -- Amnesty – Positions of Elected Officials (1971 - 1974).
  • Signed Letters from Senators George McGovern (SD), Robert Griffin (MI), Philip Hart (MI), Robert Taft, Jr. (OH), Congressman Charles Chamberlain (MI), Michigan State Representative Jackie Vaughn III, Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley.
  • Copies of proposed amnesty bills introduced in Congress.
  • Critique of President Ford's Amnesty Plan by the United Church of Christ Center for Social Action.
  10 U.S. Military – Draft -- Amnesty (1973).
  • Position papers and pamphlets from the National Inter-religious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors (NISBCO).
  11 U.S. Military – Draft -- Amnesty (1973 – 1976).
  • Correspondence and notes from the Greater Lansing Committee on Amnesty and Reconciliation.
  12 U.S. Military – Draft -- Amnesty (circa 1970's).
  • Position papers and brochures regarding amnesty from various church groups.
  13 U.S. Military – Draft – Imprisoned War Objectors.
  • Prisoner Visitation and Support Committee (PVS) information on Karl Armstrong and the Army Mathematics Research Center bombing in Madison WI (1973).
  • Essay: Noam Chomsky, Paul Lauter and Florence Howe, "Reflections on a Political Trial," from The New York Review of Books (August 22, 1968).
  • Episcopal Peace Fellowship Defense Fund for Brother John Williams (convicted of setting fire to Selective Service draft files with napalm, 1971).
  14 U.S. Military – Draft – Repeal Effort (circa 1968- 1971).
  • Campaigns of the Lansing Committee to Repeal the Draft, Michigan Council to Repeal the Draft, and the Lansing Area Peace Council.
  • Essays on draft repeal by Richard Neuhaus, Stewart Alsop, and James Clayton.
  15 U.S. Military – Draft – Repeal Effort (1971).
  • Excerpts of Congressional testimony, a glossary of terms and other information from anti-draft group, ENDRAFT.
  16 U.S. Military – Draft – Repeal Effort (1970 – 1972).
  • Legislative information, Congressional testimony and other information from the National Council to Repeal the Draft.
  17 A, B, C U.S. Military – Draft – Draft Counseling materials (1960's).
    A & B) Pamphlets, manuals, articles on selective service classifications and appeals, conscientious objection, draft resistance, religious values, legal information, etc. for draft-age audience. C) The New Draft Law. A Manual for Lawyers and Counselors (National Lawyers Guild, Ann Fagan Ginger, editor, 1967). 2 copies.

Box Folder Description
2 1 A, B U.S. Military – Draft – The Debate over Compulsory Conscription ( Late 1960's through 1971).
    A) Article series from The Christian Century (1967). Newspaper/magazine articles. B) Papers/essays by the American Friends Service Committee, National Council of Churches, The Church Society for College Work and others. Journal: War Resistance: Journal of the War Resisters' International (1971).
  2 U.S. Military – Budget (1990's – 2000).
  3 U.S. Military – Budget (1980's).
  • Reports, announcements, news articles.
  4 A, B U.S. Military – Budget (1980's). PEC Activities.
    A) PEC Workshop: "The Economic Impacts of Militarization." April 17, 1982. B) PEC hosts Congressman John Conyers' talk, "A Budget for Human Needs and Peace." April 17, 1983.
  5 U.S. Military – Budget (1977- 1979).
  • Report, news article.
  6, 7 U.S. Military – Budget (1976).
  • Reports, announcements, news articles in the bicentennial year.
  8 U.S. Military – Budget (1975).
  • Reports, announcements, news articles.
  9 U.S. Military – Budget (1974).
  • Reports, announcements, news articles.
  10 U.S. Military – Budget (1966 – 1973).
  • Reports, announcements, news articles.
  11 U.S. Military – War Tax Resistance (General) (1973 – 1982).
  • Fact sheets, news articles, reports, pamphlets, one poster (War Resisters' League).
  12 U.S. Military – War Tax Resistance (Michigan/PEC).
  • PEC war tax resistance workshop on April 14, 1984: articles, letters, brochures.
  13 U.S. Military – War Tax Resistance – PEC Tax Day Vigil (1976).
  14 U.S. Military – War Tax Resistance – Phone Tax Campaign (1970 – 1980).
  15 U.S. Military – War Tax Resistance – Alternative Tax to Fund Peace/Legal Alternatives Campaign.
  • Documents on the 1970's campaign to pass the Federal "World Peace Tax Fund Act," flyer from PEC in 1984, and newsletters from the Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund dating from 1988 and 2002.
  16 U.S. Military – Weaponry -- Agent Orange.
  • Reports, Veteran's Guide, News Articles. Robert DeYoung, "Statement to the Veterans Administration Advisory Committee on Toxic Herbicides (for the Task Force on Agent Orange," (June 11, 1979).
  17 U.S. Military – Weaponry -- B-1 Bomber.
  • Report: "Billions for Bombers" by American Friends Service Committee (Feb. 27, 1974). Flyers, news articles.
  18 U.S. Military – Weaponry – Chemical Warfare.
  19 U.S. Military – Weaponry –Conventional Arms Reduction.
  • News articles (1988 – 89).
  20 U.S. Military – Weaponry – F-4 Phantom Jet Protest at Frandor Shopping Center, Lansing, Michigan (1981).
  21 U.S. Military – Weaponry – General.
  • News articles. Reports.
  22 U.S. Military – Weaponry – "Military –Industrial Complex."
  • News articles. Reports.
Box Folder Description
3 1 U.S. Military – Weaponry – Nuclear. .(See Nuclear Issues also).
    Articles and reports on the MX and Trident II (D-5) missile, first-strike capability, and nuclear weapons in general. Articles on hazards of production.
  2 U.S. Military – Weaponry – Nuclear.
  • The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) nuclear war communication system. Michigan and Nationwide. News articles, information, pamphlet. Circa 1980's. 1997 flyer.
  3 U.S. Military – Weaponry – Sales/Transfers to the Third World.
  • Institute for Policy Studies, Arms Trade Data (Major U.S. Arms Transfers to the Third World, 1973 – 1978/ U.S. Arms Sales to Third World Police Forces, 1973—1976) (circa 1979).
  4 U.S. Military – Weaponry – Strategic Defense Initiative and "Star Wars."
  • News articles. Union of Concerned Scientists Briefing Papers (3) 1983- 1984.
  5 U.S. Military – Weaponry -- Project ELF (Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Communications System).
  • Scientific, legal and government documents, including environmental impact studies of ELF. News articles. Circa 1975 – 1985. 2004 update added to file.
  6 U.S. Military – Weaponry -- Project ELF (Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Communications System).
  • Newsletters, announcements, brochures
  7 U.S. Military – Weaponry – Protest of Williams International Corp. in Walled Lake.
  8 U.S. Military – Troop Deployment (1970's).
  • Letters, news articles, government documents, legislation, newsletters.
  9 U.S. Military – Veterans (1971 – 1981).
  • Kerry, John, "Where Are the Leaders of Our Country?" (April 22, 1971 before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations); The Veteran (Feb./Mar. 1980) and Winter Soldier (June 1973) (publications of Vietnam Veterans Against the War); Enlisted Times Sampler Issue (n.d.); "The Vietnam Veteran," Penthouse series (March, April, May, July, August 1974); Michigan Veterans for Peace flyers. National Military Discharge Review Project, Georgetown University Law Center; "Post-Vietnam Struggle: The Psychological Contradictions of Vietnam Veterans," published by Vietnam Veterans Against the War, May 1974.
  10 U.S. Military – Misc.
NUCLEAR ISSUES Divided into 5 groups: 1) War/Weapons; 2) Nuclear Energy; 3) "No Nukes" Movement; 4) Production Hazards/Waste; 5) Media/Arts.
Box Folder Description
3 11 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Commemoration.
  • "Peace Declaration" from Mayor of Hiroshima (Aug. 6, 1997)/"Aspiration for Peace" statement by students of Nagasaki (Aug. 9, 1997).
  12 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki –Commemoration.
  • Essays, poems, fact sheets, bibliographies, commentary, correspondence and handwritten notes collected or written by Robert Rentschler, PEC Board Member. - Also from Rentschler: Give Me Water( Testimonies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1976); Hiroshima (map); Japanese train schedule; small shopping bag from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
  13 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Commemoration.
  • Local church programs in commemoration of the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki.
  14 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Commemoration.
  • Events, announcements, newsletters from PEC, WILF, and other peace groups.
  • Instructions for silent vigils.
  15 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki—Commemoration.
  • City of East Lansing Int'l Shadow Project. July, 1986.
  16, 17 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Commemoration.
  • News articles, press release.
  18 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Commemoration.
  • Wilmington College Peace Resource Center: The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Collection (papers, brochure).
  19 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Commemoration.
  • Ribbon Around the Pentagon commemorating 40th anniversary of the bombings.
  20 War/Weapons: Hiroshima/Nagasaki – United Nations.
  • Lansing visit of the Japanese delegation to the U.N. Disarmament Conference (May 1982).
  • Report: "An Appeal to the United Nations from the Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Request Promotion of the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (1976). Includes photographs and results from scientific studies on A-bomb damage to the population.
  21 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – United Nations and Pacific Islanders.
  • Appeal to International Court of Justice by residents of the Marshall Islands re. 1954 nuclear testing (1995). Brochure supporting nuclear-free Pacific (1986).
  22 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – United Nations.
  • UN pamphlet: "The Threat of Nuclear Weapons: Questions and Answers on the Effects of Their Possible Use" (1968).
  23 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – United Nations.
  • Materials on the 1978 and 1982 UN Special Sessions on Disarmament, and related peace rallies and demonstrations, including the June 12, 1982 rally in NYC.
  24 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Europe.
  • Ploughshares Fund, "Countdown: Briefing for the Euromissile Debate." Fall 1983 (Folder containing issue papers, Euromissile map, contacts, op ed articles, glossary, Euromissile contractors, etc.).
  • FriedensBrief: Newsletter of German Peace Activities. Sept. 1984.
  • End: Journal of European Nuclear Disarmament. Feb –March 1983.
  • Sane World: A Newsletter of Action on Disarmament and the Peace Race. Jan 1982.
  • Other articles and information about "Euromissiles."
  25 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – U.S.S.R.
  • Text of August 18, 1986 announcement, by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, to extend USSR unilateral moratorium on nuclear explosions until January 1, 1987; also cover letter and statement from the Soviet Peace Committee (August 20, 1986).
  • 1987 interview of Gorbachev by Indonesian newspaper Merdeka (pamphlet).
  26 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Clinton Administration (1993 – 2001).
  • Fact sheet. Copy of letter sent from Rep. Major Owens (NY) to President Clinton. Pamphlet on the comprehensive test ban treaty (1994). Other information.
  27 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – G.H. Bush Administration (1989 – 1993).
  • Newspaper articles.
  28 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Reagan Administration (1981 – 1989). (See also U.S.S.R.)
  • U.S. Dept. of State, "U.S. Policy Regarding Limitations on Nuclear Testing," August 1986. Special Report No. 150.
  • White House report: "A Quarter Century of Soviet Compliance Practices under Arms Control Commitments: 1958 – 83."
  • "A Voters' Primer for Control of Nuclear Weapons," issued for the 1984 election.
  • Newspaper and magazine articles covering arms policies, summit meetings.
  • "Andrei Gromyko replies to questions on the meeting between the USSR and the USA in Geneva." (1/85)
  29 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Carter Administration (1977 – 1981).
  • Special report of the ACDA (Arms Control and Disarmament Agency), Nov.1980.
  • "Off with their Heads: How Zbigniew Brzezinski Hawked the Doctrine of Nuclear Decapitation," The Progressive. January 1987.
  • Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, "Strengthening NATO's Defense." Statement made at joint meeting of NATO Foreign and Defense Ministers in Brussels on December 12, 1979.
  • Other articles, letters.
  30 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Citizen Action
    A) General Electric Boycott Campaign (circa 1988). B) Nuclear Free Zone Campaign (circa 1983). C) "Cease Fire '88" Campaign (1988).

  31 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Citizen Action
  • Protester trials: Philip Berrigan and others (1998, 2000).
  32 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Citizen Action
  • Fact sheets, pamphlets, flyers from "Abolition 2000: A Global Movement to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons," (circa 1997). Includes PEC involvement in MI.
  • Int'l Day of Protest against Militarization of Space (October 13, 2001).
Box Folder Description
4 1 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Citizen Action
  • National and Michigan Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (1982).
  2 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Citizen Action
  • Other Michigan actions: Williams Int'l Corp. protest in Walled Lake, MI (1983 – 1988); Michigan Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament (1987) (proposed proclamation by City of East Lansing); "Nuremberg Campaign in Michigan," Dominican Sisters (1990 – 1991).
  3 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Citizen Action
  • 1977 Lecture by author and labor leader Sidney Lens, sponsored by the Peace Education Center.
  • Pamphlet: Sid Lens, "Deterrence Assures Our Defeat." (n.d.)
  4 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts -- Conferences
  1. "Midwest Regional Conference of Women for Responsible National Security (University of Notre Dame, March 10 – 11, 2001).
  2. "National Meeting for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons," (University of Michigan, October 4 – 11, 1999).
  3. "Disarmament 2000 Working Conference," (Weiss Ecology Center, NJ, June 19- 21, 1987).
  5 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Briefing Packets
  1. "Back from the Brink/ A Campaign to Take Nuclear Weapons Off Hair-Trigger Alert." (2001).
  2. United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War (UCAM) (1988).
  3. "Understanding the Arms Race: Regional Conflicts, Military Intervention and the Threat of Nuclear War/ Analysis and Opinion." From The National Disarmament Program of the American Friends Service Committee (1986). 2 copies.
  6 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Briefing Packets
  • Center for Defense Information (1978 – 1985): includes declassified government reports, fact sheets, film and book resource lists, and 1985 pamphlet, "Nuclear War Prevention Kit."
  7 War/Weapons: Arms Control Efforts – Publications
  • Policy analysis, legal/scientific arguments, medical viewpoints and general opinion pieces, some in pamphlet form. Authors include George Kennan,Carl Sagan, George H. Crowell, Leonard Bernstein, George Wald and others.
  8 War/Weapons: Arms Control/Disarmament -- Publications
  • Miscellaneous brochures, reports, articles, handbooks, guides, collection of news clippings.
  9 War/Weapons: Civil Defense/Preparedness for Nuclear War
  • Michigan Dept of State Police, Nuclear Civil Protection Section, "Risk Area Planning, " August 1978; "Questions and Answers on Crisis Relocation Planning,"August 1978; "Michigan Risk Host Areas," Sept. 1982; "Nuclear Civil Protection Analysis, FEMA Contract No. EMC-1-311," Sept. 1981.
  • News articles.
  10 Children and Nuclear War
  11 Nuclear Energy – Citizen Action
  • Midland, MI Nuclear Plant Protest (circa 1978). Article by Barb Thibeault of the PEC: "Feminism and Nuclear Power." (speech given at the Midland rally).
  12 Nuclear Energy – Citizen Action
  • Nuclear Power protest in Michigan and beyond (flyers, brochures, news articles)
  13 Nuclear Energy – Education Curriculum
  • Letter from the Education Exploration Center, MN (April 3, 1980).
  14 Nuclear Energy – Publications
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, "The Energy Crisis: Part I (Sept. 1971), "The Energy Crisis: Part II" (Oct. 1971).
  15 "No Nukes" Movement – Citizen Action
  • Survival Summer 1980. Brochure, newsletters, flyers.
  16 "No Nukes" Movement – Citizen Action
  • October 21, 1979 March to Lansing.
  17 "No Nukes" Movement – Citizen Action
  • May 6, 1979 No Nukes March on Washington D.C.
  18 "No Nukes" Movement –Citizen Action
  • 1977/1978 Seabrook, New Hampshire Demonstration/Occupation. Flyers, newsletters, news articles, posters, sticker.
  19 "No Nukes" Movement -- Conferences
  1. "Restoring the Nuclear-Free Great Lakes Basin," (MSU, Nov. 8, 1997).
  2. "Toward a Non-Nuclear Future," (MSU, Feb. 29 and March 1, 1980).
  3. Conferences organized by Mobilization for Survival and others (circa 1979).
  20 "No Nukes" Movement – Briefing Packets
  • Compiled by Mobilization for Survival (1977).
  21 "No Nukes" Movement – Miscellaneous
  • Reports, flyers, brochures.
  22 Production Hazards/Waste
  1. Report: "Evacuation Plans: The Achilles' Heel of the Nuclear Industry," by Critical Mass Energy Project (1978).
  2. Nuclear Waste in MI
  3. United States
  4. Ontario, Canada
  5. Native Americans
  23 Media/Arts: Media Resources on Nuclear Issues
  • Book, film, and speaker lists and catalogs.
  24 Media/Arts: Theatre and Nuclear Issues
  • Rosa Burke Perez in "Real Town: A Parable of Hope for the Nuclear Age." Cassette tape with interview and excerpts from show (1988). Playbill, news clippings of performance.
  25 Media/Arts: Graphics
  26 Media/Arts: Posters
Box Folder Description
5 1 African Famine Relief Drive. PEC campaign (1974- 1976).
  • Correspondence with relief/government agencies abroad, financial records, notes.
  2 African Famine Relief Drive. PEC campaign (1974- 1976).
  • Posters, flyers, programs.
  3 Breastfeeding and the Nestle Boycott (1970's). Flyers, articles.
  4 Conferences. International.
  • World Food Conference, sponsored by the UN, held in Rome, November, 1974. News articles, participant statements, report.
  5 Conferences. National.
  • World Hunger Consultation, sponsored by the United Presbyterian Church, held in Erlanger, KY, May 1975. Schedule, correspondence.
  6 Conferences. Local. (circa 1976)
  7 Domestic Hunger/Food Stamps. Articles.
  8, 9 Events – National/PEC. "Food Days" (Circa 1976)
  10 Events – Local. Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Detroit (Circa 1976).
  11 Events – Local.
    A) PEC sponsored speaker, Frances Moore Lappe. November 1980; B) David Burgess, Senior Officer with Unicef (1976). C) Misc. Announcements of PEC events.
  12 Groups. Flyers, information, brochures from hunger-fighting groups.
  13 News/ Magazine articles (1970's).
  14 Reports re. hunger and food aid (circa mid-1970's).
  15 Source lists for world hunger information, filmstrips, books, etc.
  16 United States Food Industry and Policy (1970's).
  17 University Courses. (1970's).
WORLD DEVELOPMENT (subjects listed alphabetically)
Box Folder Description
5 18 Conference. "On Human Justice and Development," August 1978. Oxfam America.
  19 Groups – International: Information packets and newsletters (mid - 1970's).
  20 Journal articles.
  • Paul Sweezy, Thoughts on the American System. New England Free Press (1969). Immanuel Wallerstein, "International Inequalities:A Symposium," from Summation (Fall 1975). James O'Connor, Chapter One of The Fiscal Crisis of the State. St. Martins' Press (1973).
  21 Report: "Development Assistance Programs of U.S. Non-Profit Organizations" for several African and Asian countries. Written by the Technical Assistance
  • Information Clearing House (TAICH) of the American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, Inc. (1974).
  22 Report: PEC's New International Economic Order (NIEO) Study/Action Group (circa 1975).
  23 Reports/news articles on world development (circa 1970's).
  24 United Nations (1979). Michigan, National and International materials on the UN's "International Year of the Child."
  25 United Nations. Miscellaneous publications (1964, 1967, 1978, 1979).
Box Folder Description
5 26 Children and Justice. 1988 Christian Science Monitor news article.
  27 Landmines. Newsletters, campaign information from several groups (1990's).
  28 Women's Human Rights. PEC Announcements, misc. pubs.
  29 Workers' Movements.
  • "An Appeal from Nguyen thi Binh to the American Youth," nd.
  • "May Day Greeting to the Workers," The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (1979).
  • May Day Collective, WA.DC. flyer, nd.
Box Folder Description
6 1 AFRICAN CULTURE. 1988 MSU African Culture Festival Poster.
  2 AFRICAN UNITY. Organization of African Unity news articles (1973-74).
  • "U.N. Aide Warns of Starvation Peril to Million Uprooted Angolans," New York Times (Nov. 30, 1976); Pamphlet: Jennifer Davis et al., No One CanStop the Rain, Angola and the MPLA. The Africa Fund (circa 1976).
    TchubaNewsletter (July, 1976). Jennifer Davis, The Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Triumph over Colonialism. The Africa Fund (circa 1976).
  5 EGYPT.
  • Reports on Egyptian human rights from C.E.D.H.E. (Centre d'Etudes sur les Droits de l'Homme en Egypte). Circa 1981 (3 reports, 2 copies, in French). Petition draft re. Egyptian human rights from the American Committee for Human Rights in Egypt (1 page).
  • Eritrean Relief Committee letters and brochures on Eritrean starvation and genocide perpetuated by the Ethiopian army (1975-76).
Box Folder Description
6 7 Conferences
  • World Conference Against Apartheid, Racism& Colonialism. Lisbon. June 1977.
  • Conference on the U.S. and Southern Africa- List of Participants. April 1972.
  8 American Friends Service Committee. Actions. Publications.
  9 Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa. Newsletter (1977), meeting information.
  10 IFCO (Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization) campaign literature (1973)
    NALC (Nashville African Liberation Committee) letter and flyer (1973).
  11 PEC's Southern Africa Liberation Committee (SALC).
Flyers, news articles, conference information, briefing materials (1970's, 1980's)
  12 United Ministries in Higher Education (MSU).
Correspondence of Lovemore C.M. Nyoni, MSU graduate student, exile from Zimbabwe, and director of the Michigan Steering Committee on the Zimbabwe Refugee Welfare under auspices of UMHE; Publication: "New Wine" (Feb. 1973) with essay by Nyoni.
  13 Soviet Peace Committee/National Council of American-Soviet Friendship.
Statements from June 1978.
  14 Journal
  • Mozungumzo. Journal of African Studies. Fall, 1972. East Lansing, MI.
  15 LIBYA.
  • News articles on U.S. downing of Libyan jets (Jan. 6, 1989). Letter from the Office of the Assistant Sec'y of Defense re. same (undated ).
  16 Namibia. Poster. News articles on independence battles (1976).
Box Folder Description
6 17 Boycott flyers.
Hostess/IT&T Product Boycott information from Congregationfor Reconciliation, Dayton, Ohio. Coca-Cola Boycott poster (undated).
  18 Divestment. East Lansing. Materials provided to city from SALC. Letters from SALC. (February 1977).
  19 Divestment. MSU and Donor John McGoff.
Brochures, letters from SALC, and news articles regarding removal of McGoff name from Festival Stage ofWharton Center (1983).
  20 Divestment. Michigan.
Report by SALC: "Michigan and the Republic of South Africa: A Study of the Extent and Effects of the Involvement of the Michigan Automobile Industry in the Republic of South Africa." (no date).
  21 Divestment. Michigan/MSU. Photographs of protest posters and displays.
  22 News articles. Pamphlets:
  • "Sechaba: Official Organ of the African National Congress South Africa," First Quarter, 1978.
  • "South African Press Mirror, A Survey of Press and Radio Opinion and Comment."(Vol. 2. Nos. 29 and 30).
  • "Detroit to Durban, Black Workers' Common Struggle." Black Workers Organizing Committee (1973).
  23 Poster. "No to Apartheid," undated. Laminated.
  24 TANZANIA. Julius Nyerere, "The Arusha Declaration Ten Years After," January 1977.
  25 Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). News articles on independence battles (1976).
Box Folder Description
    A) PEC fundraiser for Afghan relief (announcements, notes, plans), May 2002. B) AFSC Report on Refugee Assistance (2001); U.S. Institute of Peace report on establishing rule of law (2002); 1-page information sheet; peace flyer.
  • News/magazine articles (1988-89) on earthquake and politics.
  28 China. Reports/Articles:
  • Amnesty Int'l Report on Political Prisoners in China (1978).
  • News article: 70th Anniversary of May Fourth Movement (1989).
  • Mao Tse Tung excerpt (1963); Tribute by the Peking Review (1976).
  • "Visit to a Rural Commune" by Felix Greene (New England Free Press, 1960's).
  • WILF flyer on U.S. and China Policy (circa 1964).
  • news articles (circa 1988).
INDOCHINA: Countries and topics listed alphabetically.
Box Folder Description
6 29 Aid
to Vietnam, General. (1975 – 1978). American Friends Service Committee, other groups. Correspondence, event posters, information.
  30 Aid
to Vietnam: Friendshipment Campaign (1975 – 1978). Church World Service, CROP, and other groups. Correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters.
  31 Air war in Indochina (1970's). Facts sheets, news articles, poster from Clergy and Laity Concerned (CALC).
  32 Buddhism and Peace (late 1960's, early 1970's). Pamphlets, articles.
  • Thich Nhat Hanh, Love in Action: The Non Violent Struggle for Peace in Vietnam (Overseas Vietnamese Buddhists Association, no date).
  33 Cambodia (1970 – 1978). Reports, time lines, fact sheets.
  34 Cambodia (1970's). Large collection of newspaper articles.
  35 Laos (1968 – 1979). Reports, news articles.
  36 National Liberation Front of South Viet-Nam (VIETCONG).
  • National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, What is the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam? June, 1965.
  • The Program of the National Liberation Front and the "Four Points" of the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam ("North Viet-Nam"), as reported to the National Assembly in Hanoi, 8 April 1965. The Colvin Press, NJ (Historic Document Series). 1970.
  • Canadians for the NLF, "American Imperialism and Vietnam: An Economic View," reprint from Progressive Labor Magazine, October 1968.
  37 News clippings (1974 – 1976).
  38 Paris Peace Agreement of 1973.
(1970's). Documents and Analysis of the 1973 Paris Agreement on Viet-Nam, from the Indochina Resource Center, D.C. (1973); Peace campaign letters; News articles, etc.
Peace/Human Rights Groups (Indochina)
Box Folder Description
6 39 American Friends Service Committee. 3 brochures in series, Lessons of Vietnam Nos. 2,3,5. (1975 and 1976).
  40 Another Mother for Peace.
Holiday card ("Tis the season to remember war is not healthy for children and other living things." 1975) with insert reprinting speech by Ron Kovic, Vietnam veteran and activist. Fact sheet on drilling off-shore Vietnam.
  41 The Coalition to Stop Funding the War.
  42 The Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars.
  43 The Committee of Responsibility, Inc. for War-Burned and War-Injured Children.
  44 The Fellowship of Reconciliation.
  45 The Indochina Mobile Education Project (J.P. Debris, speaker) (1975).
  46 The New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.
Box Folder Description
7 1 Religious groups and the war (1960's, 1970's). Articles, pamphlets, newsletters, statements on the war.
    Political Prisoners of South Vietnam (1960's and 1970's).
  2 Campaigns: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC),
"The Post-War War: A Timely Documentary on Vietnam Today." 1974. Filmstrip information, spoken script, letters and correspondence re. filmstrip. AFSC Reports.
  3 Campaigns: The Peace Education Center
"Week of Concern," October 1, 1974. Re. political prisoners in South Vietnam.
  4 Campaigns: The Peace Education Center
Sponsors Jean-Pierre Debris, French citizen and Saigon POW, at MSU, October 1973 (also in February 1975?) Xerox copy of Debris' book, We Accuse (1973) (original housed separately in Special Collections). News articles and background materials on Debris.
  5 Campaigns: Indochina Mobile Education Project/Indochina Resource Center; Misc. groups.
  6 Reports, news articles
on imprisonment and torture; two Congressional Record speeches re. religious & political freedoms (1969) and elections (1967) in South Vietnam.
  7 Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam (PRG) (1970's). Information from AFSC.
  8 Refugees of Indochina (1970's). Reports, brochures, news articles.
  9 South Vietnamese Students and the War (1970's). Articles, announcements.
  10 Vietnam War History
  • Fact sheets, timelines
  • Articles, including Noam Chomsky's "The Vietnam War: Who Will Control the Past?" Ramparts (undated).
  11 Vietnam War Protest [See also Peace/Human Rights Groups (above), U.S. Military (above), and PEC Files            (below)]:
  • Op/Ed's from New York Post (Pete Hamill, "Ending the '60's"), The Washington Post ("No"), and The New York Times (Tom Wicker, "In the Nation: Missing the Point of the Mobe") regarding November 15, 1969 protest march in Washington D.C. Related news articles.
  • War resisters and the law (bulletins, brochures).
  • Misc. peace/protest group flyers and announcements.
  • "Senate: The Vietnam Disengagement Act," Congressional Record, September 25, 1969.
  • Statement by Senator George McGovern of South Dakota in support of war protest of April 24, 1971.
  12 War Crimes and the U.S . (1970 – 1975). Campaigns, articles, reports.
  13 White House Statements of President Nixon on the Vietnam War (1970 – 1971).
Letters from the White House. Also news articles and reports.
Iran [See also MSU Files (below)]:
Box Folder Description
7 14 Earthquake of 1968. News clippings, handwritten notes.
  15 Hostage crisis (1979 – 1981). News articles, letters, flyers.
  16 Iranian revolutionary newspapers/newsletters.
Copies of Iranian People's Struggle (1975 – 1977), Mojahed (official newspaper of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran)(Feb, March, April 1980), Weekly Publication of the Moslem Students Society – Britain (supporters of the People's Mojahedin Org. of Iran)(19 and 26 March, 1982) and Resistance (Iranian Students Association)(issues from 1972 and 1977).
  17 Iranian students in United States and MSU: News articles, letters, flyers.
  18 MSU Iranian Student groups.
    A) The Iranian Students Association (ISA) at MSU. B) Progressive Iranian Students (Committee for the Struggle Against Imperialism and the Bakhtiar Conspiracy). C) Americans in Support of the Iranian People's Resistance.
  19 National/International Student Groups.
Iranian Students Association of the United States (ISAUS). Newsletters, announcements.
  20 National/International Student Groups.
Moslem Students Society (U.S.A.), "Supporters of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran." Newspapers, announcements, statements.
  21 National/International Groups.
The Organization of the Iranian Peoples' Fedaii Guerillas (O.I.P.F.G.). Statements, copy of KAR, a bulletin (Feb. 1980).
  22 National/International Groups. U.S.-based peace, church, and policy groups
  23 News articles from 1974 – 1979. MSU State News and national papers.
  24 Reports and Magazine articles from 1974- 1979.
  25 IRAQ
War protest flyers, brochures, articles. 2001-2002.
ISRAEL AND PALESTINE and the Middle East Conflict.
Box Folder Description
7 26 Camp David: Views of the PLO, US Peace Council, and Washington Watch.
  27 Groups: (See also Newsletters, below). American Friends Service Committee.
  28 Groups: Arab Students at MSU.
  29 Groups: Palestinian Human Rights Campaign/ Palestine Solidarity Committee.
  30 Groups:
Misc. including American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Michigan Friends of Nazareth, Mennonite Central Committee.
Box Folder Description
8 1 History:
PEC File of Background Materials (1960's, 1970's), including in-depth magazine article, "The 100 Years Behind the Torn Middle East of Today," by Edward Kern, (no date, no magazine title (Life?))
  2 Israeli Peace Movement: Pamphlet, articles (circa 1970).
  3 Peace/Protest Events: Flyers announcing. Michigan events.
  4 Peace/Protest Events: PEC/Middle East Awareness Committee (MEAC).
    A) Events and documents. B) Correspondence: Letter by Senator John Glenn (1982) to Robert Rentschler of PEC, and Rentschler's response; Response of Yasser Arafat and the Palestine Information Office to Rentschler letter to President Reagan (1982/83); Letter to President Reagan from H. David Dekker (1982).
  5 Peace/Protest Events:
PEC papers re. visit and talk by Ron Young, AFSC Middle East Observer (May 24, 1985).
  6 Peace/Protest Events:
PEC/MEAC Misc. Pet (this is a test to see if it shows up in the field in public view)

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