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MSS 240

Onuma Ezera collection of Eastern Nigerian (Biafran) materials.Add to your cart.

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Collected by Onuma Ezera, MSU Librarian.

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Collection Summary:

In addition to a small amount of material relating to Onuma and Kalu Ezera, the Ezera Collection includes documents on Nigeria and the Biafra War (1966-1968), and on the University of Nigeria at Nkussa which was established under the sponsorship of Michigan State University through its International Programs Advisory Group. The materials in the collection consist of pamphlets, news clippings, maps, speeches, photographs, postcards, newspapers and bulletins, unpublished papers, reports, and posters.

Historical Background:

Onuma Uko was born in the village of Ohafia Bende, Nigeria, and educated first at mission schools. She received her B.A. from Bennett College (Greensboro, North Carolina) in 1958. In 1958, she married Kalu Ezera, a political scientist with a 1957 Oxford D.Phil. and a prominent figure in Nigerian and Biafran politics. After teaching history at St. Anne's Secondary School (Ibadan) and serving as principal at the University of Nigeria Primary School, Onuma Ezera joined the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. as a librarian in charge of Readers' Services, Circulation and Reference. She enrolled in 1967 in the masters program in librarianship at the University of Washington, earning her MLS. Her return home was interrupted by the worsening of the Biafran War, and her four sons joined her in East Lansing where she took a "temporary" job at Michigan State University, the institution that had helped set up the University of Nigeria. The tragic disappearance of her husband at the end of the Biafran War prolonged her stay at MSU where she had a distinguished career.

Processing Note:

This collection of materials about the Biafran conflict and Eastern Nigeria was gathered and initially arranged by Onuma Ezera, Africana Bibliographer and Africana Librarian at Michigan State University, 1971-1997. This outline of its contents was prepared by Mary Mwiandi & Joseph Lauer in 2000-2001.


Box Folder Description
    Onuma Ezera Papers (1973-1990)
1 1 Digbo. "A precised biography of Professor Kalu Ezera at the Memorial service on . . .  21st April, 1973 at Asaga--. Ohafia."

  • Ibisi, E., “Memorial Service: A bit of Professor Kalu Ezera on . . . 21 April 1973 at Asaga Ohafia."
  2 Ezera Onuma “Chinua Achebe: a preliminary bio-bibliography, 1979-1989.” 13 leaves. Michigan State University, Feb. 1990.

  3 Programme and other papers presented at the International Symposium for Chinua Achebe's 60th Birthday at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Feb. 12-14, 1990.

  4 Ezera, Onuma “Bibliography on Women in Modern Africa.” Michigan State University. [1988?] 119 leaves.

    Biafran War Materials (1966-1968)

  5 Eastern Nigeria publications
  • Ojukwu, Odumegwu. “An address to the joint meeting of the Advisory Committee of Chiefs, Elders and the Consultative Assembly” (Enugu, Nov. 30, 1966) 7 p.
  • The Struggle for Survival, 1967. pamphlet. 12 p.
  6 Biafran Government Documents
  • Proclamation of the Biafra Republic. 1967. 16p.
  • Introducing the Republic of Biafra. 1967. 37p. (Introducing Biafra, 1)
  • The Coup of 15th Jan. 1966. Nigeria/Biafra Conflict booklet no. 2
  • The Minorities Problem. Nigeria/Biafra Conflict booklet no.4:.
  • Fallacy of the Balkanization theory.  Nigeria/Biafra Conflict, booklet no. 5 Enugu, 1968.
  • Ojukwu, C. Odumegwu, State of the nation address.  Enugu, May 30, 1968.
  • Ojukwu C. O.  Statement to the World Press and Diplomats, 13 March 1967. Enugu: Govt. Printer, 1967.
  • Biafra. Ministry of Information, “The concept of territorial integrity and the right of Biafrans to self-determination, [1967?]
  • Ojukwu, Odumegwu. As we go to Kampala. Enugu, Ministry of Information, May 19, 1968.
  • Ojukwu, Odumegwu. His Excellency’s address to joint meeting of theconsultative assembly and the council of chiefs and elders, June 30, 1968. (Ministry of Information)
  • Ojukwu, Odumegwu.  Statement ... on August 1, 1966 on the events in Nigeria following the rebellion by a section of the army against the national military government.
  • Biafra newsletter, 1:1 (27 Oct 1967)-1:3, 1:5-1:6, 1:8-1:9, 2:3 (July 12, 1968)
  • “Ojukwu’s government is the people’s government” (Ministry of Information, Enugu.  [1968?]
  • Russians hasten to grab Nigeria.  Enugu,  Government printer, 1967
  • “Present British policy in Biafra: a threat to British investment interests”. Ministry of Education, “Biafra deserves open world support”. [1967?] Ministry of Education, Enugu.
  • Gowan, Major Gen. Yakubu. Speech. “Ending the Fighting”. n.d. 12 p.
  • Federal Peace Efforts. Federal Ministry of Information, Nigeria. n.d.
  7 Biafran Government letters & press releases.
  • Office of the special representative of the Republic of Biafra in the United States:  Press releases & texts of speeches, 1967-1968
  • Focus on Biafra, no. 1 (July/Aug. 1967), no. 1/1968 and no. 6/1968
  8 Documents by Biafran groups and individuals
  • Ojukwu, C. O.  Biafra, a nation in agony. Washington: Biafra Relief Foundation, 1969. 20 p. photocopy. An address on June 1, 1969.
  • Ojukwu, Emeka, The Ahiara declaration: the principles of the Biafran revolution. Geneva: Markpress, on behalf of the Republic of Biafra, 1969. 54p.
  • Ozukwu, Mba. “Why Biafra”. 1968.
  • Biafra Association (East Lansing). Biafra independence Anniversary Bulletin, May 30, 1968.
  • The Peoples Voice (Enugu: Biafra Revolutionary Front). V. 1, no. 4 (1972), pp. 25-31 (on cholera vaccine).
  • Dick Tiger of Biafra. 1968
  • Nwankwo, Arthur Agwuncha A.  Biafra and the liberation of Africa: towards the last  stages of the liberation of Blackman. 1969?
  • Okechukwu , Ikechukwu.  Veronica, the girl: a true account of a thrilling encounter between love and wealth.  Edited by F.C. Ogbalu. Onitsha: University Publishing Company, 196-. 35p. Printed in the Republic of Biafra.
  9 Biafra Students' Association in the Americas
  • Biafra Report, no. 1 (Colorado, Nov. 1967)
  • Justice for all. Pamphlet.
  • Letter of 15 May 1968 to Dr. Hannah.
  • “Civil War in Nigeria.” [1968]
  10 Britain-Biafra Association.
  • Biafra--Britain in the dock. Pamphlet
  • Hanbury, H.G.  Biafra, a challenge to the conscience of Britain. 1968.
  • Birch, Geoffrey, and Dominic St. George.  Biafra : the case for independence, 1968.
  • Britain and Biafra: the case for genocide examined by Auberon Waugh. May 1969.
  • “General Ojukwu ... analyses the Biafran Revolution”, [June 1, 1969]
  • “Statements by Tanzania, Gabon, Ivory Coast & Zambia on their recognition of Biafra”. 1968.
  • “Statements by victims of the Nigerian pogrom, 1966”.
  11 - 12
  • News from Biafra, 2:4 (Jan. 17, 1969)- ... 2:10 (Feb. 28, 1969)
  • Biafra News, v. 2, no. 13 (March 21, 1969)-17, 19-31, 33-36, 38-45, 47-50 and v. 3, no. 23 (Sept. 18, 1970)
Box Folder Description
2 1 Statements by Foreign Governments
  • Gen. de Gaulle statement in Paris on September 9, 1968
  • Houphouet-Boigny, Felix, “Biafra: a human problem, a human tragedy” New York: [1968?]
  • United Republic of Tanzania. “Case for recognition of Biafra” April 13, 1968.
  • Report of the Biafra Study Mission, Congressional Record, v. 115 no. 33. (Feb. 25, 1969).
  • Opening statement on Nigeria-Biafra relief by Senator Edward M. Kennedy, before the hearings of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Refugees, July 15, 1969.
  • Testimony of the Honorable C. Clyde Ferguson, Special Coordinator on Nigerian Relief, before the Subcommittee on Refugees of the Senate Judiciary Committee, July 15, 1969.
  • New Tragedy in Biafra: statement by Senator Charles E. Goodell for the Hearings of the Subcommittee on Refugees and escapees of the Senate Judiciary, regarding Nigerian Civil War Relief Problems, July 15, 1969.
  2 Nigerian Government Documents
  • Aguiyi-Ironsi,  J.T.U., “Broadcast to the nation” May 24, 1966. 6 p.
  • Unity in Diversity. 1967. 15p.
  • Victory for Unity. 1970.
  • Major-General Yakuu Gowon: a short biography. 1968.
  • Nigerian crisis: the root cause. 1967?
  • Gowon, Yakubu. Ending the Fighting. 1968.
  • Federal Peace Efforts. 1968. 15p.
  • Gowon, Yakubu.  Sacrifice for unity. 1969.
  • Observer Team to Nigeria.  No indiscriminate bombing. (Report on activities of the representative of Canada, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom during the period 14th January-6th March, 1969). Apapa:  Nigerian National Press, 1969. 26p.
  • Nigeria's national symbols.
  • Gowon. Unity stability and progress: the challenge of the second decade of Nigeria’s independence. 1970.
  • Gowon.  Let us reconcile. Broadcast of Jan. 15, 1970.
  • East Central State cabinet: schedule for duties. Lagos, East Central Office, Public Relations & Information Section, n.d.
  3 Nigerian Embassy in the U.S.
  • Press releases, 1969
  • International Observer Team in Nigeria. Reports on military operations in the Nigerian civil war. n.d.
  • Extracts from British parliamentary debates on the Nigerian situation. Aug. 27, 1968. 33 p.
  • J. T. F. Iyalla. Letter to “Dear Senator”.
  4 News reports and reprints
  • Lindsay, Kennedy “Guerilla Warfare in Biafra” &  “Biafra Today” Venture (Sept. 1969 & Nov. 1970)
  • Jervis, Steven. “Biafra has oil as well as starving children.” in Journal of politics and the arts (March  1, 1969)
  • C. P. Ihugba. “Shapely young girls for sale—cheap”.  Flamingo (Ghana and Pan-African edition), v. 10, no. 4  (1971)
  • African Weekly Review, vol.1, no.25, April 1968. Issue focused on Biafra.
  5 Other Pamphlets, Papers, etc.
  • Graham-Douglas, Nabo. Ojukwu’s Rebellion and World Opinion. Apapa:
  • Nigerian National Press, 1968 (2 copies)
  • Christian Council of Nigeria. Relief and reconciliation in Nigerian crisis. Lagos, 1970?
  • Wiseberg, Laurie S. “Humanitarian Intervention: lessons from the Nigerian Civil War.” Paper prepared for 1973 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association.
  • Axinn, George H. “Study Mission to Biafra.” Paper presented to the Conference on Nigeria-Biafra Relief. Berkeley, 12 April, 1969.
  • Onwuchekwa, Jemie.  Biafra: requiem for the dead in war (Port Moresby:
  • Papua Pocket Poets, 1970). 13p.
  • Iguh, Orlando T., The last days  of Biafra: a drama. (Onitsha, Survival Book Shops, 1973). 47p. Play
  • Ozalla, Odogwu.  Ojukwu’s “self-determination:” a reappraisal in the light of internal politics.  Apapa: Nigerian National Press, 1969. 19p.
  • Nigerian Vanguard, Aug. 1969. Edited by the Nigerian Left Movement (Birmingham, UK).
  6 - 9 Newspaper clippings from African, American and other newspapers, covering the Biafran war and related issues.

  10 Personal letters to and from Richard and Jean Wolford; mostly about the Biafran conflict in late 1960s; some personal letters to/from Richard’s father. From Wolford Collection:

  11 Rough notes taken during interviews and meetings. From Wolford Collection:
  • Race riots in Nigeria,” by Yomi Babatunde, 1966.
  • Notes from Africa confidential, Jan. 6-June 23, 1967
  • Typed notes, with corrections, of press conference given by Ojukwu January 8, 1968. Two versions; one sent to Miss Sophie Stein.
Box Folder Description
    University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1960-1967)
3 1 Address by  John A. Hannah, President of Michigan State University at the convocation marking the opening of the University of Nigeria, October 12, 1960.

  2 Photographs: includes graduation ceremony. (1961-1964)
  3 Africa Report, August, 1961. See p 8-9 on U. of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  4 Misc. Papers from 1960/61 academic year, including:
  • Advice on Academic Programmes
  • Directory of Faculty and Administrative Staff
  • Living in Nsukka: Information on needs.
  • Fafunwa, Babs. “Wanted: change in Nigeria’s education policy.”
  • List of  students pursuing various courses, 1960-61 academic year.
  • University of Nigeria Prospectus,  1961-62
  5 Programme: Installation of His Excellency the Right Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief of the Federation of Nigeria, as the First Chancellor of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, December 16, 1961.

  6 Thorat, Sudhakar S.:
  • “University of Nigeria: brief introductory information”. Aug. 1961. 10 leaves “Nigerian vistas: an overview of the land and the people. “Aug. 1961. 14 leaves
  • “Azikiwe of Nigeria: the story of his life.” Sept., 1961. 28 leaves.
  7 Documents on the banning of newspapers, Oct. 1965.
  8 Visit of Military Governor Ojukwu to the campus on April 25, 1966:
  • Itinerary Ojukwu, C. Odumegwu. An Address to the Faculties and Students of the University of Nigeria, April 25, 1966. Ministry of Information, Enugu.
  • Typed version of the address OF April 25.
  • Ojukwu. Nkea Bu Ihe....  (Igbo version of speech of April 25, 1966). 20p.
  9 Maps of Nkussa campus
  • Aerial view of campus. Feb. 1965   
  • Master Plan. MSU Div. of Campus Planning and Maintenance, April 1966.
  10 Miscellaneous:
  • Address to Congregation by the Vice-Chancellor, February 18, 1967.
  • Memo to University staff and students re landing of helicopters on campus
  • The Record. October 8, 1966. Dept. of Journalism, Univ. of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  11 “Biafrana at Nsukka: a list of materials on the Nigerian Civil war available at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Library”, compiled by S.C. Nwoye & E. Ikegbune. Nsukka: University of Nigeria Library, 1983 (Nsukka Library notes, v. 7)

    “Libraries and Librarianship in Nigeria: A Select Bibliography”

    Copy of inventory of University of Nigeria Program materials donated by MSU International Programs to University Archives. 57 p.

    Miriam Kelly Papers (1965-1966)
    Mirian Kelly served as an advisor in continuing education and home economics for two years at the University of Nigeria at Nsukka.

  12 Biographical article in The MEAH News, Spring 1965.
  13 Journal, 1965-1966
  14 Personal correspondence
  15 Miscellaneous items, ephemera
  16 Notes, poems, sketches of village life
    George W. Ferns Papers (1962-1967)
  17 General materials about the University of Nigeria:
  • Address by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, during the convocation Day, University of Nigeria, 4 October 1962.
  • Okpara, M.I. “Progress without tears:” an address at the convocation, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 17 December 1962.
  • Hanson, J.W. “The Land Grant Philosophy and African Higher Education.” 1962?
  • Papers by Eric Ashby: Wind of Change in African Higher Education; Patterns of Universities in non-European societies.
  • Johnson, George. “Nsukka as I see it” April 1963. 8 leaves Students Attitudes and Opinions at the University of Nigeria, April 1963. (Research progress report)
  • Blount, Roswell C., and Efiong Ben Attah. “A Brief history of The Nsukka Area,” June 1963.
  • Mason, Melvin J. Higher Education in Nigeria. July 1964. 18 leaves
  • University of Nigeria. Program for Michigan State University – University of Nigeria Student Exchange “Minex Program,” 5 Aug. – 10 Sept. 1964. Includes photograph of Minex Program participants.
  • Axinn, George.  “The role of planning in an agricultural education program” delivered at the Third Annual Workshop for Agricultural leaders, School of Agriculture, Umudike, Umahia, August 1964.
  • Idemili, Samuel. UNN Primary School Advisers Plan Comprehensive Scheme. The Record (Nsukka), Nov. 14, 1964.
  • Axinn, George. “Education and Economic Development in Nigeria” address to the alumni and others in Port Harcourt Area, 3 September 1965.
  • Varsity women begin Nursery (From the Record, January 23, 1965).
  • Historical Development of the University of Nigeria and its Faculty of Education, 1960-1966.
  • University of Nigeria. Information for prospective Students, 1966/67
    George W. Ferns Papers (1962-1967)

  18 General materials about the College of Education (Univ. of Nigeria):
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka. College of Education. Programme in the Department of Vocational Education, for Prospective Students, 1962-63.
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka, College of Home Economics. Homemaking activities in communities surrounding University of Nigeria. 1962
  • University of Nigeria.  Proceedings of the Inauguration of the Institute of Education, 8 Jan. 1963
  • Ferns, Geroge W. UNN/MSU/USAID Work plan for vocational (technical and practical arts) education. 1st (Sept. 1963) - 5th (May 1966).
  • University of Nigeria, College of Education.  Proposal for the development of a program of industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, and Home Economics Teacher Education for Comprehensive Secondary Schools of Nigeria, 11 February, 1964.
  • Fafunwa, A. B., Proposal for Campus Comprehensive Laboratory School. May 5, 1965.
  • Memo from A B Fafunwa to G W Ferns: comments at End of Assignment, 19 July 1966.
  • University of Nigeria, Faculty of Education, Department of Vocational Teacher Education.  Prototype syllabi Developed for testing and evaluation, Prepared by Rex Ray and Faculty, 1966/67. (143 leaves).
  • Letter from Rex E. Ray to the Industrial Education Staff and any other interested parties, 25 March 1967
  • Ray, Rex. End of Tour Report, 1 August 1966 – 12 November 1967

    Scrapbooks: News Clippings on Biafra and Nigeria
4   Vols. I –VII:  May 1967 – Dec. 1968
5   Vols VIII – XIV:  Dec. 1968 – Jan. 1970
Box Folder Description
6 1 Posters

  2 Nigerian Socialist Feb./Mar. 1967
    Nigerian News Bulletin, Dec. 1967, Feb. 1968.
  3 Daily Sketch, souvenir ed. of June 28, 1971: "Ukabi Asika, Scholar-Statesman"
  4 East Nigerian Spotlight
  5 Biafra Sun  (for June 14, 1967 to July 2, 1967, but with some missing issues.)
  6 Nigerian Outlook
  7 Nigerian News Bulletin: Dec. 1967, Feb. 1968
7   Portable container of colored slides of Nigeria and East Africa; mostly dated 1963; edited in 1970. Includes 6 cartons with 35-40 slides in each.
8 1 Postcards, early 1960s.  Mostly Nigerian.
  2 Postcards, early 1960s.  Mostly Nigerian.
  3 Postcards, 1960s.  Mostly Nigerian.
    Photographs.  From the collection of John W. Hanson.

  4 Photographs of Nigeria.
  5 Photo Album.  Photographs from Educational Survey.
  6 Photographs.  From the collection of Nancy & George Axinn.
    Photographs of Nsukka, Nigeria, [late 1970s?].

Ms - Codex Shelf

Box Folder Description
Ms 240   Aburi meeting of Nigerian military leaders, Jan. 4 & 5, 1967
    12 10-inch LP records of Jan. 4-5, 1967 meeting

See Vincent Voice Library collection VVL-02-0040 (for recordings M2093- M2095 that have been digitized) and recording M1217 for a taped copies of these records

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