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Justin S. Morrill collection

Identifier: LG-2

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of microfilm containing approximately eighty-five letters to Morrill and a few written by him, Congressional bills, acts, and speeches (some in the form of hand-corrected proof), notes, clippings, and pamphlets made or retained by Morrill, and contemporary clippings about him and his work, together with scattered manuscripts relating to his personal life in Vermont.

The period covered is predominately that of his public life (1855-1898), with emphasis on his years of service as U.S. senator from Vermont (1867-1898). Also covered (in thirty-five letters especially) is the period (1851-1854) just preceding his election to Congress.

The items or pieces of more than usual interest include:

[(1) A letter written by Morrill when a lad of eighteen, then working in his cousin’s store in Portland, Maine, in which he discusses freemasonry and “politicks” under President John Quincy Adams - this item is missing.]

(2) His notes and clippings on trade and the tariff, including statistics on Hawaiian trade, (1860-69), prepared by Francis Amasa Walker, then a young man in the Bureau of Statistics at Washington, wool production in the U.S., and the impingements on trade of the U.S. monetary policies (McCulloch’s Contraction, free coinage of silver, the Bimetallism of Cernuschi Protectionism vs free trade).

(3) Several pieces which relate to Morrill’s association with Cyrus W. Field and the Hon. John E. Ward, “late U.S. Minister to China”, over a proposed cable to China.These include a map of Cyrus W. Field’s established and projected telegraph lines (undated, but probably of about 1870, for it shows three cables in operation across the Atlantic), and “The Act to Incorporate the Pacific Submarine Telegraph Company”.

(4) Correspondence of 1878 with J. Wharton, Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Industrial League (of Philadelphia), concerning the organization of a Congressional committee, headed by Morrill, to investigate customs duties, and the placing of a resolution for such before Congress.

(5) The letters from U.S. and English astronomers in criticism of the U.S. Naval Observatory at Washington, solicited by Morrill, and as submitted by him to the Senate in his effort to reorganize that institution (1894). Included is the letter from Dr. Seth Carlo Chandler of Cambridge, Mass., friend of Morrill, who also had connections with Strafford, Vermont.

(6) The corrected proof of his speech of December 11, 1894, in which “the braying of long-eared political donkeys” is analyzed in terms of Morrill’s intrinsic and political beliefs.

Of Morrill’s main fields of interest, the tariff, buildings and grounds in Washington, and the land-grant colleges, the first two mentioned are more adequately represented in the collection.

Names of persons significant to the collection are alphabeted in the index. National, state, or biographical level of interest is suggested by the numerals (1, 2, or 3, respectively) preceding the names. While no person or group of persons figures conspicuously in this collection (aside from Morrill), the following names taken from the index, are repeated because of their well-known association with Senator Morrill in public or private life. While others could be added, reference to them in this collection is slight or lacking.

1 Baxter, Hon. Portus

2 Sunderland, Rev. Dr. Byron

1 Chandler, Dr. Seth Carlo

1 Walker, Col. Aldace Freeman

1 Fairbanks, Hon. Erastus

1 Walker, Francis Amasa

1 Field, Cyrus West

1 Ward, Hon. John E.

1 Foot, Hon. Solomon

1 Wharton, Joseph

1 Lawrence, Judge William

1 Willard, Hon. Charles Wesley

I. Classification of Material

Items marked (M) are manuscript; those marked (*), rarer or near-print.

A. About Morrill:

1. Bibliography. 2. Letters received by Morrill (M). 3. Newspaper clippings about Morrill (contemporary) (*). 4. Papers: (a)Notes (M); (b)printed pamphlets, clippings, etc. (*) 5. Personal(a)Finances; (b)Plan of house in Strafford (M).

B. By Morrill:

1. Letters (M). 2. Map of Strafford (M). 3. Publications: (a)Books and pamphlets; (b)Speeches before Congress, Acts, Bills (*).

II. Contents and Special Indexes

A-1: Bibliography (a few basic references):

Dodge, Grenville M., & Wm. A. Ellis. History of Norwich Univ. Montpelier, Vt., Capitol City Press, 1911, v. 2. pp. 11-12.

Eddy, Dr. Edward D. Jr. Colleges for Our Land and Time (Official History of the Land-Grant College Movement). Morrill, James S. Justin Smith Morrill: Centenary Exercises. Fulton, NY? The Morrill Press, 1910. 72 pp. (publ. post-humously by Miss Louise Swan).

Parker, Wm. Belmont. The Life and Public Services of Justin Smith Morrill. Boston, Mass., Houghton Mifflin Co., 1924.

A-2: Letters to Morrill indexed by writer:

1.Bacon, Lement, Chelsea, Vt., 1852: Pres., Bank of Orange County.

2.Ballou, Rev. Wm. S., Strafford, Vt., 1852; Universalist Minister.

3.Barrett, Hiram, SO. Strafford, Vt., 1862; merchant & businessman.

4.Bass, C. A., Chelsea, Vt., 1852; Bank of Orange County.

5.Baxter, Hon. Portus, Derby Line, Vt., 1851; U.S. Repres., 1860-66.

6.Beaman, George H., Center Rutland, Vt., 1869.

7.Bentley, John A., Washington, D.C., 1879; Commissioner of Pensions.

8.Bingham, N.W., Washington, D.C., 1869; Customs Officer, Island Pond (Brighton), Vt., 1868.

9.Blodgett, Benjamin T., Chelsea, Vt., 1852; Cashier, Orange Co. Bank.

10.Blodgett, Benjamin T., Chelsea, Vt., 1852; Cashier, Orange Co. Bank.

11.Blodgett, Benjamin T., Chelsea, Vt., 1854; Cashier, Orange Co. Bank.

12.Bramhall, Hon. Charles H., Falls Church, Va., 1869; envelope stamped, “Bureau of Military Record, State of New York, Naval Division”.

13.Braston, G.O., Somerville, Mass., 1852; officer, Exchange Bank of Boston?

14.Carpenter, Willard, Troy, N.Y., 1853; on “Railroad business”.

15.Childs, Asa P., Bennington, Vt., 1876; Insurance agent.

16.Chute, Richard (Washington, D.C.?), 1868; submits letter to Gov. Marshall of Minnesota about Falls of St. Anthony.

17.Cobb, Daniel Bryant Bliss, Derby Line, Vt., 1853; Director and Cashier, People’s Bank, Formerly of Cobb, Rollins & Co.

18.Cobb, Daniel Bryant Bliss, Derby Line, Vt., 1853; as above.

19.Colburn, Hon. J.W., Springfield, Vt., 1869; presenting Rueben Bacon for a clerkship.

20.Colburn, Hon. J.W., Springfield, Vt., 1869; concerning the office of Postmaster at Springfield, F.A. Porter & Col. Floyd.

21.Danforth, William C., Barnard, Vt., 1869; wishes to be Postmaster.

22.Dieter, Anderson D., New Orleans, La., 1869; Recommends Mr. A. Sidney Robertson for Collector, 2nd Distr., Internal Revenue.

23-25.Dudlay, Daniel Bliss Esq., New York City, Jan.-Mar., 1869; lawyer, wants appointment as Revenue Collector or Assessor.

26.Dudlay, Myron Samuel, New York City, 1869; studying to be a Congregational minister; requests public documents on Education & Finance.

27.Emery, L.S., Washington, D.C., 1869; from 2d Vt. Conrss. Dtstr.

28.Fairbanks, Hon. Erastus, New York City, 1853; Gov. of Vermont.

29.Fairbanks, Hon. Erastus, St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1885; Ex-Gov. Vt.

30.French, James G., Montpelier, Vt., 1869; Postmaster.

31.Gordon, O.B. (Mrs. Thomas E.), Pleasantville, Penna., 1869; “late O.B. Watson, P.M.”, she m. recently Thomas E. Gordon, now P.M.

32.Hagar, Prof. Albert D., Proctorville, Vt., 1868; Vt. St. Geologist.

33.Haines, D.W., Washington, D.C., (1867-77); chief clerk of the Bureau of Statistics.

34.Hall, John, of North Springfield, Vt., 1869; Postmaster.

35.Hammond, Hon. Edwin, Middlebury, Vt., 1869; speaks of Gov. of Vt. John B. Page and Reciprocity.

36.Harris, George S., Boston, Mass., 1852; Western land agent, formerly of Middlebury, Vt.; refers to Jed. H. Harris.

37.Kennedy, Joseph C.G., Washington, D.C., 1870; a proposed International Exhibition at Washington.

38.Kiblinger, Samuel Stillman, Strafford, Vt., 1851; merchant and Town Clerk, refers to town affairs.

39.Leslie, George, Chelsea, Vt., 1854; Cashier, Orange County Bank.

40.Leslie, George, Chelsea, Vt., 1855; Cashier, Orange County Bank; later Cashier, Bank of Newbury, Vt. (1859 or before to 1887 or later).

41.Lovell, George T., Washington, D.C., 1878; of Burlington, Vt., wants a position in the St. Albans Customs House.

42.McIndoe, L.J., Windsor, Vt., 1869; newspaper publisher (Vt. Journal, Aurora of the Valley, etc.) about the laws of the U.S.

43.Montgomery, Hon. Zach., Interior Dept., Washington, D.C. 1886; “the infamous sentiments” of Senator Ingalls.

44.Merrill, George A., Rutland, Vt., 1869; former Aide to Gov. Fairbanks.

45.Morrill, Jedidiah N., Boston, Mass., 1869; The Senator’s cousin.

46.Morris, Deacon Sylvester, Norwich, Vt., 1859; formerly of Strafford.

47.Nichols, Hon. George, Montpelier, Vt., 1870; Sec’y of State (Vt.).

48.Nichols, Hon. George, Montpelier, Vt., 1874; Sec’y of State (Vt.).

49.Pease & Co., Simeon, c/o The Exchange Bank, Boston, Mass.; 1852; letter directed to the firm of Harris & Morrill.

50.Potter, Orin C., Charlestown, (N.H.?), 1852; expecting a visit of from Senator Morrill.

51.Powers, Hon. Thomas E., Woodstock, Vt., 1869; Assessor, 2d Coll. Distr., of Vermont, U.S. Internal Revenue; also an M.D.

52.Ranney, Gen. Nathan, St. Louis, Mo., 1870; formerly of Fairhaven, Vt.,; veteran, War of 1812.

53.Reed, Miss E.J., New York City, 1869; prob. dau. of Lyman and Marcia Ann (Harris) Reed, and gr. Dau. Jed H. Harris.

54.Rockwell, Col. A.F., Washington, D.C., 1884; in charge of Public Buildings and Grounds, Washington, D.C.

55.Stebbins, G.B., Washington D.C., 1868; of Detroit, Mich.? evidently friend of Senator Zachariah Chandler of Michigan.

56.Steele, Hon. Benjamin Hinman, St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1868; Aide to Gov. Fairbanks of Vt., judge, Supreme Court of Vt. 57.Steele, Hon. William, Sharon Vt., 1869; Asst. Judge, Windsor Co., Vt., and Vt. State senator.

58-63.Tenney, B.F., Boston, Mass., 1851-55 (6 letters); investment broker?, friend of Senator Morrill

64.Thayer, G.W., Boston, Mass., 1860; Pres. Exchange Bank, Boston.

65.Thompson, J.R.? Washington, D.C., 1870; Third Auditor’s Office, Treasury Dept., friend of Senator Morrill.

66.Thurston, John C., North Pomfret, Vt., 1869; formerly off Norwich, Vt.

67.Tyler, F., Brattleboro, Vt., 1869; concerns appointment of Postmaster.

68-79.Veazie, Joseph A., Boston, Mass., 1853-54 (12 letters); investment broker?, friend of Senator Morrill.

80.Waite, S.M., Brattlesboro, Vt., 1869; Cashier, 1st Nat. Bank.

81-82.Wharton, Joseph, Philadelphia, Penna., 1878; Chairman, Executive Committee, Industrial League.

83.Whitmore, A.W., Portland, Me., 1852; friend of Jedidiah N. Morrill, and of Senator Morrill.

84.Wright, B.H., Rome, N.Y., 1870; has submitted a petition to Senator Fenton of New York, and now appeals to Senator Morrill.

A-3: Newspaper clippings about Morrill (contemporary):

1883: “The Father of the Tariff”. Daniel Cobb’s Scrapbook #2, p. 120. (Interview at Morrill’s Strafford home on June 7th). (Forbes; Correspondence of the Boston Journal).

1885:“Washington. Senator Morrill’s 75th Birthday”. Daniel Cobb’s Scrapbook #2, p. 120. (Reception at his Washington Home; flowers sent by Pres. Cleveland; many Vermont friends present). (Correspondence of the Boston Journal).

1890:“Senator Morrill and his Work”. On his 80th Birthday. Daniel Cobb’s Scrapbook #2, p. 120. (Descriptions of Senator and Mrs. Morrill; brief chronology of his congressional work). (St. Johnsbury, May 1, 1890).

1893:“A Tribute to Senator Morrill”. Daniel Cobb’s Scrapbook #2, p. 121. (Senator George F. Hoar of Mass. compliments Morrill during a debate in the Senate).

1898:“Senator Morrill’s 88th Birthday”. Daniel Cobb’s Scrapbook #2, p. 118. (Account of reception at his Washington home; congratulations from Pres. McKinley; many Vermont and Washington friends listed; original announcement of the reception is preserved with the clipping.) (The Chlesea (Vt.) Herald, April 21, 1898).

1898:“Death of Mrs. Morrill”. Daniel Cobb’s Scrapbook #2, p. 121. List of tributes; those present at bedside, etc.)

A-4 (a): Notes: (M)

1869: Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands: four pieces. Statistics relating to trade between the Islands and the U.S., 1860-1869, prepared (in manuscript) by the Treasury Dept., Bureau of Statistics, Francis Walker, Deputy Special to the Commissioner of Revenue in charge, April 15 (piece #1) and April 17, 1869. Piece #1: Imports, re-exports and domestic exports. Hawaii to the U.S., 1866-1869. Piece #2: Imports from Hawaii to the U.S., 1860-1869. Piece #3: Domestic exports from the U.S. to Hawaii, 1860-1869. Piece #4: Exports of foreign merchandise from the U.S. to Hawaii, 1860-1869.

1883: Receipt: April 6th, Express receipt for shipping $4,000 worth of bonds to G.P. Chapman, Boston, Mass., from J.B. Morrill, Washington D.C.

1890: Receipt: December 31st., sold to Franklin Haven Jr. by Lee Higginson & Co.,44 State St., Boston, Mass., $3,000 (bonds) of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, (The connection with Senator Morrill not indicated).

A-4 (b): (1) Chronological List of Newspaper Clippings & Reprints:

1862: “The Morrill Tariff Works”. (Customs Duties, N.Y. Customs House, 1861 & 1862 compared). (From a Vt. paper, 1862, dated by notice on back of clipping (i.e.: Dr. Joseph N. Stiles, Formerly of Strafford and later of Windsor, Vt., was elected President of the Vt. Medical Society in 1862.)

1868: “The Republican Party Justified”. (Figures on revenue and the National debt, 1865-68; an address by Edward Atkinson (1827-1905), an American writer on Political Economy). (The Boston Journal, Supplement, Thurs., Sept. 10, 1868).

1869: “Free Trade in the States”. (From the Toronto Globe). (The Projectionist vs. Revenue controversy as seen from Canada). (From a New York Papers, May 1869).

1869: “Ohio Republicans for Revenue Reform”. (The Republican Convention and Speech of General R. Brinkerhoff for free trade and other party resolutions.) (The New York Evening Post of Saturday, June 19, 1869, as taken from the Cincinnati (Ohio) Commercial).

1869: “Fallacies of American Protectionists”. by Dr. Lieber of Columbia College, N.Y., (1800-1872), American publicist. (From NY, Paper, June (22?), 1869).

1869: “Free Trade is Freedom”. by “Ethan Allen”, of Rutland, Vt. (From the N.Y. Evening Post, July (28?), 1869).

1871: “Cheese and Butter Factories”. (Statistics from the N.Y. Post and U.S. cheese production, imports and exports, 1853-1870, and the value of “Cooperative Factories” in the U.S. as a factor in international trade.) (From a Boston paper, Aug. (16?), 1871

1872: “The Wool Market”. (A 10% reduction in the tariff on wool, and other problems of the market.) (Vt. paper, (Jan. ?), 1872).

1873: “The Currency”, a letter from Judge William D. Kelley of Penna. (Sec’y of the Treasury McCullock’s principle of “Contraction” is criticized.) (From the Phila. Press, Nov. 6, 1873)

1877: “Gold and Silver”. A discussion of the double standard, or Gernuschi’s “Bimetallism”. (From the Boston Advertiser of Monday, Jan. 1, 1877; the term, “Bimetallism”, was first used by Henri Gernuschi in his publication of 1876, “Silver Vindicated”).

188-: ”One of Lindoln’s Cases”. (The Hoyt-Parker case of 1848). (From a Vt. paper of the 1880s, as the advertisement of the National Bank of White River Jct. on the back of the clipping shows that John L. Bacon was then Cashier).

1897: Four reprints of articles by William Lawrence, Pres. of the National Wool Growers Assoc.:

(1) “Manufacturers and Wool Growers”, a letter to the Editor of the (N.Y.) American, Feb. or March 1897. (2) “Why the Wool Growers will not agree to Accept the Wool Duties in the Tariff Act of 1890”. (To the Editor, Wool Markets & Sheep, March 1, 1897). (3) “The Wool Tariff”. (“To the Editor of the Journal”, March 10, 1897. (4) “Judge Lawrence on Wool”. An open letter to the Hon. Justin S. Morrill, Chairman, Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate. (Reprinted from the York, (Penna.), Dispatch, June 1897)

(2) Congressional Acts, Memorials, and other pamphlets, Maps, etc. (Alphabetical by author and subject).

Bancroft, Hon., George. Oration in Memoriam of Abraham Lincoln, Feb. 12, 1866, in the Hall of the House of Representatives of the United States, Washington, D.C., printed by L. Towers (1866?). 16pp. pamphlet. (Arranged by joint committee, including Senator Solomon Foot of Vt., and Representative Justin S. Morrill of Vt.)

Comstock Lode, Topographical Map showing the Location of the Sutro Tunnel and the Charles F. Hoffman. San Francisco, Mch., 1866.

Field, Cyrus W. Memorial (on a projected submarine telegraph cable to China) submitted to the U.S. Senate and House. Washington, D.C., March 31, 1870. 3pp. & 2 Tables.

Free Coinage of Silver, Against. Speech of John Sherman, Senator from Ohio, in the U.S. Senate May 31 and June 1, 1892, on the Bill S. 51. Washington, D.C., 1892. 55pp. pamphlet. (Senator Morrill comments on p. 13.)

Free Trade Falsehood that a “Tariff is a Tax”. With introduction by G.B. Stebbins, Detroit, Mich., August 1871. Reprinted from “The Bureau”, a monthly magazine, Chicago, IL, (1871?) 8pp. pamphlet.

Grant, Pres. Ulysses S. Message of the Pres. of the U.S. Transmitted to the U.S. Senate Jan. 10, 1870. A Concention between the U.S. and the Dominican Republic for a lease to the former of the Bay and Peninsula of Samana, signed on the 29th of November 1869. 41st Congress, 2d Session, Confidential, Executive, G. Washington, D.C., Jan. 10, 1870. 4pp. pamphlet.

Hoffman,. Charles F. Topographical Map Showing the Location of the Sutro Tunnell and the Comstock Lode. San Francisco, March 1966.

Johnson, Pres. Andrew. Message of the Pres. of the U.S. Transmitted to the U.S. Senate Jan. 4, 1869. An Additional Article to the Convention of the 24th October 1867, between the U.S. and his Majesty the King of Denmark. 40th Congress, 3d Session, Confidential, Executive, K, Washington, D.C., Jan. 4, 1869. 44pp. pamphlet.

Lincoln, Abraham. Oration in Memoriam of Abraham Lincoln, Feb. 12, 1866, in the Hall of the House of Representatives of the United States, Washington, D.C., printed by L. Towers, (1866?). 16pp. pamphlet. (Arranged joint committee including Senator Solomon Foot of Vt., and Representative Justin S. Morrill of Vt.).

Memorial (on a projected telegraph cable to China) given before the U.S. Senate and House. Cyrus W. Field. March 31, 1870. 3pp. & 2 tables.

Pacific Submarine Telegraph Company, An Act to Incorporate. A Bill enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States in Congress Assembled. (Undated) 7pp.

Sherman, Senator John of Ohio. A speech against free coinage of silver. Given in the U.S. Senate, May 31 and June 1, 1892, on the Bill S. 51. Washington, D.C., 1892. 55pp. pamphlet. (Senator Morrill’s comment on p. 13).

Stebbins, G.B. Introduction, dated Detroit, Mich., Aug. 1871, to Free Trade Falsehood that “a Tariff is a Tax”. Reprinted from “The Bureau”, a monthly magazine. Chicago, IL., (1871?). 8pp. Pamphlet.

Sutro Tunnel (See Comstock Lode).

Telegraph Lines, Map of. (Showing projected lines of Cyrus W. Field). J.H. Colton & Co., New York, 1885.

Telegraph Cable to China: Remarks of the Hon. John E. Ward, late U.S. Minister to China, before the Committee on Foreign Relations of the House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., May 26, 1870. (Speaking at Request of Cyrus W. Field in behalf of the cable).

Ward, Hon. John E., late U.S. Minister to China (see next above).

A-5 (a): Finances:

Lists of Strafford, Vt., residents were filed on April First of each year with the Town Clerk of Strafford by the several Vermont banks in which the residents owned stock, the lists showing the amount and value of these holdings. Senator Morrill’s bank shares, as shown by these lists, dated from about 1855 to 1888, were as follows:

Chelsea, Vt., 1858, Bank of Orange Co., Wm. F. Dickinson, Cashier, 10 sh. @ $5.00: $50.00.

Derby Line, Vt., 1856, Peoples Bank, Wm. S. Foster, Cashier, 14 sh. @ $50.00: $700.00.

Derby Line, Vt., 1859, Peoples Bank, Wm. S. Foster, Cashier, 18 sh. @ $50.00: $900.00.

Derby Line, Vt., 1864, Peoples Bank, Stephen Foster, Cashier, 18 sh. @ $50.00: $900.00

Derby Line, Vt., 1888, The National Bank of Derby Line, Vt., A.K. Darling, Asst. Cashier, 18 sh.

Northfield, Vt., Northfield Bank, H.M. Bates, Cashier (date not given, probably 1855 when Bates became cashier), 7 sh. @ $50.00: $350.00.

Northfield, Vt., 1856, Northifeld Bank, H.M. Bates, Cashier, 18 sh. @ $50.00: $900.00. (Also in name of his wife, Ruth S. Morrill, 2 sh., and in name of Harris & Morrill, his former firm, 10 sh.)

Royalton, Vt., 1856, Bank of Royalton, L.L. Tilden Cashier, 6 sh. @ $50.00: $300.00

St. Johnsbury, Vt., Passumpsic Bank, E.C. Redington, Cashier,

1859: 32 sh. @ $50.00: $1600.00

1862: 31 sh. @ $50.00: $1550.00

Waterbury, Vt., 1859, Bank of Waterbury, B.H. Dewey, Cashier 4 sh. @ $40.00: $160.00

A-5 (b): Plan of Morrill House in Strafford:

Included in a manuscript of 11 pieces under the heading: Historic Houses of Strafford. (This manuscript is in the keeping of the Vermont Historical Society, Montpelier, Vt.)

B-1: Letters written by Morrill:

1828: To Daniel Cobb, Strafford, Vt., dated at Portland, Me., Aug. 11, 1828. This letter was written by the Senator when he was eighteen years old, and working in the store of his cousin, Jedidiiah N. Morrill, at Portland, Maine. 1875: To S. F. Frary, Esq., So. Strafford, Vt., dated Washington, D.C., Jan. 23, 1875.

B-2: Morrill’s Map of Strafford: “Revised Map of Strafford, Vt., by Justin Smith Morrill”. (size: 6” x 7 5/8”; in pencil, no date). (In the keeping of the Vermont Historical Society, Montpelier, Vt.)

B-3(a): Books and pamphlets written by Morrill:

1871: “Strafford”. An article published in the Vermont Historical Gazetteer (Ed. by Abby Maria Memenway. v.2,

1871: pp. 1067-1090, with entries by other contributors interspersed.)

1882: “Self-Consciousness of Noted Persons”. Two editions, 1882 and 1886.

1883: “Remarks by Justin S. Morrill on the Presentation by Him of a Library Building to the Town of Strafford, Saturday, September 22, 1883#. Burlington, Vt., Free Press Assoc., 1883. 15pp. pamphlet.

18--: “Several articles in the North American Review”.

B-3(b): Morrill’s Speeches before Congress, Acts, Bills:/emph>

1877: A Bill to authorize the taking of certain parcels of land for the Congressional Library, and for other purposes. Introduced in the Senate by Mr. Morrill Feb. 8, 1877. 44th Congress, 2d Session, S. 1235.

1881: An Act authorizing the construction of a building for the accommodation of the Congressional Library. Passed by the Senate Feb. 23, 1881. In the House of Representatives, Feb. 26, 1881. 46th Congress, 3d Session, S. 1988.

1882: Papers from the President of the United States in relation to the Executive Mansion. Referred to the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds and ordered to be printed, April 19, 1882. Senator Morrill was Chairman of this committee, and was engaged in improvements of this sort for over eight years. This document consists of several letters to Morrill and others. 47th Congress, 1st Session, Senate, Misc. Doc. No. 81.

1883: Joint Resolutions Providing for the termination of the reciprocity treaty of thirtieth of January, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, between the United States of America and his Majesty the King of the of the Hawaiian Islands. Introduced in the Senate by Mr. Morrill Jan. 6, 1883. 47th Congress, 2d Session, S. R. 122. (For Senator Morrill’s interest in the trade with Hawaii, see above under his Notes, A-4 (a).)

1884: A Bill Relating to the improvement of the coinage. Introduced in the Senate by Mr. Morrill, Feb. 8, 1884, and reported by him with amendments, Feb. 12, 1884. 48th Congress, 1st Session, S. 1459.

1884: A Bill to define the routes of steam-railroads entering the city of Washington, and for other purposes. Introduced in the Senate by Mr. Morrill, Mch. 10, 1884. 48th Congress, 1st Session, S. 1783. (Senator Morrill sought to prevent the Pennsylvania R.R. from passing through the park lying between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, but was defeated. It has been said that his defeat cost the Government one and one-half million dollars many years later, to restore the park.)

1884: Amendment Intended to be proposed by Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on Finance, to the bill (H.R. ) making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1885, and for other purposes. 48th Congress, 1st Session, H.R.----. (Relates to the replacement of certain French and American medals lost by fire in 1851.)

1890: Address of Mr. Morrill, of Vermont. In Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of William D. Kelley, Delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. 51st Congress, 1st Session, Washington, Gov’t Printing Office, 1890, pp. 81-82.

1890: Tariff of 1890: Remarks by Mr. Morrill of Vermont, in the Senate of the U.S., July 30, 1890, under Bill H.R. 9416. Washington, 1890. 16 pp. pamphlet .

1894: Papers in relation to the amendment proposed by Mr. Morrill to the Naval appropriation bill (H.R. 6748), June 11, 1894. 53rd Congress, 2d Session, Senate, Mis. Doc. No. 206. 9pp. pamphlet. Relates to a reorganization of the Naval Observatory at Washington for greater usefulness and efficiency. Includes letters to Morrill from several astronomers.

1894: Some Marvelous Senatorial Bills and Quack Panaceas for Real and Imaginary Grievances. Speech of Hon. Justin S. Morrill of Vermont in the Senate of the U.S., Dec. 11, 1894. Washington, 1894. 8pp. pamphlet.

1894: Morrill’s corrected proof of the above speech, on which is written in pencil: “Speech on 9 bills of Senator Pepper”.

1896: Free Coinage Substitute for the House Bond Bill. Speech of Mr. Justin S. Morrill, of Vermont, in the Senate of the U.S., Saturday, Feb. 1, 1896. Washington, 1896. 8pp. pamphlet.

1897: Remarks against the Annexation of Cuba as a State, and against a Botched Version of the Monroe Doctrine. Speech of Hon. Justin S. Morrill, of Vermont, in the Senate of the U.S., Tuesday, May 11, 1897. Washington, 1897. 8pp. pamphlet.


  • 1858 - 1898
  • Majority of material found within 1867 - 1898


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Biographical / Historical

Justin Smith Morrill (1810-1898) was a merchant, U.S. Representative and Senator from Vermont, and author of the Morrill Tariff Act (1861) and the Land Grant College Act (1862).


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Microfilmed for the Vermont Historical Society by the Public Records Division of the Vermont Department of Administration, Montpelier, Vermont, 1966.

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Microfilm. Montpelier, Vermont : Vermont Historical Society, 1966. 1 reel ; 35 mm.

Index to Names and Selected Subjects

INDEX OF NAMES and selected subjects to the manuscript and near-print pieces. The references are to the foregoing sections of Classification. Numerals preceding the name refer respectively (1, 2, or 3) to the National, State or biographical level of interest; the data following the names are supplied for identification, with especial reference to the Morrill context. The date of association with Morrill is given, where possible, either separately or as a part of the classification.

1 ADAMS, Pres. John Quincy (1825-29), (Tariff: protectionism as a consequent of independence), A.4b.1869(3).

3 AINSWORTH, Col. and Mrs. (of Vermont?), A.3.1898(1).

1 ALLISON, Sir Archibald (1792-1867), (Scottish historian; History of Europe), A.4b.1873.

1 ATKINSON, Edward (1827-1905), (Amer. economist; free trade, bimetallism), A.4b.1868.

3 BACON, Lement, Chelsea, Vt., Pres., Orange Bank, 1852, A.2.1.

1 BAGEHOT, Walter (1826-1877), (Eng. economist) A.4b.1873

3 BALLOU, REV. William S., Strafford, Vt., Universalist minister, 1852, A.2.2.

1 BANCROFT, Hon. George (1800-1891), (Amer., historian), 1866, A.4b.2.

3 BARRETT, Hiram (merchant of Strafford, Vt., and real estate dealer of Cleveland, Ohio), 1862, A.2.3.

3 BASS, C. A., Chelsea, Vt., Orange County Bank, 1852, A.2.4.

1 BASS, Lewis, (Amer. astronomer), Dudley Observatory, Albany, NY, 1894, B.3b.1894.

1 BASTIAT, Frederic (1801-1850), (French economist), A.4b.1869(3).

3 BAXTER, Mrs. Florence (Tyron), (widow of Jedidiah H. Baxter), A.3.1898(1).

1 BAXTER, Surgeon-Gen, Jedidiah H., M.D., LL.B. (1837-1890), served through Civil War, later chief of Medical Dept. of the Army, Garfield’s family physician; of Strafford, Vt., and Washington D.C., A.3.1885.

1 BAXTER, Hon. Portus (1806-1868), U.S. Congressman from Vt., 1860-66, of Derby Line and Strafford, Vt., A.2.5.(1851).

3 BEAMAN, George H., Center Rutland, Vt., 1869, A.2.6.

1 BEECHER, Rev. Henry Ward (1813-1887), (orator and lecturer), A.4b.1869 (1).

1 BENTLEY, John A., Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C. 1879, A.2.7.

3 BINGHAM, N.W., Washington, D.C., 1869 (in 1868, was officer of the Customs House, Island Pond, Vt., on the Grand Trunk R.R.), A.2.8.

3 BLAKE, Rev. Edward, Baptist Minister, Strafford, Vt., A.3.1898(2).

3 BLODGETT, Benjamin T., Chelsea, Vt., Cashier, Orange County Bank, 1852, 1854, A.2.(9 & 11).

1 BONAPARTE, Joseph, King of Naples & Spain, (Tariff: his observations on public monies in war), A.4b.1869(3).

1 BOUTWELL, Gov. George Sewall of Mass. (1818-1905), (Gov. Mass., 1851-1853; U.S. Sec. Treas., 1869-1873), A.4b.1868.

1 BOWES & BROS., J. L., Liverpool, Eng., (on the wool tariff), A.4b.1897(2, 4).

2 BRAMHALL, Hon. Charles H., Falls Church, Va., 1869, A.2.12.

3 BRASTOW, G. O., Somerville, Mass., 1852, (officer, Exchange Bank of Boston), A.2.13.

2 BRINKERHOFF, Gen. R., of Ohio, 1869, (Republican platform), A. 4b.1869(2).

1 BRITISH AMBASSADOR: (Title given incorrectly; see PAUNCEFOTE, Sir Julian, British Minister), A.3.1898(1).

1 BRYAN, WILLIAM JENNINGS (1860-1925), (ex-congressman from Nebraska, pres. candidate, 1896), A.4b.1897(1).

3 CAMPBELL, Miss, A.3.1895.

3 CAMPBELL, Mrs., A.3.1898(1).

3 CARPENTER, Willard, (at Troy, NY, 1853, “on railroad business”), A.2.14.

1 CAREY, Henry Charles (1793-1879), (polit., economist; protectionist), A.4b.1869(4).

1 CASEY, Mrs. Gen. Silas, Washington, D.C., (Gen. Silas (1807-1882), veteran of Mexican and Civil Wars, A.3.1898(1).

1 CERNUSCHI, Henri (1821-1896), (Italian political economist, author of Silver Vindicated (1876, coined term, Bimetallism, in 1876) A.4b.1877.

1 CHANDLER, Seth Carlo (1846-1913), American astronomer, Cambridge, Mass., personal friend of Morrill, connections with Strafford, Vt., (where he attended dedication of Barrett Memorial Hall in 1897) B.3b.1894.

1 CHANDLER, Hon. Zachariah, from Michigan, senator, and (1875-77) Sec. of the Interior, (1813-1879), 1868, (see under Stebbins, G.B., A.2.55).

1 CHANNING, Dr. William Eilery (1780-1848), (Unitarian divine and writer on political philos), A.4b.1869(3).

3 CHAPMAN, G. P., Boston, Mass., A.4a.1883.

CHEESE, “Cooperative Factories” in U.S., A.4b.1871.


2 CHILDS, Major Asaph Parmelee (1840-), Bennington, Vt., (lawyer, editor, insurance agent, historian), 1876, A.2.15.

1 CHINESE MINISTER, A.3. 1898(1).

3 CHUTE, Richard, Washington, D.C., (Falls of St. Anthony, Minnesota, project for navigation and industry), 1868, A.2.16.

1 CLAY, Henry (177-1852), (as Speaker of the House, L824), A.4b.1869(3).

2 CLEMENT, Percival Wood (1846- ), Rutland, Vt., (banker; pres. of the Rutland R.R.), A.3. 1898(1).

1 CLEVELAND, Pres. Grover (1837-1908), (Pres., 1885-89; 1893-97), A.4b.1897(4).

2 COBB, Hon. Daniel (1787-1868), Strafford, Vt., (lawyer; judge; early friend and advisory of Morrill), 1828, B.1.

3 COBB, Daniel Bryant Bliss (1819-1857), Derby Line, Vt., (Director Peoples Bank), 1853, A.2. (17 & 18).

2 COBB, Hon. Nathan Bryant (1827-1906), Strafford, Vt., (judge; town clerk), A.3.1898(2).

3 COLBURN, Hon. J.W., Springfield, Vt., 1869, A.2.(19 & 20).

3 COSTAGGINI, Mrs., A.4b.1885.

1 COWGILL, Hon. Calvin, ex-Congressman from Indiana, 1897, A.4b.1897(1, 2, 3).

3 CUMMINGS, Rev. Henry W., (1823-1913, Strafford, Vt., Congregational Minister), A.3. 1898(2).

CUSTOMS HOUSE, New York, 1861 1862, A.4b.1862.

3 DANFORTH, William C., Barnard, Vt., 1869, A.2.21.

1 DeWITT, Cornelius (1623-1672), The Netherlands, (early observations on free trade), A.4b. 1869(3).

3 DIETER, Anderson D., New Orleans, LA., 1869, A.2.22.

DINGLEY ACT of 1897, A.4b.1897(4).

1 DINGLEY, Hon. Nelson, Congressman from Maine, (1832-1899), A.4b.1897(4).

1 DODGE, Hon. William Earl (1805-1883), (Amer. philanthropist), A.4b.1897(4).

1 DREW, Daniel (1797-1879), (Amer. financier), A.4b.1873.

2 DUDLEY, Daniel Bliss (1833- ), New York City and Vermont, (lawyer; newspaper editor; in War Dept. 1863064; associated with L.J. McIndoe in Windsor, Vt.) A.2.(23, 24, 25).

3 Dudley, Myron Samuel (1837-1905), New York City, (Congregational Minister), 1869, A.2. 26.

3 Emery, L.S., Washington, D.C., 1869, (enl. Civil War from 2d. Congressional Distr., Vt.), A.2. 27.

1 FAIRBANKS, Hon. Erastus (1792-1864), St. Johnsbury, Vt., (Gov. of Vt., 1852-53 & 1860-61), 1853, 1855, A.2.(28, 29).

3 FERRIS, Mrs. O.F., New York City, A.3.1898 (1).

1 FIELD, Cyrus West (1819-1892), (New York paper merchant; layer of the transatlantic cable), 1870, A.4.2.b.

1 FISK, James (1834-1872), (Vermont peddler and New York financier), A.4b.1873.

3 FOLLETT, Miss, A.3.1885.

1 FOOT, Hon. Solomon, LL.D. (1802-1866), U.S. Senator from Vermont, (1851-66), and a friend of Morrill, 1866, A.2.4b.

3 FORNEY, Col. John J., of the Philadelphia Press, A.4b.1873.

1 FORREST, Gen. Nathan Bedford (1821-1870), (Confederate general in Civil War; railroad president after war), A.4b.1868.

3 FRARY, Solon Franklin (1882- ), South Strafford, Vt., (clerk in store of Harris & Morrill; Merchant; state politician), 1875, B.1.

1 FREDERIC WILLIAM II of Prussia (1744-1797), (King, 1786-1797), (on finances for war), A. 4b.1869(3).

3 FRENCH, James G. (1824-1878), Montpelier, Vt., (Postmaster, 1861-1869; construction of Montpelier and Wells River Rail Road), 1869, A.2.30.

1 FULLER, U.S. Chief Justice Melville Weston (1833-1910), (chief justice, 1888-1910), A.3. 1898(1).

1 GALLINGER, Senator, of New Hampshire, A.3.1898(1).

3 GALLUDET, Dr. and Mrs., Kendall Green, Mass., A.3.1898(1).

1 GARRISON, William Lloyd (1805-1879), (Amer. abolitionist), A.4b.1869(1).

3 GORDON, Mrs. O.B., Pleasantville, Penna., (Ten years after the first well, and only a few miles from Titusville, Mrs. G gives a glimpse of the oil rush), 1869, A.2.31.

1 GOULD, Benjamin Apthorp (1824-1896), Astronomer of Cambridge, Mass., B.3b.1894.

1 GOULD, Jay (1836-1892), Amer. financier, A.4b.1873.

1 GRANT, Pres. Ulysses Simpson (1822-1885), (Pres., 1869-77), 1870, A.4b.2.

1 GREELEY, Horace (1811-1872), (Editor, N.Y. Tribune; Polit. economist), A.4b.1869(4)

2 HAGAR, Prof. Albert D., Proctorville, Vt., (Vt. State Geologist; later (1878?) went to Chicago), 1868, A.2.32.

1 HAINES, O.W., Washington, D.C., (Chief clerk, Bureau of Statistics), 1866-77, A.D.33.

1 HALE, Senator Eugene of Maine (1836-1918), A.# .L885; B.3b.1894.

1 HALE, Mrs. John Parker, (John P., 1806-1873; Amer. Statesman; Minister to Spain), A.3.1885.

1 HALL, Prof. Asaph (1829-1907), Washington, D.C., (Amer. astronomer), B.3b.1894.

3 HALL, John, North Springfield, Vt., (Postmaster), 1869, A.2.34.

1 HAMLIN, Hon. Hannibal of Maine (1809-1891), (vice-pres., 1861-65), A.3.1898(1).

2 HAMLIN, Dr. Tunis S., Church of the Covenant, Washington, D.C., A.3.1898(1).

3 HAMMOND, Hon. Edwin, Middlebury, Vt., 1869, A.2.35.

1 HAMPTON, Senator Wade (1818-1902), of South Carolina, (Gov. of S.C., 1876-79; Senator, 1879-91), A.4b.1868.

3 HARRIS, George S., Boston, Mass. (in 1860, of 40 State St., Boston, Western Land Agent; in 1852, interested in the (N.H.) Northern Railroad), 1852, A.2.36.

3 HAVEN, Franklin Jr., A.4a.1890.

1 HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, His Majesty the King of the, (Kalakaua), B.3b.1883.

1 HAY, Hon. John Milton (1838-1905), (Ambassador to Gt. Britain, 1897-98; Sec. of State, 1898-1905), A.3.1898(1).

2 HICHBORN, Philip, Naval Contractor, Washington, D.C., A.3.1898(1).

2 HIGGINSON, Henry Lee (1834-1919), Amer. banker; see Lee, Higginson & Co., A.4a.1890.

1 HOAR, Senator George Frisbie of Mass., (1826-1904), (U.S. Repres. 1869-77; Senator, 1877-1904, member and chairman of the Judiciary Committee, A.3.1893.

1 HOBART, Hon. Garret Augustus (1844-1899), of New Jersey, (vice-pres., 1897-99), A.3.1898(1).

1 HOUGHTON, Henry Oscar (1823-1895), (publisher, The Riverside Press) A.3.1898(1).

3 HOUGHTON, The Misses, (daughters of Henry Oscar Houghton), A.3.1898(1).

3 HYDE, Hon. Daniel C., Strafford, Vt., (State’s attorney; politician; postmaster), A.3.1898(2).

1 INGALLS, Ex-Senator John J., of Kansas, A.3.1898(1).

1 JACKSON, Gen. Andrew (1767-1845), (Pres., 1829-37; his message to Congress, 1829), A.4b.1869(3).

1 JOHNSON, Andre (1808-1875), (Pres., 1865-1869), (1869 letter), A.4b.1868; A.4b.1873; A.4b.2.

HUSTICE, BATEMAN & Co., Philadelphia, (wool dealers), A.4b.1897(1, 3).

2 JUSTICE, Theodore, Phila., Penna., (wool dealer), A.4b.1897(1, 3, 4).

1 KELLEY, Judge William Darrah (1814-1890, of Penna., (Repres. 1860-1890; lawyer and judge), A.4b.1873; B.3b.1890.

1 KENNEDY, Joseph C.G., Washington, D.C., (grandson of Andrew Ellicott?), (views on the proposed International Exhibition at Washington), 1870, A.2.37.

3 KIBLINGER, Samuel Stillman (1800-1862), (Merchant; town clerk), Strafford, Vt., 1851, A.2.38.

3 KIMBALL, Mrs. E.A., A.3.1885.

1 KING, Hon. Horatio of Maine, (Postmaster General, 1861), A.3.1885.

1 LAWRENCE, Judge William, Bellefontaine, Ohio, (Pres., National Wool Growers Assoc.), A.4b.1897 (1,2,3,4).

3 LEAVITT, Dr., All Souls Church, Washington, D.C., A.3.1898 (1).

LEE, HIGGINSON & CO., Boston, Mass., A.4a.1890.

3 LESLIE, George, Chelsea, Vt., (Cashier, Orange County Bank), 1854, 1855, A.2.(39, 40).

1 LIEBER, Dr. Francis (1800-1872), Columbia College, N.Y.? (Amer. publicist, born in Prussia), A.4b.1869 (3).

1 LINCOLN, Abraham (1809-1865), (Pres., 1861-65), A.4b.2.

3 LOVELL, George T., Washington, D.C. (formerly of Burlington, Vt.), 1878, A.2.41.

1 McCULLOCH, Hon. Hugh (1808-1895), (Sec. Treas., 1865-69, 1884-85), A.4b.1868; A.4b.1873

3 McCULLOUGH, Mrs., Pittsburg, Penna., A.3.1898 (1).

1 McFARLAND, (Washington correspondent of the Phila. Press), A.4b.1873.

2 McINDOE, L.J., Windsor, Vt., (newspaper editor), 1869, A.2.42.

2 McINTYRE, Hon. Edward, Seward, Nebraska, A.3.1898 (2).

McKINLEY Tariff Act of 1890, A.4b.1897(1,4).

1 McKINLEY, William (1843-1901), (Repres. from and Gov. of Ohio; Pres., 1897-1901), A.3.1898(1); A.4b.1897(2,4).

1 McMILLLAN, Senator, of Michigan, A.3.1898(1).

3 MAHON, Mrs. Martha H.H., A.3.1898(1).

MANGER & AVERY, (New York wool dealers), A.4b.1897(2,4).

1 MANTLE, Senator Lee of Montana, A.4b.1897(4).

2 MERRILL, Col. George A., Rutland, Vt., (former Aide to Gov. Fairbanks), 1869, A.2.44.

1 MEXICAN MINISTER to the U.S., A.3.1898(1).

2 MILBURN, Rev. W.H. (1823-1903), (“blind chaplain of the Senate”, appt. in 1893), A.4 1898(1).

1 MONTGOMERY, Hon. Zach., Washington, D.C., Dept. of the Interior, 1886, A.2.43.

3 MORRILL, Amos, Strafford, Vt., (brother of Justin S.), A.3.1898(2).

3 MORRILL, Curtis, Strafford, Vt., A.3.1898(2).

3 MORRILL, Mrs. Henry, Strafford, Vt., A.3.1898(2).

3 MORRILL, James Swan, Strafford, Vt., (son of Justin S.), A.3.1898(2).

3 MORRILL, Jedidiah N., Portland, Maine, (cousin of Justin S.), 1828, 1869, A.2.45; B.1. 1828.

1 MORRILL, Hon. Justin Smith (1810-1898), (as chairman, Committee on Finance), A.4b. 1897(4).

3 MORRILL, Ruth (Swan), daughter of Caleb Swan of Easton, Mass., wife of Justin Smith Morrill, A.3.1898(2).

MORRILL TARIFF ACT, 1861, A.4b.1862.

3 MORRIS, Deacon Sylvester (1797-1886), (formerly of Strafford, Vt.), Norwich, Vt., 1859, A.2.46.

1MORTON, Ex-Vice-Pres. Levi Parsons (1824-1920), (born at Shoreham, Vt., a friend of Dr. Bryon Sunderland; vice-pres., 1889-93), A.3.1898(1).

NATIONAL DEBT, 1865, 1868, A.4b.1868.

NATIONAL WOOL GROWERS’ ASSOCIATION, William Lawrence Pres., A.4b.1897 (1, 2, 3, 4).

3 NEWELL, O.A., Treas. R.I. Hosiery Co., Central Falls, R.I. A.4b.1897(4).

NEW YORK CUSTOMS HOUSE, 1861, 1862, A.4b.1862.

2 NICHOLS, Hon. George, M.D., LL.D. (1827-1907), Northfield and Montpelier, Vt., (Vt. Sec. of State, 1865-1884; physician, banker, businessman, scholar; acting Pres., Norwich University, 1885-95), 1870, 1874, A.2. (47, 48).

2 NILES, General, A.3.1898(1).

3 NORTH, S.N.D., A.4b.1897(4).

3 NOURSE, (on bimetallism), A.4b.1877.

1 PALMER, (prob. Erastus Dow (1817-1904), sculptor, who placed pieces in Statuary Hall, Washington, D.C.), of New York, A.3.1898(1).

2 PARKER, Hon. Wilder Webster (1823-1899), of Vt. and Oregon, (businessman, customs collector, hotel proprietor, A.3.1898(1).

2 PARSONS, Levi (missionary to Palestine; uncle of Levi Parsons Morton, U.S. vice-pres.), A.3.1898(1).

1 PAUNCEFOTE, Sir Julian (1828-1902), (appt. British Minister to the U.S. in 1893), A.3.1898 (1).

PEASE & CO., Simeon, c/o the Exchange Bank, Boston?Mass., 1852, A.2.49.

1 PEEL, Sir Robert (1788-1850), (Eng. statesman and Premier), A.4b.1873.

1 PENDLETON, Hon. George Hunt (1825-1889), of Ohio, (U.S. Reprs. 1857-1865; Senator, 1879-85), A.4b.1868.

3 POLLOK, A., A.3.1898(1).


3 POTTER, Orin C., Charlestown, (N.H.?), 1852, A.2.50.

2 POWERS, Hon. Thomas Eleazer, M.D. (1808-1876), Vt., 1869, A.2.51.

2 RANNEY, Gen. Nathan (1798- ), St. Louis, Mo., (veteran, War of 1912, from Fair Haven, Vt.), 1870, A.2.52.

3 REED, Miss E.J., New York City, (granddaughter of Jedidiah H. Harris, Morrill’s old partner in trade), 1869, A.2.53.

3 REED, Lyman, New York City, (son-in-law of Jedisiah H. Harris, and father of Miss E.J. Reed, above), 1869, A.2.53.

1 RICARDO, David (1772-1823), (Eng. polit. econ.), A.4b.1873.

1 RICH, Gov. John T. of Michigan (1893-97), A.4b.1897(1,2,3).

2 ROBBINS, Major Henry Alfred, M.D. (1839- ), Washington, D.C., (studied in Europe: medical professor, director and writer; son of Zenas Coleman Robbins, A.3.1898(1).

3 ROBBINS, Zenas Coleman, Lyme, N.H., 9 classmate of Morrill at Thetford Academy; father Major Henry Alfred Robbins), A.3.1898(1).

1 ROCKWELL, Col. A.F., in charge, Public Buildings and Grounds, Washington, D.C., 1884, A.2.54; A.3.1885.


1 SALOMONS, Alderman (Sir David), (Eng. politician: Lord Mayor of London, 1885), A.4b.1873.

1 SAXE, John Godfrey (1816-1887), Vt. poet; Middlebury classmate of Dr. Byron Sunderland; humorous verse), A.3.1898(1).

1 SEYMOUR, Hon. Horatio (1810-1886), (Gov. of N.Y., 1852-54, 1862-64), A.4b.1868.

1 SHERMAN, Hon. John (1823-1900), (Senator from Ohio; Sec. of State, 1897-98, 1883, 1892, 1898, A.3.1883; A.3.1898 (1); A.4b2.

1 SPINNER, Gen. Francis Elias (1802-1890), (Treas. of the U.S., 1861-75), A.4b.1873.

1 STEBBINS, G.B., Washington, D.C., and Detroit, Mich., 1868, 1871, A.2.55; A.4b.2.

2 STEELE, Hon. Benjamin Hinman (1837-1873), (lawyer; judge of the Supreme Court of Vt., 1865; Aide, with rank of Col. to Gov. Fairbanks of Vt., 1861-63; author of legal articles), 1868, A.2.56.

3 STEEL, Hon. William, Sharon, Vt., 1869, A.2.57.

1 STEVENS, Hon. Thaddeus (1792-1868), (Reprs. from Penna.; during Civil War, served with Morrill on Ways and Means Committee). A.3.1883.

1 STEVENSON, Hon. Adlai Ewing (1835-1914), (ex-vice-pres., 1898; served with Cleveland, 1893-97, A.3.1898(1).

3 STROUD, Mrs., A.3.1898(1).

1 SUMNER, Hon. Charles of Massachusetts (1811-1874), (Senator from Mass., 1851-74), A.3.1890.

2 SUNDERLAND, Rev., Dr. Byron, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C., (divine, poet and scholar; born Shoreham, Vt.), A.3.1885; A.3.1898(1).

3 SWAN, Dr. Channing, of Stoughton, Mass., (relative of Mrs. Morrill), A.3.1898(1).

3 SWAN, Miss Louise, (sister of Mrs. Morrill), A.3.1898(2).

1 SWISS MINISTER to the U.S., A.3.1898(1).

1TALMAGE, Thomas DeWitt (1832-1902), (famous Presbyterian preacher; 1895-99, associate pastor with Dr. Sunderland, First Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C.), A.3.1898(1).


3 TENNEY, B.F., Boston, Mass., (investment broker; friend of Morrill), 1851-55, A.2.(58 to 63).

2 THAYER, G.W. Boston, Mass., (pres., The Exchange Bank of Boston), 1860, A.2.64.

1 THOMPSON, J.R., Washington, D.C., (third Auditor’s Office, Treas. Dept.; friend of Morrill), 1870, A.2.65.

2 THORNTON, William H.B., (Chicago wool merchant), A.4b.1897(2).

3 THURSTON, John C., North Pomfret, Vt., (formerly of Norwich, Vt.), 1869, A.2.66.

3 TYLER, F., Brattleboro, Vt., (cashier, First Natl. Bank), 1869, A.2.67.

3 TYSON, James W. Baltimore, Md., and Strafford, Vt., (owner of copper mines in Strafford, Vt.), A.3.1898(1).

1 VANDERBILT, Commodore Cornelius (1794-1877), (Amer. financier and railroad magnate; while the context suggests the Commodore, reference may have been intended to his son, William Henry, or grandson, Cornelius), A.4b.1873.

3 VEAZIE, Joseph A., Boston, Mass., (investment broker; friend of Morrill), 1853, 1854, A.2. (68 to 79).

3 WAITE, Silas M., Brattleboro, Vt., (cashier, First Natl. Bank, who later (1880) defaulted), 1869, A.2.80.

1 WALKER, Col. Aldace Freeman (1842- ), New York City, (lawyer; appt. 1887 by Pres. Cleveland to the Interstate Commerce Commission; Receiver (1894) and later chairman of the Executive Board, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe R.R.; son of Rev. Aldace Walker (1812-1878) of Strafford, Vt.), A.3.1898(1).

1 WALKER, Franics Amasm (1840-1897), Washington, D.C., (Deputy Spec. to the Commissioner of the Revenue, Dept. of the Treas., 1869; was famous later as polit. economist, author (International Bimetalism, 1896), A.4a.1869.

1 WALLACE, Hon. George H., (“late consul general to Melbourne”, 1897), A.4b.1897(4).

2 WALWORTH, Joseph, Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass., (wool), A.4b.1897(4).

1 WARD, Hon. John E., U.S. Minister to China, 1870, (friend of Cyrus W. Field and the Pacific cable), A.4b.2.

1 WEBSTER, Hon. Daniel (1782-1852), (speech of 1824 before Congress opposing Clay), A.4b.1869(3).

1 WEGUELIN, Mr., (addressing Alderman Salomons about the Bank of England), A.4b.1873.

1 WELLS, Hon. David Ames (1828-1898), (Amer. economist; Special Commissioner of Revenue, 1866-70), A.4b.1868; A.4b.1869(1).

1 WHARTON, Joseph, Philadelphia, Penna., (Chairman, Executive Committee, the Industrial League, 1878, A.2.(81 & 82).

1 WHITTING, Hon. William (1813-1873), (Amer. lawyer; “War Bowers of the President”), A.4b.1868.

3 WHITMORE, A.W. ? Portland, Maine, (friend of Justin S. and his cousin Jedidiah N. Morrill), 1852, A.2.83.

1 WILLARD, Charles Wesley (1827-1880), Montpelier, Vt., (newspaper editor; Vt. Sec. of State, 1855-56; U.S. Reprs, from Vt., 1869-1875), A.3.1885.

2 WOOD, Thomas Waterman (1823-1903), (Vt. artist and portrait painter; Morrill’s portrait, 1883), A.3.1883.

WOOLMARKET, A.4b.1872.

3 WRIGHT, B.H., Rome, N.Y., 1870, A.2.84. 1 YOUNG, Dr. Charles Augustus (1834-1908), Princeton, N.J., (Amer. astronomer), 1894, B.3b.1894.

Justin S. Morrill Collection
4 Published And Cataloged
Francis F. Dunbar (Strafford Historical Society)
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