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Scope and Contents

The papers of the Michigan State University Vietnam Project comprise a voluminous record. They cover a seven-year period and comprise thousands of individual documents contained in 71 boxes and approximately 4,000 folders. The papers are arranged according to the three major areas into which the project was divided: Michigan State University Administration of the Project, Public Administration, and Police Administration. Though the division of the project's papers was suggested by the actual operation of the project itself, the subdivisions of particularly the first two were not. As a result of the very disorganized condition in which the papers relating to the administration of the project and public administration arrived at the archives, the processor was forced, because of the limitations of time available for processing and the need to provide some sort of logical organization, to use his best judgment as to the correct arrangement of the materials. For this reason, particularly in the first two major sections, the arrangement may not be that which existed at the time that the project was in operation.

The first section, extending from Box 627, folder 1 to box 659, folder 55 and including folders 13 through 86 in box 677, includes all that material relating to the administration of the project, both in Saigon and East Lansing, and other material of a general nature that could not be included in any other section. Its organization, like that of the Public Administration material, is not necessarily that which it had during the time that the project was in operation. Of particular interest to the researcher are the materials in this section containing cable (both incoming and outgoing), contract information, general correspondence (including memoranda)1, financial materials, histories of the project, personnel2, press and public relations, reports3, and material relating to United States government agencies.

The second section, extending from box 660, folder 1 to box 676 folder 12 and including folders 87 to 106 in box 677 and folders 1 to 70 in box 678 deals with Public Administration activities of the project or, more specifically, the dealings that the project and it personnel had with the civil agencies of the South Vietnamese government. Of particular interest will be those sections concerned with agrarian reform, civic action, Department of Finances4, Department of the Treasury, General information on the Government of Vietnam (GVN)5, Interior Department, of the National Economy, National Institute of Administration6, participant training program, Office of the Presidency7, province reports8, Refugee Commission9, Reports and publications, and the tribal administration study10.

The third section, extending from box 679, folder 1 to box 694, folder 46, deals with Police Administration or, more specifically, the activities of the project and its personnel in regard to the civil police agencies of South Vietnam. The activities of the MSU mission constituted the most controversial part of the project and, in terms of research, is the best organized. The material arrived at the archives, after the other two sections had been largely organized, in good condition, with the result that portions of it have been cross-indexed with the material contained in the other two sections and is organized in essentially the same way that it was during the actual operation of the project. The latter was possible because of the index numbers appearing on most of the original folders and which appear both on the new folders and the description sheets11. The major categories of interest to the researcher are administration12, civil guard, municipal police, Vietnamese Bureau of Investigation (VBI), Traffic, VBI internal security section, research and training, Communications, articles-reviews-publications13; counterpart and foreign aid materials, Vietnamese people and agencies14, and training. Finally, two things should be noted and understood by anyone doing research in the papers of the Vietnam Project. First, the papers do constitute a very valuable source of information about South Vietnam and the conditions existing in it during the period before the massive American intervention began and which are unlikely to be available from any other source in the near future. Second, while the project has been controversial because of its activities and the events that have transpired since its end, the researcher should not expect to find masses of controversial or incriminating material. The project and its personnel were, almost entirely, concerned with the relatively mundane activities that surrounds any foreign aid project of this kind and the materials largely reflect this state of affairs.


1Correspondence: This material, while obviously divided according to subject, person, number, etc., should be consulted, because of the general nature of the material contained within it, in addition to the more specific correspondence that might be included under a particular topic in this or either of the other two sections. Both time and the condition in which the materials were found conspired against a more exact arrangement of the mass of correspondence.

2Personnel: In regard to the material dealing with personnel matters, extending from box 648, folder 88 to box 656 folder 70, those folders dealing with specific people, box 654, folder 35 to box 653 folder 105, will not be open to the researcher, but those that deal with policies or general administrative matters will be.

3Reports: Reports contained in this section are those published by the project, dealing with its progress or necessary for the administration of it such as to satisfy a specific contractual obligation. Reports dealing with a specific topic, such as “Tribal Administration,” will be found under specific topic.

4Throughout the period of the project the terms “department” and “ministry” were used almost interchangeably. However, since the project personnel tended to use “department” more frequently when referring to a government agency than they did “ministry,” the former has been used in the processing and organizing of the material.

5General information on the Government of Vietnam: This section contains a large amount of information that, while not specifically pertaining to a particular activity undertaken by the project, never the less gives an indication of conditions as they existed in Vietnam between 1955 and 1962.

6National Institute of Administration: This institution, which was to train Vietnamese civil servants in modern administrative techniques. Indeed, it was to be the means by which the progress made by the project personnel in the reorganization of the project could be measured. For this reason, the materials relating to the institute, extending from box 663, folder 35, to box 666, folder 79, constitute the largest mass of documents in the public administration section.

7Office of the Presidency: The Presidency was the most important part of the Vietnamese government. It was the place where the decisions were made. In particular should be noted the portions relating specifically to President Diem and the efforts of the project personnel in the area of budget reform.

8Province Reports: These reports, which are very complete for the period 1955-1959, contain material, gathered from interviews and field trips, that relates specifically to local conditions in the various provinces of Vietnam during the period noted.

9Refugee commission: The first major project of the MSU mission was undertaken in regard to this agency in the summer of 1955. It arose from the need to bring order to Vietnamese attempts to deal with the influx of refugees from the north that threatened to overwhelm the limited capabilities of the Vietnamese government.

10Tribal Administration Study: When this project was finished and its report published, it constituted the most complete existing examination of the Montenyard tribesmen of the central highlands.

11It should be noted that some of the folders did not have index numbers, either because one was never assigned or it had been lost or destroyed. In such cases the processor used his best judgment as to the proper location of the materials and assigned it a corresponding number.

12Administration: This section contains many materials, such as police administration division meetings and other administrative materials that would have, had the administration materials not arrived so late in the processing, been included under MSU Administration of the Project.

13Articles-Reviews-Publications: This sub-section includes a variety of topics such as magazines and reports that could not be placed under a specific topic.

14Vietnamese: This sub-section includes correspondence and records of meetings with Vietnamese police officials undertaken in the course of the project.

The electronic resource, "Michigan State University in Vietnam, 1956," is digitized film footage of Dr. Edward Weidner and Dr. Ralph Smuckler discussing MSU's involvement with police training in the then newly created Republic of Vietnam. The film shows Weidner and Smuckler talking as well as footage of training in Vietnam.


  • Creation: 1954 - 1961


Language of Materials

Materials primarily in English, with some publications in French and Vietnamese.

Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open for research. There are RESTRICTED personnel files.

Conditions Governing Use

Permission to publish material from this collection must be obtained from University Archives & Historical Collections, Michigan State University.

Historical Note

During the early years of the Cold War, the United States government charged Michigan State University with helping to stabilize and develop the new nation of South Vietnam, a key American non-communist ally in Asia. From 1955 until the early 1960s, the Michigan State University Group (MSUG) carried out a wide range of projects in administrative reorganization, rural economic development, and police training in the new country. The programs did not bring stability to South Vietnam, soon to be torn apart by the Vietnam War. However, the records generated by the MSUG remain an unparalleled resource for understanding South Vietnamese society, as well as the nature of American intervention in the so-called “Third World.” (Source:


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Legal Status

Donor(s) have transferred any applicable copyright to Michigan State University but the collection may contain third-party materials for which copyright was not transferred. Copyright restrictions may apply. Property Rights: Michigan State University.

General Note

The Volumes series includes Non-Manuscript Resources also found in the Archives by the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group. These resources include reports and documents.

Series 1 - Reports and Documents Related to Vietnam Public Administration General Information

No. 1 Adkins, E.H., A Study of Montagnard Names in Vietnam, February 1962, 26pp.

No. 2 Donoghue, John, Cam An: A Fishing Village in Central Vietnam, March 1962, (Vietnamese). 123pp.

No. 3 Donoghue, John, Survey on Occupational Prestige and Aspiration

No. 4 Finkle, Jason L., A Profile of NIA Students, July 1961, 56pp.

No. 5 Joiner, Charles A., Working Paper on Human Resource Needs in Vietnam and the Relationship of Those Needs to Participant Policies and Priorities, March 1962, (Vietnamese), 20pp.

No. 6 Joiner, Charles A., Dynamics of Administrative Situations: Public Administration Case Study

No. 7 Joiner, Charles A. and Nguyen Van Thuan, Public Administration in the Saigon Metropolitan Area: Study of the Evolution and Development of a Southeast Asian Urban Community and Its Problems

No. 8 Montgomery, John D., Cases in Vietnamese Administration, 1959, (Vietnamese), 481pp.

No. 9 MSUG, Customs for Americans.

No. 10 MSUG, Reports on the NIA, 1961, 70 pp.

No. 11 MSUG and NIA, Vietnam Government Organization Manual 1957-1958, May 1958, (Vietnamese), 275 pp.

No. 12 MSUG and NIA, Supplement to the Government Organization Manual of 1957-1958, May 1960, 174 pp.

No. 13 MSU Translation, Community Development: Definition, Organization, Planning, Operations, 82 pp.

No. 14 Myers, Charles B., A Study of Records Management in the Office of the Province Chief: Ba Xuyen Province, December 1958, 15 pp.

No. 15 NIA, Catalogue, 1957-1958, 53 pp.

No. 16 Nguyen Van Thuan, Rites of Passage.

No. 17 USOM, Organization and Functions Manual, April 1961, 67 pp. Central Information

No. 18 MSUG, Report on the Organization of the Department of Agriculture, June 30, 1956, (French), 40 pp.

No. 19 MSUG, Review of Recommendations on the Reorganization of the Department of Agriculture, September 1957, (French), 10 pp.

No. 20 MSUG, Report on the Organization of the Special Commissariat for Civil Action, June 1957, (French), 22 pp.

No. 21 MSUG, Report on the Organization of the Department of National Economy, January 31, 1957, (French), 42 pp.

No. 22 MSUG, Research Report: Department of Education (2 volumes), March 1957, (Vietnamese), 100 pp.

No. 23 MSUG, Report on the Organization of the Department of Education, June 30, 1956, (French), 36 pp.

No. 24 MSUG, Report on the Organization of the Department of Information and Youth and Sports, January 15, 1957, (French), 29 pp. and annexes.

No. 25 MSUG, Recommendations Concerning the Department of Interior, the Regions, and Provinces, January 14, 1956, (French), 35 pp.

No. 26 MSUG, Report on the Organization of the Department of Land Registration and Agrarian Reform, June 30, 1956, (French), 12 pp.

No. 27 MSUG, Review of Recommendations on the Reorganization of the Department of Land Registration and Agrarian Reform, June 1957, (French), 40 pp.

No. 28 MSUG, Report and Recommendations on the Reorganization of the Presidency of Vietnam, November 15, 1955, 17 pp.

No. 29 Rose, Dale L., The Vietnamese Civil Service System, April 1961, (Vietnamese), 467 pp.

No. 30 Rose, Dale L., Draft: Report on the Study of General Directorate of Treasury Department of Finance, August 1958, (Vietnamese), 99 pp.

Field Information

No. 31 Allen, Luther and Pham Ngoc An, A Vietnamese District Chief in Action, May 196-, 126 pp.

No. 32 Cole, David and Bui Quang Da, Summary of Village Finances in the South Region of Vietnam, October 1957, 47 pp.

No. 33 Donoghue, John D. and Vo Hung Phuc, My Thuan: The Study of a Delta Village in South Vietnam, May 1961, (Vietnamese), 85 pp.

No. 34 Finkle, Jason L. and Tran Van Dinh, Provincial Government in Vietnam: A Study of Vinh Long Province, August 1961, 96 pp.

No. 35 Hendry, James B., A Study of a Vietnamese Rural Community: Economic Activity, 1959, (Printed), (Vietnamese), 370 pp.

No. 36 Hickey, Gerald C., Preliminary Research Report on the P.M.S., June 1957, 1 v.

No. 36a Hickey, Gerald C., Report on the Indigenous Health Practices of Some Highland Groups. 1959.

No. 37 Hickey, Gerald C., The Study of a Vietnamese Rural Community: Sociology, January 1960, (Vietnamese), 266 pp.

No. 38 MSUG, Field Administration in Vietnam: A Memorandum to the President, August 21, 1956, 6 pp.

No. 39 MSUG, Administrative Organization in the Province of My Tho, February 28, 1957, 50 pp.

No. 40 MSUG, Area Administration in Vietnam: Selected Articles from the Administration Studies Review, February 1961, 282 pp.

No. 41 MSUG, Recommendations Concerning Proposed Field Organization of the Commissariat for Refugees, September 20, 1955, (French), 5 pp.

No. 42 MSUG, Review of Recommendations Concerning Proposed Field Organization of the Commissariat for Refugees of September 20, 1955, June 29, 1956, (French), 12 pp.

No. 43 MSUG, Field Study of Refugee Commission, Research Report, September 1955, 9 pp.

No. 44 Woodruff, L. and Nguyen N. Yen, Local Administration in Vietnam: The Number of Local Units, November 1, 1960, 50 pp.

No. 45 Woodruff, Lloyd W., Local Administration in Vietnam: Its Future Development, June 1961, 416 pp.

No. 46 Woodruff, Lloyd W., A Study of Vietnamese Rural Community: Administrative Activity (3 Volumes), May 1960, (v. 3 in Vietnamese), 308 pp.

No. 47 Woodruff, Lloyd W., My-Thuan: Administrative and Financial Aspects of a Village in South Vietnam, July 1961, (Vietnamese), 161 pp.

No. 48 Zasloff, Joseph and Nguyen Khac Nhan, A Study of Administration in Binh Minh District, October 1961, (Vietnamese), 65 pp.


No. 49 Fesler, James W., Budgetary Problems and Field Administration: A Memorandum, August 3, 1956, (French), 5 pp. No. 50 MSUG Translation, General Explanation of the National Budget of the Republic of Vietnam for 1957, 1957, 39 pp.

No. 51 MSUG, A Proposed Budgetary Accounting Procedures Manual for the Republic of Vietnam, September 1957, 200 pp. No. 52 MSUG, Budgetary Administration in Vietnam: A Report to the President and Cabinet of the Republic of Vietnam, (Printed), 31 pp.

No. 53 Murphy, M., A Budgetary and Fiscal System for the Proposed Field Administration Program, 11 pp. No. 54 Snyder, Wayne W., and Murphy M., An Analysis of Revenues and Expenditures of Vietnamese Governmental Agencies Having Budget Autonomy, Fiscal Year 1956, August 1957, (French), 59 pp. No. 55 Snyder, W., An Analysis of Government Payments in Vietnam During 1955, October 8, 1956, (French), 14 pp.

No. 56 Snyder, W., Budgetary and Financial Administration in Vietnam, A Supplement to the Report Recommendations Concerning the Department of Interior, the Regions and Provinces, January 1956, 32 pp.

No. 57 Snyder, W., Autonomous State Organizations, Government Enterprises and Public Corporations of Vietnam, May 18, 1957, (French), 23 pp.

No. 58 Snyder, W., Comparison of Vietnamese Government Revenues and Expenditures for Fiscal Years 1954, 1955, 1956, 15 pp. Economy and Finance

No. 59 Child, F., Essays on Economic Growth, Capital Formation and Public Policy in Vietnam, May 1961, 138 pp.

No. 60 Child, F., A Growth Model for National Income, April 1960, 18 pp.

No. 61 Cole, David C., Financial Activities of the Provinces, Prefecture and Municipalities of Vietnam in 1956, October 1957, (Vietnamese), 40 pp.

No. 62 Cold, David C., Provincial and Local Revenues in Vietnam, (10 Lectures in Two Volumes), 1956.

No. 63 Cole, David C., Report on Taxation in the Provinces of South Vietnam, November 1956, (Vietnamese), 100 pp.

No. 64 Cole, David C., Tax Exemption for New Investment in Vietnam, May 24, 1960, 58 pp.

No. 65 Hendry, James B., The Work Force in Saigon, February 1960, (Vietnamese), 178 pp.

No. 66 Hunter, Dorsey and Shelby, Rapport Sur La Legislation et L’application du Controle des Prix et sur Les Pressions Inflationnistes (Suivi de Recommendations), Juillet 1956, 42 pp.

No. 67 Lindholm, Richard W., Money Banking and Economic Development in Free Vietnam, July 1957, (Printed), (Vietnamese), 245 pp.

No. 68 Lindholm, Richard W., National Income Accounts for Vietnam, 1954, 25 pp.

No. 69 Taylor, Milton C., The Patente (Business License Tax) in Vietnam, October 1959, (Vietnamese), 103 pp. No. 70 Taylor, Milton C., The System of Excise Taxes in Vietnam, July 1960, (Vietnamese), 105 pp.

No. 71 Taylor, Milton C., The System of Indirect Taxes in Vietnam, March 1960, (Vietnamese), 118 pp.

No. 72 Taylor, Milton C., The Taxation of Income in Vietnam, April 1959, (Vietnamese), 113 pp.

No. 73 Taylor, Milton C., The Taxation of Real Property in Vietnam, July 1959, (Vietnamese), 112 pp.

No. 74 Taylor, Milton C., Summary Report on Taxation in Vietnam, August 1, 1960, (French), 8 pp.

No. 74a Taylor, Milton C., Taxes of Vietnam, a summary, July 1960, 27 pp.

No. 75 Woodruff, Lloyd W., Local Finance in South Vietnam: A Study of 25 Villages in the Two Southern Regions, May 1, 1961, 89 pp. Special Work Plans and Internal Reports

No. 76 MSUG, Report on the Special F.O.A. Mission from MSU for Public Administration, Public Information, Police Administration, Public Finance and Economics, October 16, 1954, 53 pp.

No. 77 MSUG, Report on Comparative Studies of Agricultural Administration in Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan, June 4, 1956, 16 pp. and annexes.

No. 78 MSUG, Field Administration Work Program, August 16, 1955, 7 pp.

No. 79 MSUG, Report of Study Mission to Thailand, November 30, 1956, (French), 40 pp.

No. 80 MSUG, Conference on Vietnamese Financial Administration (Staff Paper), June 24-July 31, 1958, 20 pp.

No. 81 MSUG, Statement of General Objectives: Public Administration Division MSUG, November 1958, 19 pp.

No. 82 MSUG, The Contract Between MSU and the Government of the Republic of Vietnam, (French), 18 pp.

No. 83 MSUG, Work Plan: Degree or Certification Program, August 25, 1955, 11 pp.

No. 84 MSUG, Statement of General Objectives, November 1958, 15 pp.

No. 85 MSUG, Work Plan and Statement of Philosophy for In-Service Training, October 3, 1955.

No. 86 MSUG, Work Plan for In-Service Training, March 11, 1957, 16 pp.

No. 87 MSUG, Guide for the Use of Interpreters. See: ser. 1, no. 100

No. 88 MSUG, Work Plan of the Presidency Project, August 18, 1955, 2 pp.

No. 89 MSUG, Report on Training in International Program in Taxation at Harvard Law School, Academic Year 1957-1958.

No. 90 MSUG, Semi-Annual Reports, since August 1955, (French, Vietnamese).

No 91 MSUG, Reports and Academic Materials Prepared by Michigan State University Advisory Group, March 1958. See: ser. 3, no. 4 Teaching Material in Public Administration

No. 92 Carmichael, D. L., A Standard Vietnamese Typewriter, March 1960, (Vietnamese), 200 pp.

No. 92a Carmichael, D. L., Mot kieu may chu viet duy nhut. (Vietnamese translation of no. 92.

No. 93 Fesler, James W., Some Reflections on Administrative Organization, September 1957, (Vietnamese), 15 pp.

No. 94 Gardner, Richard K., Phuong Phap Tong Ke Va Phan Loai Sach (Cataloging and Classification of Books), 1959, (Printed), 471 pp.

No. 95 Grang, J.A.C., The Science of Law is a Common Heritage, September 4, 1956, 15 pp.

No. 96 Tran Hung, Experiment on the Standard Vietnamese Typewriter, March 1961, (Vietnamese), 50 pp.

No. 97 Lindholm, Richard W., Khuech Truong Kinh Te Van Tuyen (Readings on Economic Development), 204 pp.

No. 98 Melanson, George, Scientific Management, (Vietnamese), 105 pp.

No. 99 MSUG, Nghe Thuat Quan Doc (The Role of Management) Translated from J. Millett, 1959, 299 pp.

No. 100 MSUG, Dung Ngu Ren Luyen Noi Co (In-Service Training Glossary), Preliminary Draft, 62 pp.

No. 101 MSUG, Nghien Cuu Ve Hanh Chanh Cong (Research in Administration) Translated from D. Waldo, 142 pp.

No. 102 MSUG, Presidential Lecture Series (Lecture Series for Government Executives of Vietnam), May 1956.

No. 103 MSUG, Phuong Phap Dieu Khien Phien Hop, 1956, 100 pp. (Rules of Order)

No. 104MSUG, Lop Huan Luyen Nhan Vien Danh May Cong So (Typing Manual), 1958 and 1959.

No. 105 MSUG, Tap Tham Khao Ve Hanh Chanh Cong (Readings in Public Administration) Translated from F. Nigro, November 1957, 174 pp.

No. 106Murphy, Marvin H., Budgetary Administration, June 1957, (Vietnamese), 62 pp. and annex

No. 107 Naftalin, Arthur E., Problems of Administrative Reform, Three Lectures, January 1958, (Vietnamese), 40 pp.

No. 108 Vo Hong Phuc, Nhung Nguyen Tac Can Ban Ap Dung Trong Nghe Thuat Phong Van, (The Fundamentals of Interviewing), June 1961, 7 pp.

No. 109 Vo Hong Phuc, Danh tu xa hoi hoc. (Glossary of sociological terms)

No. 110 Rosenfield, Albert A., Organization and Methods, August 1957, (Vietnamese), 34 pp.

No. 111 Snyder, Wayne W., Phuong Phap Thong Ke (Statistical Methods), 1959, (Vietnamese), 300 pp.

Series 2 - Reports and Documents in Police Administration Reports and Documents Related to Vietnam

No. 1 Adkins, E.H., Administration of Justice and Security: An Educational Program, November 1961, 21 pp.

No. 2 Adkins, E.H., Survey of the National Records System of the Police and Security Services of Vietnam, December 1961, 37 pp. and annexes.

No. 3 Adkins, E.H., Vietnamese Penal Code.

No. 4 Johnston, R., Report of the Field Trip and Civil Guard Survey in Provinces of Tay Ninh, Binh Long and Phuoc Long, Conducted on 20, 21 and 22 November 1958, November 25, 1958, 14 pp.

No. 5 Updike, Everett C., Field Trip to Company with Colonel Le Khuong, Deputy Director General, Civil Guard, November 4, 5, 6, 1957.

No. 6 MSUG, Recommendations for American and Vietnamese Action Re Civil Security, A Memorandum, October 11, 1955, 3 pp.

No. 7 MSUG, Recommendations relative to fire arms identification system laboratory

No. 8 MSUG, A Study of Police Communications in Vietnam, 10 pp.

No. 9 MSUG, Preliminary report on the establishment of a scientific crime detection lab.

No. 9a MSUG, Rapport Preliminaire Concernant L’Installation D’un Laboratoire Crimmalistique (Preliminary Report on the Establishment of a Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory), August 31, 1956, 40 pp.

No. 10 MSUG, Report on the Proposed Organization of the Law Enforcing Agencies of the Republic of Vietnam, April 1956, 14 pp.

No. 11 MSUG, Report of the Law Enforcement and Security Agencies in the Province of Quang Nam, Central Lowlands, Vietnam, April 1961, 28 pp.

No. 12 MSUG, Report on MSUG police participation program.

No. 13 MSUG, Report on the Police of Vietnam, December 1, 1955, 36 pp.

No. 14 MSUG, Preliminary Report on the Establishment of a Central Records Bureau Service, August 1957, 50 pp.

No. 15 MSUG, Review of Self Defense Corps, October 31, 1957, 14 pp.

No. 16 MSUG, A Preliminary Report on the Proposed Reorganization of the Vietnamese Bureau of Investigation, July 1956.

No. 17 MSUG, Reorganization of the Vietnamese Bureau of Investigation, July 1956, 10 pp. No. 18 Rundlett, Lyman M., Police Communications Project, July 1958, 26 pp.

No. 19 Ryan, Jack, Brief History of the Surete in Indo-China, January 19, 1956, 8 pp.

No. 20 Ryan, Jack, General Information Regarding the V.B.I and its General Headquarters, April 17, 1956, 9 pp.

No. 21 Ryan, Jack, Study of the V.B.I. in the Field, Can Tho Province, April 19, 195?

No. 22 Ryan, Jack, Study of the V.B.I. in the Field, Tanan Province, April 23, 1956, 4 pp.

No. 23 Shelby, Gilbert, Municipal Police Department of Can Tho, February 6, 1956, 4 pp. Special Work Plans and Internal Reports

No. 24 Hoyt, Howard W., MSUG Police Training Plan for Assisting the Government of Vietnam in the Training of their Civil Police Forces, November 1957, May 1959, 23 pp.

No. 25 Hoyt, et. al., Work Plan: Police Administration, August 29, 1955, 15 pp.

No. 26 MSUG, Work Schedule for Police Administration Project, September 15, 1955.

No. 27 MSUG, Civil Police Administration Program, May 1, 1957, Revised July 25, 1957, 36 pp.

No. 28 MSUG, Semi Annual Report: July 1-December 31, 1957—“Civil Police Administration Program.”

No. 29 MSUG, Civil Police Administration Division—Program Review as of March 8, 1958, 5 pp.

No. 30 MSUG, General Information on Police Administration Division, MSUG. Training Material in Police Administration

No. 31 Adkins, E.H., Fingerprint Pattern Frequency Study.

No. 32 Adkins, E.H., Science dactyloscopique (Fingerprints)

No. 33 Adkins, E.H., Malaya Controls its Criminal Societies, February 1962, (Vietnamese), 35 pp.

No. 34 Adkins, E.H., National Identity Card Program of the Federation of Malaya, October 1961, 42 pp. and appendixes

No. 35 Dymond, Corey K. and Nguyen Ba Minh, Khoa Can Cuoc Chuyen Mon (Scientific Identification), February 15, 1957, 28 pp.

No. 36 MSUG, Lai xe va gin-gui may moc. (Driver training…) 1959.

No. 37 MSUG, Driver Training and Motor Maintenance Manual, May 1959, (Vietnamese), 141 pp.

No. 38 MSUG, Police Training Manual, 1959, (Printed), 516 pp.

No. 39 MSUG, Tear-Gas Training Manual, April 1959, (Vietnamese), 25 pp.

No. 40 MSUG, Sach huan luyen ve hoi cay mat (Tear-gas training manual)

No. 41 Strecher, Victor G. and Turner, Ralph F., Review of English Language Training Program for Police and Security Services and Civil Guard Participants, January 1960, 28 pp.

Series 3 - Bibliographies

No. 1 Jumper, Roy, Bibliography on the Political and Administrative History of Vietnam: 1802-1962, Selected and Annotated.

No. 2 Jumper, Roy and Nguyen Thi Hue, Notes on the Political and Administrative History of Vietnam, 1802-1062.

No. 3 MSUG, Classified Catalogue of Books in the National Institute of Administration Library, January 1959, (French, Vietnamese).

No. 4 MSUG, Reports and Academic Materials Prepared by the MSU Advisory Group, Office of the Coordinator, Vietnam Project, East Lansing, Michigan, March 1958, 17 pp.

No. 5 MSUG, Bibliography of Periodical Published in Vietnam, June 1958, 8 pp.

No. 6 MSUG, What to Read on Vietnam, A Selected Annotated Bibliography, Compiled by the Staff Members of the Vietnam Project, MSU, 1959, 67 pp.

No. 7 MSUG, What to Read on Vietnam, A Selected Annotated Bibliography, Compiled by the Staff Members of the Vietnam Project, MSU, Second Edition, With a Supplement Covering the Period November 1958 to October 1959, 1960, 73 pp.

No. 8 MSUG, Reports and Documents of the MSU Advisory Group in Saigon, Vietnam, East Lansing, Coordinator of the Vietnam Project, June 1962, 14 pp.

No. 9 MSUG, Recent articles on Vietnam: an annotated bibliography. 1958.

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